Weekly Astrology March 22nd 2021 – Aries season!


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 22nd 2021

By our astrologer Elena


The future of love looks different

Start talking

Try something new, be someone new

Ruler Mars in your 3rd squaring Mercury in your 12th says you want the last word this week, Aries. But wait! Thanks to other factors in your chart you are in the mood to either rise about petty squabbles or narky comments, or turn the tables to have the opening line instead when it comes to peace talks or even flirtation.

Ideas or conversations that can change the world may feature. By that I mean, change your future or your own personal world. However, if it is high time something was said or even done, the Mars/Saturn trine on the 22nd says now or never. This can relate to a personal or business connection, a friendship, making that move, launch or application. With every single planet in the sky direct right now you have perhaps the biggest birthday opportunities for new beginnings than you have seen for ages. And often a new beginning comes from initiating a conversation.

Fresh, fabulizing love

You’re feeling fresh and fabulized and also radiating the force of attraction on the 26th when the Sun and Venus meeting in your 1st. This is a good time to spoil yourself. Try a new look that tells the world you’re ready for fresh starts and open who what (or who) approaches.

The cycle you set in motion could be the one that has a big impact on your destiny for the next 19 years thanks to Mars meeting the North Node. Again, if it comes to discussions or even disagreements, reach for a fresh response. Or even an outrageously daring once thanks to a Venus/Chiron conjunction this week. This also tells you the future of love may be looking very different.

Venus rules your 7th and this week’s full Moon is in Venus’s ruling 7th. It will oppose Venus in your 1st putting one person front and centre for you. Who or what have you attracted and what are they telling you? Set your partnership future in motion this week. Start that conversation.

In a nutshell: Hot talk, confident action all adds up to bringing sexy back, Aries. This week re-boots the love or a partnership matter. A conversation sets you on a brand new relating path.



Get that impossibly possible solution

Get ready to act for goodness sake!

Don’t wait for success – claim it

Embrace the impossible this week, Taurus. Just what that is will of course, vary and be highly individual. But that outcome you never thought possible, that person you filed under ‘gone but not forgotten’, that move you didn’t think you would make, that Spanish Inquisition/Monty Python you would never have expected – yes, not only possible but likely this week.

Ruler Venus in your 12th meets the Sun in here on the 26th – the same day as Mars collides with the North Node in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Mars is making all the right moves for you this week when it comes to success and status-setting factors when it trines Saturn in its ruling 10th on the 22nd. You will be determined to push through barriers between you and what you want for your future, while at the same time gathering up past experience and looking at what worked – and what didn’t.

Set the improbable in motion

The result is a set of freedom inducing factors that may literally deliver that thing you had convinced yourself wouldn’t or couldn’t occur. Maybe even thoughts about the good stuff happens to other people. Or that you would never find the courage to make the changes you desire. Look back 19 years if you are old enough to what began then as something comes full circle with the potential now to send you spinning off in a fresh direction entirely.

Get ready to act at the time of the full Moon in your 6th on the 28th. It opposes Venus and at the same time Venus meets Chiron. It’s that expected factor attractor that delivers the impossible thing you secretly know will do you good, Taurus. Take a radical step to reclaim your wellbeing.

In a nutshell: Cash in on past experience but work those new values into that strategy for success, Taurus. The result? Astounding. The method? Anything you haven’t dare try – until now.



Get your future game face on

Join the friendship love-in

Start something new for the long term

What goes around, comes around this week, Gemini. You’ll see there is no fate but the one we make or imagine for ourselves.

Best future face forward this week. Play with quantum possibilities. And please, don’t think your past defines you or has to be repeated. Choosing a new path – one that frees you and offers opportunities, is what is on offer now. But you have to be prepared to take the untried option. Mars in your 1st trines Saturn in a break-free move for the Now Age. Expect something which may have persisted for far too long to come to a conclusion. Perhaps through your own actions. Just ensure you don’t burn any bridges permanently however. If you have to exit – do so with diplomacy and grace.

Venus in your 11th is about friendships and connections which benefit you as opposed to lovers. So, bear this in mind when the Sun and Venus meet and this week’s full Moon in your 5th on the 28th, opposes Venus. If you are engaged in a flirtation, ensure it has the promise to be more than just that to avoid disappointment. Just remember, Venus in here is about the love of friends. Not the romantic kind.

Personal goals take a surprise twist

However, the Venus/Chiron conjunction also at the time of the full Moon is all about surprising twists. Or exciting and dynamic new connections to be made. The biggest feature of the week for you is the Mars/North Node conjunction in your sign which is about to close a cycle and send you down a new path towards creating some fresh, sparkly karma. Look back at what began 19 years ago for you. What did you initiate or begin back then?

Whatever gets kickstarted this week is part of a big, long term cycle. What we choose creates our fate. As do the people we choose to let into our lives. One of these will have a big influence on you now. Choose different and create something new.

