Your weekly Astro Tarot with our psychic Tanya 17th April 2017


Relationships of all kinds will be your focus this week Aries. Bonds are deepening, you are feeling ‘the love’ and may possibly be reconnecting as well as feeling connected. Your mind, body and soul are seeking to bond with other like-minded individuals. Magic is in the air, so make good use of it to expand and enrich your connections. You are feeling sassy, sensual and sexy as you allow these deep primal emotions to wash over you like waves and also soothe any areas of your life where calm needs to be injected. Any relationship, be it romantic or platonic needs to be equally balanced and this will be your mission, don’t allow your ego to sabotage you, come from a place of love at all times and you will find, you get back what you give out. As your passions are unleashed this could lead to deep meaningful conversations or experiences, you feel secure with your place in the world and your zest for life is admirable. Don’t be afraid to take that next step, get ready for the wonderful doors that are about to open, open your heart, love and be loved.

You have a deep, intuitive understanding of the Universe this week Taurus. Your psychic-ness and intuition are strong and you are feeling the wonderful feeling that being tapped into source brings. Look for the signs you are getting, feel the hunches you are feeling as the answers you are seeking are already in you, you just need to quieten your mind so you can hear your soul speak. Old triggers that are linked to the past or even past lives could bubble to the surface, but by turning inward and connecting with the divine you can start to heal these wounds, resulting in a positive outcome. You are embracing your spiritual side and maybe even looking at how your intuition has aided your growth up until now. You are grounded in your deep sense of self and this brings in a wonderful sense of security and allows you to be your authentic soulful self. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience. The universe has your back.

You are tuned on and tuned in this week Gemini. Connections of all forms look set to be sizzling as the sensuality gods shower you with their VA Va Voom. Expect deep love and passion to the surface as well as many synchronistic events. Beware of letting lust sway your thinking as the lure of the passions of the flesh could be strong, balance them and don’t let them control you, its very easy to get lost in the world of hedonism. All collaborations this week look set to be positive and possibly steamy, but you may have to sacrifice a little of your time to do some inner work to keep yourself on track. In general, the thing to do is (within the bounds of your morality) to follow your heart. Some people say there are only two modes that any of us are operating under at any time, and that’s ‘fear’ or ‘love.’ its up to you what you choose, but please choose wisely.


They say every day is a school day Cancer and this week could find you learning new ways of being or how to do something. You have a dreamy eccentric vibe at the moment and may be full of enthusiasm and new ideas. Don’t allow your excitement to run away with you though, the best-laid plans are part of a process, they don’t just happen over night, so don’t rush in all hung ho, take things step by step to ensure positive progress. Maybe share your ideas with others, two heads are better than one after all. Your career looks set to have a big boost in someway but again make sure you research fully before embarking on something new. Working hard comes naturally for you, but a little bit hard work in the beginning will work for you fabulously. You may find yourself reflecting back to the past as well as laying plans for the future, maybe seeing how something didn’t work and making necessary changes to ensure a different outcome this time. Keep focus, keep those creative juices flowing and your dreams will become reality much sooner than you think.


Work holds importance for you this week Leo. Working with others looks likely, you are feeling powerful and empowered, your work life is going in the direction you want it to and you are enjoying the flow and ease connected to your job. A little word of warning though, this flow could also bring about a bit of an office romance or flirting around the water fountain, so if this is something that would not benefit you, keep your head in the next few days. Sharing yourself and your knowledge with others sees you getting a sense of achievement back so it works both ways, in giving you receive. You are feeling healthy and energetic which is bringing in perfect balance, you are heading into a period of positivity that is tinged with equality and fairness. Happy days!

You may take a walk on the wild side this week Virgo. Primal emotions are out of force and the sex, drugs and rock n roll devil looks to be taking a stroll with you. This is all very well as long as you are the one that stays in control. The devil is an exciting acquaintance, but he can also hijack your adventurous side and cause you to self-sabotage when adventure becomes destructive, you must look deep at your shadow side and more often than not, break old patterns that do not serve you well. Look at areas where temptation is strong, areas where you feel compelled to do something even though you know it may not serve your highest good and snatch back your power. Don’t cling to or rush outcomes, let things unfold as they are meant to. Merge your conscious mind with your unconscious and practice moderation at all times and in all things. Be passionate by all means but direct this passion into areas that will aid you and bring in good results rather than, areas that may cause you to have regrets. You are more powerful than you know, use that power in the direction of love and light.

