pin: 2197

“My first psychic experience was an E-mail reading with Lydia. I was just way too nervous to call! It was such a good reading. She was so right about many things and gave me things to look out for. Every one of them happened. She is very detailed. I read that email every day for months until I got the courage to call Lydia for a telephone reading. I was not disappointed! She made me feel comfortable from the start and helped me understand more of what is happening in my life at this time. She gave me more things to look out for and helped explain many of my feelings and thoughts. She is very specific. So much so that it shocked me on many levels. I could actually feel the truth she was speaking. It was so amazing! I’ve had such an incredible experience with Lydia that I won’t use anyone else. She is the real deal. I’m so grateful for her gifts and that she shared them with me. I’ll be back! I can’t wait to talk to Lydia again! Thank you!”


pin: 2274

“I recently had a reading with Louise. She picked up on what was going on in my life and how I was feeling straight away and I’m looking forward to seeing how what she predicted unfolds. She was very sincere and caring and I felt more hopeful and clear headed after speaking with her. Thanks for your kindness Louise and for doing your best to guide and uplift people with your gifts.”


pin: 2295

“I’ve spoken with Gina a few times now, having been stunned with the detail she gave me the first time I spoke with her. Everything was spot on – I’ve never known anything like it. Since then, every time I’ve spoken with her she’s been able to give me further information whilst still covering the same issue, and it’s all been correct. There was only one thing she told me that confused me, but I’ve since found out the person did indeed have red hair, just it was before I met them. Although she’s very straightforward, all the information is delivered in such a positive friendly manner, she really manages to put you at ease.”


pin: 2278

“I’ve consulted with Karen many times over a difficult, challenging and literally life changing year. She is one of the most gifted astrologers I have ‘met’. Her insight is direct and honest. I can honestly say she has been by my side whilst I’ve been through such a substantial personal transition, in moments of joy and in the moments of feeling lost and sad. She is beautifully compassionate, caring and an all-round wonderful human being. Huge thanks Karen, you’re simply fabulous.”


pin: 2274

“I’ve had three readings with Louise over a few weeks and what astounded me was the consistency, specific predictions coming through word for word each time. She connects quickly and gives detailed information with certainty and compassion. A reading with Louise will give you clarity on situations that are happening and timing of events and people coming in the future.”