Your Astro Tarot with our Psychic Tanya 3-9th April 2017


Your head is in the clouds this week Aries. You feel deeply connected to the universe, you are seeing the beauty in the simple things you encounter daily. Your psychic abilities are high and the amalgamation of this mixed with the flowing emotions you are experiencing could leave you feeling like you are living in a dream world. All of your senses are heightened, you are feeling creative and most importantly, you are feeling the love. You have a childlike quality at the moment which is demonstrated in the gentle kindness you are showing to others. You truly believe in the magic that surrounds you, you are feeling the tingles as the excitement of the washes over you, you now fully believe anything is possible. Try to keep your calm as you are highly sensitive, make sure you keep grounded, temper your fantasies with practicality and most of all, enjoy the mystical haze and phase that is currently presenting itself to you.


You may experience a bit of a wobble this week Taurus as the past may come knocking at your door. Old hurts or wounds resurface as nostalgia plays havoc with your sentimental side. Rather than let this send you into a spiral of shoulda, woulda, coulda, look at the gift this is presenting you with. When we look at the past through rose-tinted eyes we can omit to see the reasons people and situations left our life, with hindsight and the healing hands of time, you can look at things constructively and look at what you have learned, what you need to hold on to and most importantly what you need to release. By being given the chance to revisit you can finally cut old ties that have been keeping you bound and free yourself to embrace the wonderful future that awaits. There is a reason the rear view mirror is much smaller than a windscreen, facing forward will show you the bigger picture.


Roll up your sleeves Gemini, you have work to do. This week sees you getting ready to lay solid foundations on which to build your future. Like a master craftsman, the careful planning and vision you hold will serve you well for anything you wish to build. Excitement is bubbling around your career which is urging you to grow and expand in this area of your life. You want stability and to feel settled, when you are grounded you feel powerful and dynamic and determined to reach your desired goal. Use what you already have to build on, fix anything that is broken, tweak what is needed and know that success is just around the corner.


A new found self of self is emerging Cancer. You have had a sort of epiphany moment, you have awakened to how things are and not how you initially thought they were. This lightbulb moment has catapulted you into a total transformation which will allow you to embark on a path to renewal and rebirth. This breakthrough moment is leaving you filled with passion, feeling strong and with a sense of clarity which was lacking before. You have opened yourself up to a new possibility to lead a fulfilling life that serves your higher needs. By reviewing and evaluating your past experiences and relationships, you realise what you have learned and are finally in a position to unburden yourself from the past and bring peace and harmony back in. You will more than likely have to make a decision which may be quite hard but is essential. It is a time to clear up any unfinished business, tie up loose ends and move on, with the knowledge that you have been brave enough to take this stand. You are ready to treat yourself with the respect and care you deserve and provide your mind, body and soul with the nourishment needed to sustain a healthy life.


Self-control is needed this week Leo as you could turn out to be your own worst enemy. That ole devil called ego is knocking at your door and you will be faced with the choice to let him in or slam the door in his face.
Remember that the ego is your false friend, if you choose to hang out with him he can get you mixed up in all sorts of reckless behaviour that can bring destruction and sabotage not just yourself but those around you. Deep primal egoic emotions such as jealousy, anger, and obsessions come hand in hand with this tricky character, he can make you think you are the victim in a situation and encourage you to cling on to things that don’t serve you well. Take back control, look at destructive patterns or habits you have picked up and drop them like they are hot. Use the power of your words in the direction of love and truth and only speak kindly to yourself and about others. You are in control of you and allowing your ego to take this from you will only end in tears. You are stronger than it, keep that door closed.


Your destination is in sight Virgo and you are heading to the land of happiness and fulfillment. You have been thinking long and hard about your life so far and it has been a bittersweet story in so many ways. You have revisited times of elation and times of sorrow and are now ready to leave this all behind and go in search of what makes you truly happy. This week sees you set out on a journey to free your soul from any psychic debris that you have picked up along the way and go off in search of the place and people who make your soul sing and your heart swell. Life is too short to be anything but happy and you know that if something is missing you will never fully reach this state. So its the start of your quest, take the next turn off the melancholy motorway and head forward on the road to joy.


