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Katherine is a psychic Tarot reader.  I just happened to call my tester after she had spoken to Katherine and she said that she thought … read more

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Saffy has clients clambering to get to her! She is usually booked for credit card readings but if you are lucky you can get her … read more

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Trinity is a clairvoyant medium and natural psychic. She works with spirit to give astounding readings which are factual and deep. She picked up on … read more

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Stella is a hereditary psychic tarot reader who mainly works just using her intuition. In her test readings she tuned into what was going on … read more

Katherine is a psychic Tarot reader.  I just happened to call my tester after she had spoken to Katherine and she said that she thought … read more

Katherine's testimonials

  • “Wow, what an amazing reading I had with Katherine! She picked up on a situation I hadn’t planned on discussing but gave me so much information that I knew to be true. Katherine went beyond my initial questions and suggested what else we should look at in order to get the answers I needed (but didn’t even realise I needed until she brought them up!). She gave clear time frames and predictions. Most of all, she made me feel like I wasn’t crazy for feeling the way I did! She was also able to pick up situations relating to my … read more

    by Lauren

  • “Katherine is amazing. She predicted my house move down to the week and said it would involve two men, an odd detail but that’s exactly what happened. She also predicted months ahead I would pass a course at work which no one had done before and I was struggling with.”

    by Linda

  • “I have recently had readings with Katherine, Jan-Lee and Gemma. I would just  like to say thank you to each of them for helping me at a stressful time in my life. They all gave me the same consistent information, with no prompting from me about my situation. They were kind and supportive and very detailed with their insights of the outcomes for my issues and how I could resolve them. Amazingly gifted and lovely human beings.”

    by Anita

  • “I’ve just had a really good reading with Katherine 2180. She was able to tell me exactly how I’m feeling and she could pinpoint details about my relationship and worries. I feel much happier knowing that she confirmed what was happening and gave me really positive things to look forward to.She also confirmed things that other readers have told me. She was lovely to speak to and gave me a great reading. I will definitely call her again.”

    by Becky

  • “I just wanted to say just how amazed I am with the reading I have just had with Katherine. She picked up on the issues immediately, she put my mind at rest, I feel like I have so much to look forward to and have regained my hope that everything will work out ok.”

    by Michelle

  • “I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Kathrine 2180 for a GREAT reading. I was amazed by everthing you told me.”

    by Carol

  • “I spoke with Katherine 2180 and I have to say her grasping of my current situation was perfect. The situation is complex and without discussing my situation it was only her skill that could have been so precise about everything.”

    by Roger

  • “As soon as I got on the phone she asked if it was a relationship call, and it was :) She has really bought me out of feeling low, and depressed and given me hope for the future and even a time frame in which to wait and expect something to happen, as I’m waiting for someone to call! I really feel so much better, I’d recommend her to anyone, and definitely be calling her in the future!”

    by Kirsty

  • “I’d like to leave feedback for new reader Katherine, completely brilliant. She went right into the heart of my situation, with no prompt from my self. She explained it step by step and it was all correct. Katherine is very easy to talk to and a brilliant grounded psychic who wont tell you things you want to hear, she tells you the truth as she sees it, which we all need to hear to be able to move forward. She can look into the other persons feelings with such detail i knew she had the right person because only i … read more

    by Lesley

  • “I had a reading with Katherine today and she was brilliant. She was able to tell me the truth about my ex and was able to tell me things about him which were true. I really enjoyed the reading. I feel much better when I called her I was confused as to why he contacted me out the blue. After speaking to her I feel soo much better.”

    by Dee

Saffy has clients clambering to get to her! She is usually booked for credit card readings but if you are lucky you can get her … read more

Saffy's testimonials

  • “I’d love leave few words for all the wonderful readers I’ve talked to over the year and half  here.. Beautiful Carol, Sharie, Hazel, Elona, Nicola_C, Jan-Lee, Lydia, Lynn, Maria, Saffy, Sam, Virginia.. and not forgetting amazing and always helpful lovely Julie at the reception desk ! I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart… you were all guiding stars in my darkest hours, assisting in finding my way back into the light. I feel grateful to you all, as your warmth, sincerity & guidance in many ways I’ve always felt very deeply. What a wonderful team … read more

    by Silvia

  • “I really like Saffy, she doesn’t tell you want you want to hear, but she does tell you want you need to do at soul level to change negative patterns to enable you to move forward, not what most expect from a psychic reading, but very effective if you take her [guidance] on board.”

