Your weekly Wiccascope 1st April 2019 with our psychic Violet

Your weekly Wiccascope 1st April 2019 with our psychic Violet

Greetings Wiccascopians,

My apologies for the delay in posting this, a cold virus has slowed me down a little.  But here I am and here are your scopes.

Happy April.  I’ve a soft spot for April, a) it’s a nice name for a month which got me researching.  How did it get its name?  Now for the science bit, well historical bit.  One opinion say it comes from Aphrodite the goddess, I like that version, but I also love this one that it comes from the Latin word “Aperire”, which means to open, and refers to the buds and flowers in spring.  The last one is that it means ‘second’, for the ancient calendar year started in March and March means First!  Moving on..

I feel this week’s activity should be something very gentle, a) because I write this with a muzzy head, and b) because I feel it’s the loveliest thing to do! Turn off your t.v, radio, music. And first ‘listen’ to the silence, then notice the other sounds that interrupt it.  Where I am right now, (sofa, p. j’s wholesome soup beside me) I can hear birds. Just birds.  So many of them singing, the Starlings, and Sparrows are here, and the Gulls and Crows have been and gone since 5am.  So just sit and listen to the noises around you. Perfect. If you live somewhere very busy, maybe go and find a peaceful spot to do this.

With love



Aries – Gaia

Gaia, the earth Mother. Her lovely buzz words are, fertility, coupling or pairing up in romantic union, crops, and a key mothering quality, ‘unconditional love’.

She provided us with the seeds to grow life, has seen us make mistakes, and still provides and still loves us.  I’d imagine that if she could speak at a conference about the planet she’d be asking us to reconnect with the earth, and take better care of it.  How this refers to you is, both figuratively, and literally.  Of course, we can all do our bit to make this a better place, but your message is stronger, you are being asked to revaluate your own connection with the earth. Not to question your ethics, but literally to become part of your own small world where you live, and the world as a whole.  I use this phrase a lot but it sums it up, it’s about getting back to nature.

If the first part of the year was hard work for you, even upsetting, let’s move on with April, and start again for you, you are being sent oodles of healing and love from Gaia, she says, ‘come here, have a cuddle’.  So, relax in her arms, trust that the healing and love around you is being sent to restore you ready for what comes next. This will energise you and give you the roots you need to connect to the earth to reap the benefits of its core essence.

At the same time, reach out to the air, rain, and warmth of the sun, for all of this gives you the perfect balance of nature’s bounty to grow.  Eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water and be gentle with yourself.  In our group activity I suggested we just listen to the nature around us, this would so perfect for you to do. By preparing yourself now, you can expect great things as a result.

Taurus – Queen of Elphame

She’s back Taurus and she wants to talk to you. Come with me into the forest, and let’s find the Rowan bush, for there’s a faeries door that leads to the land of the small folk. Mind your head as we go in.

Open your eyes what do you see? Green lush plants, sunlight bursting through the branches on high, every kind of woodland animal bidding you a warm welcome. Walk along the bluebell path, don’t squash them though for faeries live under them, and you come to a clearing.  Where you see a table set with nature’s best in food, and there’s a place set for you.  At the head of the table sits the most beautiful lady, The Queen of Elphame, she’s been waiting for you to arrive.  For she has much to show you.  Much like Gaia, she is here to teach you about your environment and welcome you to the land of the Fae.  You too are going back to basics.

As the queen talks you will find yourself learning about this plant and that, it’s healing properties, and its magical powers. She will make you up a pouch of herbs, and seeds to take back into your world with you.  She will tell you how lovely you are, and that you have to see yourself purely and naturally. Wipe off your make-up if you wear any, get some sunlight on your face, feel the fresh air upon it. For in these potions will give you guidance and healing that will help you refocus on your earthly tasks. But now you are told to rest. Do nothing but be loved, fed, and guided.

Back in the real world how can we translate this, simply, step back from the hustle and bustle of it, create your own delightful escape, and retreat to it for now.  You may notice that you find your world around you a new sense of beauty and wonder.  Be wary of going to a garden centre to buy just one plant, you will come out with many, for your will power around such beauties will be weak. In relation to your bright future, be strong, hold onto your dreams, you are on the right natural path.

Gemini- Mirror

Oh, magic mirror on the all, who is the fairest of them all, why you Gemini tis you! You have the Mirror.  The best thing about this card coming into your life is that you will see the truth, the hard bit, well, in truth it’s raw honestly, warts and all. And you too will have to be honest about how you feel as well as being kind about it. How is that going to pan out for you?

