Your Weekly Astro Tarot with our psychic Tanya


Your career dreams could start to look more like a reality this week Aries. Work or a business venture that you have your sights on could turn out to be quite profitable. Plans may be in the early stages, but your quest for truth and adventure along with the positive vibe surrounding you is definitely telling you that you are on the right track. You are prepared to put the hard work in that was needed and as long as you follow the rules to a T, you can accomplish anything. Keep focused and be mindful of how your actions could have a knock on effect with others and you will get to your desired destination quicker and with a smoother journey. You are feeling encouraged, enthusiastic and ready to take a risk. You may be learning as you go along, as you seem to be acquiring new skills which will aid your future massively. Sharing your wealth and knowledge, and working alongside others will bring you closer to your goals. You can stop daydreaming now, its time to put in some elbow grease and make these dreams reality.

An exciting magical week awaits you Taurus. You are feeling powerful and fully connected to the universe, mix this with your confidence and inspired ideas and you are on the path to make your dreams reality. You have all you need at your disposal, and an intense desire to succeed, all you have to do is visualise what you want, believe it is coming to you and as if by magic it will appear. Magic is the power of intention mixed with focus and belief, you have all of the ingredients to make your life how you want it. Look out for synchronistic events or meetings, everyone we encounter has something to teach us, so by opening yourself up to others, you are sure to broaden your horizons. Watch your words and thoughts carefully, some say that every word or thought we put out into the universe is a spell of sorts so make sure that the intention behind the words you speak and your intentions are pure and you cannot go wrong. Draw energies from mother earth and father sky, allow yourself to be a vessel to channel universal energies and watch your life change dramatically. The universe is opening up its vaults of secret knowledge to you, who knows what you will find there…


You are dancing to the rhythm of life this week Gemini. Some say you are the sign of two halves and this week sees you merging your creative side perfectly with your psychic side. You are tuned in, switched on and emitting a wonder fly powerful energy. You are ready to take a walk on the wild side, to throw caution to the wind and life your life with wild abandon and like the free spirit you were born to be. Its time to fly higher than you ever thought your wings could carry you, and as you are now feeling so connected to the universe and to others your confidence holds no limits. You are listening to the voice of your soul, trusting your gut and a higher power and are comfortable in your own deep knowing. You may find that you are inspiring others, they want to know your secret, and you are happy to share your gathered knowledge with anyone who chooses to list. Your life is about to become as colourful and captivating as you are. You are amazing!


Let the good times roll, is your motto this week Cancer. You have a V.I.P invite to the party that is life and you are all dolled up and ready to celebrate. Fun is high on your list of priorities and you are ready to let your hair down, forget the grown-up responsibilities that may have been burdening you of late and dance like none is watching. Love, life and laughter are your driving forces and you want to share this manifesto with those you love and other likeminded people. You may have experiences that bring you closer to members of your soul tribe as your vibration is high it is like it could be calling them in from afar. You are standing in the spotlight and you couldn’t be happier, you feel like you have found your place in the world and this sense of belonging is much appreciated. When you open yourself up to the wonders of the universe you are opening yourself up to a magical existence where you shine brightly whatever situation. Life is meant to be enjoyed and you could possibly turn a hobby into a career, when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. You have the right idea, keep up this lust for life and life will keep repaying you in return.


Work, work, work is your mantra this week Leo. You are ready to get your head down to the grindstone and put in your all with your career. Yur mind is working overtime as it is filled with great ideas with strong potential and you know that your dreams are waiting for you at the end of hard work. Rather than be daunted by the efforts you need to put in, you are determined and on a mission to succeed, you love a challenge and something you can get your teeth in to, so this week sees you buzzing with excitement and dedication. You may be working all hours but you know that you will reap the rewards further down the line so this acts to spur you on rather than deter you. You would much rather be exhausted by something that will yield results than be rested from achieving nothing. Your work ethic is strong, and your drive stronger. You are a force to be reckoned with this week. This time next year Leo, you could be a millionaire!


You are ready to take that leap into the unknown this week Virgo. You are craving challenges and changes and you know that by sitting waiting for something to happen you are only wasting valuable time. The call of freedom is shouting your name and you are ready to take a leap of faith and set off on an adventure that could possibly change the course of your life. You are a free bird and cannot be caged at this time, you want to live your life freely without restrictions and you believe that by taking what some may say is a risk, is the only way you can embrace your eccentric side and see what else the world has to offer you. In recent months the wind has been taken from your sails but now you feel it beneath your wings and you are ready to soar high. This maybe a solo journey but that doesn’t bother you, you have packed your belief and confidence in your kit bag and that is all you need. You are boldly setting out into unchartered territory and the universe will reward you for your bravery.