    by Ivan

  • “I had a reading with Saffy last night, I had been looking for her to show as avaialble for ages. WOW she was worth waiting for! After connecting with her guides she immediately went into work/career for me, spot on I am in the midst of changing jobs and spirit has said it is a fantastic move for me and will give me the change to branch out. Then Saffy moved on to spirit showing her a garage (I dont have one so dismissed it) then moving on to relationship the garage came up again and it occured to me … read more

    by Tracey

  • “In my recent reading with Saffy she said that the man who hadnt been in touch for 3 months would be in contact and come to see me on 7th April. Well the good news is I have had text messages for the last 3 nights and in one he states he wants to come and see me on 7th April. Saffy you are truely gifted!”

    by Ann

  • “I have recently had readings with both Lynn and Saffy, my first reading was with Lynn and I was intrigued by her use of ribbons. The reading was a general one and she really tuned into the issues in my life at the moment. She touched on a number of subjects that are at the forefront of my mind and the moment and knew details without prompting. One of the subjects we spoke about, I wanted some more information on and as Lynn was unavailable I chose to speak to Saffy and was not disappointed! It was as though both readers … read more

    by Rachael

  • “I was very excited when I logged on to view Michele’s astrology video and saw that Saffy was free to talk to for a reading. She is really lovely but also quickly tunes in and says what she sees and what her guides say. She will focus on questions but can also take off after a few opening sentences from me and tell me about things that have been in my head and only vaguely thought about that are still important.”

    by Tracy

  • “I have just had a reading from Saffy and want to say how brilliant she is. Working with her spirit guides she got straight to the subject that was uppermost in my mind and gave me so much wonderful, helpful and constructive information. I have never had a reading over the phone before and was a bit worried it might be awkward or difficult but it was as if Saffy was in the same room as me. I look forward to my next reading. Thank you! And thank you Michele for just the best website which is clearly inspired by … read more

    by Anne

  • “I am a regular customer of Saffy, she is such a wonderful reader. Without any information from me she told me that my mother, grandmother and a male maybe an Uncle was with her, she confirmed this by giving me information that only I would know which related to these people. So I know she is a genuine reader and has given me comfort to know that my relatives that have passed over are all around me. She gave me messages from my relatives which I have taken on board and some of the predictions have come true and I … read more

    by Ann

  • “”I have very recently had a lovely reading from Saffy who was able to provide very detailed information about my present situation using her guides. She was confident and reassurring and very quickly got to the heart of the problem. She confirmed (without any info from me) what i knew and filled in the details I didn’t.”

    by Suzanne

  • “Hi, I just had another reading with Saffy – and yet again she blew me away. This is the 4th reading I’ve had with her and every time she has consistently told me about my own emotional state and those of others – feelings I’ve not told anyone. She gave me confidence in my own abilities that the decisions I’ve recently made were correct and for my own good and that I’m on the right path. We have always had a strong connection during our readings and she has guided me through some major life changes and everything she has … read more

    by Jo

  • “Saffy is unique in her style, extremely empathetic and a natural healer. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Saffy, just speaking with Saffy you feel a great deal of emotional release, as well as feeling genuinely uplifted.”