I feel the Mirror flows so well with The Queen of Elphame who instructs Taureans to be themselves. Your reality check is the same, except you have a mirror to reflect yourself, your life and your world back at you.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes mirror gazing upon ourselves can be a little awkward. For example, I’ve a full-length mirror and I suck my stomach in, pull my face up here, put my hair up or down, tut and walk away. No! Gemini, don’t be me, take a look at yourself, you are what you are.  Of course, you can make changes, or for now you can learn to love what the current shape and colour of you is. Your visions awake and sleeping will guide you during this week’s revelations.

Another power of this mirror is, other people will appear as their true selves. It will be as if a layer has been stripped away.  This can work in two ways, people you thought were perfect, had it all, will show their cracks, and weaknesses, maybe even their uglier side.  Their behaviour reveals any falseness. Other people who you didn’t notice or underestimated will stand out to you, for example the quiet person at work who avoids the drama, well they are hiding a whole lot of untapped knowledge and fantastic sense of humour.

This is a grounding time for you, a sense of maturing, and moving beyond superficial into the true depths of life and people. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, or maybe reinvent yourself. Do you need to go back to a time when you made less effort to fit in with the ‘crowd’, but fitted in easily with the crowd you had?  Relax, trust your gut, and retune to what works for you now. You may find yourself making some changes in your life that set you free from routines that have you restored your energy and grounded yourself.  You also got to know yourself very well. Superficial situations and people will be exposed, their honest intentions showing clearly to you.  Trust your gut if something feels out of sync it is, but don’t react immediately, in keeping with the cave card, take a little time to think carefully about your next step in reaction to such discoveries. Feeling tired of the high maintenance lifestyle.

Cancer – Athame

Curious Cancerians be prepared to be focused and determined this week. The energy you have gathered over the last few weeks has to go somewhere, if only you had something to help you direct it. You do.

The Athame is a little knife, or dagger type knife, it is double edged and used to in wiccan or magic spell work to represent both the masculine and feminine energies. It is said that whoever wield the Athame, commands a power and some!  However, don’t just point this Athame anywhere and hope for the best, having power or a life force that is so strong, mixed with confusion or indecision, can only result in deepening the confusion.  So, first of all Cancer let’s get the pens and paper out.  You need to formulate a plan.

Where are you going, why are you going there, and what are you going to do when you get there? The key question is why do you want to do it, who is affected and what are your intentions. Yes, these are the words we use when it comes to spell casting, but that is what you’re going to be doing, casting the spell of your intentions right now. This will help you feel stronger, cut yourself from boundaries and ties with others you no longer wish to be tied to. It can also cut a way through to new connections, and those who you will prosper from being around. This card means cutting through the old to reach the new.

It may manifest itself in the form of words, words spoken to you, about you and by you. If the words sting, stop and think.  Use constructive criticism with others, and tailor your responses to others remarks to you or about you with calmness and thought. The danger is you may come across as a little pointed or defensive. It’s not that you are wrong, you’re not, but there is a better way to communicate how you feel.

 Leo – The Bell

Oh, sociable Leo’s expect to do a lot of talking this week, for ye have the Bell.  That means one thing communication.  Let’s talk Bell facts first. The chakra it relates to your throat chakra, the talking area. That says, ‘This is my truth, this is what I have to say!’ Other words are a sense of waking up as if you’ve been in a deep sleep and someone is tapping you on the shoulder.

You are ringing the changes this week, declaring to the world that you really have been thinking, it’s time to pull off a mask, and tell it like it. Now, not everyone will like what you have to say, but because it’s from the heart, and your gut, and it’s your truth, that is not your problem. It’s their perception of you.  This links to the Mirror, and Athame, but you are so much more vocal. Almost as if you’ve hid for a while, and have had enough. Feeling stronger, ready, and primed. What are you waiting for?

Congratulations for this is an achievement for you, you are refusing to let things just be as they are, and will continue to be if no-one questions things. You are an advocate for change, and movement. If people choose to remain connected to you, or depart that is their choice.  For they will be replaced by the people you need around you.  Which brings me to the next lovely association with this card. Celebrate, someone’s birthday, engagement, wedding, or an anniversary, it doesn’t matter what it is, you’re going!

Be prepared to listen as well as talk! This is a great time for team meetings, relationship discussions, or simply letting someone you fancy know about it. Your refreshing honesty will impress those who hear you speak, and inspire them. Conversations had now could be potentially very important for you, so do think about your words carefully and trust your gut in who you share them with. Happy chatting!

Virgo – Holey Stone

Oh, earthly beings this week I am especially chuffed with your card, and sort of mine being a cusp person. It’s the Holey Stone. Why am I chuffed because, I got myself a new necklace this week, there’s a long story that goes with it, but it’s an amulet that I’m told will bring me psychic connection.

