Your weekly Astro Tarot with Tanya


You are feeling passionate and full of ideas this week Aries. You are ready to charge ahead and let that fire in your belly be your fuel. Get ready to spring in to action, your primal gut instinct and your determination are driving you forward with force and you are intent on getting to your destination and getting what you want. Be careful not to be reckless in your approach as your feistiness could work either way for you and you want it to work in your favour. Listen to the universe and look at the little things that need to be covered then you will find that this helps the bigger things form without problems. A very exciting time for you, but remember that you must be fully sure on what you want, its no use flying ahead in one direction then realising you wanted to go somewhere else. keep your passion and enthusiasm high, but think things through too.


Home is where your heart is this week Taurus.  Family are your focus and making your living space a haven is your goal. Relationships of all kinds are important and you are dedicated to making everyone content and fulfilled.  You may be looking to make alterations to your living space, buying new wallpaper or  even looking at moving. By taking stock of the role loved ones play in your life and feeling very blessed, loved and lucky. Your intuition is working well, so you may sense that a connection needs your nurture and open your home up as a safe space for them, there is nothing that cannot be solved by a good old cup of tea and kindness. Talking is showing too, so expect some deep heart filled conversations. Feathering your nest makes it welcoming to all, so those who have flown could make a surprise visit, or you may be holding a celebration, putting the kettle away and cracking open the sparkly. Either way you and your home look set to be filled with warmth and love, put your feet up and enjoy it.


The future seems to be on your mind this week Gemini. You are looking at changes that need to be made in order to have stability in the future. This means laying solid foundations and careful planning, and looking at things that will pay dividends in a time to come. This may possibly be around your work and finances, putting a little aside for a rainy day so to speak. Connections you form and build now will prove valuable and also profitable, so collaborations may be an option, two heads are better than one, so sharing your ideas with others could see them coming to fruition quicker and easier. Your footing is solid, so it is now time build. Look at what you need to do to get where you want to be, look at how you you can do this and then start laying the first bricks. Don’t be put off if this seems like hard work, your positivity will be your driving force, you are in a very strong position at the moment and the universe looks set to give you a helping hand too.


Go with your gut this week Cancer. Your intuition is high and your psychic-ness is working in overdrive. Any issues you have had a nagging feeling about connected to work look set to show themselves and you will be proved right. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as your intuition could be guiding you to make changes, take a certain job or contract, do something a different way. Very often our instinct can give us ideas our logical mind would never dream of. A secret may be uncovered as the veil of illusion is pulled away and revelations are presented. A very dreamy feel around your week, tap in to the mysteries of the universe and her magnetic, mystical power. It is guiding you to magical events and places. Trust the universe and trust that inner voice inside of you


Don’t let your ego take hold of you this week Leo. Your ego is your false friend, it will give you advice that doesn’t serve your higher good, but it can trick you in to thinking you are winning, when all you are doing is making yourself and others unhappy. Jealousy and obsession may be building up inside of you and if you act on these, you may get a momentary feeling of power but it will come back and bite you on the butt rather quickly. You have a quick wit and intellect Leo, you can use your words to cut through problems or use them in a cutting way, this is the choice you will face. Why not use your energy in delighting in others achievements, Help to build them up rather than pull them down, that is when you exhibit real strength. So say no to your ego and yes to your soul. Its much more important to be happy than it is to be right.


You have got it going on this week Virgo and you know it. Your inner charm is oozing from you and touching everyone you come in to contact with. You are rocking your inner Goddess and making good use of your personal gifts. You are funny, alluring, quite magnetic in a way so don’t be surprised when people flock to you like flies to a flame. Your inner light is radiating and you are spreading happiness, love and laughter to the world like fairy dust. Your charming demeanour will open doors for you as well as making others open up to you. You are an inspiration at the moment, or perhaps even a muse. You inspire people to take a leaf out of your book, to strut what Mama gave you but still keeping your feet on the ground in the process. You know that you were born to stand out not fit in, so let that light of yours shine brightly.


