Psychic Love Oracle with our psychic Jonathan

Hallelujah! Venus is going direct! So, in the spirit of the biggest planetary shift of the week, although of course, you can do this oracle anytime! I thought I would do a love oracle for you all to enjoy. Venus is all about love and relationships, but we sometimes forget the most important relationship of of all – the one we have with ourselves.

We also have the April full moon this week, so it’s a great time to make a wish, put in a cosmic order and start manifesting! This moon has a powerful transforming influence on relationships, so let’s use this magical moon to make the best of things while Venus’s retrograde journey ends. 

 Choose the image you feel your heart is most drawn to, and enjoy the message it holds for you.

Sending love to you all

Jonathan x 

It’s Time To Project 

I feel you’ve been going through a darker time, you’ve gone within to reflect on the relationship you have with yourself, and the patterns you’ve drawn in relationships.

It seems that these patterns have repeated themselves throughout your relationships, and while they haven’t helped to prolong the connections they have helped you examine how you conduct yourself in relationships. How well do you treat yourself when interacting with loved ones? You’ve worked hard to become a strong and vibrant individual, and now it’s time to magnify this vibration to attract strong and vibrant individuals to you! Like attracts like, so project this vitality in your thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and look at how irresistible you become!

Venus goes direct on April 15th, this is very ironic as the planet of love goes forward – so do you!

Start loving yourself, go shopping, have a spa day! Feel great about yourself, new opportunities are just around the corner.

Self belief is also the key here; having love and respect for yourself and demonstrating just how much you love yourself to the world is invaluable.

“Love is weakness, NO IT’S STRENGTH!” ABC’s Once Upon A Time

It’s Time To Reflect 

You are a nurturing individual, capable of uplifting people and providing solid love to those around you; but you seem to feel stuck.

It’s time to look at how you want things to progress, in your personal life and in your relationships. Don’t be afraid to kickstart your relationship engine, do something to reignite the spark. If the passion has simmered down, it’s up to you to turn the heat up! What can you do to start a tidal wave of love and energy?

Sometimes relationships can fall into complacency and we begin to stagnate. When this happens, we must keep the kettle on the boil, look at how we can get things flowing or the passion can burn out. 

Venus goes direct on 15 April, and for you this means future planning, forward thinking and making plans! Create something wonderful for you and your loved ones to look forward to. 

“Love is weakness, NO ITS STRENGTH!” ABC’s Once Upon A Time

Time For Choices “you’ve got this!”

It’s time to start feeling feel joyous and satisfied, within yourself and your relationships with your loved ones. Difficult times have made you feel less than optimistic in the past, but being the warrior you are you carried on! Now is the time to feel happy at what you’ve achieved, and the healing you have done on yourself. You feel invigorated, refreshed and are ready to make some powerful, transformational choices. You can now see what works for you with clarity, and your dreams are there for the taking! Don’t be afraid to take the first steps, you’ve done the hard work and all that remains is to trust the process – and yourself! 

Get out there, embrace the new energies and potential changes as and when they come to you. This is a time to be social, to interact and form new relationships or rejuvenate the existing ones.

Venus goes direct on 15th April, thank goodness! For you, this means fulfilment as a result of the choices you’ve made, and positive forward movement in your relationships. Be optimistic now, “you’ve got this.”

“Love is weakness, NO ITS STRENGTH!” ABC’s Once Upon A Time

Heal Your Heart

It’s time to disengage for a while, take time to catch your breath and look within.

Repetitive patterns and dysfunctional relationships are beginning to have an impact on you, it’s time to be strong and step back. You’re a pillar of strength and tenacity, so this will be difficult for you, but to withdraw is not to fail; you are simply distancing yourself while you recharge your spiritual batteries. We can all lose ourselves in a storm of romantic pressures swinging from one love extreme to the other; as a result we lose perspective and become unsure about what’s real and what’s not. The key to transforming this pattern is to step back, disengage and allow clarity to return. Look at the love you have for yourself, what patterns need to be revised?

If we wait for approval from others before we will open up to receiving love, our ability to love and receive love in return becomes restricted. The result is an unbalanced relationship where unconditional love cannot flow freely; self love is the key to unlocking these limiting beliefs. Remember, you are not your relationship and you don’t need validation in order to be happy! 

Venus goes direct on15th April,  this should ease the weight on your shoulders and give you the strength to heal your heart. Let go of those limiting beliefs, stop seeking proof that others adore you and adore yourself! 

“Love is weakness, NO ITS STRENGTH!” ABC’s Once Upon A Time