Your Astro Tarot with Psychic Tanya 10 -17th April


Collaboration is key this week for you Aries. Balance is your saving grace and will allow you to bring in harmony in both finances and life. Everything in moderation, especially around your finances, as the risk of overspending is possible. If you encounter any misunderstandings don’t let this sway you off track. Trust the process and don’t let a few minor setbacks force you to step off the path to success. Give and take is what is needed for healthy relationships, as well as support coming from both sides. Destiny is working her magic, so expect some synchronicity too, as nothing is truly by chance. New doors of opportunity are about to be opened for you and with this comes new people with new ideals and ideas to share, which will again enhance your position.

You are going back to this week Taurus. Perhaps you are looking back to the past and feeling that things were so much simpler then, your head may be filled with memories and thoughts of a more childlike attitude to things, this is all very well reminiscing, but please don’t allow yourself to get ‘stuck’ in the past, we often look at the past through rose-tinted glasses, but we all did have worries and problems then, but they are no longer relative to us so we have wiped them from our memories and prefer to look at the good. Someone from your past could make an appearance, there is an opportunity to heal old wounds before you embark on the new cycle that is being presented to you. This will allow you to put any anger or regrets to bed and open the doorway to allow new connections to come into your world. Nurture your inner child, allow yourself to look at things through childlike eyes again and notice the freedom this brings and how good it feels.

Deep soul connections could leave you feeling exhilarated and on a bit of a hight this week Gemini. These do not have to be romantic dalliances but rather with people in all aspects. Saying that, there is the chance that you could fall in love, but either way you will be looking at true mind, body, and soul rewards, which look set to enrich your life. Your fabulous energy and enthusiasm are contagious, a spark in your pleasure zone ignited, and overall a fabulous case of feeling the love. Act from a loving base at all times and this will, help you through any little rough patches that you may encounter. When you give from a place of love, you get back the same. Let your spirit and soul fly high on the wings of this wondrous love you are feeling.


Your home is of importance this week Cancer. You may be making changes in your living space, the dynamics of your home could shift in some way, people moving out or even in, or you could be thinking of moving. The most important thing this week is to remove any elephants that are sitting on your couch!. When there is an elephant in the room, you cannot help but see it and feel it, even though many just walk around it pretending it isn’t there. This week is time to kick it out, address any lingering issues connected to your loved ones and clear the air. Once this is done, you will find your sense of security and stability returns and you can embrace the changes that are coming for you with ease and enthusiasm.


Patience is called for this week Leo. Seeds have been planted and you may be slightly apprehensive as to whether they will come to bear fruit, the answer is yes, but not yet. You may feel that a goal or vision you have had is not going to happen, and fear maybe creeping in, please don’t allow this. The universe is asking you to persevere, do not lose your focus, good things come to those that wait. Things are panning out as they are meant to and all will come in time, you cannot force things, divine timing is at play. By trying to rush things you could put a spanner in the works so just stay calm, centred and determined. It won’t be long before you reap what you have sown, but until then, trust, believe you are on the right track, sit back and just enjoy the ride, there is nothing you can do to force it or quicken it, as Oasis famously said, “you gotta roll with it”

Completion and fulfilment look set to fill your week Virgo. All of your efforts are finally paying off and you have reached the end of a journey or have completed a major life cycle. You have had a rough ride, but you now seem to be embarking a new more positive cycle. A new sense of serenity and security beckons, everything is finally coming together. Life is a continuous process of becoming. You are now free to go in any direction, live your dream and you will be triumphant in anything you do. Vibrations are good for any changes you wish to make. You can accept new responsibilities and make others happy too, for you have gained insight, have applied yourself well and it is now within your power to make important decisions. A strong feeling of unity and wholeness with the world or in a particular situation could become apparent. There could also be a chance of travel but perhaps this journey could be internal. The universe is about to pay you back for all your hard work, you have the whole world in your hands.

