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Nikki S
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Nikki S has always been a popular reader with Michele Knight Psychics.  I highly recommend her – she is amazing! She is very specific and has … read more

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So excited to have Delia on board she is clairaudient and clairvoyant and use the tarot to link in. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. … read more

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Carol is a wonderful clairvoyant Tarot reader who has been reading for over twenty years.  She described not only events but also the exact emotions … read more

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I was so excited when I found her! She is a stunning psychic who will blow you away. She is an Aries like me so … read more

Nikki S has always been a popular reader with Michele Knight Psychics.  I highly recommend her – she is amazing! She is very specific and has … read more

Nikki S's testimonials

  • “I would just like to leave some feedback for Niki 2118 who has helped me in so many ways. I have spoken to Niki on 3 separate occasions, she is so warm and has such a calming voice, she connects instantly and amazes. She has told me so many things, some have already come true, and some I am still waiting to happen. What astounded me was, she told me my daughter had just had a nose stud piercing which was so true, only a few weeks ago, she also described my daughters. She has also helped me with ways … read more

    by Theresa

  • “Had a wonderful reading with Nikki last week (4/10/12). She is very professional and so easy to talk to. She immediately described the guy I was asking about and put my mind at rest. Described his personality, his hobbies and even an injury that is still bothering him. Could have talked to her all day! She has a wonderful gift, no wonder she is so busy!”

    by Joanne

  • “I have had a series of extraordinary readings with Nikki S over the last 6 months. She connected instantly and gave me masses of detailed information. On our first call she told me she was being repeatedly asked to warn me to be wary of a man related to work – out of the blue that person revealed themselves fairly dramatically the next day when my business partner pulled out of our joint venture. I have found her consistent on all aspects of my life and also incredibly wise and insightful as a guide. She has helped me enormously with … read more

    by Wendy

  • “A really spiritual, esoteric and knowledgeable reader- Nikki has helped me identify and deal with some very negative areas in my life. This enabled me to make some real changes. Second reading I had with Nikki built on the changes and helped me move forward more positively. Brilliant reader!”

    by Christine

  • “I wanted to say she is incredible, gave lots of details. Is amazingly gentle in her approach. Brings a warmth to her reading with no prompts at all.”

    by Sue

  • “I have had a few readings with Nikki and each one has been amazing and uplifting. She can see what is happening in my life with no prompts from me at all. She is kind, friendly and lovely to talk to.”

    by A

  • “I had a reading with Nikki 19/05/2011 and oh my God. I am completely shocked by her details I did not offer. She got to my main concerns. She is amazing.”

    by E.S

  • “I have just been blown away by a reading with Nikki (2118) I have been struggling to make a career decision but wasn’t sure if i had chosen the best path for me. Without any details whatsoever, Nikki was able to tell me about the place i worked and even the personalities in it, she honed in on the situation and only confirmed what i already knew i now needed to do. Speaking to her was so uplifting, she is a lovely warm caring person who is truely gifted, she gave me some wonderful guidance and i would highly reccommend … read more

    by Anne

  • “Nikki is amazing. I am so appreciative and grateful for her readings. I have been going through the notes of past readings and so much is there that has come to fruition. Things that I did not think would, things that have appeared just like she has said, in the way that she has said. Specific details. I have benefited so much from her knowledge, wisdom and intuition. I am so glad to be able to be a part of this service, to be able to contact someone who can understand me and my path from a spiritual and humanistic … read more

    by Katherine

  • “I would like to leave a feedback about Nikki, one of your amazing psychic readers. I had a few readings before but nothing close to what Nikki had to offer. She gave me up-to-date facts, places, something not a single psychic reader had been able to give me ever before! I was amazed. On top of her professionalism, she also has a soft and very caring touch. I would really recommend her to anybody. And it’s not because she told me what I needed to hear, but rather because her reading was correct. How amazing!! Thank you, Nikki. I will … read more

    by jacquielove

  • “I think Nikki is truely amazing at what she does, or rather, at being who she is. I have had a few readings with Nikki over the last few months, all of them brilliant, and have found her insight, humanity, skill and faith in spirit such a support to me an an intensely ‘growthful’ time in my life. I have been inspired by the things that came through for me and have always felt a real pure connection. Diolch o’r galon Nikki, thank you from the heart Nikki”

    by Katherine

  • “I just had a reading with Nikki S and wanted to say thank you – she was kind, compassionate – everything you could want in a reading.”

