Monthly Horoscopes for All Signs July 2021 – A Mystic Rectangle!

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Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 2021

By our astrologer Elena


Indulge in a mid-year passion ritual

Set your intentions to higher

Open to fresh possibilities in love

Time for healing, cleansing and setting fresh intentions free of past wounds just prior to this month’s new Moon in your 4th on the 10th. Ruler Mars is busy showing you what you need to pursue, desire or aim for from the start of July when it opposes Saturn in your 11th and then trines Chiron in your 1st the very next day and squares Uranus in your 2nd on the 4th. And Venus copies these moves exactly from the 7th – 8th.

Look to any wounds you may still be carrying around romance, your innate sexiness, feeling ‘not good enough’, rejection or how you express yourself authentically. Chiron in your 1st wants you to step free of all of this and the new Moon in your 4th is all about self-nurturing and giving yourself permission to be free to be you. Free of criticism of others, feeling inadequate on some level or holding yourself back in some way because you worry about what others may think.

Open up to fresh intention

Read about this month’s healing new Moon ritual which can help you with this. The Mars/Venus alignments are designed to help you heal and open you up to receive something (or someone) new and better. We all know new Moons are about setting fresh intentions. So, let this one be the one where your intention is set to openness. This is truly important now. Not just because Chiron itself offers unexpected routes to healing – and impossible, improbable outcomes if you are open.

Mercury is now in full forward motion clearing retrograde in its ruling 3rd and arriving in your 4th the day after the new Moon (11th). It trines Jupiter in your house of the past until the 26th. This could bring about a resurrection, a reboot or revival or an outcome for you that you simply dismissed as totally unlikely. Watch for who or what appears around this time.

The 13th brings all of us one of the best conjunctions of the year. But for you especially as it involves your ruler Mars which meets Venus in your 5th. This is why that self-healing process is so important for you this July, Aries. Because this is one transit that totally wants to deliver something special. You also have the Sun in your 4th making a magical trine to Neptune in your 12th on the 15th. This truly is about stepping free of painful shadows of the past and basking in the light of new possibilities.

For singles, the healing could continue with the appearance of someone new. Again, this is why openness needs to be your mantra. Others could recapture the magic and desire in an existing union. Doors to self-expression, recognition and wonder open wide now. For others good times or that heady feeling of totally immersing yourself in an activity you love could show you that you have shrugged off the past and embraced whole-hearted healing. Others could be noticed for their creativity or for what they have to offer professionally as well as personally.

Get used to being the centre of attention and standing out in some way. This is no time to be shy hut time to shine. Those of you who work in the creative fields or in any position that puts you ‘front of house’ will tap into new sources of inspiration and fierceness. And yes, you’ll seek the spotlight. It’s where you belong once the Sun lands in its ruling 5th on the 22nd.

And the Oscar Goes To . . .

You’re entering a time of your very own awards ceremony. You might want to express this and your healing intention by dressing and looking the part. Yes, even if you are now working from home permanently, ditch the leisure wear and put on that finery. The same day as the Sun trines Neptune (15th) handing you even more divinely crafted inspiration and release from the past potential, we have a Mystic Rectangle forming. Have you ever looked at the angles in a chart? Well, they look like the back of an envelope. So, think of announcements, awards or something good within that you open. This one stretches across your work and public image sector. It’s designed to uplift and reward. Be ready with your acceptance speech or at the very least, that openness I’ve talked about.

Chiron turns retrograde in your 1st on the 21st. You may now be looking at how the ‘outer’ you truly reflects how you are expressing yourself. I will have a little more to say about this in a moment. Vesta enters your 6th on the same day and gender issues may arise around your work (paid or unpaid), duties and responsibilities. In other words, are you expected to take on more of certain tasks or duties simply because of the gender you identify with? Are others making assumptions this is your role based solely on this? Pay disparity may also feature. Venus moves from your 5th into here on the 22nd while will aid you in tackling any issues around these themes.

This month’s full Moon in your 11th on the 24th is known as the Buck Moon. This is when the stags have their grown their antlers back. In your 11th this is about your friends, social and professional networks – on and off-line. Your LinkedIn profile and your Instagram feed. It’s about groups, political parties, movements, bands, team efforts and also your goals, wishes and dreams. So, this is linked to how you express yourself as this house is how you are seen and fit in with people and full Moons shine their light into the house opposite – in this case your 5th.

From the work you began at the time of the new Moon, you now see clearly what is right for you and what isn’t. This can extend to those you used to hang out with to those goals which either still resonate or you see are no longer a part of who you have become. Good times with like minded souls can be had under this full Moon. Or you see you have outgrown some connections.

This is also a fabulous full Moon to talk or collaborate with other over what you want for your future. It tells you nobody does it alone. So, think on who you can draw into your vision under this Moon. Anything you need can probably be sourced from your network. Ask around. Who you know may know who you need to know or where to get what you need. And be prepared to offer the same in return if someone comes to you for something similar now.

Mercury enters your 5th on the 28th adding extra playfulness, ideas and the flirt factor when it comes to love. This day also sees retrograde Jupiter back in your 11th where it will remain until the end of the year. Again, this is linked to those goals and who you know.

Mars leaves you 5th on the 29th and while this should hand you increased energy and vitality if that’s been lacking, Mars in here can see you so full of zeal and confidence, you forget to take care of the details. As a result, mistakes can be made or even in some cases, accidents occur. The key here is; pace yourself. Also in terms of exercise you can easily overdo things so please, keep this in mind.

Ceres moves out of your 2nd and into your 3rd on the 31st. Compromise, new deals and ideas re-born will feature. This is now a great time for business, study, commerce, writing and anything to do with the internet. If you are in an ideas related profession, be open to the feedback and input of others. It could be a collaborative approach results in something far better. Your healing should have shown you when to be open and when to hold your ground. That’s the message in that envelope this July.

In a nutshell: Time to set fresh intentions when it comes to what you want (and don’t want), Aries. That surely of knowing could spark a fresh flow of love or other attractions heading your way. And on your new, upgraded wavelength!



Come home to your emotional truth

Get a fresh sense of everyday satisfaction

Feel the love within to experience the love you’ve been without

That work/life balance is going to be your main focus this month, Taurus. What you want to achieve in that big wide world vs. what you need emotionally. You’ll be asked to examine all of this and look to where compromises or bargains can be struck. Especially with others.

We have Mercury powering up again and it leaves behind its retroshadow in your money zone on the 6th. It will enter its ruling 3rd in your chart from the 11th. The day after we have an intention setting new Moon in here. This is your house of communication, ideas, writing, business and commerce. The house where you sell yourself and your message, the internet, publishing, that side hustle if you have one and your message. So, this links in to the bigger picture of career and ambitions.

If you know it, it will answer

July truly is asking you to know what you want and what you are prepared to do to get it. But it also needs you to understand that you don’t have to sacrifice what you need to get what you want. You usually take a slow, considered approach and weigh things up before taking action. Don’t lose touch with that now, Taurus. Long term efforts could pay big dividends and recognition could be on its way. Or you may be able to take a significant step towards a long-term goal.

Mars and also ruler Venus are in your 4th. Hence the emphasis on those emotional needs, home, family, security and living arrangements. Both planets are going to make status setting and path elevating moves to Saturn in its ruling 10th, Chiron in your 12th which is all about your purpose and Uranus in your 1st which is about that value system. This takes place from the 1st week of July to just prior to the new Moon’s appearance in your 3rd. It’s saying its time to prioritise and choose. But also to avoid a ‘success at all costs’ approach.