You are ready to put your foot down this week Libra. No more Mr nice guy, you know that you deserve respect and this week sees you demanding that is what you get. You will not be fobbed off with half truths or beating around the bush, you want honest, clear communication from anyone you come into contact with. You expect to get what you give. Your thoughts are as deep as the ocean and you are drawing strength from these depths. Normally you are seen as the people pleaser but this week you are taking back your control and feels damn good!. You are stepping into your primal warrior pants, feeling passionate and ready to go off in search of an adventure. Your intuition is as strong as you feel and you know now that the way is your way. Hail Libra!!


Its all about the balance this week Scorpio. You want everything running on an even keel and are determined to find a way to restore a happy medium. Relationships and other connections look set to be given the once over as you look for ways to make them flow naturally so they are of mutual benefit to all involved. You may also be having a period of self-evaluation and re-examining your life priorities, this could have come about as you have been looking to the past and are now seeing the lessons you have endured, you may be thinking of the new spiritual knowledge you have gained and how best to incorporate this into your human existence. You are seeking a much greater balance between your inner and outer self, maybe even searching for a higher meaning and purpose in life. Changes are needed to get where you want to be, but you are happy to make these if the reward is peace of mind. By mixing your logic and your heartfelt desires together you can find the perfect cocktail and the way of living that works best for you. Throw in a little moderation and you are ready to cook up a success


You are cutting through the crap this week Sagittarius and are ready to tackle any issues that have been causing a hindrance. You have a new found clarity of thought, a fire in your belly that you thought had long been extinguished, and this looks likely to lead to a mental and emotional breakthrough. The energy has shifted and now is the time to regain your power, You know that a healthy mind comes hand in hand with a healthy body so you are ready to make changes to your diet as well as your general well-being. The universe is presenting you with a solution to all of your problems, all you need to do is be willing to tackle them head on. You are looking at the cold hard facts of how things have been and are ready to make any necessary changes. Be careful not to get too gung ho though, that sword you are wielding has two edges and one of these could cut deep so be mindful of being a little too dagger-happy. Your confidence in speaking your truth will get you everywhere, people are noticing how sharp and on the ball you are, your calmness amidst your excitement shows a great strength which will be admired and get you respect you deserve. You are cool, calm, collected and destined to succeed in whatever you put your mind to.


You are walking on the sunny side of the street this week Capricorn. You are feeling joyful, optimistic and filled with summer cheer. You are soaking up the magical aspects of life and feeling pretty much on top of the world. Creative ideas may be coming to the surface as well as passions that may have been hibernating in the recent months, the sun has a fabulous way of injecting its powerful energy into all areas of your life and awakening the soul. You also have an air of innocence surrounding you, your spirit wants to be free and you are giving it full reign. You are radiating from the inside out and others may even comment on your healthy glow. You have sunshine in your soul let it radiate from your pores. Life is good.


Family and the home are at the forefront of your mind this week Aquarius. Stability and security are your main priorities and you are looking at ways to build and strengthen this structure. You love the sense of belonging that family brings so maybe invite your loved ones over and celebrate the wonderful connections that warm the cockles of your heart. Happiness is so much better shared. You may be doing some decorating or even thinking of moving home, your focus is on the future and will be the legacy you make for yourself, so its time to lay firm foundations. You are very grounded at this time, you are happy with what you have and feel mass appreciation as well as appreciated for the efforts you put in. Your heart is full to bursting and this is what makes you truly feel at home, remember it is not a place but a feeling.


An exciting time awaits you this week Pisces. You may have a sort of epiphany moment, you are filled with a new energy and feel fully recharged, almost as if you have been born again all shiny and new. Your mind is buzzing with new ideas and you are ready to look at things differently and maybe even think outside of the box compared to how you have thought in the past.
You have heard the voice of the universe calling you and you are ready to show the world what you are truly made of. This lightbulb moment has catapulted you into a total transformation which will allow you to embark on a new path. The breakthrough you have experienced has left you feeling passionate and strong. New possibilities and opportunities are presenting themselves to you which could lead you to a life that fulfils your higher needs. As the gods are showering you with gifts they are also clearing any past burdens or worries and allowing you to see a very exhilarating future on the horizo