Psychic Readings and how to get the most from them

“I feel readings are about providing insight to provoke clarity and inspire soul development”

Psychic readings are a powerful, personal and pro active method for us all to utilise in our self and soul progression , but to really get the most from a reading our focus can be validation that we are on the right track and for us to navigate our continuing progress (with the help of a reader).

When having a psychic reading the predictions aspect is a fundamental part of the reading (and an exciting part lets face it), however its not the sole beneficial aspect and doesn’t need to be a client nor readers focal point.

A psychic reading at it’s most pro active can focus on where we are currently in our lives and the circumstances around this, we can then make a plan or have a direction highlighted on how we can continue to manage these circumstances or to positively re shape them (we our the magicians of our own existence don’t forget)

When we have a reading we allow the reader to take a spectators view of our individual energies and life circumstances and let them provide us with intuitive assistance of how to maintain and or develop these and also ourselves, its pro active to let a reader really feel and overview your energy as a whole as in life we have more than one area of focus to maintain and or develop, such as working life, social relationships and romantic relationships. All of our life areas work in sync with each other and its important to remember this and be mindful that we all distribute our energies differently at different times.   

A psychic reading is person specific and ultimately an energy connection and exchange between the reader and client so its important to establish a connection with a reader that really resonates with you. In my readings I really aim for emotions and reactions to be apparent such as humour, empathy and inspiration, be open to this as a client, for an effective reading utilise all your senses and feelings in the reading and offer them, maybe envision this as an emotional workout.

We can all be prepared for our psychic readings, have a plan in place for areas you want to focus on or direct your energy towards. This doesn’t mean give everything away at the beginning of the reading or give specific details to the reader at the start of the reading. This means let yourself be settled and composed before the reading and have in mind a direction you want the reading to go (The reader likely will feel this vibe from you and focus on this) its about being aware of yourself and being mutually involved in the reading with the reader to get the most out of it. As people our destiny is our own and making a positive decision such as to have a reading is revolutionary, but its about embracing this as such and being a collaborative part of the process.

We can take away so many key aspects of a psychic reading and utilise them to move forward and develop our souls through inspiration and navigation stemming from the reading, this can be done by not just focusing on the predictions in the reading (although this can be hard I know!). Holding onto just the predictions can be restrictive and often times counter productive to us as ultimately there is a journey to reaching the predictions or for them to come to fruition as foreseen in a reading. This can take effort and movement from us such as making choices leading up to the prediction, embarking on a side journey or working on your own identity and self esteem.

Its also so important to understand the reflection and “doing” part after the reading is so vital also, In a reading take notes and use them in the vision you have for  yourself moving forward and manifest them in your own way after a reading. Its important to relax and reflect after a reading on more than one occasion to fully embrace it within your self- almost like taking soul nourishment.

Of course at times of hardship or emotionally taxing circumstances (We all know these very well) more than one reading in a short time can be needed, however it is important to be mindful of the number of readings that we have as this can be counter productive to us sometimes as it can over load us emotionally and or distract us from initiating the journey forward (which is ultimately a block in itself).

Now we all like variety and difference in delivery and perspective which is natural when we are experiencing a difficult time, however its important to not engage with multiple readers during one circumstance or life period (of course this is relevant once you have found a reader that you resonate with) as this can also be counter productive as we may not come to a conclusion or pro active starting point to actually deal with our situation and start our development process. Seeking multiple readers can be a reflection of our self esteem or validation of us entrusting the process that is a reading. A great way we can manage this is by carrying out self care methods feel settled and in a strong mindset before a reading and allow ourselves space and some reflection time during or after a situation or before having a reading. Don’t forget our readings are ours so make ourselves comfy, bring supplies (Tea, Chocolate……Wine) we could even bring healing supplies such as crystals or our animals.

Lastly and lets be honest of course predictions are exciting and an inspiring part of any reading and should be embraced as such but see them as foresights and forthcoming validations but its so important to be just as if not more mindful of the journey leading up to these and after them, these journeys are ultimately about us and how we move forward and travel them …NEVER OVERLOOK THIS. Don’t see readings as fortune telling and have a “I will sit and wait” approach be inspired and pro active in your own life journey and take it by the horns that is how we truly strengthen and grow!.

See readings as soul inspiration and navigation in the mapping out of certain periods in our lives. Remember “A bigger picture consists of finer details” and “Destinations are hard to get to without roads and navigation”…….. Be your own magician!

Psychic jonathon

“A destinations appeal alters by the roads we travel before it” – Jonathan