One door which could be opening is of course a literal one as in a new home or the prospect of moving. Mercury in its ruling 3rd favours contracts and negotiations and once in your 4th from the 28th, signing on the dotted line.

Good times could be on offer around your family, home, sharers, Airbnb experience either as a guest or host, housemates or you get increased enjoyment out of your home and time spent there. Beneficial property dealings could even be on the table for some as Venus and Mars meet in your 4th on the 13th. If you are on a family staycation now or are lucky enough to be on any kind of holiday, then you should be making memories which last long after it is over. Again, this is all about that work/life balance so please do look at the important stuff and making time for what matters.

Your children if you have them, young people or those from your extended family may also feature. As could plans for working out of your home if you have not already embraced this via hybrid working. Success is very much driven now by your personal definition of it. So just ensure that vision includes time for the people and activities that matter. The 15th brings a fabulous trine between the Sun in your 3rd and Neptune in your 11th. This also forms one angle of the Mystic Rectangle which drops through your cosmic letterbox on this day.

If you have ever looked at a chart where a Mystic Rectangle has formed, you’ll see it looks like the back of an envelope. Astrologers have noted over the years that actually, when it comes to this kind of aspect, the literal interpretation is the correct one. It contains a message, offer, announcement, important news or papers. Today of course, it would most probably arrive digitally but the meaning is the same. Here’s your news, your announcement, your reward. You may have to sign or collect – that contract, agreement, sale but it’s the feeling of achievement and validation that’s priceless.

Make a deal, strike a bargain, find that compromise or sweet spot when it comes to your home, path or purpose or how you want to live at the time of the square between ruler Venus and Ceres in your 1st. Above all, if something is bothering you, don’t avoid discussing it with loved ones. This is not the time to avoid ‘difficult’ conversations. If you keep things inside, you will find you will become depressed. If this is what is happening, please seek out professional help if needed.

The Sun’s arrival in your 4th has you seeking soothing self-love and nurturing. You tap into the truth that we all need to feel supported and emotionally nourished in order to go out into the world and shine. Focus on this and also sharing your feelings with those closest to you. Avoid blame or criticism. And yes, this incudes self-blame and self-criticism too! ‘I feel’ is your power statement now. By sharing your emotional truth with others, you open up to their truth too.

This is one of the best times of the year for doing things to your home, enjoying your home, entertaining from home and looking at your support system. If you love where you live, commit to it. If not, commit to moving now Mercury lands in here favouring real estate deals of all kinds. It tells you ‘If not now, when?’. Don’t put off living the way you want to today rather than telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow. Or worse – ‘someday’.

Live your emotional truth – in the moment

Coming home to yourself, your truth and what you now need to support your journey sets you free rather than ties you down so remember this as ruler Venus lands in your 5th. This is when you get to shine brightest. You may feel a pull/push between going within and recharging/cocooning and wanting to go out there and blaze a trail like a comet! That’s fine and also the natural reaction to these two transits occurring simultaneously. Healing takes place when you honour your needs moment by moment. So, go with this.

Needless to say, this is the start of a cycle of attraction which builds for you on into August/September now Mars follows Venus into your 5th. Living your emotional truth leads to new ways of loving too. Be unafraid to express your full glory and have fun doing so, taurus. Letting go of fear of criticism and judgement frees us to not only enjoy ourselves, but release our power to attract. Why worry about what others think? As RuPaul says: What other people think about me is none of my business. And if you are loving what you do, then why do you care?

The bottom line this July is that when we allow ourselves to be who we are, we heal and attract those who love us just this way anyway. Whether in our personal lives or in our career. So, be in the moment and go with what the moment is telling you to do. Especially as Jupiter returns to your 10th at the end of the month and we have a full Moon in here on the 24th. This is no longer about blind ambition or playing by someone else’s rules. But your definition of success. August will be all about your self-worth as Ceres enters your 2nd on the final day of the month. Find your balance and everything else follows.

In a nutshell: Owning your emotional truth and committing to living it opens up joy for you on an everyday level, Taurus. This month gives you the perfect mix of home and love – and could hand you attraction and satisfaction in the process!



July puts a new deal on the table

Step into the ranks of the initiated

Become a love magician!

Ruler Mercury rocks out of retroshadow in your 1st on the 6th. And lands in your money sector on the 11th. This is the day after a new Moon in here points you towards what is most important for you. What adds value to your life. What is priceless and not for sale.

Yes, this is about your money but also so much more. This new Moon is asking you to set your price if you like for the coming year. To define your worth and what you stand for. Sure, to know when and where you will compromise. But also, that point when to say ‘The buck stops here’. Knowing what this is actually increases your sense of security, foundation and self-worth. In other words, you know where you’re coming from and also know when others are aligned to the same values.

Deal or No Deal?

It’s especially important to do this work at the time of the new Moon due to the fact you will have Ceres arriving in your sign on the final day of the month. This is all about win/win scenarios. But it’s also about knowing when to compromise and when not to. Ceres is incredibly powerful. You only have to look to mythology to understand this. Ceres is about bringing into being new worlds and understanding our power to create these. So, setting those intentions at the time of this new Moon and knowing what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ over hands you the empowerment to do this in August.

You are in your best position to get your point across and start this process between the 1st and the 11th while Mercury is still in your sign. So, bear this in mind. The lead up to the new Moon also wants you looking at what you truly want. Mars in your 3rd is about heat and hates the ‘all talk and no walk’ approach. It hands you confidence and belief in your ideas. And combined with Venus in here, means you can follow through without treading on anyone’s toes in the process. As well as adding extra allure and magic to what you say or do. Think magic spells as this is of course, your personal house of communication.

If we talk about spells then you know that it’s not just about speaking those words. There are usually actions to be taken (rituals) along with this to set the forces in motion. Which is why as Mars and Venus in your 3rd make a series of angles with Saturn in your 9th, Chiron in your 11th and Uranus in your 12th, it’s important to take action on those ideas. Or to back up what you say you are going to do with just that. This can be a game-changer if you do.

It’s all about initiation

Understand you need to be the one to make the first move. When we talk about magic we also talk about initiation. Into the ranks of the magicians. Initiation also means to start something. So, make the first move – the opening line, the swipe, the application, the launch. Weave in your unique message which is where your magic resides. And the most magical time for this – when the fires of intention combine with a passionate self-belief? The 13th when Venus and Mars meet in your 3rd.

This is a day for heart-starting news, fierce, bold statements and ideas with fire behind them. Conversations, messages, flirtations, writing, images – the spells you create in other words, have power to draw what you want to you. This is your house of all things Gemini-ruled and the internet – so work this.

Love may be at the top of that spelling list but don’t forget career either. Especially while ruler Mercury remains in your 2nd. Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. A message of some kind – an announcement, invitation, offer, acceptance etc. Your answer to something spelled or which you set in motion could just arrive – via cosmic internet, owl or other means, around the 15th when one appears and stretches wide across your money houses, home and career sectors.

What you create now and long-term thinking paves the way of future success. Your ideas, creativity, studies, business, on line presence and also your relationship to siblings or cousins, receives its yearly dose of vitality as the Sun arrives in your 3rd from the 22nd. The desire to push all these areas forward will intensify after the 28th when Mercury arrives in here.

We have planets and asteroids on the move now with Chiron retrograde in your 11th from the 21st, Vesta in your 5th on the same day, and Venus in your 4th opposing Jupiter in your 22nd – one of the best days of the month for long term decisions which enhance your security – the bricks and mortar and money kind, to the emotional and career making.

