Your Full Moon in Taurus Moonscope November 8 2022

full moon in taurus

Your Full Moon in Taurus Moonscope November 8 2022

By Our astrologer Elena 

The final eclipse for ‘22 occurs in Taurus at 16o 1’. This is a total lunar eclipse in the sign of personal money matters, possessions, values and self-worth. Taurus can hang on, identify themselves by what they earn or have, or become overly-attached to the material. An extreme example has to be Gollum in Lord of the Rings and ‘My preciousssss’.

Do you own what you have or does it own you? This may be part of the cover up – and it is a big one, that this eclipsed full Moon hides. Another example of being ‘owned’ by what you have would be the person who buys the high end sports car but then rarely takes it out of the garage for fear of what might happen to it. If we exceed our budgets and over-spend we are ‘owned’ by our debts. Believing we are nothing without our stuff, our income, status, job title devalues us. You don’t need more. You just need a more worthy mindset. Upgrade it for richer feeling.


As with last month’s partial solar eclipse, you need to check your chart for those Taurus/Scorpio factors. This time at 16 degrees. This is about your emotional values. How you value yourself most of all. But also the emotional relationship you have to what you have, hold or earn. This can be highly complex. And can get even more complex when others are involved in our financial or material story. Your partner for instance. Or how you compare yourself to others and what they have.

We’re usually more open to talking about sex than we are about money. Of course, this secrecy is what employers rely on. They bank on you and your co-workers not sharing salary details. So you don’t uncover the fact you are doing the same job but being paid less than say a man in the same position. We may hide the truth about our finances from our partners and those closest to us. From small things like concealing those purchases to even being unwilling to admit our money is in a mess to a professional. It goes deep. It is always linked to feelings of being unworthy in some way. This eclipse asks you re-evaluate what you have and your attitude towards being ‘worthy’. And to bring your money truth out into the light at last.


You could be feeling at opposite ends of something when it comes to partners under this eclipse. Maybe you want reassurance or to bring something to a conclusion. But end up feeling confused, stymied or that one of you is disconnected instead. The eclipsed full Moon in your 1st is a total emotional cover up. Are you being honest first with yourself and then with the other party about what it is you want now? Do check that chart for factors at 16 degrees of your sign and Scorpio, your 7th.

What isn’t being said or addressed is emerging now one way or another. Just bear in mind you can control the timing of this and the 8th is simply not the time. You are unlikely to get to the bottom of things or forge a resolution. There’s something you don’t yet see or know and confrontations are unlikely to hand you clarity. Just drive the truth further back into the shadows. The good news is you will have your time to act and also any missing pieces of information later this month. I could also add it’s not the time to go seeking a new duo, duet or double act either, Taurus. There is so much you don’t know. As in what exactly is on offer. Play the waiting game instead.


A total eclipse in your 12th adds up to being in the dark, looking for a black cat which probably doesn’t exist. And may in fact be dead if it does. There’s an emotional truth happening that you just don’t see. Or maybe simply don’t want to. As in hoping Tibbles is in there somewhere when actually the facts if you examined them, say otherwise. 

Naturally check your chart for Taurus factors at 16 degrees. As well as in Scorpio and your 6th which is your house of work and wellbeing. The mind/body/spirit link is important now. If not yours then someone else’s energy is impacting on your field. Does your insight tell you that you are being misled? Gaslighting could be a factor with an eclipse in here. Or you want to think the best about someone, even though deep down you have an uneasy feeling. Watch out for scammers, con artists, the overly needy, those who peddle sob stories or play the ‘victim’ card, and love or friend-bombers. If something or someone seems too good to be true – they are. You may not yet know why. Later this month you’ll find out.


Of course your ruler in a total eclipse is a very big deal for you, Cancer. That precision instrument you usually rely on – your intuition or gut feeling, suddenly goes haywire. You’re in the dark without your soul GPS to guide you. The world as you know it turns upside down or simply doesn’t make sense. You feel disconnected from your emotional truth and all at sea. 

You know like all lunar transits, no matter how intense eclipse energy is, it is only temporary. The energy surrounding this one can come into play not just on the day of the eclipse itself but in the two days before and after it. Allow time but again, reassure yourself that this won’t last. And your insight will be restored to full working order in about a week.

