Jacky Newcomb’s Christmas Column

Hi again lovely people
Season’s greetings to you; whatever you are celebrating at this time of year. Traditionally ‘Christmas’ is a time for family’s to get together and be nice to each other but of course, its not possible for us to be with everyone we want to during this time of feasting.
• If you have loved ones in the forces or one or more members of your family are living or working away from you.
• If people you want to be with are ill or in hospital.
• It’s not physically possible to travel
• You can’t afford to be with those you love
• If your loved ones are on the other side.
• If you are estranged
So many people feel depressed or ‘down’ because tradition dictates what they should be doing at this time. But whose to say how you live your life? How can you make things better? Here are some suggestions for you or those you care about…and at all times, ask your angels to help and support you.
1. A friend of mine has given a widower friend a ‘Christmas survival pack’ which included a few treats (a couple of bottles of beer, a DVD etc) – what a fun idea!
2. Make your Christmas gift a telephone call to someone you can’t be with…or give your teenagers the job of ringing round relatives you can’t be with (you can yell Happy Christmas or whatever, in the background as you peel the sprouts (if you’re organising the food, don’t, whatever you do, take hold of that phone!!)
3. Have ‘two’ celebrations – like England’s Queen Elizabeth has two birthdays (her real birthday and her ‘official’ birthday). That way you can celebrate the official calendar date and then do your own ‘real’ celebration day (whatever that may be), where you exchange gifts, and follow your own religious or family rituals…at a time or on a day that is more convenient to you all.
4. Although you can’t bring back loved ones maybe you can include them in some way? Some families lay an extra place at dinner or do a ‘toast’ to absent friends.
5. If you’re single and get invited elsewhere then accept the invitation with good grace…you won’t be a burden. Some families love to invite an extra guest – it keeps their own family in-line. Even teenagers will behave better if a guest is sitting at the table; you’re literally doing them a favour too! So go ahead and be looked after.
6. If you find yourself on your own then make the most of what you have. The television is usually better around the holiday season or if you can, record some of the best shows in advance or order films (DVD’s) off the internet or ask for them as gifts. Indulge yourself with those favourite movies…a long soak in a scented bath or paint your toenails! Buy yourself a gift of something to make or do at home – puzzles, cross stitch or build a model plane. This is YOUR day…spoil yourself.
7. Look at an alternative Christmas…can you go to a holiday location for people who are on their own. A cruise is extravagant but a couple of nights at a local hotel could be a cheaper option and the entertainment is often laid-on.
8. A couple of years ago my husband and I found ourselves on our own on Christmas Day – the first time in our whole lives. We bought ready-made meals from the local supermarket and opened a bottle of champagne. We ate on lap trays in front of the television. It was a wonderful and relaxed day where we just chilled out with no pressure to perform and no expectations. We loved it!
Rather than be upset about what you don’t have make use of the time to enjoy what you do have…life! Make time for your family and friends throughout the year, rather than make too much importance on one or two days. Keep in regular contact all year round (telephone, texting, emails, traditional letters and social networking sites on the internet – diarise it so you don’t forget).
Spend time together when you can and remember to tell people close to you that you love them. Share photographs and video’s and include your loved ones in your life in as many ways as possible.
 Ask the Archangel Michael to keep your loved ones safe and the Archangel Gabriel to assist in keeping the lines of communication open. Wherever you are, whatever you do and whomever you are with…have a great time and may your angels go with you.
Jacky x

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Jacky Newcomb is the multi-award winning, Sunday Times best-selling author of 11 books on paranormal themes and specialist in angel and afterlife experiences. She has appeared on This Morning, The Lorraine Kelly Show and many others, working alongside people such as Gloria Hunniford and Myleene Klass. Jacky has sold over half a million copies of her books which are translated into many different languages and published all over the world.

Jacky is a regular in the national press (including The Daily Express and The Daily Mail) and is often interviewed on radio stations up and down the country. She has been voted ‘Favourite Spiritual Author’ and ‘Favourite Angel Expert’ (Soul & Spirit Magazine) as well as ‘Best UK Author’ and ‘Favourite Spiritual Book’ (Spiritual ConneXtions Acknowledgment Awards). She is also a regular columnist in ‘Take-a-Break’s Fate & Fortune magazine.

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