Your 9th house of travel, foreign affairs of all descriptions, airlines, higher learning and beliefs, the law, the great outdoors and the mass media is back in focus from the 24th. I’m talking about the resurrection of big plans and dreams. The 24th brings a full Moon in this house. Where do you want to explore or go? What do you want to experience? Even if you cannot physically travel right now, this is an excellent full Moon to make plans under as it imbues them with adventurous intention.

Others may find the world comes knocking on their door in some way. If only to show them the potential of what is out there. Jupiter left this house for a brief visit to your 8th, and now returns to what is its ruling house from the 28th. It will now remain here until the end of the year. So, pick up what you started earlier and know the journey recommences from this point onwards.

Deals can be done, bargains struck and compromises reached when Ceres arrives in your 1st at the end of the month. Above all, do something with your ideas now. If you don’t, this can lead to frustration and also you feeling invalidated. Choose your audience carefully however. And also, if you do receive negative feedback, please consider the source.

In particular, you might want to avoid confiding in family members you know have the tendency to rain on your parade from the 29th when Mars arrives in your 4th. Mars in here is not a great house guest. Little things can niggle you – your lodger’s habits for instance or the sound of your partner chewing. Or little things you would normally dismiss as quirks now become triggers for conflict.

Mars in this house does lend itself to DIY, ruthless decluttering, home improvement, self-improvement – more exercise and a better diet, and anything to do with moving home. Moving the energy around your home even if staying put, is a magic spell Mars in here has your initiating. It’s all magic this July.

In a nutshell: Spellbinding moves are yours to make this July, Gemini. Ruler Mercury escapes retroshadow throwing the light on those ideas. While passion and spell-casting attract in fresh opportunities.



Prepare for your annual soul-boost

Get ready for your re-launch

Step into a fresh cycle of potential and promise

The 10th – 13th promise the start of exciting new beginnings for you. You will feel the energy begin to shift from the 6th just prior to this as Mercury clears retroshadow in your 12th and heads towards you to arrive on the 11th.

Your new Moon on the 10th is the start of your fabulous fresh cycle opening up a portal of potential when it comes to new beginnings. Some of you may already be seeing these appear just prior to this occurring. Not only courtesy of that Mercury but an exciting turn of events may occur around the 2nd when Mars in your 2nd trines Chiron in your 10th and again on the 7th when Venus does. This could well come to fruition around the 13th when Mars and Venus meet in Venus’s ruling 2nd. One of the best alignments of the year for money, career and self-worth boosting prospects.

Newly minted You

So, let’s talk new Moons for a moment. When we have our birthday new Moon in our sign, this marks the start of our new cycle no matter what date our birthday falls on. You are in focus. Your body, image, look, appearance, style, brand, social media presence, message and all that this says about you. So, think New Cycle – New You.

If you are happy with how you look, then celebrate this with rocking what works. And be just that little bit extra about it now. If you want to change up one or more elements – this is your moment. Immerse yourself in the intense process of self-gorgeousification. Treat yourself to that new do, or rejuvenation technique. Look to ways you can update your style. Are you in a style rut in fact? Take yourself out on a makeover date if needed. Make yourself try on things you would normally skip over or reject. Just as an experiment. You may be surprised at what makes you feel fabulous and somehow just captures what you’re feeling.

Above all, do not be the old you but explore showing off a new facet. It doesn’t have to be extreme and you don’t have to blow your budget. But the whole idea is to create a look which reflects who you want to be for the coming year. You are your own work of art. So, werk this to get it just the way you want it.

Feeling good about that vibe goes inwards to work with the self-worth and abundance happenings in your 2nd. Venus rules this house along with your 7th. And you have it meeting Mars in here on the 10th. Put it this way – when it comes to your cash or events, people and opportunities that may you feel in the natural abundant flow – people seem to want what you’re offering now. You’ll receive a boost when it comes to selling your talents, skills, abilities, ideas or just getting who you are across on a personal level once Mercury reaches your 1st on the 11th.

Your self-worth, money, prosperity and talent zone is the one getting that extra shot of Astro love this month. Especially when the Sun lands in here on the 22nd. Time to pull out the stops when it comes to income, that side hustle and just good old-fashioned appreciation. It’s not about shopping or more stuff per se despite my telling you to look to ways to update your vibe. It’s quality over quantity. And you’ll see that played out in your relationships too. The quality of the friendship/love matters more to you now. So, again, this is what you need to focus on. How you are treated, respected and valued by others and how others express this.

Get ready for a powerful message

The Mystic Rectangle which occurs on the 15th and the T-square which follows two days later will have you addressing any shortfalls with partners or anyone close to you. It’s also an opportunity to change up something that may have been an issue for a while. This could just as easily be work related as it could be personal.

Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. A message of some kind – an announcement, invitation, offer, acceptance, big news, result etc. The alignment between Mercury in your 1st and Jupiter in its ruling 9th as well as the Sun’s trine to Neptune tells you luck is on your side. Plus a change dynamic all wrapped up with a little bit of inspiration, an idea which releases you and the potential for an outcome which offers a whole lot of freedom. Dare you act? Dare you dream and then do it? Is not doing this even an option? The answer has to be no! Take that chance especially if a change can only result in something better.

Changing up things on the home front and also looking at where you may have unconsciously taken on roles around home and family which no longer work or are simply not fair, can occur once Vesta reaches your 4th on the 21st. Often we simply accept what we have been told are our duties or responsibilities and don’t question them. Especially those handed down based on gender. But now is the time as you may suddenly see an unquestioning dynamic simply isn’t fair.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up if so, especially around the time of the full Moon in your 8th on the 24th. This full Moon can either have us filled full of the desire to change and unafraid to make them or have us avoiding anything that pushes those buttons. Chances are as this full Moon makes you go deep, you know what you need to do, tackle or confront, Cancer. It’s about boundaries and your ability to practice that self-worth we’ve been touching on throughout this forecast. To let others know you matter simply by saying ‘No’. So, don’t be afraid to do that.

With the Sun now in your 2nd and Venus and Mars in your 3rd, you should have courage, conviction, confidence and creativity when it comes to your ideas and getting your point across. Jupiter re-enters your 8th on the 24th where it will stay until the end of December. So, again, think empowered change and your ability to make these simply by being unafraid to state your terms. Ceres is all about deals, balance and compromise. It lands in your 12th on the final day of the month showing you where these need to occur. The new you needs a new deal for the new cycle. Don’t be afraid to insist on something better, Cancer.

In a nutshell: The new Moon in your 1st on the 10th marks the start of new beginnings. And exciting new potentials to follow, Cancer. Focus on what you want for the next 12 months. And know you deserve nothing less.



Love and partnerships are back in focus

Prioritise that ‘Me’ time

Happy birthday, Leo!

Jupiter planet of expansion and opportunity, is heading back into your 7th of dynamic duos, double acts and duets of all descriptions at the end of the month. It will then remain in here until the end of the year giving you one more intense focus on partnerships – past, present and potential. Just who could this be? Chances are the full Moon in here on the 24th will show you just what exiting or emerging relationship could be your focus, Leo.

True love begins with you

Venus is the ruler of your 7th and opposes Saturn, also trawling here long-term on the 7th while simultaneously trineing Chiron in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. What is it you are seeking around love? Doesn’t matter if it’s an existing union or a potential one. All this is asking you is to get serious about it. Especially and please, this is important, if you have a feeling something is not quite right. Your most important partnership in life is the one you have with yourself. It is the bedrock from which all others are formed. To have trust in a partner you must first trust yourself. So, this month is already telling you to tune in to what you know about love and please, do not invalidate your own feelings.

