Soul Alchemy with Gemma – Spring Equinox Special

Soul Alchemy Part ii ~ Be one with The Equinox, Find your Balance again!

Today, The 20th March 2015 we arrive at The Spring Equinox. This annual crossing of our Sun across The Equator is a historically celebrated day for the miracle of New Life and creation! We’ll go deeper than light and dark, archetypal masculine and feminine, the space we are in at any given time of the day and on the path of our life, we can see it is a sacred expression of wholeness, breath, living in love.

All aspects of balance, wholeness, and acceptance are soul renewal. Nature will communicate, speaking always through such occurrences as signposts in our evolution.  Always shifting with us, waxing and waning, blossoming and hibernating. Taking a moment today to tune in and listen to innermost feelings as the cosmos ultimately assists us in shaping our own destiny. If we take an energetic snapshot of the moment and really get involved with the elements, it can be manifested upon for days, weeks, lifetimes and even generations from this era.

The Alchemical significance of the Glorious Sun and Magical Moon combine and we’ll all witness the Solar Eclipse uniquely, there is an abundance of transformative energy emerging at this time that I believe will transmit far and wide a brand new consciousness for the whole of who we all are here and now, we’ll all be able to access a united mass mentality that we are not bound by or bound to our past, mistakes, losses, perceived failures or anything else that would seek to condition and block the path to balance, which as we know, is the pure journey to loving within the passage of the heart chakra.

A new wave of being is opening up, inviting us to take a further leap towards existing as fulfilled, almost bringing the self back into the ‘womb’ of creation, a centring space of rebirth.

How do I find Balance? In balance we are OPEN! That’s the shift, it’s the journey I’m going to share with you now as we trust and tune in deeply to allow alchemical healing to take place. Every one of us has a different level of balance, we just know by looking at our experiences if we are in sync with our desires and truth or perhaps coming from fear and wading through obstacles on the way!

I’ve written the most of this to you today with spirit in a beautiful place called The Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, UK. There is a wonderful balancing spring here containing water charged with minerals. The symbol of the wellhead is The Vesica Piscis. The Pisces Eclipse.

As we ponder balance it feels like Centeredness, wholeness and equal parts. Happiness! Honouring of senses, Existing in harmony. We come from wholeness we’re happy and content without the need for approval which ultimately seek to block our flow. When we feel full and whole on some level we are operating from a place of abundance and that is how to expect greatness on every level. No longer will you start the day on empty or have a sense of longing and striving, you’ll feel accomplished before you start anything whether it’s a conversation with a friend or a task at work. Practicing balance within is so important for a healthy and successful life and you’ll love you and everything you do, every tone you encounter so much more. Balance also offers this wonderful thing we talk about so frequently called awareness which not only gives you access to the full spectrum of feelings and puts you more in touch with truth but allows you to experience connections and situations on a deeper level so in a sense, being in balance will help you get more out of everything and be able to give more too!

‘Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience, a still, small voice says to us something is out of tune’ ~ Carl Jung


Firstly, Surrender to the whole of you, deeper than the face you show the world, go within to your nature and accept yourself. As you build up this relationship to your true self again your energy levels will instantly peak, it actually blocks you to project a false energy, and that counts for if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not to suit others too! The one within who knows no experience other than love is your soul. One of the greatest blocks to being ourselves is that unfortunately we have to face our experiences and a data bank of ‘good’ ‘bad’ build up which of course shapes us. We can clear the most of our experiences by removing them from our frequencies. To do this, balance the chakra on a daily basis by tuning into each energy centre as if it were a branch of the self and connecting in a loving way to the root of anything that sits unprocessed. Every experience traumatic has a storage file and to remove them, to get to our authentic core we must accept that we are allowed to let go of things that no longer apply to us. As this build up begins to clear, it may shift gradually it may shift rapidly, notice how you act and react totally differently as if you have re wired your self, put yourself back into your purest format for a deep rebirth.
Accept and work through addictions, shadow patterns and blockages as suppression will play out as extremism and so the pattern continues and roots itself deeper. There is so much honour and power in just stopping. Purely and simply, standing still and letting go.

