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  • Francois Gino Holloway

    What does my near future holds for my career and family life

  • Francois Gino Holloway

    How does my financial matters look for the new year?

  • Susan King

    Been feeling very low and I don’t think it’d just because of the weather, would love to know if things are going to pick up

  • brittany john

    when will i get pregnant

  • Linda Rizzo

    I need a break a job very soon. Finances are not good. How does my future look>

  • Patricia Wards Allan Taylor

    I will be 76 on the 5th march, have no real worries, but would like to know if there is ANYTHING exiting for me in the near future?

  • Zarena Roberts

    Just started a new relationship?, He appears to be nice. Is this a going to be lasting?

  • Michele Knight

    There is ALWAYS the possibility of excitement! Change routines, cast out your dreams and KNOW that these days 76 is not old ;) x

  • kelly croom

    What do you see happening in my life this year.

  • Tanijha Robinson

    GM!!!! I’ve been in this relationship since November 2016 and I want to know if I’m wasting my time with this person or do we have something good on with each other!!!!

  • Ian Zimmermann

    I have been unclear on life it seems as if the moment that I’m allowed to relax something happens to make it difficult. I used to have fun overcoming these challenges but I tired of never being left alone to be happy is it okay to leave?

  • Veronica Bonilla

    I’ve in love with my boyfriend and I’m doing everything right this time, what I mean is I’m honest and don’t lie, not even the smallest lie. And why do I, he treats me like I’m not who I say I am.? Help