This applies to you also, whether or not you’ve got yourself such an amulet or feel inspired to do so after reading this.  Sometimes we need something physical that represents powerful energies that help us through our day to day lives.  Such qualities as protection, healing, chakra balancing, psychic connection and health benefits. The Holey stone also speaks of cleansing qualities, due the process of its creation, a stone that’s centre is washed away by waters at the bottom of pools and rivers.

So, you too may feel so empowered by the presence of such an amulet, or simple stone turned into one, that you feel inspired to clean your life up, home, body, mind and soul. This is not going to be done as sharply as those facing mirrors or with stones, it will be as organically as those visiting The Queen of Elphame, gently yet powerfully, and restfully.

If you feel a little pressured or intimidated by circumstances fear not, you will be able to deal with whatever life throws at you this week, for there is a sense of grounding and confidence that says, ‘bring it on’. You can say or do nothing, you will just know.  Quietly confident, not cocky, you won’t be affected by this and retain your dignity.

Libra – The Spiral

Libra oh boy so many 80’s songs are going around my head. Which one to use with this card for us.  So, I’m going with ‘Dance yourself Dizzy’. We have the Spiral! Let’s go!

The words we need to remember are freedom, changes, and hello ‘attraction’. How are we going to do it? By doing what I said above spinning round, preferably to music.  I love to dance don’t you? Music has its own special life force, vibration and swirling energy that can affect our mood state so much.  So why not put on some music gather up some momentum and spin to the left, release the rubbish, the past and the negatives. Spin to the right embrace the future, the new, the positive. Oh, pause in the middle of this, otherwise you will fall over.

If you are tempted to say, ‘No I like things this way’, that’s fine.  You have your own free will.  If there is nothing around you feel needs enhancing or removing then leave it.  But. I’ll leave this thought with you, this card came up for a reason, and it speaks of stagnation and a lack of movement. That leaves a toxic energy where there should be a good one.  Hence affecting us in all sorts of way.  I know I caught a virus, but my immune state was affected by my own inertia.  So, I’ve got to get proactive and spin too! By doing this the energy generated is contagious, you will feel alive, and ready. Things will seem possible that felt ‘stuck’ before, chains will snap off that bind us to something or someone who is not good for us anymore. It’s time for a confident goodbye, and a hearty hello.  There won’t be time for regretting any losses we spin off and away from us.  We’ll be too busy getting the good stuff.

A spiral is a force of nature that has to go somewhere, it needs a home, but it’s also a gipsy, and it’s generous with its gifts.  It spins from person to person, working it’s magic and inspiring souls to make necessary changes in their lives. Your advice, my advice to me, is embrace this vortex of power, let it enter us top to toe, sort out those chakras and get us back on track again!

 Scorpio – Aradia


Scorpios you lovely people here is a card that speaks about why we are who we are based on our history. We’re talking about what our ancestors experienced and what they gifted us in DNA over the years.

Each baby born is an individual, unique and utterly itself. Yet there will be character traits that have remained in the afore mentioned DNA. It is no mistake that a child can develop a talent that bears no resemblance to their parents or siblings’ talents, often making them feel like the odd one out in a family.  It took me to do my family tree before I found a whole host of interesting ladies who do the same work as myself.  Do you have a gift or quality that makes you wonder why you are so passionate about it, and naturally know so much about it?  You could be being guided by a past family member, so embrace it!

Speaking of close ties and families, is there a sense of fracture that needs your loving touch? This card speaks of a time to talk, and reunion through active listening and caring.  Allow this time to be one of healing, don’t fight it.  If you are feeling a situation in your life has gone on too long and it’s dull and tired, change it! It’s time.  The past doesn’t hold you to it, it is just a reference to what someone used to do, or what you have got so used to doing.  This can be a common work place issue have you ever heard the phrase, ‘But we do it this way here’.

Do I hear you say, ‘Oh but I can’t do that’, enough? Of course, you can! Self-belief, positive energy and making one small change at a time.  Others will want you to join in with them, don’t be shy, they are nice people, they think the same as you.  Go and share this new connective fire you have and make some new friends, reconnect with some old ones. You’ve a lot to contribute, don’t hide away.

Sagittarius – The Green man

Oh, outdoors being Sagittarius this card is perfect for you!! The Green Man hops into your life and invites you to join him this week as we turn the clocks forwards, when the temperature starts to warm up, and now the days are officially lighter for longer.

Words we use with him are energy, root chakra, growth, prosperity and confidence! When you get him working with you it’s like having a little good luck charm, that will help you with your plans and dreams. How are you going to do this, by having a little bit of courage, mixed up with bold self-expression? This is something you can take into all the relationships in your life, work, social, family and romantic. If you have had any conflict in these areas, another generic group of people who are encouraged to use this as a time to talk things over.  It seems to be a theme this week.  Mercury out of retrograde?

