Free Tarot Reading – Your Immediate Future

Take a few deep breaths and think about your immediate future. Then choose a number between 1 – 7 and see if the Tarot has a message for you. Scroll down for your Tarot inspiration.

CARD ONETarot card Page of CupsThe Page of Cups: Get ready to receive a tempting offer. This could signal the start of a promising new romance or business or perhaps creative endeavour. Your intuition is awakened and is also leading you in the right direction. From this beginning, something significant could grow so be ready to accept what is on offer now.

CARD TWOTarot card Knight of WandsKnight of Wands: A last minute intervention or turn-around sees a situation all resolved in your favour. If you are facing difficulties luck is on your side but the message is you fight fire with fire. Others could encounter an out-going and adventurous individual with a fiery, passionate nature. Romance may or may not last but enjoy the ride!

CARD THREETarot card Four SwordsFour of Swords: You may need to pause and catch your breath. Chances are things have been so full-on you may need to. Don’t be afraid to re-charge those batteries. Remember – you can’t take advantage of all the good things that are currently happening if you are not firing on all cylinders so opt for some R&R.

CARD FOURTarot card King of SwordsKing of Swords: Clear thinking and the ability to cut to the chase define this King. Once he is focussed on a goal he does straight for it. You may meet someone like this or you may tap into these qualities in yourself. Others could be enticed by a highly intelligent man but he may be too black and white in his views for others.

CARD FIVETarot card Six WandsSix of Wands: Like it or not you are set to get noticed or create the right impression. Success or recognition could play a big role in this or you just emerge triumphant in a situation. Act confident and push forward with those big plans and ambitions as they could be about to pay off.

CARD SIXTarot card Two WandsTwo of Wands: You’re at the beginning of starting something new for yourself – a new job, a business, a creative enterprise or an exciting new phase. Your confidence should be soaring and you can push forward now secure in the knowledge that if you make the effort, this will leads to the establishment of something successful now.

CARD SEVENTarot card whell of FortuneWheel of Fortune: Fate is at work and there’s a strong possibility you find yourself in the right place at the right time, receive the information you were seeking from an unusual source, are offered something ‘out of the blue’ or make what will be an important new connection in a highly usual way that can only be explained by destiny!