Soul Alchemy Part 1 – Power Struggler to a deeper love

Our Psychic Gemma talks about how to transform fear to love-

If you’re here now you know a thing or two about how energy really operates! You’ve got a fair back catalogue of experiences that have undoubtedly helped shape all that you are today and you’ll know what truly energises you and brings love in. You’ll have understood how every imagined thought is an emission and intention in itself and that by forging a loving bond with you, your love grows miracles.

I believe by uniting we can send powerful healing to the darkest corners, anywhere, any time.

We are here consciously, as well as spiritually, to evolve our wounds through our actions as well as our feelings and intentions. Sometimes situations are handed to us out of the blue, which rock us to the core, though I  assure you there are no immortals waiting to throw a lightning bolt for the sake of it! I believe the more pain you carry you are likely to be as equally as capable of THAT much love too!

We know the shadow self or ego self. Some days you could swear everyone on the tube is vibrating dread and you’re probably not far off if you feel that vibe, you don’t have to join what comes towards you though. Here I’ll share experiences and tips on how you can work with limiting issues in a healthy way by transforming what no longer has any power over you into stronger self-awareness.

We’ll switch on our own personal place of light source and with that shift maybe a whole soul group has been lifted one step further towards it’s own collective mission.

‘All that we are is a result of what we have thought’ ~ Buddha.

Every single experience is intended to evolve our expectations of love, shake up restrictions and activate us to waking up to the love all around always, even if it’s a push! Yet heartbreakingly many of us have experienced abuse or mistreatment of some kind it can be a challenge in itself to reach even this point of acceptance as it is often interpreted by the wound within as ‘You deserve that pain you’re in’ and  ‘it’s your fault’ of course none of this is true. But we can come together in love and work towards a soul reboot.

First, let’s look at some important aspects to consider as we throw these circuit trips into the light.

Everything of any use sits in a field of love because that is all that’s real and ever lasting. Soul Alchemy is the process of turning pain into love! There’s Spiritual, Golden opportunities out there, drawn onto our path for that very reason, it’s sometimes just not so clear immediately and that’s cool because the process means more understanding and rooting of new beliefs and positive traits, win win! Look at what you’ve got that keeps rearing to test you. What is it attached to? Any specific triggers? Is the situation yours to hold on to? Did someone hurt, trap, or mistreat you? Did that treatment leave you with low self worth packed in with their problems and negative energy? These wounds can act as ammunition in future relationships with our self and others by attracting more of the same.


The application of this healing process is of course a little more complex, though within all of us, no matter how much there is to work through, it can be done and there’s a whole load of love bursting at the banks! I’ve witnessed release happen so many times and with every single act of braveness I’m full of good tears of gratitude.

If I find myself in challenging situations a really valuable tip that works for me is to instantly visualize myself in a bright white light, this helps to strengthen my crown for extra support and it equally gives me a valuable second or two to think. Hang on…. ‘Where am I really coming from here, am I speaking my truth, or am I coming from my fears?’ ‘Am I being manipulative?’ ‘Am I manipulating?’

Awareness is the key, so for example it could be that you’ve heard ~

‘If you cared about me you’d  __________ (give me what I need to allow this self fulfilling drama to continue right now!)’

and you know this kind of dialogue is intended to draw you into conflict. It could even be familiar words you may have spoken too.

There are many classic energy tap traps to look out for though they are usually easy to spot because often they are accompanied by a sharp pang in your solar plexus or base of the neck as the body recognises too that there is a gauntlet being thrown and the prize is a chunk of your precious chi!

On this stretch of my personal journey i’ve accepted the master manipulators don’t mean to play the victim at all really, and though there are many types of energy vampires, it all comes down to the same issue of fear. It’s nothing personal, more a tried and tested method of feeling full or whole. The first step to dealing with this kind of energy is to understand the play for your energy is the point and often what is being spoken is a distraction auto pilot, a very destructive one. The next is to detach from the situation by walking away if you can. Then to affirm that you know source love is the true energy, which is in abundance when you’re there of course!

The third step is to not fight your right to be loved in this battle because that in it is the very point, you must know this within as you relinquish the temptation to accept the hook and instead radiate love by practicing self love.