Check your chart factors for anything in your 11th or 5th houses – Taurus and Scorpio, at 16 degrees. And also Leo. If you have Leo aspects then this is about standing up for your self-worth and values. It affects a friendship, a group, club, movement, association, organization, band or team you ate involved with. Perhaps you already have a name in mind? Don’t jump to conclusions yet however. When it comes to new acquaintances or contacts – don’t judge a book by its cover either. Keep all numbers and business cards you are handed. They may have a role to play in your future you simply don’t yet know.


Your public and professional image and all-important reputation is over-shadowed quite literally by the eclipsed full Moon in your 10th. Do check your chart right away, Leo. Not just for chart factors at 16 degrees in Taurus and Scorpio your 4th; but critically your own sign. If you have anything within a 1 degree orb, this is very much about you as how you are seen and regarded by those who matter. And you may not be aware at this time, just what they think or what you project.

In the age of social media, where what we share also defines our brand and reputation, you need to carefully monitor what you post as well. You may want to adjust the privacy settings on your accounts. You are being watched – not in a sinister way, but one where you are being judged or checked out. Maybe to see how you would fit the bill when it comes to that key position. Content is king and so are the statements you make. So do check they are congruent and simply emphasise all your best qualities. Above all, think seriously about what it is you want for yourself over the long term. Strangely this eclipse has long term implications that you will live with long after it has passed.


You’re in the Red Light District with the eclipsed Full Moon in your 9th. Do check your chart for any factors at 16 degrees. And use retro-grade caution if travelling especially long distances or with any transactions with people overseas – whether in business or personally. 

Basically the 25th has all kinds of red flags flying. From those studies to dealing with any form of media. To the law and your money. Don’t gamble and don’t take risks. Usually I am all for venturing out of that comfort zone. But not now. Stay close and stick with what you know. Try not to sign on the dotted line. 

If you are travelling out of area or out of the country, do your research before departing. I’m not just talking about the usual retrograde precautions you know by heart. You’ll do those out of habit. I’m talking about looking up those no-go areas in new places you may be visiting. What are the common scams or tourist traps. And if doing business with someone new, doing due diligence. Same if someone asks for money. Scambusters is your best resource. This eclipse says the truth is out there. But something you need to know is buried deep in the X-Files. It may take until later this month for it to emerge. Trust yourself, Virgo.


It’s not an accident – it’s quite deliberate if you are misled or simply not given the full facts under the total eclipse in your 8th. So, do keep this in mind. And while you may for diplomacy’s sake, appear on the surface to accept the version you are given, you’ll wait for more facts to emerge before you confront or act.  If anyone acts with outrage to your questions then you’ll know you’re closer to the truth than you thought. As the Klingons tell us: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Check your chart for factors in that very Klingon sign – Scorpio at 16 degrees. Many Librans have planets or asteroids in the next house (your 2nd). Also your 8th and Taurus. Anything within a one degree orb and your value system, your boundaries as well as your money will be impacted. 

Power plays, manipulation and hidden agendas could be concealed. Do avoid this time for getting into bed with anyone literally or financially. Is someone putting pressure on you to come to a decision? That ‘hard sell’ whether a pitch or emotional, is a red flag. Or should be. Strengthen those boundaries under this eclipse. You can say no for now. It’s doesn’t have to be your final answer. Although it may not change. But the one you’ll know is right is yours by the end of the month.


Yes it may seem you are being unfairly singled out with yet another eclipse that impacts on your sign. This one hits at 16 degrees. So do check your chart for Scorpio factors within a 1 degree orb and also Taurus factors in your 7th house. 

This is about you and another. And also how they see or value you. That mirror which normally reflects a clear picture back at you at the time of the full Moon in here, is covered up. The magic mirror presence is simply not available. So, you could be in the dark over someone’s true feelings or what is going on with them. Asking directly may simply see them mumbling everything is ‘fine’ leaving you unenlightened. 

The term ‘dark horse’ applies to the eclipse in here. That’s either the opposite party or in fact – you. So, there’s more going on than meets the eye. Of course, you know for sure if you’re the one perfecting the art of concealment. That dark horse could also be the potential partner – the outsider you don’t see coming. Under this eclipse true colours are going to take a time to emerge. You’ll have them in full technicolor detail by the month’s end however. Or show yours in return. 