Contemplation is on the menu for you this week Libra. You are turning the world off and going inward, not in a sad way, you just know that in order to hear your inner voice you must drown out the distractions of the world. You are learning to like the company you keep when you are alone, rather than blocking out your thoughts you are allowing yourself to hear and feel them and this is the first step to healing. By allowing your vulnerable side to show you are giving yourself permission to embrace your uniqueness and look at the small part you play in completing the bigger picture. You have come a long way and you have a long way to go, so see this as taking a pit stop to look back at what you have learned so far and also to get clear on where you want to go and what you hope to find there. The now is all there is, the past no longer exists, the future is unknown, so this week sees you just being present in the present, and you realising what a wonderful gift it is.


Relationships are at the forefront of your week Scorpio. These do not necessarily have to be romantic relationships more just those in which you share a mind, body or soul connection. Conversations which dive deep into the pool of pure emotions are likely and a feeling of being on the same page brings stability. You are looking at the role love plays in your life, love on all levels allows you to build firm foundations and brings a sense of safety. Happiness is also a by-product of feeling love, when love is shown on any level it always brings joy along for the ride. You may be reminiscing about relationships where you have felt these emotions and also maybe looking at those where you didn’t. This has fuelled your decision to only allow those that light up your life in, People that bring the sunshine with them are more appealing than those that bring the clouds.


Family and loved ones are at the forefront of your mind this week Sagittarius. You are looking at ways in which to bring stability into all areas of your life. Your upbringing has been very important in moulding you in to who you are now, so all securities and insecurities are a product of your past environments. You may need to address issues or people that have caused your feelings of security to falter, you can let your past define you or destroy you so take the loving feelings and the nurture you have felt and focus on that and allow old negative cycles to be broken. Build firm solid friendships with others and look at how you feel supported by those in your life now. Your sense of security is coming from within and this will allow you to feel comfortable with your body, your self, and others. This will also make it a lot easier to just be yourself and know that those that matter appreciate and encourage this. Go out this week and celebrate ‘coming home’ Home is not always a place, its a feeling and you finally feel at home within yourself, let loved ones share your findings. Wherever your heart is, that is home.

Unexpected communications could throw you off guard this week Capricorn. A past lover may make contact as the eight of wands is often referred to as ‘the arrows of love’ The energy is high around you, you may be feeling energised and vitalised and conversations could get heated either with passion or power. Use your energy and powerful voice to speak clearly and concisely in order to avoid any misinterpretations. Your head may be in a spin as this energy is very strong so please take time out to get out in nature and ground yourself. High vibrations such as these can often drain as well as energise and if you are feeling like you are caught up in some sort of whirlwind, you may have to take time out to center yourself. Expect the unexpected this week, anything could happen.


Share and share alike this week Aquarius. That old adage comes true as you are forced to look at your interactions with others and whether they are based on equal footing. Everything works when a mutual exchange of energy is given but when the scales tip this is when discord can creep in. Look at areas you give and receive, even on an energetic level and see if they are balanced. If they aren’t, you could possibly be feeling very drained so it is calling for you to align the status quo. Work together with others who share a common goal and this will help balance your inner scales. The true art of giving is not projecting our needs on to others or allowing them to project theirs on to us, but by discerning what another truly wants and needs and accepting, offering and honouring this. Moderation is called for, getting out what you put in and knowing that true happiness is only real when it is shared. You gain when you give.


Gentle power is your saving grace this week Pisces. Taking back control and not allowing yourself to give too much of yourself to others is what you need to work on at the moment, its very easy to lose yourself when emotions run high, but by taming any need for approval, this should nip this in the bud straight away. Many see you as the softie of the astrological family, but your compassionate and empathic nature should not be seen as a weakness. These are your strengths, so see them as that, this does not mean however that you should allow others to walk all over you and you are ready to stand up for yourself, and put your foot down where anyone is trying to cross the line. You are not allowing your good nature to be taken advantage of, instead, you are standing firm, not fierce but you are protecting your integrity at all costs. You are feeling strong in your gentleness and are making sure your voice is getting heard, even if your voice is shaking slightly. When you respect yourself, you force others to do the same, so knowing your worth and creating healthy boundaries, is hugely beneficial to all relationships with others. Value yourself and remember that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.