Standing up for yourself is important this week Libra. Its almost as if you are ready to put your foot down and go after what it is you want rather than be told what to do. This is brilliant news, but please remember it is better to be a peaceful warrior than a one that is ready for battle. The true art of war is to not engage with your opponent. Open up to love and use the power this gives you, it is much stronger than ego and will not get as many people’s backs up. when you use love as your weapon, you can spread clarity and reach your goal in a gentle way rather than using brute force. Take time to analyse before you act, dung rush in as by acting in haste you could end up repenting at leisure. Go internal, be the Buddha and you will find your battles will disappear o their own accord rather than have to be fought.


Happiness and connections centre stage this week Scorpio. Exciting times and celebrations with those you love have you feeling like you are walking on air. A general love of life is accompanied by  laughter, and a wonderful feeling of abundance fills your week. Your positive energy is contagious. With you being so happy, others will be around you and become happy too, spread those good vibes!

Friendships fill your heart with gratitude, so show your friends your appreciation, really think about how much they mean to you, they have and will be there through good and bad times, they give a sense of belonging, their love is unconditional, they are the family that you choose for yourself. A very exciting week in store. You are loving life and its loving you right back.


You are ready for adventure this week Sagittarius. You are full of optimism and ready to take that leap in to the unknown and see what awaits you. Fear is not holding you back as the high energy and optimism you are feeling are spurring you on and not letting your ego cause you doubts. New Ideas will be pipping in to your head and you are ready to act on or explore each and every one. Its almost as if you are ready to start again and embrace life through new eyes, look at things differently and take risks that you may have hesitated with in the past. You know there is a big wide world out there and you are ready to dive deep in to life’s waters and see which shore you are carried to. When you have no expectations, the world is your oyster. Trust in the universe, she has your back.


Expect a full inbox this week Capricorn as many messages are making their way to you. You may even hear from someone out of the blue via social media as synchronicity and the universe are working together. A very positive energy surrounds you and things are starting to happen at a swift pace. Expect the unexpected! Communication is your strong point and you will be able to put this to good use, as others are wanting to talk to you and you are wanting to speak as well as listen. Expect a build up of momentum as seeds you may have planted long ago and forgotten about, suddenly start to sprout and bear fruit. Just go with the flow, don’t let the speed at which things are showing scare you, its exciting and thrilling and its moving you in the right direction. Let the winds of change carry you higher.


The security gods are blessing you this week Aquarius. This is not just in the financial sense but also with knowing you have people around you that you can count on and trust. Trust is such a precious commodity and there are many who cannot afford it, but it is being handed to you on a golden plate by the Gods. They say that you get what you give and this is your reward for giving security to others, you caregiving them the permission to feel safe and in giving we receive. You may be given a gift from a family member, perhaps an old heirloom or some sort of inheritance. Your finances look set to grow, perhaps from a windfall or old premium bonds you had long forgotten, so look out for pennies coming from heaven as the universe if offering you abundance in some sort or form. You will be feeling very grounded and stable, in relationships as well as life in general. You could possibly hear news of a wedding or be witness to another form of commitment as roots are looking set to go deep and secure. Give gratitude for your blessings and more will come to you.


Magic surrounds you this week Pisces. This is an amazing time for you to manifest exactly what you want from life. Magic is when our intention and our energy merge to create something, an alchemic process so to speak. The power you hold is incredible. Keep your thoughts and your words positive as they could take form almost instantly. Expect new beginnings and greatness and this is what you will achieve.  This is a very powerful, positive time. You are being asked to make use of your higher power, Spiritual, emotional, and otherwise. Use all factors of your knowledge  along with the universal energy you will be able to conjour up answers to burning questions as well as things. When you go there in the mind, you can go there in the body. Believe in your power, believe in the universe and reap the rewards that are coming.