How to Manifest Abundance with Psychic Jonathan

So, let’s talk about that wonderful cosmic process we call:  MANIFESTING!

Manifesting is a time honoured tradition that goes back through the ages, a universal and mysterious synergy that cannot be explained or denied.

“Ask, and you shall receive!” I’m on board with that, that’s the very essence of manifesting; but first, we must align ourselves with the powers of the universe. To manifest successfully is to express and attract our desires through sincere belief and trust in the Cosmic forces.

Manifesting is a very powerful process that begins from deep within our souls. When we truly desire something, and that desire is empowered by our belief that we really deserve it, actual magic happens! Like sparks flying, electric feelings!…. utter euphoria haha.

Manifesting is the outcome of investing your true intentions, your motives, desires and combining them with cosmic energy. We might call it a manifesto, a declaration of what we want to achieve and how we’re going to achieve it. We announce it, we write it down, or we visualise it, and then we project this to the universe with the hope of receiving it. It’s pretty self explanatory- we write down or express what we feel, we believe and reaffirm that we can have whatever we want, then we sit back and wait for our orders to be delivered. We hope it will arrive. Sounds good to me!

Let’s delve deep into the heart of the matter. I used the word hope earlier; hope is the essence of the manifestation process, but can be misused in manifesting. Hope springs eternal, but this is one time when hope itself isn’t always enough. Where manifesting is concerned, hope must be reinforced by intention and backed up by belief. You must place your orders with intention to receive- if hope is the letter then intention is the address.

Trust, acknowledgement and aspiration are the main components of manifesting, at least I believe they are. Once we believe in something, and we want it for the very best reasons, we’re off to a good start. We’re trusting the power of our desires and that power increases as a result.

Sometimes we feel that something is missing from our lives, that something is out of reach. We then experience frustration or despondency. We recognise the absence or loss of something, and our perception becomes clouded. The likelihood is that what we desire is already present in our lives, we just can’t see it due to a limited perspective. We may wish to become closer to a particular person; but this means they’re already in our lives. We must have acknowledged their presence in our lives for us to be manifesting around them to begin with. So the answer is, we must clarify what it is we are actually asking for. Being clear about our intention from the outset is, in my opinion, a much more positive start to the manifesting process.

It is important, when manifesting, that we appreciate and acknowledge what we do already have in our lives. Every situation, connection, relationship and action starts with ourselves. We navigate our own lives.

Perhaps we hope that the Universe will make our lives “better”. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact I think this is commendable; but rather than focusing on a life that needs improving, we could aspire towards positive growth and expansion of what we already possess. Aspiration suggests that we appreciate what we have and wish to build on that. Like attracts like; if we focus on the positives, we amplify them. If we dwell on what we don’t have, we attract more of the same.

We can ask the Universe for information and answers rather than material things. We could ask for ways to develop and strengthen an existing relationship or ask for help to improve our skills in order to secure a promotion. Not only does this demonstrate a secure belief that something is indeed possible, it puts us in a position to take ownership. The Universe will provide everything, if we’ll allow ourselves to receive.

Once we begin to cultivate the positive aspects of our lives, we begin to notice and make use of the resources we do already possess. We may become aware of our natural gifts, creative skills and feel inspired as a result.

The ways in which we manifest is unique to us as individuals. The actual process or method we use is up to us, but environments where we feel secure and relaxed will be very motivating. Experiment with different ways of manifesting; perhaps use candles, or visualisation, writing, anything that helps you to feel in harmony with the Universe. When you discover what works for you, just go with it! Check out or Michele`s videos for more information about this.

Finally, let’s examine how we perceive the actual process of manifesting. It’s easy to look at it like a magic wand, or a genie in a bottle ready to grant our every wish; while this is not necessarily wrong, it could be a limiting perspective. If we look at manifesting as an accelerator, as a way to enhance and magnify what we already possess, we can unlock the unlimited potential of abundance that manifesting can offer. If we truly believe that we deserve what we ask for, and trust in the ability of the Universe to provide it, well….ask, and it is given. Trust in yourself, and in the Universe.

Sending love