Your weekly Astro Tarot with our psychic Tanya


Home and family are where your focus lies this week Aries. You want stability and to feel that you are grounded and have roots so are ready to make whatever changes necessary to ensure this is what you achieve. This could mean actually uprooting and moving or it could mean finally addressing the huge elephant in the living room. Be careful when you are bringing up issues with others, Yes, they do need to be addressed but approaching these in a gentle manner will stop any clashes or family friction. Get everyone involved around the dinner table, cook a nice meal and have a discussion where all members of your family feel their sides are heard. You want your home to be your haven and clearing the air is as important as cleaning. Keeping your foundations and connections strong will ensure that you and others feel confident and secure. Hands can build a house but only hearts can build a home.


Your energy is high this week Taurus. Your mind is working overtime and ideas are spilling out in great numbers. You are ambitious and spontaneous and there really is no stopping you. You are ready to take action to make these ideas reality and are thinking creatively how to implement them to achieve the best results. you are devoted to the task in hand and are determined to relentlessly pursue your goal. Synchronicity is on your side too, so expect things coming out of the blue which could bring communications that you were not expecting. You may ruffle a few feathers with your hung ho approach, so try to focus your passions on your objective rather than doing things others may object to. Challenges will be met with ease and enthusiasm and the fire burning in your belly is burning fiercely. Exuberance is your buzz word but remember that even you have limits.


The times they are a changing Gemini. This week sees the changes being very important to you. If nothing changes then nothing changes and as you embrace this notion you are ready to set the wheel in motion to do what is necessary to move you forward. You may be having deep heart felt conversations with others about what you want and need in your life to feel secure and centred, or you may be tackling your finances head on and seeing where you can enhance this aspect of your life. This could mean a change of career or position, but you know now that it is needed. Energetic shifts are stirring your soul and you are changing in vibrationally, you understand the laws of life that everything is transient and the only control you have during this is to surrender to it and go with the flow and let go of what is no longer working for your highest good. Destiny is smiling on you from afar, a new universal cycle is starting for you. Enjoy the ride.


This week sees you tapping into your inner magic Cancer. You will confidently be able to take care of anything that arises and you will have the power to manifest whatever it is you want into your life. The gods are smiling on you and by drawing on their higher wisdom and your earthly knowledge you will be able to open many doors that will lead to huge possibilities. Your words and thoughts will become reality almost instantly. The universe is working with you and you with it, so this will be the perfect alchemic mix. As you have diminished your fear of failure, miracles will appear. Fortune favours the brave. Believe you can do it and you can. when you believe in magic and in your own skills, everything you touch has the ability to turn to gold. Great expectations and new beginnings await you.



This week sees you retreating into your cave for some much needed you time Leo. Searching deep within your soul will help you to shed light on any situations you are currently finding puzzling. The answers you seek are with you so there is no point in looking externally to find them. When you turn your mind off the sounds and distractions of the outside world, you can hear your soul speak clearly and concisely and clarity is just an added bonus. You want to find the deeper meaning to life and evaluation and reevaluation is where these answers lie. You may need to look at the path you have whether so far and there may be a decision to change course, either way, you will know instinctively what needs to be done. Its time to take a pit stop and pull over to refuel and check your internal map. Meditation will help you focus and realign. Look for substance and look back at past experiences to see what you need to bring in to your life and what you need to leave behind. Your inner light will help to guide you out of the darkness and allow you to shine brightly. You are entering a huge period of growth which will lead to spiritual awareness and understanding.



Get your wings polished this week Virgo as you truly are a social butterfly. You are on form and ready to mingle with the masses and entertain as you do so. The limelight will be shone on you and you will relish in your role of delighting and charming others. Confidence is the sexiest thing a girl can wear and you will don this outfit with pride. You want to be around people and they want to be around you, you have the power to inspire, educate and enlighten, so use your words carefully. Friendships will be on your mind and you will only embrace those deep connections where you can be yourself, bonds that are only held together by nostalgia may be broken but new members of your tribe will quickly fill their space. Any problems you have encountered will be left by the wayside as you are intent on celebrating life and all its pleasures. Life is for living and you are ready to dance to its rhythm. Love, laughter and a lust for life are your menu of choice at the moment, just be careful you are not burning the candle at both ends.