Past tense and the choices you have made which add up feature under the eclipsed full Moon in your 6th. Yes, you do need to check your chart for factors at 16 Scorpio or Taurus. Also anything at this degree in the other two fixed signs – Aquarius and your 3rd and the all-important Leo and your 9th. 

Small things add up. Think of yourself as a detective following the individual clues. And then putting them all together to form a bigger picture. Your 12th house rules hidden truths and your beliefs, yes. But it is the house of investigations too. What you can uncover may eventually show you that what you were told or assumed about a person or situation, isn’t correct at all. Or you see how small acts added up to a bigger result than you could ever have imagined. 

The past could reappear for you. You can choose again and differently although you may want to wait until the end of the month to do so. Hopefully you don’t have anything in your closet you don’t want aired, Sag. You won’t be able to keep that door closed much longer. And if someone else has a skeleton rattling round in theirs, neither will they. Secrets can be poison and poison us physically, psychically and emotionally. If anything need to be dragged out into the light, rest assured it’s happening now.


Say no to that date or ignore that swipe on the 25th with an eclipsed full Moon in your 5th. Especially if you have chart factors at the key 16 degrees. Honestly, it’s not worth your time or sacrificing your devotion to Netflix over. You might just want to steer clear of romantic entanglements for the two days leading up to and after this eclipse. A binge watch may honestly prove to be far more enjoyable than finding out that date over-used Facetune or a photo that’s 20 years old on their profile. And that would be an obvious cover up. And nothing’s obvious under this eclipse.

Your children, teenagers, young people, lovers and friendships may also be thrown into the shadows of confusion. The same goes for something you have invested your heart and soul into such as a hobby or creative project. This can have you asking ‘What the hell am I doing?’ or ‘Why?’. Questions may also arise around friendships or one particular friend or group. It’s also not the best night to catch up and socialise either. You’re in a cycle where friendships get locked in or let go of. And under this eclipse, you might not know the difference. So, steaming and ice cream might just be the way to keep love and friendship on course.


With last month’s new moon and eclipse, I talked about how if you had Aquarian features in your chart at the key degree, the eclipse would square these. This month’s eclipsed full Moon will do the same if you have anything within a one degree orb of 16 degrees in your chart. Look also for factors at 16 degrees in your 10th of career, 4th of home (where the eclipse takes place) and 7th of Leo and your house of partnerships.

This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart so the cover up is intense and total. It touches on home, family, your roots, security, property dealings and those you live with. Your very foundations in fact both physically, materially and emotionally. Do avoid property decisions or anything which will impact on you over the long term around the 25th. Also, family gatherings probably aren’t a great idea either. 

This also may cast a shadow over your career or professional life. Again, it may not be the right moment to pitch that plan or make that application unless the dates are against you. If you feel you are now out of the loop at work or sidelined, you need to watch and wait now. Or is it a family member who is making you feel like baa baa black sheep? Consider it may not be you who is the odd one out but them. No matter what, you’ll have the clarity you need to make that move forward by the end of the month. For now, hand yourself whatever it is you need to feel safe and soothed.


Don’t take anything on face value under this eclipse. It occurs in your 3rd of news, information, selling, sharing, communication and commerce. Don’t buy anything either. That bargain isn’t. Take care on-line and you might want to amp up that security on your devices. This is the house of the internet. Deep fakery could be afoot with a totally eclipsed full Moon in here.

Check your chart of factors at 16 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Within a one degree orb. If they are in Aquarius and your 12th you need to be on high alert. Someone may be attempting to pull the wool over your eyes. This could involve someone close to home. I hate to say this even a sibling, cousin or neighbour. Or it could link to someone far, far away. Try to stay home or not venture far under this eclipse. If you can put off travelling around the 25th, then you should. 

Big plans can fall over. What someone tells you is later proved to be false. The news you hear may not be reliable. Everything in your 9th gets super-sized. From big lies to big cover ups. Or simply boil down to someone making a big deal over nothing much at all. Such as telling you they are one but having nothing to back that up. Don’t allow yourself to fall for it (or them), Pisces. The end of the month will bring the big revelation. 

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