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Mary uses clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship. In her test reading I felt as though she had stepped inside my head as she was able … read more

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Sara passed her test readings with flying colours. I loved my reading with her as it flowed from start to finish. Her style is a … read more

Pin: 2263

Kim is a clairvoyant Tarot reader.  She has an amazing ability to pick up loads of the kind of detail at an incredibly deep, soul … read more

Pin: 2269

David is a psychic and intuitive coach who specialises in helping you find your purpose in life. He inherited his gifts from both sides of the … read more

Mary uses clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship. In her test reading I felt as though she had stepped inside my head as she was able … read more

Mary's testimonials

  • “I would like to express how grateful I am to have spoken to Mary. I have had two readings with her and each time I have felt so peaceful and calm afterwards. I don’t find it very easy to put into words. She is just one of the most beautiful encounters I have ever experienced and that was via a phone call! It is rather wonderful to know that there are extra special people who are sincere, loving, kind and honest who use their gifts in such a gentle and caring way.”

    by Jodie

  • “I just had a reading with Mary. [Regarding] my current situation and my boyfriend, she described him and recent events perfectly. It has given me the reassurance that I needed and understanding of his difficulties. I also had a reading with Trinity a few weeks ago and she also summed up my situation and with how things subsequently developed.”

    by Helene

  • “I just had a wonderful reading with Mary 2267. She immediately tuned into the energy and feelings around my situation, giving key information that I immediately identified with. Mary delivers clear information in a loving, positive way. She made me feel able to focus and to know how to progress, an important part of giving readings. Her energy is just lovely and she clearly has a real talent! She described my situation and the feelings and thoughts of those involved as if she knew us personally. Credit to Michele’s fabulous website! Thank you!”

    by Maria

  • “I had a fabulous reading from Mary (id 2267). I feel she correctly picked up on the emotional feelings of a friend which has helped me to understand her much better. She helped boost my confidence in a potential relationship.”

    by Peter

  • “I would like to praise Mary on the tremendous reading she has just done for me. She linked with a relative of mine, picked up straight away on my healing abilities, the work I wish to do and the degree course I have already completed. She gave clear, detailed information about my strengths, my work situation and the love interest due to come into my life soon and his young daughter. Mary gave me the validation, comfort and support I need at this time, which has helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to … read more

    by Louise

  • “I’ve just had a reading with Mary – what a sweet kind soul with tremendous empathy. She gave clear answers to my questions and I would definitely recommend her.”

    by Jenny

  • “I called with Mary (pin no. 2267) today as i wanted a bit of insight into my love life which has been causing me a bit of confusion of late. I was really impressed (and quite amazed) by the things Mary picked up on! First of all she described the cause of my confusion perfectly (that the man in question appeared to be too-ing and froo-ing a little bit!) and when she described this was due to insecurities relating to his relationship with his father, i was really blown away. I had wondered if this was something to do with … read more

    by Lindsay

  • “She went back years and I found out everything that I needed to know which has put my mind at rest and enabled me to move on. Mary’s lovely energy was with me all day after the reading. I would definately recommend Mary and will be calling her again in the future.”

    by Caroline

  • “Had a lovely reading with Mary, she was brilliant and I felt like I was really connecting with my father who passed in june 2006, I was crying but she was very comforting and I felt so peaceful afterwards, thank you.”

    by Georgie

  • “Had a reading with Mary and do have to say was stunned. Her reading was very personal and emotional. She described my grandfather whom I never met as passed to spirit at 49 and also my father who was 52 when he went. She described my current situation perfectly regarding work choices and that I was at a cross roads. She also described how my youngest boy was feeling emotionally which made her tearful and went on to describe his intellegence and how he found mixing in at school so difficult. She is a truly wonderful very gifted lady. Thank … read more

    by Rhian

  • “I just had the most beautiful reading with Mary. She has such a calming beautiful energy, I could feel it washing over me. She was such a delight to talk to and I feel very appreciative of her sharing her insights with me. She was able to tune into me, what I’d just been doing, what i was thinking about doing and give me hope for the future. I spoke to Mary back in May and the predictions she gave me have come to pass. The images she could see then were almost how they were through my eyes, when … read more

    by Katherine

  • “Had a reading with her yesterday and she was absolutely brilliant. She was so detailed, she focused on my mum who passed 10 years ago and because of her it felt like i was talking to my mum again. I will be calling her again and again.”

    by Jodie

  • “Mary has very good energy. She’s pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend. Many thanks.”