    by N

  • “What can i say about this lovely lady, not only is she a kind soul but a very smart reader who delivers info from spirit with intelligence and empathy. I have been having readings with Saffy for a while now and everything she has said has come true. There are times when she gives me something, i’ll just write it down and then as time unfolds it all fits in and makes sense! She has a fabulous connection with spirit and i feel she delivers her info with great care and in a responsible manner. Thank you so much for … read more

    by Anon

  • “As a regular client of Saffy I really should be used to her extraordinary ability as a psychic, however once more I am stunned at what she picks up and how detailed the information she gives is. She is never judgemental and has helped me through a very unpleasant time with her kindness and very useful suggestions. If she suggests an affirmation to say don’t hesitate to practice it because they work big time! Apart from the specific siuations I have asked her to look into she always gives information that makes much sense at a later date. recently she … read more

    by Alex

  • “Saffy (2204) is amazing. She truly connected to me, gave me guidance, and also gave so much detail with my relationship. She also confirmed my higher thoughts. Thank you so much”

    by Carol

  • “I just had a most wonderful reading with Saffy. She was extraordinarily helpful and really connected with me answering all my questions and leaving me with peace of mind about a very painful work situation and an old relationship that had been troubling me for months.I just can not do justice to how good she was and would recommend her 100% to anyone.”

    by Margeret

  • “I just had the best reading I’ve ever had (several calls actually). Saffy (2204) is fantastic. Her reading made me feel lighter, she is clear. What a great connection. Saffy uses the spirits rather then cards and tells you what she is being told and makes sure you understand what is being said. I would definitely recommend her and will be calling again. Thank you Saffy.”

    by Teresa

  • “Just an update on the amazing Saffy. I have spoken to her three times now. She knew immediately that I wanted to resume my relationship with a previous partner, no one new; she knew when it had ended; she told me when he would contact me again (he did) and she said that we would meet up. We did and it was lovely and, as she said, we shall meet again. Over and above all this, though, she really helped direct my thoughts, gave me confidence and showed me the way forward. I am indebted to her for her help. … read more

    by Lesley

  • “Saffy! What a wonderful soul she is – I could talk to her all night! I have had two recent readings with her and she knew exactly what my quandry was and the issues surrounding it. The second reading was to ask her advice on the way forward and, because I trust her, I have followed it. She had in fact remembered our previous conversation. I am optimistic and energised and shall let you know the outcome. Thank you for now!”

    by Lesley

  • “I have just had a reading from Saffy, she was so easy to talk to, didn’t make me feel silly about my lack of confidence and explained everything clearly and concisely. I feel quite shakey still because she was so helped, giving me affirmations to boost me. I am so glad I had the courage to phone.”

    by Lynne

  • “I have just had a reading with Saffy. I have never had a reading quite like it. Crucially for me I did not feel judged. I felt she grasped the depth and complexity of my situation and confirmed many of the hunches I have had, which has helped my confidence enormously. Saffy, I cannot tell you how helpful and comforting my reading was, even though all is not rosy in my garden. I have been floundering around and feeling very isolated. There were several points made that I really needed to hear. I feel I have found the strength and … read more

    by Julie

  • “I had an excellent reading with Saffy (2204). It was straight to the point and I felt refreshed by the calm, down to earth way she has of getting to the heart of the issues. Thank you.”

    by Maria

  • “Just had a reading with Saffy (2204) – she literally blew me away. Her guides gave me exactly what i needed to hear as well as guidance and encouragement to take the next steps. I’ve had many readings before but this one was different and uplifting. If you are reading this feedback, you need to speak to Saffy, she’s brilliant.”

    by Jo

  • “Lovely Saffy… thank you for another amazing reading. Both times I’ve spoken to you it’s like talking to a family member, or someone who knows you on a really deep level. You connect to situations beyond the physical, and have really helped me to see how the situation I’m in is helping me to grow spiritually. Always patient, and you didn’t waver from what you’ve told me before, despite not remembering the previous reading! Truly amazing.. Oh, and as much as I didn’t want to hear it, I think you could have been right about a new guy coming in … read more

    by Lizzie

  • “I am a new customer to this website and had my first reading with Saffy (2204). I have to say i was absolutely amazed and as a new customer she made me feel at ease and explained the process which has helped me to understand my inner strength. Left me feeling fantastic and focused on what i need to do for ME!! Thanks again.”

    by Angela

  • “Dear Saffy, I just wanted to say thank you for an insightful and deeply helpful reading. You have helped me to see the reasons for my current circumstances on a very proufound spiritual level, and I feel more at peace about things than I have for a long time. All the information you gave about my career has made me feel really excited about the future. Truly you have an incredible gift, I will be back to let you know how things pan out. Much love and thanks!”

