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“I have to say thank you to Louise for a reading I had on Saturday 5th August. What a woman! I have always been open to guidance but I have to say this was one of the best readings I have had. It felt like I was talking to a best friend (a very warm talented best friend, I could have blethered for ages!). I had given her very little detail about me bar my name, d.o.b and my query (about a man I had recently met and was conflicted as my instincts and insecurities were overlapping). Louise and her guides were 100% accurate and knew some of my thought processes that I had never even spoken out loud! She was clear, concise and refused to b/s me which I very much respected. Her kind, humorous approach and guidance were simply outstanding and there were times I wanted to laugh and cry as she was spot on. At one point she said “you have gone quiet on me”, that was because I was sitting there with a huge grin as she was so accurate I was speechless! Will most certainly be seeking her skills again, 10/10! She is a credit to your site.”



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“I was put through to Eileen on the recommendation of Charlotte (Line Manager) and what a GEM she has turned out to be! Eileen is a Medium, her velvet voice soothes your troubles away! She is very insightful and ethical and can cover any range of topic without judgement and with lots of humour! I am not an easy person to read for as I am an empath myself, but links with Eileen have given me the clarity I needed in my situation and the peace that has eluded me! She is a medium of high calibre. A lovely Lady!”