    by anon

  • “I must acknowledge Ruby, Sadie and Nikki in their predictions for my employment situation.  I was in a very negative work environment and keen to move on but not sure where, whilst feeling miserable; Ruby predicted that “a job would tumble into my lap” and that the interview setting would have a peach or pink coloured door (which we thought was unusual).  Sadie predicted that I would put in a job application with an immediate response and would attend an interview “after lunch and before two o’clock” which would be successful.  Nikki told me that two jobs would be available … read more

    by Andrea

  • “I must acknowledge Ruby, Sadie and Nikki in their predictions for my employment situation.  I was in a very negative work environment and keen to move on but not sure where, whilst feeling miserable; Ruby predicted that “a job would tumble into my lap” and that the interview setting would have a peach or pink coloured door (which we thought was unusual).  Sadie predicted that I would put in a job application with an immediate response and would attend an interview “after lunch and before two o’clock” which would be successful.  Nikki told me that two jobs would be available … read more

    by Andrea

  • “I would like to thank Nikki S for an excellent reading – she helped me a lot, saw me through and gave me loads of hope. Her reading made me feel alive again. Nikki is a truly wonderful and wise person worth recommendation.”

    by Anna

  • “Nikki was amazing, I could actually feel the connection. She picked up on so much detail in my life without me saying.  She was truly wonderful. When I put the phone down from my reading I just sat there saying ‘Wow!’.  Thank you from my heart Nikki.”

    by Katherine

  • “Thank-you to Nikki who gave me a wonderful reading. She was able to give me details and valuable advice for my near-future. Thank-you again, I won’t hesitate to call again if I need your help!”

    by Tracey

  • “I just want to feed back after my wonderful reading with Nikki S – I have now had 3 readings with Nikki over the last 2 years but there was a long gap before today’s.   I have been feeling so trapped and held down by a huge brick in my stomach which has been holding me back – BUT – 20 mins chatting to Nikki and she has completely turned me around and made me so excited about the future year ahead. Put me in touch with the actions I need to take – which I know about – and … read more

    by Jacqui

  • “Jan Lee, Nikki S and Emma were very impressive with many meaningful insights and very supportive.”

    by Tim

  • “I have just had a reading with Nikki and I want to say how pleased I am that I chose her. Nikki is incredibly intelligent and equally warm – a rare and very important combination.  She truly understands and had an immense ability to communicate with clarity, care, sincerity and at depth. I felt that she perfectly combined her own intuitive sense and psychic ability with a heartfelt and very sophisticated ability to also ask and listen to me when relevant and appropriate, without “plying” me for information, but in order to enable me to be able to express and … read more

    by Liz

  • “Amazing! A warm, sincere, friendly person, who connected with me and my situation. The reading was straight to the point and I would definitely book a reading with her again.”

    by Amanda

  • “I have had readings with Jan Lee, Nina and Nikki all who predicted the same thing for me. As predicted this incredible, wonderful man has turned up, just when Jan Lee said he would! They are all amazing psychics in their own way who all give unique types of readings. Thank you to all of them and thank you to the universe for all the wonderful things in my life.”

    by C

  • “Just a quick note to say that Nikki is a FABULOUS reader! She cheered me up no end and picked up on lots of things which stunned me.  I was so impressed by all the stuff she picked up. Thanks very much.”

    by Jackie

  • “I’ve had reading before but not like Nikki; she was amazing, picked up on times and things right back to my childhood that no psychic has ever asked or picked up on. Nikki has been so helpful and has given me guidance and information to move forward in a positive light.  Now that’s what a reading is all about.  She has a great gift in helping and being informative and understanding.  Thank you so very much.”

    by Marie

  • “Big thanks also to Nikki who has amazing warmth and is a natural empath. She was a joy to listen to. I am looking forward to my promising future.”

    by Julie

  • “I have had lots of readings over the last few months with many of your lovely ladies but I just wanted to highlight Martine and Nikki who have  really helped me during what has been a very stressful time in my life. They are both amazing and even though they are very popular, I feel they are well worth waiting for. They are two angels and I feel so lucky to have spoken to them. Thank you Martine and Nikki for giving me the strength and courage to face my future.”