    by Elisabeth

  • “I have to say that Saffy is the most amazing psychic. She is astonishing with the details she picks up. A couple of months ago she told me I would recieve profound news from America, I did a month ago. She has predicted work contracts and been spot on when she saw that some would take off, another would have difficulties and then work out. Sometimes she has said things that I have thought, ‘I don’t believe that.’ but always she is correct as time and time again these things come to pass.”

    by Alexandra

  • “I would like to say a big thank you to Saffy and Steve. I have been going through a very hard time in my life, and they helped me through. without their support, kindness and upliftement, I wouldnt have been able to stay as strong as I have. They have given me hope for the future and helped me to see a light at the end of a tunnel. I’m so glad that I had chosen to contact them, Well done, michele! x”

    by carolyn

  • “Over the last month I have been in a very bad place in my life and have had readings from Jan Lee, Maria, Martine, Saffy and Lynn. They have all predicted the the same outcome to a situation and have given unconditional love and support. I cannot thank them all enough. In my darkest hours they have given me light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you to them all loads of love and happiness to them all. Thank you Michele for finding them all and letting them share their gifts which help so many people.”

    by Jude

  • “I would just like to leave feedback for the AMAZING Saffy! I have had numerous readings with Saffy over the last 14 months, and all I can say is that she has never failed me. My first reading gave me a few home truths, which made me face up to some issues in my life. Since then I haven’t looked back with the support of Saffy and her spirit guides. Whenever I’ve been unsure about my feelings, mainly relating to my love life, I have contacted Saffy and she has provided me with down to earth, no-nonsense information in a supportive and caring manner. Saffy predicted that I … read more

    by Lou

  • “Just wanted to leave feedback for the lovely Saffy! I had a reading with Saffy back in January and she predicted that I would meet a lovely kind man around March time and that we would go on holiday in the Spring and around June and August time. I did indeed meet that man in March and we have already had one holiday together and have two others booked, one in June and one in August! She described him to a tee and also said he would have a child from a previous relationship, which he has. Saffy is a … read more

    by N

  • “I am always quick to complain, but never commend. I just had a reading with Saffy and she is truly a credit to your team. She is amazing! She not only picked up on an issue that has been weighing on my shoulders for months now, but more importantly she lightened the load and sent me well on the path to resolving it. Thank you!”

    by K

  • “Saffy, Saffy, Saffy!!! This woman is amazing and her connection with spirit is true, genuine and very real.  although I may have dismissed the information..it always comes to fruition! If you want a realistic interpretation of events specific to your life TALK TO SAFFY.  You may be initially saddened by the reality of truth (because sometimes I’ve wanted stuff that was bad for me and I’ve been so close to that wall I couldn’t even see it) but ultimately the truth has set me free! Over a period of two years and many trials in my life, men, …..times when … read more

    by Anon

  • “Saffy is a good reader if you need counselling, or emotional advice.”

    by F

  • “Hi – just had a reading with Saffy – worth every penny. Will definitely be in touch with her again. Saffy has explained so much to me that I feel I am on the right road to reaching my full potential as a person. She has given me much insight regarding a certain person and insight into myself as a person. Love and Light (you’re fab).”

    by Joy

  • “Saffy really is astonishing.  I met a man a few months ago in a foreign country, we didn’t exchange any details – in fact, I wasn’t really sure what his name was!  Saffy assured me that he would make contact.  This would have been extremely difficult as he didn’t even know my surname and we both live in different countries and met in another country.  Two and a half months and three countries later, he has made contact!  Now all I need is patience….Thank you Saffy, what a wonderful lady you are!”

    by J

  • “…I have also had readings in the past with Saffy and Jeanie who too have given me lots of support and guidance with my problems.  Annie, Saffy and Jeanie have told me things about myself that no one else knows on this planet but me.  Wow, I’m so glad you have been there for me.  Thank you so much.”

