Weekly Astro Tarot with our Psychic Sally

Aries Two of Swords

You are in a period of indecision, you are caught up in a stalemate and refusal to act could lead to further stagnation.  You may be fearful of upsetting the status quo and unsure what to do for the best, you are weighing one thing up against another to make a beneficial choice.  By facing your situation honestly, you can clearly see what it is your fearful of and therefore what you can do to change it.  If we don’t change we cease to grow as individuals, even though you may be fearful of upsetting the balance a new perspective and a new view of life has begun to stir within you.  You know there is a decision to be made, you have the strength to handle this creatively by facing honestly what is happening, by doing this you can release tension, move forward and continue to grow.

Taurus Seven of Cups

Wow, there’s so many possibilities!  You are going through a time of realising your amazing untapped potential and making choices that are grounded.  It’s wonderful to dream and fantasise about your future that helps to manifest our desires, you’ve been doing this a lot recently and know is the time decide what ones of those future potentials you actually want to materialise!  You have an abundance of imaginative gifts so use them wisely for your intuition senses all kinds of potentials and it is up to you to choose. Daydreams are brilliant, but you have to choose which ones you want in your reality, once you’ve decided act decisively and work hard to bring them to fruition.  Expect an uprush of happy fantasies of a wonderful future where anything is possible, now is the time to act in realistic terms to make those potentials within manifest.

Gemini Five of Cups

I sense your sorrow at the moment, there is something that has changed and this is bringing uncertainty and flux.  Even though you may be feeling sad, there is still hope and there is something that still remains which can be worked on.  Letting go can bring about feelings of regret and melancholy but you realise you have reached an impasse, focus on what is redeemable and understand that there is still something positive on which to build.  You have an opportunity to address your emotional values and reflect on your relationships with others, I know it’s tough what you’re going through, it might be an emotionally painful time but this may be necessary to make much-needed changes.  Something of value still remains, build upon what is intact and remember there are still hopeful possibilities for the future, you still have everything to hope for.

Cancer Ace of Cups

You are going through a period of great emotional fulfilment and an auspicious time for all close relationships.  You feel a sense of peace and can reap the rewards the rewards of being in a happy union.  You are feeling a deep connection with your deep watery depths and are ready to express yourself creatively, that creative impulse arises from deep within your soul.  You are entering a period that is fruitful and rich with possibilities.  You can enjoy this time most by knowing on a soul and heart level that you are accessing your emotional depths, that interconnectedness with others and yourself is leading you towards greater emotional fulfilment.  You are beginning a new chapter in your heart and emotional life, your relationships in both the friendship and love arena have a strong spiritual and emotional quality.

Leo Page of Cups

There are many positive emotional possibilities for you, this is a fresh new beginning on an emotional level.  There is a sense of renewal after a difficult period, you are embarking in a new direction.  You realise that love starts with you and that others can only love you as much as you love yourself, you are looking at new ways to be self-loving and introducing new self-care rituals.  Nurture this time and be gentle with yourself as this is a gentle new beginning think of it as little flowers budding at the beginning of spring they could be easily crushed with negativity or self-doubt, so allow yourself to grow and into this new state of being with grace and delicacy.  You are ready to get in touch with your feelings and something is opening you up to your inner world of your emotions. Tender care is needed to bring these positive emotional possibilities to fruition. 

Virgo Nine of Wands

You are determined to succeed and have incredible strength in reserve.  You may be feeling daunted by certain tasks that lay ahead but you are equipped to deal with this and you have incredible strength to conquer what is happening.  You are close to the finishing line and you just need to make one more big effort to reach your goal.  You might be feeling exhausted and quite overwhelmed, but you can get through this by reminding yourself that this isn’t your first challenge you have faced and come through stronger as result.  The trials of the past have out you in a stronger position than you realise and you have the powers of endurance to get through this.  Deep down within you, you have a formidable reserve that will keep you going.  You are determined to conserve your energy.  Keep your mind on what lies beyond the present impasse and those reserves will come in very useful.

