Psychic Skills: Clairaudience

Clairaudience is one of the most natural psychic skills in the world and incredibly useful. Clairaudience literally relates to what we can hear using extra-sensory ability. Some people can do it straight away and are aware of an inner voice of wisdom and knowledge that ‘speaks’ to them. People often think Clairaudience is like an external different voice but in my experience it feels more like your own voice but gives information you could not possibly know. One of the reasons it is not only a simple but tricky gift is that initially it can be difficult to differentiate between imagination and clairaudience. If you listen closely you will be able to tell what is clairaudience and what is imagination as clairaudience has a slightly clearer feel to it.

For most of us, we can recognise that a lot of chatter runs through our minds on a daily basis, whether it’s us suddenly thinking, ‘Ooh, I’ll wear the blue boots with that jacket!’ or a driving instructor saying, ‘Remember – Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre!’ just before we’re about to make a turn when at the wheel of a car. For the most part, when someone who has psychic skills has the gift of clairaudience, what they also hear is experienced inside their heads in the same way. I was born clairaudient and couldn’t understand why other people didn’t automatically know things in the way that I did. My sister at died at birth was always around giving me advice when I needed it but it was not an external voice. It came through my own thoughts but the information was stuff I could not know.


Clairaudience connected to other psychic skills

A medium might get a strong visual image of someone who has crossed over and hear them passing on messages and information.  Clairaudience doesn’t just come in the form of words – people with strong psychic skills might hear snippets of songs or evocative sounds, such as a busy road, that provide hints or clues about what they are picking up.  Many psychics also work with spirit guides whom they can see and hear when they enter into a certain kind of meditative state. 

But in all such instances, the person experiencing this information also usually experiences it ‘inside’ their head, or during a very carefully controlled altered state, such as the kind of deep meditation a Shamanic Practitioner might go into when taking a journey on behalf of a client. 

Many forms of meditation also encourage us to clear away the clutter of our minds to tune into the wisdom of our higher selves – that part of us that we can understand as being our own inner spiritual guide that is like a much smarter version of us. As we are connected to all that is through the quantum soup, all the information we need is available to us if we have the ability to listen.  Life today is often very frantic and busy and we don’t get or give ourselves time to think, let alone stand still and be silent. Make it a regular practice to walk in nature, turn off your mobile phone and go quiet to tune into that inner voice of wisdom.


Trust that you are developing at the pace that is perfect for you!

Some people are naturally clairaudient and can distinguish their inner spiritual voice to everyday thought immediately Having said that, the real trick to developing clairaudience is, as with everything else, learning to distinguish between a wise inner source and our everyday mind and being very patient in the process! ‘Straining’ to hear something clairaudiently in the same way that we might try and hear a faint sound in our everyday lives just doesn’t work. We need to be receptive, grateful and trust that our abilities are developing at the perfect pace for us. So, if you are working to develop your mediumistic skills through a spiritualist church, and although you can get clear images of people who have crossed over, you can’t quite hear what they are saying, then just thank them for what they are able to pass on to you and don’t worry about it! Equally, if you are going through Shamanic training and you keep missing bits of what you hear on journeys, know that you are getting everything that you are ready to receive. Know that everything you need will come in good time.

Loads of love,

Michele x

A version of this article first appeared in Soul and Spirit Magazine