    by A

Sara passed her test readings with flying colours. I loved my reading with her as it flowed from start to finish. Her style is a … read more

Sara's testimonials

  • “She is a very interesting lady to speak to. Some of the information at first didn’t make sense, then she was able to walk through a story that enabled it all to fall into place. She checked in and asked me to clarify, then gained further clarity. She was able to describe my personality style and preferences very very clearly without any prompting stories from me. she was very honest and described a situation I am trying to get my head around. Sara gave bang on details about the type of work that I do ( i am a contractor) … read more

    by Australia

  • “Just wanted to give feedback on how excellent I have found Sara as a reader. She gives incredible specific details on my life and my work and the personalities and intentions of people around me. Sara was able to shed light and answer my questions clearly on a very confusing situation in my life.  Her comments and insights have since turned out to be 100% true . Her prediction of a new amazing job has now also come to pass.”

    by SM

Kim is a clairvoyant Tarot reader.  She has an amazing ability to pick up loads of the kind of detail at an incredibly deep, soul … read more

Kim's testimonials

  • “I had a reading with the brilliant Kim last year, and amongst other things she told me there would be a man with all silver/grey hair coming into my life. The man I was actually after at the time had dark brown hair so I was a little disappointed! About 4 months later I met a man who my friend introduced me to and guess what…he has silver/grey hair and we are now engaged! Thank you Kim, you have an amazing link and are truly gifted.”

    by Lisa

  • “Had a reading yesterday with Kim.  She had such a deep understanding about the situation I was in and all of the parties concerned, it was as if she personally knew everyone and had walked along the path with us. Kim is exceptional and such a lovely person. Kim thank you so much.”  

    by I

  • “I have just come off the phone from a reading with Kim (Pin 2263) and even though I have had readings with her, and some of your other readers, before, this time she absolutely blew me away. I even remarked that I was sure she was ‘in my head’ as I hadn’t even told her anything before all this information came pouring out. I’ve had a not very nice 2010 and 2011 hadn’t started off very well but Kim gave me so much hope and encouragement for my future that I feel so uplifted today I almost feel on cloud … read more

    by Wendy

  • “I had a reading with Kim earlier today and would like to express my thanks for putting my mind at ease with her insightful reading. I had positive readings with other Michele Knight psychics but needed more validation because of my own insecurity as a result of my situation. I have to say Kim verified exactly what the other readers had said and gave additional advice. I look forward to the months ahead with great anticipation and not fear. Many thanks, Kim. Also many thanks to you Michele for having the wisdom and generosity to provide such a site. I have … read more

    by B

  • “I had my first reading with Kim today (10/2010) and she astounded me. She is the best reader I have come across. Kim has a brilliant mix of spiritual knowledge and psychic abilities. She uses her psychic insight to link in with what is happening now and what is likely to materialise in the future. She is incredibly talented.”

    by Sam

  • “I had a reading with Kim a few months ago when I was looking for a new job. She predicted that in June I would be offered a marketing position for an American company in London and I would be managing several designers. She was spot on! It was a lovely reading!”

    by Diana

  • “I spoke to Kim (2263) a few months ago about an unfair work issue. She said I would meet with somebody senior who would listen to me and that justice would be done. Well it happened just as she said. Fabulous.”

    by John

  • “Had a reading with Kim today.  Very insightful, to the point and gives it to you straight.  Will ring her again as I liked her style…!”

    by Kath

  • “I’ve just had a reading with Kim and was so impressed I felt I had to leave a testimonial. She was able to provide clarity on issues that I thought I already had a handle on and that has made a huge difference to me already. And that’s priceless. So thank you Kim, and if (ok, when!) I ever get stuck again, I’ll definitely be calling you again!”

    by P

  • “Had fantastic readings with Kim, Jeanie and Loretta.”

    by B

  • “I have just had a reading with Kim and what can I say … wow! She was fantastic. She got straight to the heart of the situation I am in and described it in detail without me saying much at all. I am so glad I decided to have this reading and that I chose Kim. I would definitely recommend her and have a reading with her again in the future. Thank you so much.”

    by Carol

  • “Thank you very much Kim (2263) for a lovely reading. Hope all comes through as you suggested. love and light to you.”

    by Joyce

  • “I had a reading with Kim yesterday – Wow.  She even mentioned that I should be looking at doing something I had only been working with that morning. Thank you Kim for putting my mind at rest and for giving me some great information.”