There’s a need to explore this more and go soul deep at the time of the new Moon in your 12th on the 10th. Yes, with all the pre-birthday planetary action in your sign, chances are you have already been radiating that signature Leo show-stopping qualities and pizazz. This new Moon tells you it’s time to withdraw and engage in a little self-reflection.

So, if this is what you feel you need to do now, don’t ignore the call to unplug and immerse yourself in serious ‘me’ time. You’ll be glad you did. Honour those emotions and please, don’t doubt the validity of what you feel even if someone is telling you that you should not be feeling this way. I would say especially then.

Cocoon yourself in extreme self-care. The definition of which is different for all of us. Just go with what feels right. But if you can spend some time exploring your inner world now, what will emerge is the feeling that something new is about to emerge. And with that certainty, a very good idea of what or even who this may be. You’ll get a sense of purpose and surety if decisions need to be made. Remember – Jupiter offers solutions and freedom. Freedom often simply amounts to the ability to go in the direction we want and to make the choices we need to. You are about to move in a new direction and just before your ruler lands in your sign!

Even if you don’t get that precognitive vibe, this new Moon is one of the best for setting your intentions for the coming year. And then taking action on them. Either at the time of the new Moon in your 1st next month. Or even sooner if the desire to do something fills you with passionate intent.

So, prioritise this as you are now looking at one of the best days for attraction, love, recognition, partnership matters or what fires up your soul occurs on the 13th when Venus and Mars meet in your sign. Think passion, inspired action, confidence, desire and oh yes, mutual attraction too. At its highest level this is the card of the Two of Cups made real. Align with your purpose, your dreams, your desires. And expect the universe to reciprocate. This is a divine day for love, romance, enjoying time with your partner or for taking that step towards whatever it is you know will make that Leo heart beat faster.

Come from the heart

In fact, heart-centered action in any area is what makes the most of this meeting. Just as you may be off in hot pursuit of something or someone, expect others to seek you out too. Magical, mysterious alignments, that gut feeling confirmed, a fresh sense of certainty, deep resolution and healing – one, some or even a mixture of these could be contained in the Mystic Rectangle of the 15th. Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. A message of some kind – an announcement, invitation, offer, acceptance, big news, result etc.

This one tells you to follow your gut, push through resistance and if there is a choice to make or path to take, you need to take the one that will bring you the most change. And do this fearlessly. Don’t allow doubts – especially the self-generated variety, to cloud your judgement. If you can follow the instructions in your envelope, it could just open up those opportunities and solutions Jupiter is waiting to hand you.

The 22nd sees two events occur simultaneously. The Sun lands in your 1st and Venus exits your sign to enter is ruling 2nd. Mercury will also join your birthday celebrations from the 28th while the 29th has Mars join Venus. Time for new beginnings, fresh starts and to put the past behind you. Hopefully that time of self-reflection and inner alignment has now handed you your mojo back freshy minted and gleaming.

You are heading into a year where sharing dynamics and mergers will feature. On both a personal and business level. Mortgages, loans, property – especially the joint kind as in marital assets. Your salary, benefits, payouts etc. Handling larger sums of money or being offered access to other people’s resources which can be intangible but incredibly valuable nonetheless, are part of Jupiter working your 8th. It will then spend half of ’22 in its ruling 9th giving you the biggest expansion boost you’ve had for 12 years.

For now, the focus remains on you and another. A key dynamic that brings you love or other benefits (and it’s all love). Time to rock your stock on a personal level and get your shine on if its been dulled recently. The month ends with powerful Ceres landing in your 11th opening up new worlds of experience around friends, groups, movements and people you know. By now you know what’s right for you and what isn’t, Leo. Go into your new cycle working that truth and shine on!

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Leo! Your royal progress for the year ahead coincides with Jupiter returning to your 7th of partnerships and lasting love. Long may you reign – with the right person at your side!



Turn within and tune in to those needs

Angels and the truth whisper. Quiet your soul to hear them

Love IS the answer but ask the right question

You truly are being asked to embrace that old 60’s love-in, flower power era saying of Turn on, tune in, drop out this month, Virgo. No, I am not for one moment suggesting you chuck in your day job or stop taking care of your responsibilities. Merely that time spent listening to your deepest inner thoughts, in meditation and getting back in touch with your true wants and needs, opens you up to deep healing, release and focusing on what really matters to you.

You shouldn’t need me to tell you that there is a lot happening in your 12th house this month. Even before the Sun lands on the 22nd. You have Venus and Mars in here and ruler Mercury arrives in the 28th. You’ve a high-speed link to extreme insight, spiritual truths, intuition and universal wisdom. In the time leading up to your birthday, we can say you have an angel at your shoulder. But like your intuition, angels whisper and we need to quiet ourselves in order to listen.

If you do, you will see all too clearly what works for you, what needs to now be released, to practice forgiveness (the ultimate release) – to yourself first and then others if you can. If you cannot forgive that’s fine. This cycle calls for utter truth so better to admit that than to pretend otherwise or go through the motions. If you cannot forgive and we can say, some acts may be unforgiveable, then at least commit to no longer being trapped by negative emotional pain or memories around this.

Understand if you harbour feelings of revenge or resentment, this keeps you stuck and unable to move forward. It’s time to reclaim your power now on every level. And free yourself in doing so. Open up to release and also fresh realisations especially at the time of the all-powerful new Moon in your 11th on the 10th. This is your house of the future and also your house of goals, wishes and dreams. Receive a boost around this when ruler Mercury – freed from its retroshadow from the 6th, arrives in here the day after this new Moon.

The 12th has Mercury trine Jupiter in your partnership zone and the Sun will trine Neptune in here on the 15th – more on this in a moment. This tells you nobody achieves anything alone but this also can bring in a new potential partnership for some. Or see benefits flow from an existing one. Jupiter is on the move again this month. Landing back into your best life everyday and your natural up-vibe 6th. Don’t worry – it will be back in your 7th at the end of the year.

For now, focus on those goals and the people you need to make them happen. If love or a joint partnership venture forms part of this, this tells you the goal to direct your energy into. People make dreams come true for one another. That’s the way this works now. Some of you could see the past return in some form but now shining with new potential. And not just from the Sun’s arrival in your 12th on the 22nd either.

If love is the answer, ask the right question

Ready for insights and fresh ways forward? For options and choices you did not know were there before? To get the answer we must ask the right question. Often this is what do I need as opposed to ‘What do I want?’. The Moon in your 1st on the 15th and opposing Neptune in your 7th triggers this deep dive into your needs when it comes to partnerships of all descriptions. This is the day when Mercury trines Neptune but it also brings you far more when it comes to solutions and answers.

The 13th brings the ultimate Turn on, tune in, drop out love-in alignment between Venus and Mars in your 12th. Showing you the past choices that worked, those that didn’t and where you can revive based on what you now know you need. This is high-functioning insight and intuitive decision making where you can place the past in perspective and free yourself of old patterns and wounds – especially around relationships or even your creative talents and abilities.

The 15th has an even bigger message for you – literally. That Moon in your sign and Neptune form part of a Mystic Rectangle. This stretches across your wish sector, your house of romance and children promising change if you engage with it. Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. A message of some kind – an announcement, invitation, offer, acceptance, big news, result etc. And in your case specifically – answers to those questions or emotional needs.

Do the right thing

Being fearless about acting on what you know to be your truth is part of this process. So, don’t be afraid to act or do what is necessary. A good time to do this is on the 24th when you have a full Moon in your 7th if changes need to be made around one particular relationship or connection. Or you are searching for the one. You’ll also have the confidence to act or make that move once Mars heads into your sign from the 29th.

