Audio celtic cross tarot reading

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  • Cassie Shaffer

    Amazing how accurate…. mind blowing

  • Michelle

    Absolutely love this readings, they are awesome and yes accurate.

  • Maša Grm

    Fantastic! I feel very Olimpic today:)

  • Julie Bholah

    I feel so uplifted and encouraged by my reading today. I am so grateful to Michele for making it available and I have to say she is so very beautiful!

  • zoey a

    this reading has never been so spot on, my life is changing and i am moving forward aswell as finding out im pregnant!! never been so happy 24/04/17 baby a

  • Cassidy Breeze

    I have been watching and using this free tarot reading and keeping track to see how accurate it is. With that being said for the last 4 months it has been amazing and accurate I’ve done a reading here and also on real cards and another app and was very surprised to see that I got the same cards in or about the same place each time! Love Michelle Knight voice and help to better interpreted readings. Best free tarot out there!

  • Marianne Kirchner

    Thank you for a very accurate free tarot reading. Thank you to help to see things that you already know, in a more clear way. Thank you. xxx

  • Kate Austin

    These readings are certainly putting things in perspective for me at the moment,and I will keep using them as a guidance to changes I want to make in my life at the moment too,very clear readings on the subject matter I needed clarity for,makes me feel more secure about going ahead with projects that are for all intentions life changing thanks for such a great free service ,having said this I will be getting a real time reading soon too

  • Chinni Vstar

    thank you so much for the opportunity to do all of these. Very much appreciated

  • Zana Qureshi


  • Lindsay Spencer

    Wow! The best reading I’ve ever had. It’s like Michele Knight knows me without even meeting me, I’m shocked at the accuracy. Bloody brilliant!

  • Cj McClymont Warley

    Wow! My free celtic cross audio reading today is amazing! I want to save it! Is there any way to do that?

  • Paula

    Does the entire tarot deck get used, for this reading? I get almost same cards every time I do this. With 78 cards in the tarot deck, it seems strange.

  • karen

    Doesn’t work. I click a card and nothing happens.

  • Kharllovenna Atkinson

    I love this I use this maybe once a month I hardly get the same cards and if I do it is still something that is true all readings I’ve done is relating to my presence timing in life. I’m so thankful to have this

  • Helen

    I love this page but I wish it would stop telling me I’m coming into money because every time it does I always lose it…I’m not even kidding.

  • Sharnae Mack

    Is my boyfriend cheating?