If you’re anything like me you’ll still be asking ‘Why?’ because compassion comes so naturally to you. The guidance I’m shown here is because if a person is out of alignment with their own truth and thriving on fear & energy theft it becomes an addictive way to feel in control. This lead balloon actually limits happiness and becomes indulgent. It is usually easy to pick out our partner’s drama, but rarely do we recognise how we play into it.

Working with ‘The Celestine Prophecies.’  Is another powerful tool of wisdom.

I’ve committed to recognising what these books describe as ‘Control Drama’s’, a profound and vital resource in understanding how dominating others energetically limits love and actually blocks our field of intention with fear.

Check it out.

We are all utterly unique and posses a totally individual energy, which can over time, and often due to those traumatic experiences amass a build up of ‘reactive’ stuff that comes hurtling out as default when we feel threatened or vulnerable. That ‘baggage’ can even be comfortable to stay within because it feels startlingly comfortable. I believe that by addressing anything residual that no longer serves our purpose, even if we rightly reflect upon painful experiences as ultimate enlightenment and true growth we can really learn about ourselves, what pushes our buttons and rise above the drama booby traps.

Sometimes in a conflict with a person close to us we are actually asking for love. Also, did you know that by reflecting love back even in the most trying of situations (not abusive ones) we are instantly changing the keynote. It is a belief that there is a lack of love to go around that moves us into the defence and that is when the spiral gathers steam!

If  ‘You need to give me more love’ or ‘You are not loving me enough’ sound familiar to you gently consider where putting too much power in another person is stepping right out of our own and handing over your will in effect. Our real source of energy comes from accepting ourselves no excuses, and as we reflect this we can only attract love back.


Self-love is the strongest vibration we can access in these moments. I remember being determined to change my circumstances as a teen and scribbled these words in an old journal with a Phoenix on the cover (My treasured totem) ‘Love Channel’ I did this often to keep myself focused. I knew that by creating love into I couldn’t help but resonate most of the time with positive experiences. I would often sit alone to reflect on the power of the universe. I was very much involved in daily power struggles as a child, I realised I had the power to transform any aspect of my life by choosing to believe I did.

As an adult I absolutely have my moments where this has gone straight out of the window and I’ve done myself no favours by stepping out of my power for a good old drama. Hopefully you’ll let yourself a little slack if you’ve had an energy sapping rant!

Have you an experience in a personal relationship, which instead of pushing your buttons allowed you to see where drama no longer entices you? Those are moments of break through worth riding forwards on and feeling great about.

It can be a wonderful time for manifestation too you know, as you join together with family and friends to use the abundance of love around you to amp up your energy for the New Year and any plans you may be thinking of.


Finally, Source love isn’t a mystical myth or a Holy Grail reserved for Yogi’s or Brahman, there’s no elitism or sorting hat, it’s a birth right vibration that nourishes every living life organism on this planet, and can be accessed by anyone. If your heart is beating you are part of creation and there are many networks of beautiful souls who share this feeling worth joining forces with. As, put a call out to attract new members of your ‘Soul Group’ and see what or who comes back!


The universe is not against anyone of us. There are and will always be people who choose with free will to stay in their fear drama’s. You cannot judge another whilst practicing love anyway! I firmly believe any situation can be transformed by love and compassion, though there are situations of course where it absolutely serves to walk away, ready for new experiences, content you have at the very least been shown another aspect of divine YOU! I hope you found something for the heart here, where the magic really happens and where we all belong.

Gemma 2188 x



‘As I perform unconditional acts of limitless love to myself, my relationships transform instantly ’


Boosts of energy.

1. Make a mood board of your light sending; encouraging pets, friends, colleagues, family members or even celebrities that you haven’t ever met though feel a connection to. Add to this a picture of you in the centre and you are intending to be enveloped in the power of all of their energy combined.

2. Hang out, outside! Green, fresh, and totally free, parks or woodland areas are packed with source light and you can actually absorb energy from nature just by appreciating it’s beauty.

3. Meditation. Not because it’s cool or on trend but because you want to be well. Once we know our own rhythm and frequency it’s easier to invest our energy and EVERYTHING becomes clearer and much more manageable, also, you can heal yourself by meditating on peace as it is a great way to renew cells, encourage repair, focus the mind, locate & release cords which could be puncturing your flow.

4. A cleansing bath in clean fresh water with the addition of oils such as sage, lavender and rose, incorporating crystals such as quartz is using the element of water to revive!



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