Like your Leo friends you are outgoing and another sociable sign you could find yourself taking the lead in a social event or being asked to lead a team. Your connection to your world and people in it will be deeper, and you may feel more protective of those you care for. If you find it difficult to give into deeper feelings, relax a little more and allow yourself to just go with the flow. For such an energy is connective and reconnective. Another card at this time that allows you to heal any rifts.

It is suggested you show respect and honour to the feminine to develop deeper, more harmonious connections in relationships. You may also be focussing on your family and regain your connections with them. If you have the intention you will understand your world and the people in it much more deeply, reaping great results and movement.

Another nature card, that says by taking time out, finding nature again, by finding an earthly connection you will achieve balance, courage and conviction. Be mighty earth child, for the world is ready for you and you need to jump on it!

Capricorn – The Spider

Capricorn how are you all I’ve got you a special pet this week.  It won’t take up much room, has very special powers and eats the flies and bugs in your house. Meet Harry the Spider!

Now if you don’t like them, he’s not real, it’s a card.  But if you like spiders you can get close up and personal with them and see how they work.  

Spiritually speaking spiders represent dealing with challenges, creative thinking, and not hiding yourself or your talents.   Your fate can be shaped now, this is the perfect time to make any changes, or last-minute adjustments with your projects.  You may have the feeling that you need to stand up for something that you feel is important to you.  The only difficulty may be other people. They will need persuading but you can do this.

There are opportunities for you that will weave themselves in front of you guiding you into the right action.  Like a maze some routes will be useful for information and experience but come to an end, other will take you elsewhere, and some paths will take you to where you need to be.  Trust your gut and know which path means what, and the one that ultimately takes you to where you need to be. Resist distractions that come your way, and stay focused.

So, what are you doing over and over? Because it works that way. We all do this, but sometimes shaking things up creating a new way of dealing with something or someone, is the difference between quitting a job, you are bored of or revamping it and falling back in love with it.  This can be applied to a relationship, a social set up or how you run your life in general.  By making a little change thing could look refreshed, and renewed.  By the end of this week you will have a new perspective on where you are at, and what you need to do next. Remember I mentioned challenges before, as a result of refreshed thinking you will be able to meet them with a real sense of confidence and courage.

Aquarius – The cone of power

Oh, lovelies Aquarius it’s your turn.  The Cone of power whooshes its way into your life and gives you a super boost.  There’s nothing subtle about this force of nature, like the power of Athame it’s direct.

The Cone holds such a power that builds up inside it, then once given an outlet, (i.e. you), it is free to do what it wants and needs to. I feel when you are given this card you’re being given a tonic to help you with a problem or difficulty in your life. You can decide wherever you wish to direct this energy, but may feel it just goes where it needs to.  Like a good healing session where a therapist may identify a particular chakra that needs some adjusting more than others.

I recall that I said to another sign way back along, that cones of power can be housed in their own special place.  And you can have different cones for different areas of your life. Any time you feel the need you can just pick a different cone. If such things existed in reality, imagine the power and energy.  But with the power of your imagination and connection you can experience the same feeling for you are your own force of nature.

Take some time out to focus on what you need to resolve right now, and where you may be feeling vulnerable.  Don’t rush this process, just ask for the help you need to be sent to the place that it’s needed.  An organic natural way is required.

Pisces – Broomstick

Pisces hot out the pack here is a card that will help you in your next phase. It’s time to clear some space in your home and your life for some laughter and fun. Expect to have extra get up and go, you will be feeling brighter, recharged and ready to take on big projects and they won’t seem daunting.

You could find yourself considering where and how you live at the moment.  But your feet may be itching or you could be feeling restless.  There are two ways of dealing with this, cleaning out old stuff, and getting new things.  Or you could need a change of location, and literally be taking your broomstick elsewhere.  You will know in your gut which scenario applies to you.  Whatever you decide will bring fun into your life where it may have been missing for a while.

Emotionally speaking this card relates to your sacral chakra, think orange, dress orange, eat orange.  Get sun and warmth where you can.  What do you feel impassioned about? What excites you or used to? Find that spark in yourself again, get that spring in your step. Once you’ve gone Orange, you’ll see clearly, and know just what you have to do to make the bold changes you are going to make.

As you think of your sacral chakra look at what you eat to really give you soul food, eat for action, hydrate and take time out to chill when you need to.  When the lower chakras get recharged expect the intimate areas of your life to get a boost as well. Move things along a little, speak out about what you like when it comes to being loved and giving love.  Take your relationships new or established to deeper and more tender levels. If you single expect to attract someone new with that little twinkle in your eye!




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