Fasten your seatbelts Libra!! you may be experiencing a sort of mental roller coaster ride at the moment, where you seem to have lost your way, you may be having crazy dreams or acting quite erratically. You may feel like you are walking blind and not sure of your next turning. Confusion is taking over. Take this time to analyse your situation and self fully, maybe even try to write things down as this may offer more clarity. The moon also always gives the advice to look at our shadow self, we all have one, aspects of our personality that we don’t like or are perhaps not to proud of, its time to confront your demons. Truly look inside yourself and find things which are blocking your growth, this can help us to recognise when our ego is controlling us. If you are a creative type, you may be bombarded with ideas that you need to get out, like the crazy writer sitting up all night putting his words to paper, there is a fine line between the madness the moon brings and the genius it uncovers. Trust your intuition at this time, all may not as it seems. Sit with your uncertainty, although this can seem quite scary, please don’t worry, as after the dark comes light. A new dawn is on the horizon.


Messages and love fill your week Scorpio. The inner child within you looks set to make an appearance and this could bring with it an emotional excitement that leaves you feeling very optimistic. You are looking at the world through rose-tinted eyes and are gliding along with your head in the clouds. Your psychic ability is strong and you feel connected to others and the world itself. You may be daydreaming about love itself, and perhaps looking at your own unique idea of what love is. Your soul wants to speak, please allow it, but make sure that its messages are clear, when you are experiencing this pollyanna type vibe, your words or actions can appear quite cryptic to others. There may be a surprise present it self to you too as the universe is feeling quite playful too, so look out for that. Never stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams, they can only come true if you allow them.


You really are a people person this week Sagittarius. You may be invited on an unexpected night out, collaborating with others on a project or just hanging out with friends enjoying the sunshine. You may be thinking about the friendships you have, old and new and realising the importance of these connections. You may even hook up with an old friend and spend your time reminiscing about the good old days. Real friendships are truthful and heartfelt which makes them priceless. Friends know our worth and remind us of it when we forget. Life can get us down at times, but our friends are always there to help us see the brighter side and know that when we are needed we will do the same for them. Joy, harmony, love and laughter are your gifts this week, be thankful, you are truly blessed.


Movement and a flurry of communication look set to fill your week Capricorn. You are feeling full of beans, your energy is high and you have a real go-getter vibe emitting from you. Fate and the universe are working together to move you forward and present you with opportunities you may never have expected. Something could come in out of the blue, but don’t worry this is going to be positive and work in your favour, just be ready to act at a moments notice. Your life feels exciting in both career and in matters of the heart, this card is often referred to as ‘The arrows of love’ so a new love interest could appear as if by magic right in front of your eyes. You cannot plan for the events of this week, as anything and everything could happen, just remember to stay up beat and take whatever comes in your stride and you will be fine. If you do happen to get caught up in a universal world wind, just make sure to enjoy every second of it.


Passions and energy are high this week Aquarius. The fire in your belly is driving you forward and you are ready to grasp life by the horns while making your stamp on the world. Getting to your goal is a wonderful drive to have, but please remember to not step on anyone’s toes in your process of getting there. Your energy is better used constructively rather than harshly, remember you can catch more flies with honey than you can with with vinegar. Ideas look set to intuitively pop into your head, you are truly thinking outside of the box, take a little time to process them before you forge ahead, acting on intuition will serve you better than acting on impulse. Your ideas could make you money, so your entrepreneurial senses may come in to play. Team your instinct with your enthusiasm and you will find yourself heading in the right direction. You have the power to you to make your dreams become reality. You are happy in your own skin and determined to get where you are going.


You have got it going on this week Pisces. A wonderful energy surrounds you, your intuition is turned on fully and creativity is oozing from every pore. You are ready to follow any hunches that you may feel as you trust that you are being guided. Your inner magic is radiating externally and you could find that people are attracted to you like moths to a flame. You are happy in your own skin and feeling your own fabulousness and others are being drawn to this magical way of being. You are making your own rules and dancing to the beat of your own drum. Keep this positivity and live life to the full. Stay grounded, stay happy and most importantly, stay you.