    by Sue

  • “I have had a few readings with Saffy and I can honestly say that on each occasion she never ceases to amaze.  She’s an incredibly talented lady with a genuine gift; she is caring, and has a natural ability to empower you. I would highly recommend her without any hesitation to anyone who wants a genuine reading. Thank you so much.”

    by Rachel

  • “Saffy is fantastic………a true gem, intelligent, warm, empathetic, witty, charming….a woman of substance! Thank you Saffy for all your healing and guidance and most of all for sharing this precious gift!

    by Joan

  • “Would just like to say a huge thank you to Saffy for her amazing reading today. I was truly astounded by what she told me and will now move forward with her wonderful advice. Thanks again x”

    by Tina

  • “Had a reading with Saffy a few weeks ago. She predicted an offer of work for September between the 2nd and 3rd week from the reading. Spot on!”

    by Allison

  • “Just had a reading from Saffy, she was wonderful! Very warm. Made me feel more empowered and positive about my future. Thank you. xxx”

    by Gemma

  • “I just want to say thanks to Saffy – It is always a very empowering experience talking to Saffy. There’s just so much information on how to tackle issues on a deeper level. It never fails to amaze me whenever I talk to Saffy – the last time she predicted a move in Feb and I did move.. and I am always blown away by her insight!”

    by Jeanne

  • “Saffy predicted I would receive money. I am due to receive a bonus in March and a pay rise in April. As she said Tony would be in touch on Thursday at 4pm and guess what he texted me on Thursday at 4.03pm. Give her a call you won’t regret it. The more open you are about receiving from spirit and you take on board what you are given the more they will give you.”

    by Ang

  • “You said I would meet a man called Tony. Well I have and now we are engaged!”

    by Ang

  • “Saffy – is she just the most adorable healer ever!!”

    by A

  • “I had a reading with Saffy the other night and she was simply amazing. She told me info about someone in the spirit world who was near me,  I will definately call her again.”

    by Grace

  • “I would like to say a big thank you to Saffie for the reading/healing she gave to me back in May. She asked me why a particular man in my life was ‘surrounded by water…that he was writing and that he felt very down’. I was thinking deeply about an ex, who ten years ago was on a cruise ship (surrounded by water!) and wrote me a beautiful love letter!”

    by Emma

Trinity is a clairvoyant medium and natural psychic. She works with spirit to give astounding readings which are factual and deep. She picked up on … read more

Trinity's testimonials

  • “Trinity, exceptionally gifted psychic, encouraging, calming, uplifting, problem solving, honest and insightful. Reads into situations of past, present and future which all came to light as she indicated.”

    by Juliet

  • “Just had a reading with Trinity today and she readily tuned into concerns and was able to confirm my perceptions as correct – also responded to all my questions about life situations – very descriptive of others’ reaction reasoning as well as my own – I felt very in tune with her and she has a very gentle and light manner of presentation which I found soothing and comforting.”

    by Sally

  • “I had a really brilliant reading with Trinity. She was able to understand my situation and person I was inquiring about straight away, and put my mind at rest. She was able to make sense of the situation and allow me to see it from an empowered place. It gave me the tools and confidence to move forward, seeing the gifts in the last few months. Thank you Trinity!”

    by R

  • “I found Trinity very helpful and gave me a lot of honest insight into my situation. I feel stronger and more confident as a result.”

    by Tim

  • “I had my first reading with Trinity this afternoon before I went to my work. The reading was amazing and totally astounded me. It was good connection betweens us and I felt that energy even though we were far away and she did not see me. Trinity, I would like to say thank you for your reading and I will be back to let you know about my job and relationship. You described my partner well. Trinity has got a lovely personality and a caring reader with very clear insight.”

    by Anna

  • “I’ve just had a reading with Trinity and just wanted to say I thought she was great. She confirmed for me what I suspected of the situation as well as giving me some insight and re-assuring me, which was what I needed at this time.”

    by Trudi

  • “I had an excellent reading with Trinity last night, she’s a powerful yet gentle, caring reader with very clear insight and connected with my issues immediately although I gave no details. Amazing how it turned me around, I feel steadier in my situation today as a result. Thank you very much!”