    by Dawn

  • “I have just had a first time reading with Kim. I was absolutely blown away. Kim was so helpful and lovely. I was really impressed with her and incredibly fortunate to have spoken with her. She filled me with lots of positivity and hope. She gave me lots of information and advice regarding grounding and protection. I would like to thank her and look forward to speaking with her again. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Kim. Blessings.”

    by Julie

  • “Another lovely reading with Kim 2263. Very good connection and excellent appraisal of my work and relationship situations.”

    by J

  • “Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Kim who gave me a very insightful reading today!! Thank you Kim.”

    by Marie

  • “Just had a reading with Kim and would like to say what a wonderful one it was. Gave me a lot of details without asking me for information.  Very positive, uplifting and focusing. Thank you Kim, love and light.”

    by Katherine

  • “Had a reading with Kim 2263 recently. She tuned in and described my situation. She delivered her reading in a thoughtful way. Most impressed.”

    by K

  • “I have recently had a reading with Kim, which was outstanding.  The information she provided was excellent, she told me things that she would not have possibly have known. Kim is a very understanding and fun reader, truly remarkable and I wait for her predictions to unfold. Many many thanks.”

    by K

  • “Unbelievably brilliant, I was shocked by what was said, thank you so much.”

    by KR

David is a psychic and intuitive coach who specialises in helping you find your purpose in life. He inherited his gifts from both sides of the … read more

David's testimonials

  • “I have had many readings with different readers from Michele Knight over the years, many of which have been great and have helped me navigate through some very difficult challenges in life. However, I feel compelled to write something very different about David. I actually read all his reviews, contemplated on his video and eventually got hold of David. Wow, wow, wow! I am absolutely astounded at his emotional intelligence and insight and I am not a woo woo person – I am pretty down to earth. I think the best way to describe his reading – it is a … read more

    by Katherine

  • “I would like to thank David who I had a reading with in April (2269).  He is a lovely man and gave me a really honest and true reading.  He really understood me and got in deep without any guiding from me to start with.  He is very gifted and is very warm and I promise you it is the best reading I have had in years because it was very honest.  David is my favourite medium and I trust him completely.”

    by Sharon

  • “When I first spoke to David, without asking any questions at all, and without any initial conversation other than saying hello and asking my birth sign, he started to describe my life, me, my character and values completely and perfectly. He told me, quite rightly, that the last two years hadn’t been very fruitful for me, that I’d had little fun, that there had been problems with people behaving badly and without integrity and completely described a work situation and the things going on around me in my life. He picked up on and described the work I do perfectly … read more

    by R

  • “I had a reading with David on the 24 September and we discussed my career prospects. David was very correct about me as he said when it comes to work I loose my bottle at times, which is very true as I find work a scary place and have left jobs or not gone for jobs due to this reason. At the time of speaking to David I had applied for 3 jobs 2 of those jobs are based in a library, David told me that it was the 2nd Library job that I applied for would be the one … read more

    by Breeda

  • “I would like to leave feedback for David 2269. Amazing in tune reading. He was great and gave me clear guidance. I loved his comparative metaphors – it made everything slot into place and make sense, the clarity which I was so in need of he pin pointed in a few minutes and knew exactly how I felt.”

    by NJ

  • “David has a wonderful manner and amazed me! He doesn’t ask any questions and gets to the heart of the matter immediately. He mentioned some issues around my new job and the people there and I thought he had got it wrong but last week he was proved right! Simply one word AMAZING.”

    by MS

  • “I felt compulsed to write an instant feedback for the amazing ‘David’ whom I had the most enlightening, intriguing and absolutely breathtaking phsycic reading experience I have ever had. I have had so many wonderful readings in the past but there was the most profound connection with him and he is a delight to talk to. I could have talked all day to him. He is warm, funny, amazingly articulate and deliver’s his information in a real and thought provoking way. There is nothing ambiguous about what he tells you, and he blew me away with all that he told … read more

    by Wendy

  • “I just had a reading today with David and I would just like to say it was lovely. I didnt have to say anything he just kept telling me things which was nice. Also he connected with my mum in spirit which was a link I hadnt felt in such a long time. It was almost as if she was chatting to him on another phone line. Since I finished the reading I felt a big emotional shift and such sense of peace from David connecting with my mum. David is a lovely reader and a real credit to you team. … read more

    by Nicola

  • “Thank you so much to David (2269) for his amazing readings recently! Without any prompting, he gave me very detailed information regarding my new business and my role within it. He has a real talent and has such a lovely and sincere manner. I would highly recommend him and know that you will love his fantastic readings too… he is a real gem!”