In a nutshell: Time to re-boot your personal path, Gemini. This week offers a rare opportunity to close one cycle and begin a new, more empowered one. No fate but the one we make. Design yours.



Energy peaks – and so does your insight

Ditch what holds you back

Get ready for deep healing

Under the influence of this week’s full Moon expect the closing of a door or chapter, Cancer. Your sense of what you are able to do, achieve and be recognised for will also be awakened. This could see many of you ready to strike out on a new path.

First let’s talk about Mars in your 12th. This is one of those Mars transits that hands us peak energy and peak experiences. Yes, I know this is your house of all things spiritual. But closing cycles and soul clear outs are part of that process. Especially when it comes to anything blocking us or holding us back from our highest potential. Mars in your 12th is all about a deep heal. Ripping off that Band-Aid can be painful however. But it is necessary.

Lighten up – and heal

Saturn always say ‘Time’s up!’ especially in your 8th. You may say there is no need to go around carrying on with something truly lived out when it trines Mars on the 22nd. The 24th sees a tight angle between Mercury and Mars. And direct talk or action results in freedom. There’s a promise here too of success as the Sun and Venus meet in your status sector. Your stock is on the rise now both personally and professionally.

Whatever you have been carrying around that has become a burden to you – and this extends to ideas or thoughts, but also living up to someone’s expectations too, prepare to let it all go as Mars meets the North Node on the 26th. the only path you need to walk or expectations you have to live up to now are yours and yours alone, Cancer. The full Moon in your 4th isn’t just about home and physical security, but being secure in yourself to make your own decisions and choices.

This full Moon opposes Venus in your 10th and the 28th also sees Venus meet Chiron. Going your own way now is an act of healing, self-love and yes, raises your vibration. Step back into wholeness now, Cancer. If you dare.

In a nutshell: Living your truth is the way to true healing. And in achieving those goals, Cancer. The trick is to owning your path. And sticking to it. The only permission you need is your own.



Explore from the comfort of your couch

Aim higher

Head towards a bigger love experience

Staring a forecast with the words: Under normal circumstances . . . has become the default for Covid stars, Leo. So, sorry to begin this one with that. But yes, were these pre-Rona days, travel would be on your horizon this week. However, this does not mean a release from restrictions, opportunities or travel via a learning experience or even love isn’t on offer. Venus and your ruler the Sun in your 9th this week are your passports to something new.

Expect shifts around friendships too thanks to Mars in your 11th. You may suddenly realise one connection is far more important than you first thought. But if you feel you are no longer on the same wavelength with someone, disagreements may surface. Be friend aware this week.

The Future Appears in Person

A new connection could also hold the key to your future so again, watch who appears around the 26th. A goal could be reached or you head out towards a new cycle of attainment, adventure and opportunity – fuelled by a sexy determination and confidence thanks to the meeting between Mars and the North Node.

The real ‘star’ transit of the week has to be your ruler conjunct Venus in your 9th. Lucky breaks, solutions, offers and a release into the new could feature. As well as learning and that big love around what you want to live. Ideas take you further than you dreamed. That social media feed could act as a cosmic ordering attractor.

Broadcast yourself under the light of the full Moon in your 3rd on the 28th. This falls opposite Venus which is also conjunct Chiron in your 9th. Apply, pitch, share, write, blog, vlog and say it anyway you want. Your ideas are the key now. Promote them and yourself outrageously, Leo. Someone is on your wavelength this week.

In a nutshell: Opportunities and solutions appear as if by chance and release you into something bigger, Leo. That feeling you’re spinning your wheels? Stop revving and start moving again this week.



If it works – werk it!

Share – and share alike

Access All Areas pass – to the resources you need

Werk your worth this week, Virgo. And please be aware that your public persona and image matters this week. Yes, it still applies if you are working from home in your trackies. In fact, you may want to ditch them and reach for your game face instead. If there was ever a week to dress for success or to be ready for it – this is it.

Your 10th is a ‘public’ house where you are on show. You are judged by your actions which in turn, create your reputation. Mars in here hands you confidence but ensure you don’t get into conflicts with people in positions of influence or authority now. Especially when it squares ruler Mercury on the 24th.

What you share – and what is shared alike

Saturn rules your 10th and Mars makes a status setting alignment with it on the 22nd and then moves to meet the North Node on the 26th. The power of your 2nd/8th house axis is activated this week thanks to the Sun meeting Venus in your 8th on the 26th, and a Venus/Chiron meet-cute in here on the 28th. Think money, salary, self-worth, empowerment and shared assets. And access to the resources you need.

This is outrageous fortune at work for you. Venus rules your 2nd of course and we also have a full Moon in here on the 28th in opposition to Venus. What this all adds up to is that doors to ascending success, promotion, transformation and status determining moves may swing wide – based on past moves and the reputation you have carved for yourself.

