pin: 2284

“just wanted to say I have just had an amazing reading with India. What a lovely, incredibly kind and empathic lady. She gave so much information and was able to pick up even the specific language that was specific to my situation. She read it perfectly and was able to clarify my thinking with the information that she gave me. It was hard to listen to some of what she told me but she supported me through it and was so kind. What a lovely lady and a very talented reader.”


pin: 2299

“Cate saw I only had eight minutes left and so went straight into what she could see, and she was spot on about various issues and completely put my mind at rest about a few things that were stagnating around me. In that short time, it was as if she put everything into perspective. I felt like I’d fallen over and she picked me up and set me back on my path. A very talented and warm reader who I will come back to again.”


pin: 2274

“Louise is a wonderful reader and has utterly amazed me with her details. I have had a couple of readings with her and on all occasions she has clarified such details about my life. I have been having terrible issues with someone at work . When I start a reading, I don’t give anything away. I simply said I was having problems at work. Straight away she knew who I was having issues with, described the person physically, the issues I was facing with this person and also described other people I work with down to a tee. She told me what line of businesses I worked in, that I was struggling with a new computer system the company had installed! I hadn’t even mentioned any of those things! She has a wonderful way about her. She is no nonsense, yet so warm and genuine.”