    by Justine

  • “What an amazing reading! It was as if listening to my inner voice- I have never heard my inner processes described so clearly and have felt called back to my centre ever since his very powerful reading. He described relationships in fine detail and highlighted issues and abilities I have known about for a long time but for some reason have left to lie dormant. I would say this compassionate and wise reading has been essential guidance in my life and feel the way has been opened to fulfil my purpose. Thank you so very much David!”

    by Ariane

  • “David (2269) is amazing. I’ve had a really horrible few months with a lot of upheaval, so I’ve had several readings which I would never normally do. I’ve found them all very helpful, but David in particular just picks up on the emotions surrounding things so well it was amazing. He very sweetly pointed out where things were going a bit wrong, picked up my new plans for work (only thought of yesterday!) and gave me some fantastic insight in regard to a new connection with someone. He’s great – definitely told me what I needed to hear rather than … read more

    by Laura

  • “I wanted to leave some feedback for David (pin 2269). He was brilliant, precise, concise and didn’t require any input for me. He picked up on thoughts, emotions and feelings I hadn’t told anyone before. He wasn’t judgemental and even when there was something i didn’t necessarily agree with, he gave me some further information that made it all make sense. I’ve been toying with many ideas over the last 6 – 12 months and he described them to a tee. I’m really positive about the future now and believing in myself! I had a great connection with him and … read more

    by Jo

  • “I have had a reading today with David, who was incredible in reading me straight away. He confirmed a lot of my relationship issues and gave me a very positive reading. I would recomend your service. Very best wishes and so many thanks.”

    by Rita

  • “I have to say that my reading today with David (2269) has left me absolutely speechless. I was first struck by how direct he was (in as much as he launched straight into the reading – no time wasting or trying to tune in). He never asked one question and didn’t encourage you to tell him anything (unless it was a concern that you had). He described how I had been feeling to a “t” and his predictions for the future gave me the very real sensation of “chills” – not in a bad way, but, in the way that … read more

    by Jill

  • “I had a reading with David (2269) today, 01/04/11, and I was so impressed, both with David and the reading. He is so easy to talk to, when you get the chance, lol. He didn’t ask for my details, only what area I would like a reading on, so I chose love and straight away he got my situation, which is so difficult for me to understand. No words from me at all, he went on to describe the person and situation in the same way I would. It confirmed to me straight away that he has a special gift. … read more

    by Carol

  • “I had a reading with David yesterday which was THE most incredible reading I’ve ever had. I’ve had plenty of readings before and I read David’s reviews prior to booking and they all filled me with confidence. However, the fact of the matter is, he is better than is possible to convey in any feedback. His readings are magical. He is caring and gifted -he does all the talking with no prompts needed from you. He told me I would be opening a shop, the exact timescale (down to the month and year), the location of the premises, he decribed … read more

    by Elaine

  • “Had a perfect reading with David today. No prompts from me at all and he still hit the right spots, got it all right. Thank you.”

    by Rachael

  • “Hi I had a reading with David this morning and was astonished at the amount of detail he came out with. I love David’s method for reading it is so so precise and packed with masses of details.I rang David with a query about work and whether there were any changes ahead for me..I was flabbergasted with his reading. He picked up on the job I was presently in and told me what sort of job I would be doing next year. He picked up the aspects of my job I was doing now which is quite specialist so am … read more

    by Ash

  • “I had a reading with David (08/02/11) it was basically for confirmation about the way that I was feeling, I had read really positive feedback about David so knew that the reading would be about what I needed to hear rather than what I wanted to hear, well it turned out that I got both. He has a gentle calm ability and makes you feel really unique.  He is brilliant and I was glad that I was able to get hold of him. 10 stars if possible.”

    by Tips

  • “Just had my 3rd reading with David. Always amazing and I always know when I need to speak to him again. I first spoke to him May 2010, then August 2010 then today 19/01/2011. So correct in everything he has ever told me and a great support . Offers great advice , with compassion . Needed some reassurance today and found it with David.”

