Psychic Jonathans free psychic reading – Communication oracle

This week I thought I would do an oracle around communication, as Mercury is going retrograde (sigh!) this can create a host of challenges around clarity, communication and technology which isn’t ideal but it can prove beneficial to us in areas of healing communication and clarity.
So think about your situation or block around communication and or clarity and choose the image that you are most drawn to.
Sending you lots of love
Jonathan x

Reflection and Contemplation (Think Before You Act)

Sometimes, we can feel stuck in a difficult situation in which there seems to be no way out. Tension, conflict, feeling pulled in different directions or having to make a momentous decision with little to guide us can lead to panic, blind impulse and the possibility of harsh consequences.

I feel your situation requires a degree of introspection; look inward, contemplate what has led to this difficulty, and how your past actions have influenced the situation. This kind of self reflection can help us find new, valuable insights and is the key to healing past hurts; but first we must detach, step back and allow clarity to slowly break though. A new way of thinking can often lead

us to previously unseen solution that really does benefit everyone!

Take time out for yourself; perhaps meditate, do some exercise or simply surrender to the flow of life, establishing a positive intention to relax and heal the rifts around you. Examine how you reacted and responded to this situation in the past, do you need to forgive or be forgiven? How can you adapt, adjust and alter the underlying dynamics of the matter? Don’t be afraid to ask for a little Cosmic assistance either; ask the Universe for some signs, then notice the feelings, words and images that begin to manifest around you.

Be gentle with yourself – a pianist needs time to study the music and try out new harmonies before playing a beautiful concerto. There is no need to hurry, impatience leads to wrong notes –

You are a beautiful symphony, and in time your music will resonate with your loved ones.

People talk about hindsight being a wonderful thing, which it is …. BUT who needs hindsight when we can have FORESIGHT 🙌🏽


Creative Communication (Enjoy Yourself and Mix It Up)

Are you feeling the monotony of repetitive routines? Regularity and playing it safe can provide security, and this is fantastic if it works for you – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But having said that, I sense you would actually benefit from stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Mixing it up a little, trying something new could bring unexpected and pleasing new options for you – maybe think about changing your environment, moving to a new setting or revitalising the way you interact and communicate. Talk to new people, visit new places, maybe go to a concert or strike up a dialogue through memes and Tweets! Maybe a send a handwritten note or a cute message for a loved one if Twitter’s not your bag. Whatever form it takes, this is about utilising your creative side and using it to express yourself in new ways. This can give your energy a surprising shift, which will manifest in your situation with pleasing results.

Tried and tested patterns are great, but they fade over time. Would you keep using a quilt or a cushion that’s seen better days? (Notwithstanding sentimental value or family heirlooms, in which case hang onto it!)

So why then, would we hold to old fashioned values and outdated beliefs within our relationships and experiences? Sometimes a change can be frightening, but also so life affirming! We’re here to progress, and trying new ways of doing things can lead to all sorts of self discovery. Creativity leads to enthusiasm, which is felt by those around us; our motivation can inspire others to follow our example, leading to mutual joy and satisfaction.

Don’t be afraid to be more light hearted –  act goofy, be playful, flirt or engage in banter. I feel it will help. Seeking inspiration through creativity will give you a much needed energy boost and some much needed clarity.

Confidence and Conviction (Speak Your Truth And Be True To Yourself)

Now this is an interesting one – are you being true to yourself and speaking your truth? Are you communicating and expressing yourself according to your authentic, true nature?

The situation imposes an element of fear – there is a block around you, an obstacle that has prevented you from speaking out and you feel you cannot say exactly what you would like to. It’s an absolute pain in the rear end when this happens, but trust me when I say that you can overcome this obstacle and you will benefit greatly for having done so. What is preventing you from expressing your truth, what is damming up all that vital energy within? You may be surprised at how easy it is to dismantle, and by the shifts in perspective you experience as a result.

The first and most important step you must take is to speak authentically. When you adhere to your principles and base your words on truth and justice, the outcome is so definitive and correct that everyone is brought into agreement naturally. You may fear rocking the boat, or that you will be misunderstood, rejected or abandoned….and there you have the block! Try to avoid worrying about what hasn’t happened yet, this leads to overthinking and suddenly things can seem impossible. Exercise caution, look at how best to deliver the truth…this will depend on the nature of your personal situation, but the truth will always set you free.

In relationships and situations, it’s likely we’ve chosen to be where we are and those close to us have chosen the same. Why then should we fear the truth or be scared to be true to ourselves? Look within, reestablish your confidence in yourself and in your loved ones. Reaffirm the truth, and be honest with yourself too – remember the truth doesn’t always correspond with what we believe to be the truth!

Affirmations and manifesting can be so helpful here. I AM, I CAN…… followed by positive statements of the truth.

Stepping Back, Stepping Away (Let it go!… Let it go!)

You might not like this, and I don’t wish to be the bearer of bad news…but I feel the time has come for you to disconnect from a potentially draining situation, one that is causing you continuous frustration. You are not being heard, or you are being deliberately misunderstood. Removing yourself from this situation, letting go, depriving the matter of your energy can prove to be the balm that heals, or the turning point that marks a new beginning.

Sometimes we can invest everything in a matter, only to find the reward for our efforts disappointing. We place our bets too high, and  the cost to our self esteem is the price we have to pay. So do we invest more to try and recoup our losses…or do we call it quits and walk away while we still can? Believe me, I have been the bell ringer in this kind of situation MANY times.

When we choose to step back from a situation and focus what we have left, we are actually creating a space, a vacuum, room for the new to arrive. Nature abhors a vacuum and will fill the void naturally. Timing is key; we must be patient, even though it seems harsh. Time is not of the essence, time is the essence, and time alone heals. (Again I begrudgingly learned this).

When something truly belongs to, or with, us, it cannot be lost or stolen – even if we threw it away! It will come back to you when the time is right, and if it doesn’t….well, by the time you realise it’s not coming back you’ll have healed naturally anyway. In the meantime, push both your hands together as though you were praying – keep them together whenever you feel sad. Notice when you pull your left hand away, there is always room for the right one to follow it.