Weekly Astro Tarot with Psychic Tanya

Your weekly Astro Tarot 13th MARCH


You are filled with passion this week Aries. Your excitable enthusiasm is set to make communication a walk in the park as others are compelled to listen to you and hear what you have to say. Your charming demeanour will melt even the toughest of hearts and get you what you want. Spontaneity surrounds you, but try not to be impulsive, patience is a virtue and with so many things going on and in your favour this week, it could prove to be very valuable. You are ready to give what ever is presented to you a go, so expect a very busy week as the possibilities showing are endless. Inspirational news may come in the form of a message or letter. Something quite big could enter your life unexpectedly, grasp it with both hands as it looks set to bring about inspirational change. Louis Armstrong sang about a wonderful world, and this week you should be feeling the reason for his words, a wonderful week awaits.


Your head is in the clouds this week Taurus and what a fabulous place to be. You are feeling dreamy, your intuition is on point and you are feeling very poetic about the world and your own little piece of it. Creativity should be cursing through your veins and you are wanting to dig deep into the mysteries of the universe and share your findings with others. Deep conversations look set to take place and these could possibly be from someone connected with your past, so expect emotions to be heightened. Messages are expected, both from others and possibly spirit as you a feeling very connected and open. Allow yourself to see the beauty in simple things, allow your mind to wander. As long as you keep your feet on the ground your imagination can take you anywhere. If you can dream it, you can do it.


Friendships and soul connections are the focus of your week Gemini. You are drawing members of your tribe together and celebrating the strong connections you have formed. You may even be collaborating with others as people and plans feature strongly for you in the coming days. New ideas will be brought to the table and this may enlarge your social circle. Parties and get-togethers promise to be positive as laughter and a love of life leave you feeling closer to like-minded people. Creative juices are flowing and a feeling of belonging helps you to stay focused, aligned and empowered. When you are accepted for who you are you cannot feel anything other than blessed. So get your dancing shoes on and sing your own song, there are others around you who can help you perfect your harmonies.


Your career is at the forefront of your mind this week Cancer. You are willing to put in the hard work that is needed to get you where you want to be. A lot of positivity surrounds you, so allow this to push you further towards your dreams. As work is your main concern, you may be spending more hours at the office than usual and this could open the door for you seeing a co-worker in a different light as an office romance could come out of the blue. This could be someone who initially you were sharing ideas with and this could change and they could be sharing your life. The universe is encouraging your ambition, so look at areas which need little tweaks, Your hard work and dedication will pay of and maybe in ways, you didn’t think possible so keep doing what you are doing and the rewards will certainly come to you. Success comes through perseverance, so don’t let anything divert you from the path you are on. Your goal is insight, keep your eye on the ball.


The past is wanting your attention this week Leo. Issues from childhood or past losses are coming to the surface to be healed, so expect a little trip back down memory lane to right the wrongs of yester-year. It is often scary and uncomfortable to take our rose tinted glasses off and see things how they really were, rather than how we have allowed ourselves to perceive them. Looking honestly at where we developed unhealthy patterns or ideas is the first step to healing them. When we heal our world, we heal ourself. Once you take the brave step and do this you will find that the playful aspects of your inner child will also be set free, so a time of adventure and exploration will follow. Allow yourself to see through the eyes of this inner child, forget any cynicism you may have been carrying and add a playful quality to your life. Children do not let the world drag them down, they dust themselves down and don’t dwell on the bad times, they experience life as a chance to have fun. So embrace the child in you, jump in any puddles that the rainy times have left, and give yourself permission to play out


Some say the primal force of our lives is love and this week it looks like you will be agreeing with them, Virgo. Rather than this being in a relationship sense, you will be delving deep into the bottom of the cup of love and realising that this is where you can draw your energy from and regain your power. Emotions may spill over, so expect any thing that needs healing to hit you right in the feels, as you will be feeling a lot in the coming days. Empathy and compassion engulf you, which leads you to be aware of and feel the parts of others that also need healing. Love is the greatest healer there is, so prescribe a dose of it to all you come in contact with and remember to take a piece of your own medicine when needed. Surrender to the love that surrounds you and is in you. The universe could present you with a very deep conversation with a past loved one, so don’t be surprised if the past knocks on your door. Try to let go of any feelings of fear of being hurt again and come from a place of love, you will see this allows problems to get sorted, loose ends tied up and maybe reconciliation. Do all things with love and all things will work out exactly how they are meant to.