    by Teresa

  • “Everything you told me is now beginning to happen David and I truly treasure your teachings which I am now able to pass on to the people I work with , so your work is really spreading outside of this site. Not only are you are making me soooooo much better with my work, but more than that I learn so much for myself which I put into action with such great results. You are an incredible talent, an incredible reader, but also the most lovely man and I treasure your teachings plus the laughs that we always manage to … read more

    by A

  • “I spoke with reader David June 2010. I must confess that I gave him no direction but simply asked for ‘whatever came’. At the time I was deeply concerned about my freelance career and David went straight to the matter, seeing the ‘start & stop’ nature of my life and predicted very clearly a period overseas for me. Well, I’m writing from Dubai ! what can I say. Also predicted the sudden invitation to my fathers 85th party abroad. Cricket kept coming up in the reading – meant nothing to me – it does now ! Lunchtime criket games with … read more

    by myles

  • “I just want to say a quick ‘Wow!’ with regards to the reading I had today with David. He went straight to the point immediately & was so full of information, he barely took a breath in 30 minutes! My reading was all about my life’s purpose & absolutely mirrored everything I ‘knew’ but felt unsure about pursuing. We had a great connection & he read me perfectly without me saying a thing. David had such a gorgeous energy & was totally in tune with me, it was a joy to connect with him. He is fabulous & gave me … read more

    by Sarah

  • “Dear David, Thank you for my reading yesterday (10-Nov-2010). I have reflected on the reading and guidance that you have given me and I it has helped me to see the bigger picture. I have a greater awareness of what is happening around me and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to understand myself and the dynamics of my personal relationships. There has been a shift in my focus, and I will concentrate more on my self development and finding my true calling. I am looking forward to meeting my mentor, and now trust that they will deliver … read more

    by Paula

  • “David gave me a reading today, about my work and relationships. I actually felt like i’d spoken to him before about my problems as he totally knew how i feel about work. He also highlighted areas of my relationship that have been a challenge and again was able to provide ways of tackling problems which was being passed via him, from my late Grandad. David sounded very nice and calm and put me at ease straight away. I really appreciated that reading and feel i will be contacting David again the future, he was amazing! Thank you David.”

    by Lisa

  • “Thank you David for the best and most useful reading yesterday. David not only gave me answers to my life’s purpose but encouraged me to move forward. I was so emotional but I was so relieved for the validation of my thoughts and messages from my guides which reassured me. David gave me details of past life and guidance on how to develop and use my gift as well as an understanding of why I am feeling the way I do. God I am so relieved. He even accuratley read my children’s lives, unbelievable. I have never had such a … read more

    by Stephanie

  • “As my friend would now like to call him uncle david as he has such a soothing a warming voice and always helps you see the light in any dark situation very positive reader”

    by Naomi

  • “David is a wonderful reader. I first spoke to David in May and immediately he focused in on where I was living and how I’d outgrown the energy and perhaps it was time for a move. I had already decided to move although I was quite emotional about it,he assured me that this was the right thing to do. He told me that by November my energy’s would had lifted again and warned me that the months ahead wouldn’t be a walk in the park but I would be well equiped to deal with the cards I was given.These past … read more

    by J

  • “Would like to say how pleased I have been with my recent readings with David. Interesting and inspiring.”

    by Teresa

  • “I had a reading with David. He is a fantastic reader – told me things for the future I’m looking forward to. I would highly recommend him.”

    by Coral

  • “had a reading with David in May 2010 and it was like no other reading I have ever had. I was feeling very stuck and life felt bland but within 6 weeks of my reading, my life has taken a humungous turn for the better and all because I listened to David’s sound advice. Today I came back for more and yet again he delivered information from spirit that I have taken on board. David not only tells you the good things to come – he also forewarns you of any potential events which may un-nerve you; but for me … read more

    by Lisa

  • “Just had a reading with David which was truly inspirational. The information he gave was extremely enlightening and informative. I now feel so much more relaxed. The descriptions he gave of my spirit guides were very detailed. He has given me the encouragement and security to face my future with confidence and excitement. It was a real joy to listen to what he had to pass on to me. I would heartily recommend him. Get ready to be amazed! Thank you, David.”

    by Katie

  • “Just had a reading with David and would like to say a big thank you. David you have made me feel so much more positive about a lot of things. David is very clear, doesn’t ask questions and is very easy to talk to. He has a genuine gift and shows a lot of empathy. Would highly recommend, I’ve had quite a few readings and not often compelled to write reviews. Thanks again.”

    by C

  • “Wow – have had many readings before but never one so detailed and uplifting – thank you.  I will definitely call you again in the future. Love and light to you.”

    by Jo

  • “Had a reading with David. I told him nothing but in a space of 20 minutes he just kept telling me things in all areas of my life. He also gave me things to look out for. Thanks David!!

    by P

  • “Had a reading with David he picked up on a lot of correct info. No questions asked he kept giving me the info. I would ring back again and speak to him, very good reader.”

    by A

  • “I found David very emotionally intelligent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    by A

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