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“Lovely lady, great reading, everything you could ever wish for from a Michele Knight psychic!”


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“I had a reading with Lydia and it was stunning! As soon as we connected, the information was flowing freely at an incredible rate! I was in awe, she has an amazing gift. Descriptions, predictions, the situation in question, she knew all! Even the star signs involved. The reading left me feeling very positive and shocked. I could talk to her for hours, she’s lovely! She’s fantastic and I will be in touch with her again soon to let her know how it all turns out. Thank you so much!”


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“I had a reading with Jan Lee and it was absolutely fantastic. So incredibly uplifting. She had me laughing in no time, at a time I didn’t particularly feel like laughing. The flow of information was surprising. She was spot on with descriptions and what was happening within my life at that time. She told me a surprise was coming. That night, I did in fact receive a surprise, not a particularly great surprise, but I have hope all will come to fruition when the time is right. Her predictions were breath taking.”


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“I had a reading with India and it was perfect. I feel she truly connected with me on an emotional level. She’s such a lovely person. I came away from the reading feeling very soothed and calm. She truly had a grasp on the situation in question. She seemed to know exactly what was happening and what had been happening as though she were there and had been there herself. As for her predictions, we shall soon see. I feel I have my peace of mind back, so thank you for that India.”


pin: 2256

Thank you, Theoni, for an amazing reading. The reading was informative and soothing. What a lovely lady.