Turn on to the fact you are being handed a head-start on your new cycle. An entire month before the Sun arrives in your sign. Vesta leaves you 1st on the 21st and hopefully you with a better sense of what is basically fair, just and right with the roles you have been assigned or expected to take on by others. If there is still residue to be worked through around this, ruler Mercury gives you your voice when it arrives in your 12th on the 28th.

But its Venus and Mars who truly get the party started with Venus arriving in your 1st on the 22nd and Mars on the 29th. Both are serving a heady cocktail of confidence, charisma, heat, passion and selflove. Launch yourself into those plans for the upcoming year. Showcase yourself. If you need to make any adjustments to your look, image, style or appearance then re-brand and relaunch now. Create the person you see yourself being in the coming year. And don’t feel you have to fit into anyone else’s idea of who this should be. Vesta in your 1st should have shown you that you no longer need to conform to that.

With Jupiter now back in your 6th until the end of the year, make everyday stuff work for you. Ceres in your 10th from the 31st also wants you to honestly look at your path and not compare your career journey to that of others. Especially if you have been judging yourself or making unfair comparisons. What society deems successful may not match your idea of it. And whose idea are you trying to live up to? Your truth means not bending yourself out of shape to meet other people’s expectations any more – be it on a professional, life or personal level. Tune in to that wisdom, Virgo. Your truth is in there.

In a nutshell: Turn on, tune in and drop out for a while if necessary to listen to that inner voice this month, Virgo. Living your truth begins with honouring your needs. And being free to be yourself – unplugged and unfettered!



Reinject those goals with a little passion

Love is all around you

YOU get to re-write the rules

Fun, friends and discovering just how far you can get when it comes to those goals are what July is all about for you, Libra. Look to your 11th house for where much of the action takes place. Ruler Venus is in here along with Mars and these two make the ultimate soul-entangled meet-cute on the 13th.

What does this all add up to? Playing with the fire of passion and possibility. And also, not taking it too seriously. Time to release cares be they around success/failure or even what others think. The moment you simply focus on enjoying the process rather than worrying too much about your goal is when you enter fully into that flow of attraction state.

Love IS all around

You know the usual rules, Libra. And that is when your 11th is activated, this is usually about love of friends and the benefits your network has to offer. As opposed to benefits of the other kind or romantic love. So, while goals are in focus these are usually not of the heart. However, rules are meant to be broken and there’s no better time to know this month – that to you they simply don’t apply.

Why? Well, thank Mars and ruler Venus making trines to Chiron in your 7th. This is the ultimate ‘play by your own rules’ aspect. Chiron always asks us what we dare to get away with. What boundaries we can push or rules we can re-write. So, this applies to any kind of past, present or potential partnership situation. Starting out one thing and ending up another. Or simply you seeing just how far those rules can be bent in your favour. Key dates for doing just this are the 2nd – Mars trine Chiron, and 7th – Venus trine Chiron.

In fact, the old rules can be torn up and thrown away entirely once Chiron retros from the 21st. You can then re-write them any way you want. Of course, your natural desire for equality, harmony and balance will always be with you like your own personal brand of the Force. You’ll be serving that when Vesta lands in your sign on the 21st but at the same time you’ll no longer be willing to put up with any arrangement that is skewed unfairly to the other party’s benefit. Or is based on any kind of gender bias. And once the planets including ruling Venus start assembling in your 12th from the 22nd, you won’t be afraid to speak out about it either.

Risky Business

Taking a chance and pushing the envelope when it comes to getting what you want could see you using your inner resources, talents and skills in a new way too. It adds up to you having a new level of faith in yourself, Libra. And that envelope you push could be a literal one which impacts on your career, public images, status (both professional and/or relationship) or your home, living arrangement and your security.

Let’s talk the 10th house. The Sun remains in here until the 22nd and Mercury gives those career moves and ideas a boost when it arrives in here on the 11th having cleared retroshadow in your 9th on the 6th. The real item of business however is first the new Moon of the 10th which is all about path and purpose and how this aligns to your security – physical, material and emotional. Get very clear about what it is you need around these areas. You need to come across as someone who is in control of their destiny and knows what outcome they want to achieve.

Take yourself seriously along with all you have to offer and the world will reflect your attitude back at you. You also have two beautiful alignments and one other major aspect helping you with all this. Mercury trines Jupiter in Mercury’s ruling 6th on the 12th and the Sun trines Neptune in here on the 15th.

Try to schedule important work-related meetings, pitches or applications for around these dates. News is on its way and contained in that envelope I mentioned. This may come as a result from you taking a chance or risk and stretching yourself to see just what you can achieve when you try. The 15th delivers a Mystic Rectangle.

Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes – hence my analogy about pushing one. And pretty well do what they say on the label. They contain news, offers, invitations, announcements. Maybe in digital form but this does not dilute the importance. Because they contain sextiles and oppositions, we are always asked to push or make some kind of effort to harness all their potential. It may not be easy but the result will be worth it.

This Rectangle involves the Sun opposition Pluto in your money zone and the Moon in your 12th opposition Neptune. Hence the need to be clear about the outcome you want and to be taking yourself seriously above all else.

The Sun’s arrival in your 11th puts the focus firmly on who you know, good times to be shared and also on goals of every description. This includes the love and personal kind as Jupiter is about to re-enter your 5th on the 28th. Before it does however, it will oppose ruler Venus in your 12th on the 22nd – same day as the Sun arrives in your 11th. This could usher in that news or opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

You’ll stand on the cusp of August at your energy peak now Mars joins Venus in your 12th from the 29th. Ceres is also on the move into your 9th on the final day of the month. If you have something to say now, say it. If you have a decision to make – take it with surety of purpose and passion behind it. August will see you effortlessly leave behind what no longer serves you or holds you back. This month, pushing that envelope lays the groundwork for just that, Libra.

In a nutshell: Playing by someone else’s rules no longer works for you this July, Libra. In fact, just whose rules are they anyway? Time to throw out that playbook and write your own. Especially when it comes to what you’ll do for love.



Just DO it!

Focus your intention for serious results

Werk that luck factor

Just do the work, Scorpio. That’s the message as July begins. And if you make the effort, this month can turn into the ultimate kick-starter when it comes to your career, reputation, status and rewards. Initially, you may feel inertia, daunted by what needs doing, or even wonder how on earth you will juggle that work/life balance. Don’t give in to feeling overwhelmed or stuck. One step at a time, Scorpio. Chunk down even the biggest task or project to the next small step you need to take and focus just on that. And then the next small one. And so on.

Mercury popping out of retroshadow on the 6th in your 8th hands you the power to focus and also sheer, Scorpionic determination. That inner knowing that yes, you CAN. Nobody does it better, Scorpio. Not when you tap into those incredible inner resources.

And don’t worry, if this is what you experience at the start of July, it won’t last. Plus, you have plenty working in your favour. Serious focus delivers serious results. You’re in the position to impress. You have the talent, the staying power, the goods and now the universe hands you the opportunity if you are willing to go after it.

Just how lucky can you be?

What’s working for you is that the efforts you make now result in release and freedom. The Sun is in your 9th until the 22nd. And you have a luck-factor, chance taking, opportunity creating new Moon in here on the 10th. Plus, an extra special factor of luck just adding to all this potential. Now, this doesn’t mean you can afford to just sit back and wait for things to happen – because it simply doesn’t work like that. But what this does tell you in that the universe is likely to get behind you if you simply make the effort – or take that first step.

The new Moon is asking you whether or not you are content or think you deserve more – or could achieve more if you tried. It wants to broaden your horizons and for you to step into the power of your full potential. It’s about being ready to explore this or even how far an idea could possibly take you. This takes courage and a certain willingness to try something new or embrace the unknown. Are you ready for a bigger role or simply for a bigger experience?