    by Nadine

  • “Wow –  just had a reading with Nikki . Can’t believe every thing she knew. You have helped me to see the right path to take thank you so much what a lovely lady and honest.”

    by Martina

  • “Thank you Nikki for my reading today, it was just what I needed, positive, helpful and reminded me that I create my own future.”

    by Natalie

  • “I just had the most phenomenal reading with Nikki.  The only thing she did not tell me about my love interest was the colour of his hair.  She told me the country I lived in – which is not England!  She told me iin minute detail about my connection that only I know and have not told anyone, by the way.  She told me things about the gentleman that were so precise,  and unknown to anyone else but him and me, it was an awesome experience, absolutely astounding.  The thing that floored me was the detail.  In just a few … read more

    by Anon

  • “Excellent.”

    by Anne-Marie

  • “I have just had a reading with Nikki who I have never spoken to before and I just want to say thank you as her reading was amazing.  She picked up on things which she couldn’t possibly have know about.  She told me things about my relationship and answered questions which I had been worried about.  She left me feeling positive and more sure of the direction I wanted to go in.  I have had readings in the past but I decided to come back to Michele Knight as your psychics are  have a much friendlier, more reassuring approach.  I am recommending … read more

    by Paul

  • “Thank you to Nikki for the honest and in depth reading she gave me. I rang Nikki because things she had previously told me had come to pass. There is no reason for me to doubt her now. It’s more constructive and beneficial to be told the truth than being told what you want to hear. Many thanks”

    by Mary

  • “I found your site in the summer of this year after finding myself growing tremendously impatient over a work matter and wanted guidance from spirit.  I decided to search on the internet, and found you!! I have to admit that I have probably tried a large proportion of your readers over the last 6 months, but I felt I had to highlight a handful who stand out above the rest, namely Rhiannon, Nikki, Nina and Rosemary. Clear, articulate, funny, warm, modern, specific, empathic….I could go on! When I refer back to my notes, I find myself chuckling away at the precision … read more

    by K

So excited to have Delia on board she is clairaudient and clairvoyant and use the tarot to link in. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. … read more

Delia's testimonials

  • “Delia what a lovely lady and so full of energy. Gave a reading that really clarified what was troubling me and was able to delve into it on a deeper level too. Felt quite uplifted afterwards.”

    by Helene

  • “Delia is a wonderful lady,who always leaves me uplifted after her readings. Her bright, positive and warm energy is infectious.”

    by Silvia

  • “So excited to have Delia on board she is clairaudient and clairvoyant and use the tarot to link in. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. The minute my reading started she launched right in without me saying a word and repeated word for word a conversation I had had with my partner not 12 hours before. She is a brilliant talent and another test reader said Delia started with a general reading and without me having to prompt anything. She was so precise and gave me so much clarity concerning my current situation. I cannot praise her enough!”

    by Michele

Carol is a wonderful clairvoyant Tarot reader who has been reading for over twenty years.  She described not only events but also the exact emotions … read more

Carol's testimonials

  • “My reading  with Carol #2160 was seriously wow. Once I had watched her short film and read her profile I just knew I really wanted to speak to her. I found her while browsing the list of profiles for all the readers, earlier in the week. It was like having a chat with an old friend who knew me really well. She was totally in tune with the way I felt about situations and people she could not possibly know anything about. Its like they just came to her. She really helped me to understand and look at my self … read more

    by Deborah

  • “Carol recently read for me about a very deceptive situation around me and that something wasn’t being shown to me. A few days later, I received paperwork that was very deceptive and misrepresented which now requires a response from me. She is very kind and compassionate in her readings even if she has to tell you something not so good. Thank you Carol – you have helped more than you probably realize and it is greatly appreciated!”

    by Sally

  • “I had a very positive and enlightening reading with Carol today. I found her to be very gentle and caring having sensed my urgency and nervousness. At the same time she was honest, articulate and to the point which I needed. She was able to put the situation I am in into perspective and was able to read my personality, emotions and my situation accurately and gave me some concrete and much needed guidance.”