Depeche Mode sang “Get the balance right” and that should be your song this week Libra. Things may have been off kilter recently but now is the time to bring everything back into alignment. There may be a few apologies in the offing as it is a time to right old wrongs and seeking atonement. You have taken the time to look at old unhealthy patterns and how they have not served your highest good, so it is now time to make the necessary changes that will lead to balance where things were previously off balance. Peace in your world will be restored after a few little tweaks and you will watch the chaos disappear. Feeling balanced on an inner level will help you to do what is needed to make this happen on an outer level too. Self-evaluation and re-examining past actions can help you find your true purpose and achieve a transformation which will aid your love and your life. So look as deeply within as you do without and remove anything that is tipping your scales.


Many think of the hermit as feeling alone but this is not the case for you this week Scorpio. This hermit is quite monk-like so is coming in as a healer, not just of your internal but of the world too. A sort of spiritual missionary that has come to aid you on your personal journey. You may be experiencing a time of deep soul searching, looking back at the path you have travelled and looked ahead to see where you are going. Try looking at the lessons you have learned thus far and see how they can help you in the future. Learning to love yourself is a daunting task, but only in doing this can you give the love back into the world that is so desperately needed. So take time alone, to truly appreciate your place in the world and how it enhances the world of others. Embrace even your flaws and know that self-love comes with acceptance of you as a whole. Let your inner light be your guide and your learned wisdom steer you in the right direction. Forget about your outer tools at the moment, everything you need for this journey has already been provided inside of you. Help yourself and then you can help others.


What a wonderful energy surrounds you this week Sagittarius. Its almost like you are ready to throw caution to the wind allow your playful inner child to guide your way. You have a spring in your step and could be feeling pretty joyful for no reason other than just being alive. This optimistic stance will see doors open for you and fun filled times had. You currently believe in making the impossible possible and your creative wings are going to allow you to fly high. The excitement is cursing through you and life suddenly looks like an adventure. Laughter comes from your boots as you take a step into a world of possibilities, nothing can shake your happy persona this week, you are shining brightly and you want the world to know it. Katrina and the Waves sang a song called walking on sunshine, and she may have had you in mind as she penned it, as his week the sun is shining on you and everything you do.


Another week focused on the family Capricorn. You really are a home bird at the moment and your family your structure. You may be looking at moving home or making important changes in your living situation. Its time to get your loved ones together around the table and have a big family discussion. Anything that is causing a spanner in the works of a Waltons-esque type life needs to be sorted as you will not stand for anything that rocks yours or those you love’s feeling of stability and security. The best family dynamics are achieved through good communication and this is going to prove a very easy task for you to accomplish. You have provided a safe place in order for loved ones to feel protected enough to speak from the heart and the mind. You are the backbone of your family Capricorn, but you know that team work is what is needed to work better as a whole. Life can take us to some very unexpected places but you know that it is love that leads you home.


Speedy Gonzales doesn’t have a look in this week Aquarius as you certainly are going to be a very busy bee. Inspiration is flowing through you and you are wanting to get your ideas turned in to action as soon as they spring into your mind. everything is fast paced this week, so hold on to your hat! Communication is showing so expect a flurry of emails, or talking. I feel like I cant even get a word in edgeways as you seem to be off on another tangent even as you read this. You really do have the wind under your sails and there is no stopping you. It doesn’t matter how many ideas you have you are ready to make them all work together and your focus is admirable. You may even take a spontaneous trip, so look out for that. You are using this incredible energy to maximise the potential of your life and oh boy, you are even inspiring others in the process. Strike while the iron is hot is your motto this week and it is set to bring you some very exciting experiences. Your life may feel like a bit of a whirlwind, but you couldn’t be more pleased, you are taking action and this leads to you taking control of your life. Well done you.


Sharing is caring and this is your motto this week Pisces. You may be giving donations, paying bills, or offering loans as this week sees you having your hand in your purse quite a bit. There may be a little bit of robbing Peter to pay Paul, so make sure that the balance is kept right around your finances, its all very well and good giving to others but please try not to spend like money is going out of fashion as you could find the pot a little empty. Whatever you take out needs to be replenished so try not to give too much. This is also true within your personal life, sharing ideas with others, teaching your views and giving others your time is what makes you so adorable Pisces but again make sure you are getting the same back. Know your own value and know your own worth, when you do this other will see it too. Your presence means more to your loved ones than presents, so gift them with your time and essence rather than lavish gifts, you will find this is appreciated hugely.