The line-up of planets in your 10th is all about success via self-belief. On the way to the new Moon and what follows afterwards we have Venus and Mars in your 10th. Both planets will be angling to planets in your 4th, 6th and 7th houses so this could just as easily involve a partner, home and family matters as it could your work and career. The trine both make to Chiron however tells you its time to try something new if the old way isn’t working.

Only the Brave

Time to see just what you can get away with. Chiron always dares us. Telling us to be or try something that little (or lot) extra. Your 9th is also the house of explorers and yes, while a new Moon and planets in here can mean travel, there are so many other ways to explore. Including what you can achieve when you decide to go fierce or go home.

The middle of the month brings a slew of important transits. Involving both rulers ancient and modern. The 13th is your day to impress, to take that bold step, to discover just how far you can reach when you try as Venus and ancient ruler Mars meet in your 10th. This is the day for confidence, bravery, self-promotion, heat and passion fused with allure and a touch of diplomacy.

If you want to make your best impression – especially to those in positions of influence or authority – this is your day to do it. So, apply for that job, ask for that raise, make your pitch or schedule that meeting. Above all, work all you have like the boss you are.

The Sun in your 9th is moving to oppose modern day ruler Pluto in your 3rd which is exact on the 17th. Another day to push for those power moves or go after what you want. As they move into orb, they form one part of a Mystic Rectangle on the 15th with the Moon in your 11th of the future and Neptune in your 5th of rocking your own message or show.

Push the envelope a little more

Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes – hence my analogy about pushing one. And pretty well do what they say on the label. They contain news, offers, invitations, announcements. Maybe in digital form but this does not dilute the importance. Because they contain sextiles and oppositions, we are always asked to push or make some kind of effort to harness all their potential. It may not be easy but the result will be worth it. Take it some kind of news or result is coming from all this effort, Scorpio.

A high tensile T-Square which involves that Sun/Pluto opposition and the Moon in your 12th also on the 17th may kick up an unexpected speed bump. Maybe your own resistance within? Push through this. This month asks you to look at what holds you back and this includes the opinions of others. Please look closely at this from the 21st when Vesta lands in your 12th.

The 22nd has the Sun lighting up your 10th for the next month and Mercury joining it on the 28th. Now may be the time many of you see the results of the efforts you made earlier this month begin to manifest. This day also sees Venus in your 11th making a sublime opposition to Jupiter in your 5th.

This is a day where you down-shift after the hectic pace of the month. Indulge yourself in escapism. Fantasy, creativity, romance. Sometimes leaving the world behind just for a little while is exactly what we need to recharge. Your ability to attract today is also at its peak. If you can imagine it, you may be able to experience it or have it on some level. This is one of the best days of the month for love.

This month’s full Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house – your 4th. So, expect increased sensitivity as a result. After the ‘put yourself out there’ energy of this month, this full Moon may trigger a marked contrast for you. You may feel like spending time unplugged or just withdraw from the spotlight for a while. You’ll be very aware of your needs and those of others. But when it gets up close and personal as this full Moon can, how your emotional needs are being met.

Be honest about those feelings with those you live or share with. And above all, be honest with yourself about what it is you really need. What satisfies and sustains you not just emotionally but on a physical/material level too. Any shortfalls need to be addressed but in a practical way. And above all, if there is something you need to address with someone, do so in a non-blaming way and keep the focus on you.

Time spent meditating on the card of The Moon in the Tarot can help you. As can paying extra close attention to your dreams. You may be surprised at the insight and answers they deliver even on a symbolic level.

Jupiter returns to your 4th on the 28th where it will stay until late December. The efforts you make this month may well have a beneficial knock-on effect with your home, living arrangements etc. Remember, Jupiter always wants to open doors and expand. In your 4th this can literally mean more living space. Or at the very least, opportunities to enhance your sense of security. The final day of the month sees another shift take place as powerful Ceres enters your 8th of transformation, merges and change. There’s a deal to be done in July and August, Scorpio. And the work you do this month sets it up for you.

In a nutshell: Just what can you get away with this month, Scorpio? Luck is on your side so is it time to push the envelope a little when it comes to what you can get away with? Go on, I dare you!



Being you is your first order of business

Turn time in your favour – admission to Hogwarts not needed

What did you miss the first time around?

It’s that time of the year which almost feels like you get a second birthday month, Sag. But without all the clash with the holiday season. In fact, if you were going to assign yourself an official birthday like the Queen, July/August would be the time to do this as the Sun and other planets light up your 9th house of all things Sag-ruled with a touch of showbusiness glamour thrown in.

There’s No Business Like Sag Business

So – on with the show. First, time-turning moves can work in your favour this month, Sag. The past is how we can predict our future if we learn from it. Now, this month is telling you that if you revise or reboot something from your past, you can get the outcome you were always after. But perhaps didn’t obtain first time around.

Think Hermione Grainger just turning time to her advantage. That’s you so take time to go back over old ground. Especially at the time of the new Moon in your 8th on the 10th and Mercury’s trine to ruler Jupiter in your 4th just two days later. There’s no doubt this is setting you up for something. This could mark the beginning with it manifesting in full form after the 22nd when the Sun arrives in your 9th. So, think opportunities, solutions and yes – even love, Sag.

Your 8th is about re-birth and transformation. This may touch on business and ideas due to Mercury clearing its retroshadow in your 7th on the 6th and then landing in your 8th the day after the new Moon appears. Effortless confidence and no longer feeling daunted over an old issue may accompany this new Moon. You gain a new perspective and power over something or someone that has been holding you back. This may be marked by Mercury’s trine to your ruler Jupiter on the 12th and the Sun’s trine to Neptune also in your 4th (both are in the Moon’s ruling house), on the 15th.

Opportunities can ring twice or you simply see another approach you were blind to before. Change your perspective/reaction and you transform the area or situation. Or a key piece of news, information, offer, insight or opportunity acts as your catalyst. This is also on offer around the 15th although you may not see the actual result manifest until the 22nd when Venus now in your 10th opposes Jupiter in your 4th.

Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. So, they contain what you need to know. In other words, one, some or all the elements mentioned above. In this digital age this may arrive as an email or message as opposed to snail mail. But the impact or importance isn’t diluted no matter how it arrives. There’s plenty of mutable energy packaged in this Mystic message as it hooks in the Moon in your 10th and Neptune in your 4th. Along with Pluto in your 2nd and the Sun in your ‘other’ money house. Whatever the message, it could hand you the empowerment or change you have been seeking, Sag.

This should result in freedom being restored on some level for you. Especially if things have felt too confining and restrictive of late. The past few years may have served you more than your fair share of challenges. And for some Sagittarians, a few ‘dark nights of the soul’. There is no compensation if you have had to withstand this with your signature good humour and faith in a higher power intact. But as the Sun shines in your 9th, you may now feel a long await sense of release and the return of your optimism again.

Under normal circumstances we would be talking about long distance travel for you. That favourite Sag activity. But this is not the new normal. Not even close yet. But even if this is not possible for you, this is a good time to getaway and if your adventures are confined close to home, they will however open your eyes again to the big wide world out there. Mercury’s arrival in here on the 28th favours not just travel in terms of short trips or distance, but anything that involves communications, the internet, the mass media and doing business overseas. Some of you may also be looking at undertaking a big purchase – anything from a car to a horse is favoured too.

One last time

Allow your mind to explore and play with big ideas. This will extend to your career. Perhaps aiming higher than you have allowed yourself lately once Mars joins Venus in your 10th from the 29th firing up those old ambitions. Again, look back at what you can potentially reboot and turn back time on.

