pin: 2269

“I’ve been following your free readings for some time now, and because of the cost it would take to call from The Bahamas; I decided to still utilize the paid service through an email reading. I typically prefer to be read by male readers as they offer an alternative perspective than female readers; and without making this request known at the time of my reading, I ended up with Psychic David, assigned to my request. He was detailed, insightful and offered a positive outlook that was in depth and accurate. What I loved most was his honesty, despite his knowledge of what it was I was really asking. He nailed all three of my questions asked with great confidence and a concise understanding of what’s going on in my life. As any form of outside advice should be, this reading served as confirmation to matters I couldn’t confirm but felt prior to engaging. I am grateful to David, and I give many blessings to him for a wonderful reading.”


pin: 2206

“I rang Hetty with the intention to discuss a different area but she immediately picked up on another, more personal issue which I hadn’t spoken to anyone about before. Hetty was amazing with the help and information she gave and I would just like to thank her immensely and let her know that thanks to her, the situation is much better and moving in the right direction. Hetty is one of the kindest readers I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to and would highly recommend her to anyone.”


pin: 2295

“This is one seriously talented and totally lovely lady. Gina gave me an incredible reading a few weeks ago and I left feeling hugely better and uplifted. Talking to Gina feels very easy and the information she brings is extremely insightful. She doesn’t ask for any detail – I gave her an area of focus and the information just seemed to pour out! Gina made a number of predictions for the following months; one prediction being that an opportunity for a mini break (which I couldn’t foresee how it might happen at all) came about just as she predicted a week later when I was invited to a friends surprise hen-do away. I only wish Gina was online more because she is up there with my favourite MK readers.”


pin: 2315

“Whilst looking for one of the readers I’d used recently without luck, I read Eileen’s profile and as she does the traditional style of reading I like I thought I’d give her a try. A previous reviewer had referred to her as ‘a GEM’ and this description fits Eileen perfectly! She is incredibly gifted; without hesitating she went straight to my area of concern and without prompting hit on a number of incredible insights about me personally and my career going forward. Her detail is extremely fluid and specific. I was about to change direction workwise, back to what I’d been doing before and Eileen told me definitely not to and to continue with my dream job. She made a series of predictions going forward which has given me the boost I really needed to hear to carry on. Thank you Eileen, I absolutely loved talking to you and will definitely be looking out for you again.”