    by Debbie

  • “I had a reading with Carol 2160 with regard to a relationship issue. She is a lovely caring person who helped me see what I need to do to move forward with my life. At first I wasn’t sure that what she was telling me was right. When she told me about my Ex and the reason he ended things with me was to release me to allow me to have a better life, I realised she was right after all. I had been about to cut contact with him but the info she gave me helped me to realise … read more

    by Bernadette

  • “I have been using Michele Knight Psychic site for a good few years now. I have just had a reading with the wonderful Carol (2160) and I am truly inspired. She picked up on my personality and caring nature to a tee. A little boy came up in the reading and I was considering fostering. She also able to see how far I had come and that I had truly healed and was ready for love again. Its like talking to your own personal angel talking to Carol. Thank you and I cant wait for the man I finally deserve … read more

    by Dee

  • “She was amazing!  I had a reading with her about a month ago and she told me I would meet a guy who was 5’10”, within 5 yrs older than me and either a Virgo or a Libra.  In the reading she also mentioned some sort of tie to London (I live in NYC) but that was all the info she could get. Well, I just met a guy who is 3 yrs older then me, 5’9″ and his bday is Sept 20th!  Even crazier, he got his law degree in London even though he is American. What?! I cant … read more

    by Jeanene

  • “I’d love leave few words for all the wonderful readers I’ve talked to over the year and half  here.. Beautiful Carol, Sharie, Hazel, Elona, Nicola_C, Jan-Lee, Lydia, Lynn, Maria, Saffy, Sam, Virginia.. and not forgetting amazing and always helpful lovely Julie at the reception desk ! I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart… you were all guiding stars in my darkest hours, assisting in finding my way back into the light. I feel grateful to you all, as your warmth, sincerity & guidance in many ways I’ve always felt very deeply. What a wonderful team … read more

    by Silvia

  • “I had a reading with Carol a few months ago and thought she was great at the time but I just had a look back at the notes I wrote down and WOW! She said I was house hunting in completely the wrong area but not to worry my place would find me. She said it was very light and minimalist and that I would move in in February. She kept saying it has to do with 5’s–but wasn’t sure if that was in the address or if I should expand my search by 5 miles. So my flat did … read more

    by Karen

  • “I would like to give a huge thank you to Carol, whom I had a reading with this evening. She tuned straight into the stress in my relationship instantly and backed up what I already felt. She knew that other people were trying to divert me in another direction, and confirmed what I believed in my own heart to be true. I feel calm, relaxed and more in tune with myself. Carol has confirmed what I believe to be true. She is a very honest truthful reader, who told me she would not tell me what I wanted to hear … read more

    by Ruth

  • “I have had several readings with Carol she is the most outstanding gifted psychic I have ever had a reading with. She has an amazing ability to tune in connecting with me very strongly. Given me specific name places and connecting with my loved ones in spirit world.  she has the most wonderful calming nature and excellent sense of humour. Also Carol has the ability to send healing energy and its very strong. It really lifts you. Its amazing. I have only experience this strong energy from Carol I have no hesitation in recommending such a wonderful women in and … read more

    by Sarah

  • “I’d love to leave much deserved feedback for lovely Carol. I’ve had several readings with Carol with regards to my complicated relationship,and each reading left me peaceful, clearer & lifted my spirits. Every time she confirmed my innermost feelings, and her insight into my relationship was simply amazing. Talking to Carol feels as if you were talking to a closest friend. She is wonderful, positive & empathetic reader and beautiful person inside and out. I feel very lucky to come across her will certainly be back again.”

    by Silvi

  • “I have had two extraordinary readings with Carol in the last month and I think she exemplifies everything that is exceptional about the quality of the readers on Michele Knight. Both times she connected with me easily and a very deep level getting to the root of the issues that were bothering me. She gave me specific details from my birth sign to describing the people around me and the opportunities ahead. When I talked about a business opportunity she knew that it was a partnership with 2 people ( it is). Without knowing any of the details she told … read more

    by Wendy

  • “I had a beautiful reading from Carol just now. She very sensitively outlined my boyfriend’s character and behaviour and picked up on what was causing me so much heartache. Speaking with Carol was like chatting to someone I have known for years although this was my first reading with her. She was gentle but to the point and I came away from the call feeling strong and with a very clear idea of what I need to do now.”

    by Juliet

  • “Carol was a very gently person in what she gave and she tuned into my past hardships very easily, described the true me on a spiritual and emotion level that made a lot of sense as the only person who truly knows me is me. Carol got to the core of my emotional self at this moment in time and was able to encourage me to believe in my abilities and how I can use these to move forward tying that very much into what I am good at when I was needing to know where my career path might … read more

    by Heather

  • “I had a reading with Carol today and immediately she connected with me and went straight to the area I wanted to speak about without me even uttering a word. She is honest and straight forward and helped me clarify a lot of muddle in my own thinking. She came across as extremely warm and passionate and I would like to truly thank her for her wonderful reading today.”