Secondly, Make Love. With yourself or a partner. Making love is a deeply spiritual act, a sacred triad with spirit and a soul partner or your own soul. We merge much more than our physical bodies, we know we can touch each other on so many levels.  If It’s about deeper knowing then why not know pleasure and love in a deeper way and clear blockages to pleasure, which is after all another beautiful expression of love! The frequency is an alchemical act as we merge in our souls vibration and whether we are man or woman we have sacred sexual power. Power, is a word that comes loaded and as I focus now on the word power I want you to think about power as a form of truth and empowerment rather than power being something you exert. Having transcendental experiences on a soul level is incredibly balancing as it allows us to experience giving and receiving without self-gratification, making love and giving love in this way is a path to greater awareness and unity.

Finally, let’s look at intention. A wonderful soul who visits my energy regularly shared with me from spirit recently ‘ A lo of the human suffering is down to carrying expectation’ I thought about this and was show with images and feelings a way forward. If we enter into any situation with fear we’re instantly retracting past experience from our memory and limiting ourselves, if we ‘turn up’ on the same page we’ll likely repeat ourselves, so in accepting the self as a positive able being loved and supported there can be no expectation, as even the expectation to succeed is not the same as love which is ALWAYS the key to making anything happen.
If there are emotional gaps to fill you can’t help but wander around soullessly sad and lost. Get over the need to prevent yourself from lightening up and lightening the load and things become much clearer, it’s all love, all ceasing of suffering is love.
The most satisfying way to get back in touch with your own needs is to shift your focus from what you are getting from the outside world to what you are giving within. Feeding the centres within your own body and tuning into touch and feeling on a basic level. The nutrition of each chakra is love.

Love and affection boost? Plant your seeds and watch them grow. Make new plans, make things happen, be bold and courageous! If you’re sure of what you like and who you are you’ll receive the same back. If you’re not sure, spend some time getting into something new, building new paths, having more reasons to smile! On a journey of discovery it’s natural and also very important to keep an open mind and be healthily sure as you work towards your highest good and come out with what makes you happy and that’s the balance and key to your happiness.
Spend time with sensation. Touch taste smell etc. , this is the self-coming out. As you begin to come back into identifying and identity. Very stimulating and grounding. Once you’re aware of your power, your birth right as a part of you, once you’re aware of your voice as a direct vehicle for your thoughts feelings and once you’re aware of your choice you can blend all these together to create a deeper connection to you which should hopefully bring you in closer alignment with what you’re attracting into your life and then boom! Mr/Ms will show up ready to lavish and lap up the love WITH you. For you, just the way y’are.  Because happiness and wholeness is contagious!

Here is a long-term ritual to honour the power of this love.

Tune into your being. You may wish to utter a special invocation to Mother Mary, Archangel Ariel, Hathor, Quan Yin, and The Green Man & Woman. You may wish to work quietly or with dance and music! Place your hands upon your sacral chakra, Open up to the sun as the solar plexus, intend you are being refuelled with energy. Draw this throughout your entire body, in your minds eye imagining rushing charges of gold’s, oranges and pure bright light. Open up to the moon as the mother cycle and intend the healing of any wounds with nurturing, self-care, emotional expression without judgment or criticism, free will and acceptance of the inner child. Knowing that you are cared for now with the freedom to give as much love to yourself and others as you should choose! The vibration of love and giving is the purest form of magic for it expresses to the universe that you are in love and practicing from your heart in every way. The more genuine heartfelt unconditional love you put behind acts of giving and gratitude the more you will feel loved and in love with your life and self. The deeper the intention for compassion and love of others the more compassion you love you will be able to feel. Use the sun and moons merging eclipse today to be granted, in love and practice as much healing and love for others as you can, as that frequency sweeps out it will multiply and amass such a force of its own that your life will change to match your original intention and then some, purely by intending peace and love for all in your actions! Spread it far and wide, feel compassionately and give your love openly without question, That, is the purest from of Magic you can practice and one that will take us all towards a new awareness of what it is to be in balanced love at all times, raising our expectations with the universe as our guide, because that is our ultimate relationship here as we recognise that the universe is within and not without.  As you anchor from this experience remember to give thanks for all creation, anything you have lovingly created into this world.

With you tomorrow in the dark and the light!

~ Gemma 2188 x