There’s also a new deal on the table when it comes to love or any kind of partnership, Sag. If you wanted to give someone a second chance for instance. You can cut a fresh deal and begin on a new footing once Ceres enters your 7th on the final day of the month. This also applies to your current bae or even a working relationship. If things are unequal, you can take steps to renegotiate in ways that hand both parties that win/win. Anyone who appears now is looking for the same kind of freedom and balance you are. Turn back to love and what makes your heart soar.

In a nutshell: Planets in your Sag-influenced 9th add up to just one thing – freedom. Time to get on with the business of being you. And breaking away from anything that stops you from doing just tat, Sag.



Know where the buck stops

Your needs have changed – own this

Get ready for fresh starts in love

The month begins with Mars in its ancient ruling 8th opposing your ruler Saturn in your 2nd. Time to know when the price is right and when it’s not, Capricorn. And also, where your boundaries lie. The 4th also sees Mars square up with Uranus in your 5th. This month has a sub-theme around sharing, mergers and acquisitions and yes, your money too. Love and money as well you know are ruled by Venus. Sharing, your ‘other’ money house of joint assets, your salary and benefits etc as well as sex, is ruled by Pluto (in your 1st) and also traditionally Mars.

This is about more than money but could touch on how you expect to be treated especially in your intimate and romantic relationships. Is it time to take a stand or ask for more? And to be prepared to leave the table if the other party won’t compromise? You may be dealing with questions around these issues this month – especially towards the end of it when Vesta enters your 10th (21st) and Ceres arrives in your 6th (31st).

Stating your terms and knowing your worth and also holding on to the soul certainty of what you deserve both personally and professionally, is important this month. Venus which rules your 2nd also opposes Saturn on the 7th and squares Uranus in what is Venus’s ruling sign. Many of you could be looking at a deal which leaves you better off on some level – either emotionally or materially. Best time to negotiate? The 13th when Venus and Mars meet in your 8th. This is a power day for money, joint assets, loans, salaries, investments, mortgages, pay-outs and benefits. And simply for stating your terms. Time to broadcast your worth, Capricorn. And bank the results either emotionally or financially.

Show me the love!

Love gets the ultimate extreme makeover or re-boot following the new Moon in your 7th on the 10th. This is a time of new beginnings in existing unions or your perfect cue to make your move when it comes to initiating something new. The next day also sees Mercury arrive in here so think conversations which revolve around partnerships and messages of love. And even if these are around business this also comes under partnerships. Mercury’s alignment with Jupiter in your 3rd (Mercury’s ruling house) could bring offers, opportunities, solutions, invitations and new connections. Don’t be afraid to be the one who starts the discussion.

Know what it is you want however. And come from a place also of wanting the best for both parties. It’s important to be very clear on what you are seeking and to let the other person know. Also, if they aren’t looking for what you are, then please respect that and don’t think they will magically change their mind. That’s insulting and also time wasting for you both. Either you can find the sweet middle ground or else wish them well and move on. This takes the strength of self-assurance and self-love. And yes, that new Moon can hand you a big, loving spoonful of the latter if it’s been in short supply lately.

Mid-month (15th) sees the Sun in your 7th begin to move to oppose Pluto in your 1st which occurs on the 17th. This heralds changes around you and your needs in a relationship. As the planets move they will form a Mystic Rectangle on the 15th – the same day as the Sun makes a superb trine to Neptune in your 3rd. Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. So, think important news, an offer, invitation, opportunity, message or information you need. In this digital age this may arrive as an email or message as opposed to snail mail. But the impact or importance isn’t diluted no matter how it arrives. For you, this could be the answer to your T&C’s or request or application.

The day the Sun/Pluto opposition occurs we also have a T-Square form between this and the Moon in your 10th.While compromise is always the key, this tells you not to waver over that which you know is right. And to show you are serious about it. The Sun’s arrival in your 8th from the 22nd boosts your feeling of self-empowerment and should show you how right you were to stand by those values, Capricorn.

You’re also bringing sexy back now. Yes, self-empowerment is sexy. You’ll be feeling it and radiating it too. And unafraid to showcase it either. The 22nd also sees Venus on the move into your 9th of freedom. You’ll relish that feeling of restrictions falling away – especially if you initiated the process to free yourself from them. Now, enjoy that heady rush of sheer satisfaction. Venus then opposes Jupiter in your 3rd just prior to Jupiter returning to your 2nd which it does on the 28th. Exciting news or an opportunity to step into something bigger may be the result.

Life could feel like a heady adventure again and the full Moon in your 2nd on the 24th could simply highlight how right you’ve been all along to stick out for what you know is simply fair and what you’re entitled to. So, don’t waver when it comes to those core values and self-worth, Capricorn.

Mars joins Venus in your 9th from the 29th leaving you with the feeling there is nothing you can’t tackle. You’re hungry for a bigger experience this July, Capricorn. Whether this is in love, work or the pursuit of what passionately ignites your soul. This month tells you not to simply settle. Hold the dream and hold out for what you really want. It (and you) are worth it.

In a nutshell: The new Moon in your 7th is always about a fresh phase when it comes to partnerships and relating. Time to own the fact your needs have changed, Capricorn. And you need the love that matches this.



Supersize the love!

Time to radiate to attract

Dance with duos, duets and double acts of all descriptions

Super-cali-fragi-listic-love! Who doesn’t want some of that? Show it, feel it, share it and yes, receive it this July, Aquarius. You have Jupiter bouncing back into your sign at the end of the month (28th). It will then stay with you until the end of the year. Often Jupiter in our 1st can bring us even bigger partnership experiences than it does in our 7th. That’s because it bigs up our image and ability to attract. We come across as the next best thing. We are.

Boosting all this is the hot date between Venus in its ruling 7th and Mars in here on the 13th. Perhaps the biggest all-out attraction event of the year. So, no matter what your love or relationship status, this conjunction is all about see and be seen. Ensuring love and other heart-starting experiences can find you in other words. Expressing the love and creative life force within is where you begin with this. Do what you love to do that allows your soul to sing – and love will follow. So, make experiences of love your main focus now rather than attracting the ‘one’ if you are single. And see what happens (or who) when you do this.

Attraction also includes other kinds of partnership dynamics such as working ones, deep, resonant forever kind of friendships, gifts and opportunities. Share yourself to kick start all of this. Someone is going to act as your mirror, your reflection or even your other half at the time of the full Moon in your sign on the 24th. So, watch carefully who you pull towards you at this time as the tides of love turn in your favour. Your gravity is strong as you draw others into your orbit this July.

In the lead up to this, you will see a fresh focus on your work, studies, ideas, habits and routine. This is all about living your best life every day. Not just during the holidays although these may be on the cards for some of you now. Mercury’s move out of retroshadow dull occurs on the 6th in your 5th of romance, fun and yes, holidays. Mercury rules short trips as in short in distance or duration. So, this could mark the start of the perfect staycation for some.

Others will be looking at their lifestyle and wellbeing and seeing where there is room for improvement. So, it’s not just your relationships that will benefit from you showing them the love. But all the stuff you take for granted too. And that’s usually the stuff we don’t pay too much attention to. So, the day job, how you work your day whether you engage in paid or unpaid work, the exercise you do or don’t take, those habits that are easy to fall into but hard to break, what you think does you good as opposed to what is actually good for you. And yes, these can be two different things.

You have enough love to spare

So, shine that love light on all of these and if it now all seems a bit mundane compared to other aspects this month, consider this: You are just getting Fit for Love. Cross training for more love. You can’t expect to have time for love if your time and energy is being eaten up by other areas: repetitive tasks that get you nowhere, time eating habits that leave you drained in more ways than one, that routine that’s really a rut although you tell yourself it doesn’t matter (it does).