    by Gillian

  • “Yesterday I decided to take up the special offer of a 10 minute reading. I have never had a reading before and didn’t quite know what to expect. Carole was straight on to my wavelength and I was speechless. She was so kind and caring and knew things she couldn’t have known without having her very special gift. I will definitely be ringing her again”

    by Jane

  • “Had a really good reading with Carol. Really hit on the issues that were creating some stress for me and gave me the outcomes that I knew deep within me were true.”

    by Caroline

  • “I just had my second reading with Carol 2160 thought she was amazing again and really easy to talk to. Everything she said came true! She knew the ins and outs of my relationship and got my stubborn partner down to a tee. She also told me about a change in jobs for us that I didn’t see coming but it did! Tonight she also knew personal things that had not been shared yet and had amazing insight into my life! I’m now more positive and excited about the future! Bring it on! Thanks Carol you are an outstanding reader!”

    by Leanne

  • “I’ve had several readings with Carol over the last few months, and after always feel much more positive. Carol has tuned into my situation, both my difficult work life and love relationship, and without prompting. Carol is a lovely reader, very caring, non-judgemental and has helped me to see the way forward positively. “

    by Deborah

  • “Hi I just want to say what a fab uplifting reading I have just had from Carol 2160. She totally tuned into me and helped me with very clear guidance about what I am going through and helped me see the way ahead.”

    by Fiona

  • “I was so blown away with my reading with Carol (2160) that I had to leave feedback. Carol & I ‘clicked’ straight away – fantastically approachable, easy going, compassionate, honest, says it how it is – Carol ticked all the boxes of what I want from a reader. No prompting from myself, Carol picked up on my current situation straight away. Her prediction on a relationship matter was not what I wanted to hear – but I knew in my heart she had it. I could have continued to speak with Carol all evening – she has such a lovely, … read more

    by Elaine

  • “I have just had a reading with Carol 2160 and it’s the first time that I have rang a reader back immediately to carry on with my reading! I have had a bad relationship break up which Carol picked up on straight away and how it has effected me and my children. She has given me the strength to stick by my decision and the insight into my future to know that I have choosen the right path!”

    by Sarah

  • “Just a short note to thank Carol for a truly inspirational reading.  Having gone through a difficult time where everything seems to be up against me – Carol has truly lifted my spirits with uplifting insights.  Carol is a spiritual double gin and tonic for the soul :)”

    by Katherine

  • “Carol is one of my favourite readers, she has such a genuine lovely mannerand is truly gifted! It felt like she had been in the room with me.”

    by MS

  • “Carol instantly picked up that I am a psychic which was instantaneous and the first thing she said. I was provided information on the details of a previous relationship, present relationship and also of the specific and very different challenges within both. I was also given the reading in the context of my growth and spirituality and await what she sees happening to unfold within confidence. Carol is a lovely lady to talk to, understanding, gentle and incredibly caring. I feel so much better after talking to Carol.”

    by Paul

  • “I just had a reading with Carol. Unfortunately, I did not have as long with her as i would have liked but I definitely will be going back. She left me feeling uplifted and understood very well the situation I was in and was able to see what was going on and helped me see a way through it. Cant wait for my next reading with her.”

    by Deborah

  • “Just had a reading with Carol Pin 2160. She was warm friendly and very intuitive to my situation.”

    by Karen

  • “I had a lovely reading from Carol this morning, she made me feel so much better about my situation, I feel much happier about things now. She is very warm and very easy to talk to, she tells the truth without being negative about it. Don’t hesitate to have a reading with her, she was brilliant.”

    by Emma

  • “I have had readings with quite a few of your readers and they are all talented. Carol is one of my favourites, she is warm, sincere and very caring as well as being hugely talented.”

    by Caroline

  • “I have had four readings with Carol over the course of this year and each time she has delivered what she has seen in a caring and non-judgemental manner. I have laughed and I have cried during my readings as she has without fail picked up on what is happening in my life and my emotions.  Her knowledge of the feelings of others is uncanny. She has been a great help. Thank you Carol.”