Ensure what you project this week communicates just what you are about and what you deserve. Even if this doesn’t happen quite the way you hope, this full Moon marks the opportunity to re-set those priorities while Mars hands you the fire to begin again. Best face forward, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Take that confident step towards what you want to attain this week, Virgo. Apply, pitch, promote, ask. Those in positions of influence could just be in the mood to say yes.



Ditch those bad habits

Past, present and potential partnerships feature

Be part of a new kind of double act!

Time to get a real grip on that routine or those habits this week, Libra. You may be feeling the desire for more freedom like a bird that’s been caged for too long. This week promises release but first – take care of the business of living and do the small stuff. If you don’t, it will get in your way even on a psychological level. You have energy to spare now thanks to Mars in your 9th. And an eye for what needs to be done too now Mercury is direct in its ruling 6th. The 24th asks you to tidy, declutter and take care of the small stuff to clear the way for the big.

Having done that, you can answer the call to wider, wilder, bigger experiences. Even if still operating under restrictions. You also want answers this week as to whether something is real and worth continuing to spend your time on. That lockdown flirtation for instance. Are they serious about meeting up – or not? You’ll need things to be real or else smoothly forget about them under the Mars/Saturn trine on the 22nd.

Who is in the spotlight?

This week brings you a full Moon in your sign, which falls directly opposite ruler Venus and Chiron conjunct in Venus’s ruling 7th. The full force of attraction is also ignited this week by the Sun/Venus conjunction on the 26th and the Venus/Chiron meeting on the day of the full Moon. Take it along with the destiny driving meeting between Mars and the North Node in your 9th this involves you and a past, present or potential partner. And where you go from here. Soul freedom but within a partnership dynamic is your journey from this point on. And this may be an unexpected one. Look to who is coming with you now, Libra. And go for the love that sets you free. Not the one that cages you.

In a nutshell: One connection gets thrown into the spotlight this week, Libra. That past, present or future partner. This could be love or a beneficial working connection or friendship. The future looks built for two now.



Follow insight to the source

Surrender to change

Rise up!

Turn on that full phoenix magnetism and soul power this week, Scorpio. Ancient ruler Mars is in da house. Its ruling 8th. Shake ups and wake ups around your day job (paid or unpaid), that routine, habits and wellbeing, propel you off and out of any ruts or energy drains. Like a phoenix from the ashes of the old – you’re on the rise again this week.

Don’t dismiss the impact of making small adjustments which lead to bigger ones. If you have been contemplating change – especially around home or work, this week is when you may initiate them. Thanks to Mars meeting the North Node in your 8th on the 26th – the same day as the Sun and Venus meet in your 6th.

Change up and charge up your future

This week also delivers a full Moon of intense knowing and insight. Expect your intuitive abilities to be at a peak and apply them to those every day, feel-good concerns. They are designed to guide you towards living well and more mindfully. If something ends or transforms this week, please don’t stand in its way. This is telling you it has been lived out in its present form.

This includes that everyday stuff I mentioned earlier. As well as bigger stuff such as your income and especially what you share with others. Take radical steps under the full Moon’s influence if necessary to change up and charge up. Go deep within and apply any insights you receive now. The more radical, the greater the change. The result? A situation that has hung around for far too long transforms. Don’t be afraid to be the catalyst in your own alchemy, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Look to your living situation, your daily routine and weed out what gets in the way of allowing you to shine, Scorpio. Or just drains you. That magnetism you exude needs an outlet. Intuition shows the way.



Believe in the unbelievable

Radiate to attract back

Time to showcase yourself

What is it you believe you cannot attract or have, Sag? Being the sign of big dreams, you usually aim high. But events of late may have stunted not just your need to explore, but your vision too. See this as restored this week.

If you have given up on love or that massive goal, something could occur now that restores your faith and sets your feet on a new long-term path of attainment. Watch for news around this starting on the 22nd. And above all, push forward with self-belief when it comes to your ideas.

Something set in motion 19 years ago could come full-circle now. Or a new long-term path opens as Mars in your 7th links with the North Node in here. Check your Sag chart factors now. Especially for the Sun or planets around 13 degrees – with a 1-2 degree orb.

Belief fuels attraction

Your ideas around what you can attract are set to be confounded from the 26th when the Sun and Venus meet in your 5th. This includes benefits from what you love to do. Time to showcase your talents and feel fabulous as what you radiate, comes back in kind now.

You should see what returns around the time of the full Moon in your 11th of goals, wishes and the future. This full Moon opposes the key Venus/Chiron conjunction in your 5th. It’s time to rock out who you are with no apologies and no turning down the volume. Simply put – what you are seeking, no matter how improbable, seeks you. Be seen even if it only on-line under this full Moon and make a wish. What answers could astound you.