You are strutting your funky stuff this week Libra. Your confidence is high, you are feeling in control and your energy is very powerful. You will easily be able to sway others to your way of thinking as your leadership qualities and powers of persuasion are on point. You are ready to be disciplined with yourself too and push yourself further to achieve your goals. You have developed strength and vigilance to accomplish anything that you put your mind to and are feeling pretty proud of yourself for pushing through any self-limiting boundaries that you may have imposed in the past. When you respect yourself in this way it encourages others to hold you in the same level of regard. You are owning your stuff and taking responsibility for yourself which is giving you solid structures in which to build your future. Experience and inner wisdom are working together to allow you to step into your own personal power and take control of your own destiny. Be proud, be bold, be fearless.



What a fantastic energy surrounds you this week Scorpio. You are ready to stand in your uniqueness and shout your authentic voice from the rooftops. You may be filled with wild abandon and want to through off the shackles that have kept you restricted and live your life in your own way. You are ready to take risks, so are letting any fears fall away, you know they only hold you back and you are now determined to move forward. You are wiping the slate clean and are finally listening to the voice of your soul which has been whispering for you to take this long run and jump for a long time. You know that the world has so much to discover and when the fool sets forth, it is also on a voyage of self-discovery so you are excited to embrace what lies beyond your comfort zone. Yu are perched on the precipice of a new life and have an unbounded passion and a thirst for new knowledge. Life is about to get very interesting as you take that first step on the road to adventure.


You are shining bright and beautiful this week Sagittarius. Charisma is oozing from your pores and you are attracting a lot of admiration and attention. Your confidence is high and many will be wanting to know the secret to your inner beauty regime. When you tap into your personal power and inner warrior goddess, you feel strong and mighty and nothing is going to dilute your own internal buzz. You no longer hide from your shadow side, you embrace it and see it as just another facet of your uniqueness. Acceptance of yourself in this way is highly attractive, so don’t be surprised if you have an overload of admirers. Others find you fascinating as well as mysterious and this is reflected back to you as you want to delve deep into the souls of those you encounter and unravel the threads of their psyche, superficialness is a no go area for you as you only want to embrace connections that delve deep beyond the surface. You are inspiring and intuitive and have tamed your exuberance well, you are in control of yourself and your surrounds and are happy to let your creative wild side out to play.


Connections and relationships are on your mind and in your world this week Capricorn. Those who you share your life with hold a great importance to you and you will be closely examining these connections. Your intensity level is high, so expect some deep conversations as communication is key for you at the moment. You want that mind, body and soul attachment and if that is not there you are prepared to let it go. Existing relationships could be taken to a new level of understanding and any new connections look set to tick all of the boxes on your checklist. You don’t need to push, things will happen on their own accord. Relationships should be healing and nourishing and this is your current quest. Co-creation is your goal. All relationships are a doorway to understanding our higher selves and should allow us to express ourselves more actively. You don’t want to go this alone, but you are only prepared to give to those that give you back. Understanding others helps you to understand yourself.



Internal and external battles look set to brace your week Aquarius. If you take close notice of the words that you speak to yourself you may discover that you are your own worst critic. If you carry on sparring with yourself you will continue to see life as a struggle. Cut yourself some slack, speak words of love and admiration for yourself and see how your external world starts to change. Have compassion for yourself and stop challenging yourself to a duel that will never be won, be your own ally rather than an enemy. Some say that the art of war is to not engage and you are being urged to put your weapons down, even if they are just words, if you are constantly ready for a fight or ready to attack, you will find others will always be on the defence. Be a lover, not a fighter, yes challenging times may scare you, but if you come from a loving base rather than a fear one, the world becomes soft rather than hard. Harmony and success are more likely to come in to play when you stop expecting disorder and tension. Use your energy more constructively to work things out with others and your self, support yourself and others will support you too. Bring in unity rather than segregation. Be willing to let love in, its there waiting.



Your rose tinted glasses are polished and you are ready to wear them Pisces. You are full of childlike energy and are ready to inject a huge dose of playfulness into your life. Your creative juices are flowing and you are allowing yourself to get lost in daydreams of dragons, and unicorns, fair maidens and knights in shining armour. What a fabulous way to be, you are embracing the beauty of life and in turn, life is bringing all sorts of wonderful opportunities and experiences to you. Pleasure and joy are yours for the taking and you are fully embarking this new cycle that has made its way to you. Messages of love may come to you or you may even send them as this youthful feeling could see you developing feelings which resemble teenage crushes, just make sure they are based on reality. You are the Peter Pan of the astrological signs this week when you believe in magic, you will find it.