    by C

  • “I have had readings before which were good, but never before have I had one like I have just had with Carol. She immediately picked up on the relationship issue I was having, and several other issues regarding this area -something no one has ever done before. It was like she had known me my whole life, and even knew me better than myself in some areas!! She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I NEEDED to hear, and for that I am truly grateful. I feel so much more positive about myself and my future … read more

    by Kelly

  • “I have just had a reading with Carol 2160 and wow she blew me away. Without asking any questions she described to me exactly the situation I find myself in at the moment. She described me and my personality to a tee. I now have a lot to think about and decisions to make regarding the situation. I would strongly recommend a reading with Carol and will contact her again.”

    by Vicki

  • “When I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago, I sat down with a pen and paper to jot things down. Well, because of what she was saying, I just stopped writing. It was like she was reading my mind and understanding my situation from my point of view, I just stopped writing I was that gobsmacked!”

    by Carol

  • “Wow. Very very in touch with her psychic abilities I felt she had opened a book on my life. Described how my life had been with my husband. Described another person as well. Gave predictions etc but also stresses that it is my decision to choose my own path! Tuned in without me having to say a word and makes you feel like you’re her friend. Very truthful lovely lady! Thank you, I will call again as I hope many will after reading this!”

    by Jo

  • “I have just had an amazing reading with carol. No questions asked, she understood me clearly and gave me the most positive and caring reading I have ever had. I am now looking forward to a positive future and want to give carol my thanks and very best wishes.”

    by Claire

  • “Ive just had a reading with Carol ID 2160. She described my personality and life to a tee! It was quite upsetting knowing somebody else understood how i was feeling but she gave hope for the future, a future that i already had in mind…but as she told me..dreams can come true and she could see it for me. I would definitely contact her again, it’s the best reading ive ever had.”

    by Debbie

  • “I have just had a reading with Carol 2160 and would like to say how brilliant it was. She picked up on exactly what I was feeling and going through and gave me some wonderful insight. She made me feel more positive about a decision that I made, and I now feel more hopeful about the future.”

    by Suzanne

  • “I had a reading this afternoon with Carol, she made me chuckle, she gave some excellent insight into my lovelife.. and picked up alot from me, about WHO I really am, Thank you! Fantastic lady.”

    by Sarah

  • “Just had the most amazing reading with Carol (2160) she knew things that nobody could have known, she told me things that she knew i needed to know. Her reading was friendly and full of love i would highly recommend her and will definately be calling back in the near future.”

    by Angela

  • “Thank you Carol. You are so intuitive. I felt so uplifted after our reading. I just let you tell it as it is and you picked up on so many things you couldn’t psssibly have known. Love and light from a grateful lady.”

    by Lisa

  • “Just had a reading from Carol. She is such a warm and sincere person that I felt as though I had known her for ages. I felt apprehensive about areas of my life but after the reading I felt calm and relaxed and ready for the steps that I needed to take. She instantly knew what was going on around me and she gave me a clear insight into what was to come. I feel very excited about the future. I highly recommend her as her only agenda is to help to promote growth, which she does with compassion.”

    by Julia

  • “I would really love to leave feedback or Carol who very kindly gave me a reading yesterday. I have been feeling nervous about a situation I am in and really wanted someone elses take on it. Immediately Carol was able to pick up on my feelings, really very specifically.Without telling her, she knew what is in my heart. I have strong intuition about a situation turning out positively but if I put it on paper that would not look likely. It felt so wonderful to hear someone say back to me what I hold deep inside me. She was so … read more

    by Katherine

  • “Just had a lovely reading with Carol. I totally agree that she is the reader who would not say what you want to hear, but would give advice and direction which serve your highest good. On the other hand, she is also very compassionate and sensitive when delivering messages from the spirits. You would never feel patronised or defensive when listening to her even if what she says is the opposite of what you expect to hear. She is also non-judgmental and constantly reminds you that eventually it is your choice. If you look for a reader who will guide … read more


  • “I would like to leave some feed back for Carol – I had a reading with her for the first time on Sept 11 & I have to say that she blown me away! Do not think twice if you want to pick a reader! Carol is very gifted & blessed and does not tell you what you want to hear; she delivers the messages from spirit with care & reassurances! I felt uplifted, comforted & thought that I was talking to a friend if not an angel.  She could not have made up any of the things that she … read more

    by Natalie

  • “Hi Just had a reading with carol. She was fantastic, she was very spiritual and told me some stuff about my past and where I am now. She also told me wonderful things about my future so I’m really excited. Thank you.”