Libra Justice

You are going through a period where you know you have to use your rational faculties to judge a situation fairly.  An agreement may be reached through negotiation and looking for fair solutions, you want balance and are striving for this with your dealings with others.  By looking at the situation objectively you have a chance of gaining a clearer understanding yourself.  Your higher self is guiding you to be more honest and truthful with yourself and asking you to accept the situation in which you find yourself.  If you can resist blaming others and accept responsibility for the part you have played, you will then be able to move forward, move on and not get stuck in denial or resentment.  You will do best my adopting a balanced outlook, this will help you find effective strategies to resolve your current difficulties.

Scorpio Queen of Swords

You are realising your own strength and patience in dealing with difficulties, your ability to be self-reliant and independent will help you overcome any obstacles. You will be comfortable at work as you have the capacity within you to set your emotions aside to thinking rationally and make clear decisions.  You have met some of life’s hardships recently and this has made you incredibly analytical and intelligent, you can judge situations fairly.  You are wise because of everything you’ve been through, this gives you a clearer sense of what is it to be human.  None of us are perfect and striving for perfection is elusive and impossible, by softening your view of yourself and others you open yourself up to life once more and become ready to be more assertive and express your power with humility.


Sagittarius Eight of Cups

You are letting go of something and walking away from an emotional situation that has been stressful.  Even though you may feel sad, on some level you realise you have done all you can for the moment and don’t have hope for the hope for the situation.  The end of one situation bring the beginning of another, an emotional situation has outlived its purpose and you have no choice but to let go. You need some time to heal and recuperate, it’s really important to take good care of yourself now and pay close attention to your feelings.  You are accepting that something wasn’t working and you know you need to start a fresh chapter, you have been ceasing to grow and ultimately this is why you are walking away.  There is a period of adjustment to go through and you’ll see that all these changes will be beneficial for you.

Capricorn The Wheel Of Fortune

You are experiencing the wheel of change and life is beginning to look and feel different.  You are completing one cycle and beginning another.  One thing we can count on in life is change and you are embracing this season of change.  You are the architect of your fate and the universe is working with you on a subconscious level to manifest your desires.  This heralds a fresh start, you are embarking on a new chapter in your book of your life and it is up to you determine if this will be a positive or negative experience.  You are getting more in touch with your capacity to make choices and this will make you feel empowered.  If you try to stay where you are there’s a chance you could stagnate and cease to grow as an individual.  You are now able to gather positive momentum as you embrace change, you can let go of the past and move forward with grace.

Aquarius The Magician

You are about to undergo a new beginning where you meet your inner guidance and develop your manifestation abilities.  The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity.  You are inspired to apply skill and initiative to accomplish all your goals. You have a strong desire to begin something new, to ‘do, act, or go forth’. A ‘can-do’ attitude and strong sense of optimism will dominate a new beginning and thus the decisions that you make will have positive results.  sees you creating success in everything that you do. This is a Tarot card about manifesting your goals by utilising the skills, tools and resources that are available to you.  You will come up with creative ways to solve problems and you will be able to use your existing knowledge and connections to arrive at solutions.  This is a good omen when you have a specific wish, when you begin a project involving creativity, or when you need to make a transformation of any kind. This is a great card for meditation when you need to call all the elements for help and wisdom


Pisces Strength

You are so strong and courageous!  Everything you’ve been through to date has been shaping your character, today you’ve reached a plateau, you can look at yourself with self-loving eyes, witness and feel the strength that resides within you.  Your confidence is authentic because you have done the inner work required to develop a healthy ego.  You have the strength and courage to achieve self-mastery, you are able to overcome obstacles and embody self-control in stressful situations.  You may feel that your emotions are too strong to handle sometimes, you will find mastery when you channel these feelings into something creative or find an outlet for them. You can shake off the opinions of others because you realise it’s how you view yourself that is the most important and valuable thing.  You have created your own suit of armour, you are resilient and have the incredible inner fortitude to persevere towards your desired result. You realise what is destructive in your life, and you are able to release things that no longer serve you, you understand being destructive leads to imbalance and you know with all your being it’s better to do something creative if you want balance.