In a nutshell: No more lurking on the sidelines or playing a supporting role in your own life, Sag. This week pushes you back out into the spotlight. And restores that belief in your dreams again.



Long term efforts meet rewards

Know what you want to get it

Discover new ways of working – and living better

If it works, work it this week, Capricorn. What you have been striving to achieve could come full-circle now. Rewards for those diligent efforts drop within reach. If you have had a clear goal in mind or have simply committed to doing the everyday steps towards that bigger achievement, this week could bring you the rewards you have been waiting for.

Mars in your 6th powers you forward and gives you access to reserves of energy and confidence when it comes to simply ticking off those tasks on your ‘To do’ list. But this happens against a backdrop of a bigger, higher achievement cycle. The trine to ruler Saturn it makes on the 22nd hints at financial or self-worthy gains to be made. While Mercury in its ruling 3rd and Mars in Mercury’s other ruling house on the 24th tells you the time to walk your talk is here. Project that image of someone who knows what they are talking about and who can be relied on to get the job done.

Live a little bigger for the long term

One cycle ends and a new one begins around your day job (paid or unpaid), studies, routine and long- term habits when Mars meets the North Node on the 26th. This is also the day when the Sun will meet Venus in your 4th, bringing home those rewards and rewarding you for sticking to that path.

The full Moon in your 10th lights a path across your 10th/4th house axis. It also illuminates Venus and Chiron co-joined in your 4th. So, things could peak in surprising ways or you set out on a new cycle of living or working. Whatever form this takes, work it like the boss you are, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: It’s boss week, Capricorn. Remember that you are CEO of you. Rewards for long term efforts could manifest now. While creating a new path around everyday stuff brings big rewards.



Don’t edit – say it

Conversations re-start your future

Hot, simmer or totally tepid? Take that love temperature

Say it anyway you can this week, Aquarius. Unexpected news could also feature around the time of this week’s full Moon in your 9th on the 28th. Expect a release from stagnation or a solution to something that has held you in limbo for too long.

Above all, don’t be afraid to have that conversation, make your pitch or throw someone that opening line this week. Letting everyone know what you’re about is your key to progress. As well as possibly love and freedom. This is a week to weave magic spells with words and to embrace the power of ideas and how far these can take you.

Hot or not? Get your answer thanks to Mars in your 5th aligning to Saturn in your 1st. Does that love have staying power? Mercury in your money zone also asks a similar question of Mars on the 24th. This is about your self-worth and how you believe you should be treated or rewarded by others. Is there a credit or deficit?

Hot topics and hotter love

Venus meeting the Sun in your 3rd on the 26th is all about the need to speak or act in the same of love or simply the arrival of soul boosting news. This is also the day when Mars meets the North Node in your 5th. Lovers, children, creative self-expression could link you to something which began 19 years ago for some. Or form part of the new chapter that conversation starts now.

Be aware this could move you in a breath-taking new direction. One you could hardly imagine or anticipate. Or else believed purely impossible or out-of-reach. This week’s full Moon in your 9th on the 28th, opposes Venus and Chiron in your 3rd. It offers an unexpected opportunity or solution which closes one chapter while opening a door to another. Your ideas take flight or again, that news brings an outcome that stretches your imagination. It could even be triggered by that conversation you start now.

In a nutshell: Work those words, Aquarius. There should be no topic off-limits this week. Especially around love. You need the heat. And if something has gone off the boil – to turn it up or else move on up now.



What supports you?

Stick to those values

Lay a new foundation for your future

This week wants you to examine your foundations. Everything from home, family, roots to those beliefs, Pisces. What underpins your life in other words. What defines you and creates your sense of living and being in the world. Does it make sense? Does it support you while allowing you to be you? Most importantly of all – are these your ideas and beliefs or merely those that have been handed down? And if so – is it time to question them and see if they are true for you?

Venus in its ruling 2nd is all about your values. And your value system which taps in directly to those beliefs. Along with this you have Mars in your 4th which can shake up those foundations or see you on the move. If you are old enough look back 19 years. Did you move? Change or begin a new career? What did you set in motion or initiate around claiming your own path?

Being YOU

The ways and means do to this now or start a new and important cycle could be on offer. So, first examine all the questions outlined above. This week doesn’t just touch on your foundations but your assets and also self-empowerment when it comes to your future. Venus meets both the Sun (26th) and then Chiron (28th) in its ruling 2nd.

And along with the full Moon in your 8th which opposes all of these, could trigger a new source of income, access to what you need or else see an old situation give way to a new one. Especially when you take steps to ensure its right for you. This week is all about living your life your way. Aligned to what works for you – and not anyone else, Pisces.

In a nutshell: You’re on the brink of an important new cycle. One that you can not only own but define, Pisces. Don’t shy away from walking your own path. Or claiming what you need to do just that.











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