Its all about the balance this week Libra.There are areas of your life which may be a little out of sorts and this week sees you bringing harmony back in. Where there have been unhealthy dynamics you are looking to correct this. When we fight against something we put up a resistance, when we allow something to take over us we again shift the dynamics and we suffer but by merging with our obstacles and trying to work with them or around them we bring in balance and things will flow a lot easier. Within our relationships with others, we need to distribute the energy equally. If we are taking or giving more than the other then again discord is the result, equal give and take is called for here. There may be a bit of a stumbling block around communication, but by staying grounded and centred this can be easily overcome. Temperance can also reflect a period of self-evaluation in order to re-examine your life priorities. You are now at a time when you are seeking a much greater balance between your inner and outer self, maybe even searching for a higher meaning and purpose in life. During this transition, you may experience a clash between the old and the new you, sometimes this can make you feel confused about which direction you ought to take and what is really important to you. By using detachment this can help accomplishing great things. You will avoid pain, conflict and distractions and lessen your stress and anxiety. Looking inward will recharge you. There is nothing to fear, it is part of the process and without it, change could not occur. when we allow this balance into our lives it enables us to make better choices and our lives become much easier. There is excitement to come.


Your head is in the clouds this week Scorpio. You are feeling playful and dreamy, your intuition is on point and you are looking at the world through rose-tinted eyes. Creativity should be cursing through your veins and you are wanting to dig deep into the mysteries of the universe and share your findings with others. You are feeling the love of the universe and are loving it right back. Deep conversations look set to take place and these could possibly be from someone connected with your past, so expect emotions to be heightened. Be very clear in your communications to avoid mixed messages or misunderstandings, when you are feeling so giddy, you can sometimes become a little bit cryptic, which can be frustrating for others as well as yourself. Allow yourself to see the beauty in simple things, allow your mind to wander. As long as you keep your feet on the ground your imagination can take you anywhere. Remember that when you feel this sort of inspiration the key is to be childlike, not childish, there is a huge difference. Dive into your emotions but keep your cool too. When your feet are on the ground your dreams can become reality.

Home and harmony fill your heart this week Sagittarius. Security and stability look set to be your driving force. You are feeling excited and feeling the love which is having a positive effect on all of your relationships. Contentment, stability and fulfilment are your ultimate goals. You may be looking to make alterations to your living space, or even looking at making changes to your health regime, remember your body is a temple. Money may not be flowing as easily as love but by laying solid foundations now, you will eventually reap what you have sown. Taking stock of the role loved ones play in your life will leave you feeling very blessed, loved and lucky. This may bring about a protective aspect to your personality and a responsibility to your family, so woe betide anyone who crosses any of your loved ones. You feel peaceful and secure and solid. Home is where the heart is and yours is happy, happy, happy.

The past looks set to pay you a visit this week Capricorn. Don’t let this scare you as it is making way for a deep healing which is essential for your growth and movement into the future. You are feeling childlike again, carefree and creative. When we live our lives in the way of a child we experience joy and happiness in abundance. Your family look set to join in on this happy wave you are riding, and conversations could end up being filled with funny stories from yesteryear. Memories shared are priceless. The past, good and bad has defined who you are today, so give yourself a huge pat on the back as you have navigated yourself through the years to become the magnificent authentic being you are now. You have learned lessons but also who you are. Thank the past for its knowledge and say hello to the wonderful future that awaits.


Your inner light is radiating and you are spreading a sense of peace and balance wherever you go Aquarius. Looking after others and restoring balance, listening as well as talking is a gift you possess and this week sees you getting back what you give out. You are powerful without being pushy and this allows others to come to you for guidance. Your presence means more than presents. You are drinking from the well of the universe which is leaving you feeling replenished and super psychic, which could bring up some past life karma. You are shining brightly and this gives others permission to do the same. Your natural goddess and goodness are shining through, you are giving love to others and in turn feeling very loved, balanced and harmonious.


It’s all about you this week Pisces. You are being swept along on a wave of love and are intuitive and charming to boot. You have an air of confidence enveloping you which is showing you to be strong as well as charismatic. You are ready to go after whatever is in your heart and are bursting with ideas that could enhance your work life as well as love life. You are a true warrior of love and are ready to charge ahead but hold your horses a little, reflect back to the past and to areas you may have rushed in, use the gift of hindsight to strengthen your focus and keep you realistic. Look at your relationships with others in the past, see patterns that have worked for you and also those that have hindered you, let the latter go. Only keep in your life, your sights or your heart things or those that make you feel good and serve your higher self. Keep your mind open as well as your heart and you will find yourself fully equipt with all you need to explore the new possibilities that will soon present themselves to you.