    by F.H

  • “I wanted to leave feedback for Trinity. She pretty much talked me down from an emotional ledge this week. I live abroad, so it was the early hours of the morning for me when I called in a blind panic. I was in complete turmoil, and feeling totally overwhelmed regarding a relationship. She was able to tune into the details of the situation, give me very specific information about the other person. More importantly she persistently talked me through what I need to learn for my own growth from the situation. I found her compassionate, wise and insightful, I finished the … read more

    by Wendy

  • “I have just had a wonderful reading with Trinity. She pictured the man I was thinking about, was able to shed light on some issues that worried me and delicately calmed me with her personable, sensitive and positive mannerisms, she could really feel what was going on in the present and gave me some lovely insights into what would help me work towards the positive future that she could see for us both, affording me the privilage of relenquishing control, having faith in love, enjoying the now and not mucking it up this time ; ) she communicates so beautifully … read more

    by Angel

  • “I just had a reading with Trinity and she told me a very simple and essential fact; that I need to have faith in the process of life. She reminded me that I can create my own very positive future through positive thoughts and energy. I wanted to share this as a simple truth that I think we can lose sight of from time to time. I also want to thank Trinity for her wisdom, insight and caring approach – lovely, gentle balm for the soul.”

    by Andrea

  • “Trinity has done a few readings for me. She has great talent and compassion, and is inspirational to speak with on any topic. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to understand possibilities.”

    by Heather

  • “I had a reading today with Trinity and I was absolutely amazed at her pinpointing details of my life. She was very specific about someone in my life and gave me lots of valuable details. There was no vagueness in her descriptions and certainly non of the generic language used by some readers. She delivered her message in a kind and clear way and I felt quite lifted after having spoken with her. I look forward to the future coming to pass. When I want another reading I will most definitley request Trinity.”


  • “Trinity was outstanding. She got to the heart of the deep underlying psychological issues around my situation and was very reassuring and very wise advice. She really connected and what she was saying was very pertinent to my situation, very astute and very comforting. thank you.”

    by A

  • “I just wanted to leave feedback for Trinity. I had another extraordinary reading with her yesterday that gave me goosebumps. She tuned into me immediately, and was able to give me information about how I was feeling right then. She also picked up on the relationship that has been causing me so much turmoil and specifically asked me about the holiday I had only just come back from which had bought all these emotions to the surface. More than that I find her readings extremely wise, insightful and compassionate. I feel that she operates from a place of absolute integrity, has never … read more

    by Wendy

  • “Following the death of my mum in February and the circumstances leading up to it, I found myself drowning in a sea of grief.  I phoned Trinity in desperation on my mum’s birthday and I’m so glad I did.  She tuned into my mother immediately and all the issues surrounding her death were brought up and explained to me in simple terms.  She was very empathetic, just the sort of reader you would expect from Michele’s team.  When the reading had finished I felt 100% better, the guilt and anger disappeared and I can now grieve for the loss of my … read more

    by Barbara

  • “Please thank your reader Trinity as I had a great reading with her. Please tell her that I ordered the books she recommended. Thank you again. Love and light to you all.”

    by Julie

  • “I would like to leave feedback for Trinity, an absolute credit to you…never failed me.  Loads of love.”

    by Mandy

  • “Thank you very much Trinity for my lovely reading – will call again. Love and Light.”

    by Joy

  • “I had another reading with Trinity today and yet again I found her to be incredibly perceptive and intuitive.  She shocked me a little with how specific she was on certain aspects.  Over the last few months I have seen things start to unfold as she has previously predicted.  I love her readings because she comes across as both ethical and truthful and also incredibly sensitive and kind.  She doesn’t ask lots of questions or use platitudes or generalisations.  I experience her as a true guide in this lifetime and that, rather than just trying to predict outcomes, she is … read more

    by Shakira

  • “My reading with Trinity today was astounding. She was as astute as she was gentle and positive. The information she gave me left me in no doubt as to her genuine ability. I was particularly impressed that she said she could see me in the centre of a lotus blossom as I recently had this tattooed because of it’s symbolic meaning and also for very personal reasons. I was not only left feeling calm and in a really ‘good place’ but also all my uncertainties dissolved away with her deeply meaningful and encouraging answers. I’m full of peace and hope … read more

    by Anna

  • “I recently had a phone reading with Trinity. I would just like to say I found her absolutely remarkable! She helped enlighten me regarding a current situation and her calming manner and positivity has helped me remain positive and hopeful of what lies ahead.”