New ideas for improvement come flooding in at the time of the new Moon in your 6th on the 11th. If you initiate new habits now, you are likely to stick to them. So, this is an excellent new Moon under which to start that diet or exercise program, look for a new job or even get to grips with decluttering or establishing new habits. Mercury lends a hand as it lands in what is its ruling house in your chart from the 12th. Clarity now replaces confusion and a fabulous fresh direction replaces any tendency to drift due to soul boosting trines between Mercury and Jupiter in your 2nd (12th) and the Sun and Neptune (15th).

Say yes to change

The 15th also brings a cosmic message in the form of a Mystic Rectangle. It tells you that when it comes to worthwhile results – efforts must be made. If it’s worth it – it’s worth the stretch you need to make and take, Aquarius. Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. So, they contain what you need to know, an offer, invitation, important contract or agreement or opportunity. In this digital age this may arrive as an email or verbal message as opposed to snail mail. But the impact or importance isn’t diluted no matter how it arrives. If this involves you making a change, then you now need to say ‘Yes’ Aquarius.

By the time we enter the final part of July we have the Sun in your 7th and Venus in your 8th both on the 22nd. Mercury is about to enter your 7th on the 28th switching up the love or togetherness talk. While Venus in your 8th enhances any dealings around your money and joint assets. In between, the full Moon in your sign on the 24th could highlight the relationship around which all this revolves. Full Moon reflect their light back into the house opposite to that which they appear in. So, your 7th in other words.

Look to who is literally your ‘opposite’ number now or your main focus. This can be a past, present or potential partner. Or a working relationship. A bestie or collaborator. Or alternatively, that opponent or rival. Ask yourself what you want and where you want this to go. And if you are dealing with someone who is ‘in your face’ think of them as an agent of your transformation rather than a focus of your dislike. When we change our response even on an inner level, we escape the dynamic.

Jupiter promises it will all conclude in your favour as it returns to your 1st on the 28th. Mars then joins Venus in its ancient ruling 8th on the 29th. Stick to what you know is right and above all, don’t now be rushed into anything, Aquarius. Whether this is in your personal life or your work/financial life. Before jumping, please ensure you understand exactly what you will land in. Ask questions and go through the T&C’s. And if someone seems a little too full-on for comfort, this may be your cue to slow things down.

That being said, you should end the month on a new note of loved up confidence and empowerment combined with a restored faith in the power of love and your ability to attract it. Ceres lands in your fabulizing 5th on the final day of July. This is about new deals and new worlds on offer around romance, creativity, children and good times. Time to explore just what is possible when you start in the name of love!

In a nutshell: With Jupiter returning to your 1st this month and your partnership zone lit up like July 4 all month, love not only makes your world go round but you’ve more than enough to go around. So, share it and show it, Aquarius.



Take a vacation in the multiverse – you’ve earned it

Are you ready to allow change to enter?

July says: That’s the power of love!

Ancient ruler Jupiter leaves your 1st this month on the 28th. But don’t worry Pisces – it will be back. Bigger and with even more open-handed generosity in ’22 when it will meet your other ruler Neptune in your 1st for the first time in over 160 years!

Back in your mysterious 12th, Jupiter will continue to enhance your creative and psychic abilities. And hand you lasting benefits such as deep healing via self-discovery and re-framing your past. In particular, watch out for what insights emerge or where inspiration takes you around the time of the full Moon in here on the 24th. What emerges may give you a fresh sense of release and escape into hitherto hidden potentials. Think of this as a all-zone travel pass to explore the multiverse.

It’s also a time for alignment and renegotiation if this is needed too this month. Mars is powering through your 6th at the start of the month. Your house of every but important stuff – that day job, your studies, the housework, your wellbeing, your work/life balance, your habits and routines. Are you feeling the burn as in burnout? Or feeling you simply don’t have enough resources as in time or energy? If so, these are your areas to look at.

Dare to ask for a better deal now. Especially after Mercury exits its retroshadow on the 6th handing you the right words to frame this and enabling you to get your point across. You have even greater potential to put a win/win deal on the table after the 31st when Ceres lands in your home sector and Venus enters your 7th on the 22nd. Especially if this revolves around partners or those you live with.

Awaken to anticipation and a renewed faith in love

But let’s talk about magic happening in July, Pisces as it’s hardly a mundane sky for you this month. You begin with the Sun in your fabulizing 5th and a new Moon of bold, expansive new beginnings on the 10th. Mercury also lands in your 5th the next day and will trine Jupiter still in your 1st on the 12th while the Sun trines Neptune from there on the 15th.

You also have a meeting between Venus and Mars in your 6th on the 13th – a conjunction set to overdue the daily grind if you are in one or propel you out of that rut if you have fallen into one.

The new Moon ushers in a sense that anything is possible for you when combined with those door opening trines. What will come through? At the very least a fresh sense of playfulness and belief in the power of love, Pisces. In fact, is it time to fall in love with love again? What better reason then to indulge in a little pragmatic housekeeping beforehand to create space and time to enjoy just that?

Fun Fact: Especially when this involves your 5th house. Fun, pleasure, indulgence are valid spiritual growth experiences. So, why deny or restrict your ability to experience and/or have them? Time to experience life whole-heartedly when the new Moon appears in here. Aside from the possibility of this new Moon and those trines ushering in potential new love for some of you, this new Moon also promises good times with your family and children/young people.

This is an excellent time to be heading off for a holiday – which your 5th rules. If so its likely to be in your home country or not far from it. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be both enjoyable and memorable. Indulging yourself via the things you love to do is another factor in play now. Those hobbies, creative outlets, activities and pastimes where you can lose yourself for hours. Just as you did as a child. In fact, if you are not going anywhere right now, why not consider reviving something you used to love to do? This can represent a ‘holiday’ from that routine.

Spoiling yourself is another aspect of the new Moon and planets in your 5th. With Venus presently in your more pragmatic 6th you will be able to stay within your budget but also see that sometimes splashing out on something special is the soul boost you’ve been missing. So, a little self-indulgence within reason goes a long way.

How will you RSVP?

But – there’s more as they used to say in the old infomercials. The 15th which is the same day as the Sun in its ruling 5th trines Neptune, also delivers a Mystic Rectangle. Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. The one that drops into your cosmic mailbox on the 15th links the Moon now in your 7th of partnerships with Neptune, and the Sun in your 5th with Pluto in your 11th. Think offers, invitations, dates, partnerships, goals, friends, who you know, doing what you love and ultimate creative self-expression.

Because this aspect is a mixture of oppositions and sextiles, we say that taking advantage of what it contains may require you to take a leap of faith or leave that comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to take a chance as your 5th house is all about luck.

The 22nd sees the Sun move into your 6th shining on those day-to-day areas that still need the love or the cobwebs removed. Mercury rules this house and lands on the 28th. You’ll be in the right frame of mind to get down to the everyday business of really living now. And balancing this with love. Venus arrives in its ruling 7th from the 22nd and opposes Jupiter in your 1st on the same day making this one of the best times for double acts, duos and duets of the year for you. With Mars following on the 29th, you’ll have the confidence to go seek out that passion you need on every level. Whether its via that one special someone or simply pursuing what you love. This takes you on into August. Go get your love. It’s all spiritual growth, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Love gets a re-boot and anything that begins now comes wrapped in future potential. Jupiter leaves your sign and re-enters your 12th. The imaginative worlds of the multiverse await you. If you can dream it, you can live it, Pisces. Go there.








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