  • “I would just like to say a big big thank you, I had a reading with Carol tonight, She is a lovely friendly lady to talk too and I really enjoyed my reading. I felt that she knew everything that was going on in my life. Thank you so much Carol for your help and i will let you know how i get on”.

    by Linda

I was so excited when I found her! She is a stunning psychic who will blow you away. She is an Aries like me so … read more

Rosemary's testimonials

  • “Rosemary is a fantastic reader. She picked up on my situation instantly and gave clear information about how I was feeling and my hopes. I asked her when I would be contacted by a love interest and she said she saw the number 10. She was unsure if that meant it would be 10hours, 10pm that night or 10 days. Shockingly, at 10pm that exact day I got a message from him! She’s truly wonderful.”

    by Lauren

  • “I would like to leave feedback for Rosemary, she truly is amazing. I have had a difficult year and she has guided me through the tough times with her positive outlook. Rosemary has time and time again pin pointed the issues surrounding me. Rosemary is very friendly and is lovely in every way.”

    by Caroline

  • “I just had a reading with Rosemary, she really inspired me, & has given me much hope for my future which I look forward to. She is truly talented & so easy to communicate with.  I also read her book just released, wow, couldn’t put it down. This prompted me to have a reading with her, because she has given me much hope.”

    by Tracey

  • “Rosemary (2216) is an angel. She’s very intuitive and has helped me deal with a romantic situation. Her insight has done me wonders laying worries to rest and knowing what plan of action to take…most of all she has given me hope.”

    by Julia

  • “Another uplifting reading (a year since the last one) with the lovely Rosemary. She is such a positive and honest psychic who even in the worst of life’s challenges, can make you come away with a sense of hope no matter what the outcome.”

    by Debbie

  • “Rosemary is a very honest reader, she makes it clear when she is giving information she can be confident with her abilities and clear when she cannot confirm something 100%. She picked up exactly where I am in my life right now, in all areas. It was all very specific and she made some realistic projections for the future based on my energies now.”

    by Charlotte

  • “I had a reading with Rosemary and immediatley felt calmer just by speaking to her. What a lovely soothing voice. The information just kept coming from her with no prompting from me. She picked up on a house move that I am hoping for and the fact I had just started learning something new, I started college last week! But the cherry on the cake for me was when she asked if I had an amazingly close bond with a grandparent because it would never be broken. My grandad was like a father to me. It was lovely to hear. … read more

    by Rebecca

  • “Just had a reading by Rosemary 2216. What a fantastic reading. Has left me feeling very positive, definitely would recommend a reading by Rosemary.”

    by David

  • “I have just had a reading with Rosemary and would like to say that she pinpointd exactly my curent situation and really gave me lots of uplifting news. She sounds such a caring warm person and so easy to talk to I felt I had known her for years. Many thanks Rosemary and keep up the good work. Thanks also to your angels. xx”

    by Denise

  • “Talking with Rosemary is like talking to a friend; you do not feel as if this is the first time you have ever talked before. Rosemary was able to describe me in detail and highlighted the concerns, hopes and dreams I have at this time. Thank you for your time, understanding and advice.”

    by Gillian

  • “Rosemary is such a lovely lady! She made me realise that I am worth much more.  Lots of information.  She’s truly caring, It’s like talking to a friend. Thank you so much.”

    by A

  • “I have used your readers many times and they have helped me through some tough emotional times.  I am pleased to say that I have begun to really see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Today I had a reading with Rosemary and I was amazed at what she picked up and how easy she was to talk to.  I have been determined to move to start a new life and she confirmed what my intuition was telling me about my future.  She also predicted a dark haired man who could be ‘the one’ for me. I’m meeting someone … read more

    by Diane

  • “I found your site in the summer of this year after finding myself growing tremendously impatient over a work matter and wanted guidance from spirit.  I decided to search on the internet, and found you!! I have to admit that I have probably tried a large proportion of your readers over the last 6 months, but I felt I had to highlight a handful who stand out above the rest, namely Rhiannon, Nikki, Nina and Rosemary. Clear, articulate, funny, warm, modern, specific, empathic….I could go on! When I refer back to my notes, I find myself chuckling away at the … read more

    by K

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