pin: 2312

Thought she was great actually, Very nurturing and motherly feel. Trusted what she was saying and she picked up on a lot of detail which was relevant. She was definitely on the money with work area and things about myself and my abilities which I did not mention to her. She picked up on forthcoming information for myself and my husband so will be interesting to see if this pops up in the future.

She had a lovely confident manner and you felt she believed what she was saying there was conviction in her words which helped me trust her. Plus the information she gave me I related to. But she was not pushy and gentle in her approach.

So yes was happy with my reading thought she was really lovely and genuine.




pin: 2312

I really enjoyed the reading with Beverley.  I found her to be soft,warm,  reassuring and nurturing and she had a lovely calm energy that was really comforting.

At the beginning of the reading she instantly picked that I had recently moved home.  Infact so recent that it had been that day!!  She correctly picked up on the release of my heightened emotions.  She also knew that that the new house is very light, it was a very beautiful place surrounded by nature – all completely spot on.

She picked up that 3 years ago I was very different and I have changed due to events in the past 3 years as well as more long term impact of life events and how this has effected my life and where I am today.

She clicked into the father of my children and my long term partner for many years who died about a year and half ago and completely ‘got’ him and was very accurate in how she saw him.

It was a lovely reading, exactly what I needed at that time.

She is a good one!!


Psychic Soul Reading with Psychic Jonathon

These pictures represent healing we can all at times get stuck in our circumstances or within ourselves but we all have the power to heal and move freely forward. Choose the picture that you feel has a message for you and scroll down to read my personal psychic soul healing reading for you. Sending love […]

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“I have been a client of MK for sometime. I recently had a couple of readings with Honey. She reiterated the same message with incredible consistency that aligned to information provided by Gina, Hazel, Karen and Aleksandra, none of which she could have known. Her information was very specific to me personally as an individual, regarding a work situation, which has been stressful and additionally a complex personal situation. The information about my own personal life journey and current internal changes came through, with some specific messages for me to continue my development, and what I wish to achieve in terms of personal change. None of the topics discussed were advised to Honey in any detail, or in most cases I didn’t even mention them.”


pin: 2213

“I just wanted to say that I’ve spoken with a handful of your readers here and have been so blown away and blessed by my readings. They each gave me more clarity and prevented perspectives that I had never entertained. I especially want to thank Maria, who, through her spiritual healing, gave me the most peaceful state of mind that I desperately needed and helped me reconcile and understand the conflicts and underlying pulls of what I was feeling, seeing, and thinking.”


pin: 2160

“Carol is a very good reader, she connected with my dad and told me the car he drove and what he wanted to say to me. She’s also helped me through relationship problems and helped me with self sabotaging patterns that became a part of my way of life. I’m forever grateful for her guidance and support though some tricky times. I’ve called her quite a bit and she’s really helped me understand parts of myself that I need to transform.”


pin: 2295

“Hi. Just wanted to say I have had a few readings with Gina now and have loved and been amazed by every one of them. She has described my situation each time exactly. Given the negative and positive news in a very compassionate and caring manner. Her readings are intelligent and articulate. Her readings leave you feeling empowered with the detail and guidance that she gives you. I will definitely be back for more.”


pin: 2293

“After speaking with Jonathan I was just astounded, such a strong, fresh and impressive reader! Jonathan’s ability to gain such a perfect sense of my energy and circumstances with no prompting from me whilst holding it throughout the reading very much impressed me. Jonathan’s style of reading is so refreshing as although he is direct and in lead of the reading throughout, he is very relatable and genuinely kind-hearted. Jonathan also brings charisma to a reading in a way that puts you at ease and makes you enjoy the reading which is rare. Jonathan’s abilities and the effort he puts into his craft is a prime example of why I come to the Michele Knight site for readings. Money and time well spent with this reader.”