Psychic Soul Reading with Psychic Jonathon

These pictures represent healing we can all at times get stuck in our circumstances or within ourselves but we all have the power to heal and move freely forward.

Choose the picture that you feel has a message for you and scroll down to read my personal psychic soul healing reading for you.

Sending love Jonathan x

1/ Sensuality and Self Love – Feel it, Express it, Receive it.

This represents a lack of self love, and doubt about what you have to offer in your relationships. I want to reassure you that you are enough, and you’re perfect just as you are. Embrace that! We can all improve ourselves, but we must cultivate and preserve our true natures too. The key is to enhance, not suffocate.

This message is about healing yourself sensually, perhaps with candles, music and food. You must be kind to yourself if you are to be kind to others.  Like attracts like, the energy that we emanate from within will attract the same in return. If you love yourself, that love will be mirrored and reflected back to you in your relationships.

Being kind to yourself indicates a sense of self worth, and magnifies your ability to attract and receive love in return. You can do this for yourself now as you truly believe you are worthy of love and healthy relationships. You will be surprised by the depth of the affections you inspire and experience when you love yourself unconditionally.

“Invest in yourself-you can afford it!”

2/ Clarity and Motivation- Walk a Path in Nature to Clearly See Your Own Path.

Embrace the wonder of nature to motivate and attain clarity.

You’re having difficulty deciding something for yourself, perhaps life purpose and career choices. A new opportunity is inspiring, but also challenging, so it’s important to contemplate the possibilities. You are torn between playing it safe, or taking a leap of faith; you must be realistic, and therefore clarity is essential now. The key to this vital decision exists outside, out in the open. Go outside, take long walks in the spring air. The potent of energy of returning Spring will literally blow away the cobwebs and help you to attain clarity of mind. This will not only ground your energy, the natural elements will invigorate and empower you. You will find the strength and confidence you need to make this important live choice as a result.

Making a choice to transform your life can be daunting, but you must not feel pressured or impatient. New possibilities and insights begin to unfold if we allow ourselves the time and space to gain a clear perception. Take your time, there’s no need to rush. This is about clarity and building confidence in your choices.

” Your path emerges as you walk it.” (Quite literally here.)

3/Change Your Patterns -Intimacy and Becoming Receptive.

This is about cultivating intimacy, letting down your defences and allowing others to become close to you.

Past wounds are lingering, but it’s time to heal and repair yourself. Release the old and make room for the new. Difficult past experiences are beneficial to us in the long run, as they help to shape and develop our characters; but when they are suppressed within our souls, they have no chance to heal. The result can be that we project these old wounds again and again, and the effects can be detrimental. You have appealing new options in your relationships, and you must allow yourself to accept them. Take things slowly, allow the natural progression to unfold. Excitement and anticipation can lead to exuberance, while deep seated fears can make you doubt and waver. Step back, take a deep breath and remind yourself you do deserve happiness. Negative past experiences may impair your judgement; you naturally want to protect yourself from hurt, but this is so very limiting. You are limitless, and you must allow yourself to become so. Learn from the past, but live for today.

” The only time to look back is to see how far you’ve come”

4/ Communication- Feel Free Through Self Expression.

You want to express yourself to the world and people around you. You’ve worked hard to grow and evolve spiritually, and now it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. You’re ready to fulfil your dreams and start a new chapter in your life. Self expression will prove inspiring, both to you and to those around you. Motivate yourself to capture your experiences and share them with others, perhaps through writing or creative projects.

Change is a vital part of our soul journey.  Evolution comes through revolution; to create lasting satisfaction and achievement, we must revolutionise our thinking. Look at your life experiences, the challenges you have overcome and what you have learned along the way. Transform challenges into victories, adversity into battles you won.

Feel confident and proud of the person you have become as a result of  your experiences. Use the knowledge and wisdom you have attained as  a means to inform and motivate others who could benefit from your advice, help others in a spiritual or holistic project. Whether it’s writing, through talking or visual work, creative ventures could open up a new source of income for you. Have faith in your ideas, talents and capabilities. We are all here for a purpose, and we all deserve to be happy. Don’t ever forget that.

” Every artist started as an amateur.”