    by Katy

  • “I would just like to give feedback on your readers. In particular Martine, Sadie, Jeanie and Trinity who have been wonderful and have really helped me through a hard time. Many thanks for such healing readers.”

    by K

  • “An exceptionally gifted lady”

    by Bahram

  • “I adore Trinity.  She is warm, caring, empathic.  Trinity picked up straight away my situation and the man around me.  She gave me valuable insight which clarified my own intuition and helped me gain comfort from the process I was going through.  Trinity is just plain lovely and has a genuine and honest approach.  I would choose Trinity for her compassion in relationship readings as she is so honest, but never blunt.  Trinity is a true angel.”

    by Janey

  • “Would like to say a big thank you to Trinity who has done a couple of readings for me recently.What a lovely, gentle and emotionally intelligent lady. She is truly gifted.God bless you and thanks again”

    by Susan

  • “I just had to write to you….I had a reading with Trinity today. She is straight to the point and very helpful!! I highly recommend her!!”

    by Kathy

  • “I would like to say how brilliant Pauline, Nina, Trinity and Jeannie are – even when I doubted them at the time, they are a huge credit to you- I have used your website quite a lot a big thank you to them xxx”

    by Amanda

  • “I thought she was very good, very clear, made me feel calm, had a very good phone manner, an asset to the team”

    by A

  • “Hi, I have just had a reading with Trinity, it was a very moving experience, Trinity brought my mother and father and also my maternal grandma by name who died when I was nine, my mothers passing is very recent so I was amazed she came through, Thank you for your comforting words, I am going to make my Horlicks now – Trinity knows what I mean.”

    by Anne

  • “The reading I had was amazing and totally astounded me. Trinity sensed immediately I too have a psychic ability that I don’t use and said I was very intuitive all of which is correct. May I say, well done and keep up the good work”

    by Deborah

  • “Trinity picked up on the situation and person I was asking about. She even knew that they had recently had a bad sore throat! She is very caring and truthful. Thanks for such helpful insight!”

    by Claire

  • “I just had a reading done by Trinity. I feel there is lot of positive energy and vibes in her, which has made me feel and think positive. It’s just the thing that can get me rolling hopefully”

    by L

  • “I’ve just had a reading with Trinity and she’s lovely. Very to the point and helpful, intelligent. I really recommend her.”

    by Caroline

  • “I had a reading with Trinity , just wanted to let you know that the reading was fabulous and I will definitely be coming back to have a reading with her again soon, she really put my mind at ease with regard to the main thing that was troubling me, she also could name two of the people connected to me who were in spirit … She also gave me a message from one of them to be passed on to a family member.  I have had a lot of readings however I would say that Trinity has without a doubt … read more

    by Anne Marie

Stella is a hereditary psychic tarot reader who mainly works just using her intuition. In her test readings she tuned into what was going on … read more

Stella's testimonials

  • “Stella delivered information non stop, knew the person I was calling about and helped me see what was happening, it was all positive. Stella’s reading was forthcoming with information, she gave specific details about the situation and the person I was ringing about. Stella was welcoming and non-judgemental and has given me clarity to help move forward.”

    by L

  • “Just as Michele said, she identified swiftly the underlying problem that I have been experiencing and offered some really insightful and empowering things that I can apply straight away. Stella has a lovely way about her, which comes out in the way she talked. She also tuned in to my general personality and what else I might need in terms of self growth. I don’t say this lightly, as I have felt emotionally destablised for a few days now and not myself at all and Stella’s really met me in my world and showed me the door to move on.”

    by Jane

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