Psychic reader Jan-Lee

 Michele says

Jan Lee is an exceptional medium who gave me a brilliant test reading including describing every toy I had as a child.  She also described very specific things in the childhood of my partner. I loved all the details she gave. Let me know what you think.

Jan Lee says, “As a young girl I saw spirit people and I thought everyone did.  I learned that this was not the case as I grew older and in my teenage years I became fascinated with psychic subjects. When my mother passed to spirit, it was only a few hours afterwards that I saw her with my late brother and they were hugging.  Several months later I was invited to join a spiritual development circle ran by the president of a spiritualist church.  I felt so at home here with kindred spirits and my psychic gifts developed quickly.  I learned to meditate and discovered I was blessed with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and healing abilities. I knew then that I wanted to dedicate my gifts to helping others.  I’ve been giving psychic readings for over twenty years now.”

“I am also a qualified reflexologist and ran a part time practise for several years along with giving readings on a regular basis. I have also studied and trained in spiritual healing with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.”

What people say

  • “I just wanted to thank Maria for her reading – she is so lovely and has given me hope. Along with Jan Lee I couldn’t ask for anything more they truly wonderful readers full of kindness and love. I would highly recommend them both.”

    - Written by Judith

  • “She was very intuitive and detailed. Jan did most of the talking whichwas reassuring in itself and didn’t need prompting. The reading was exceptional and Jan is a very candid lady who possesses a lot of tact. She knew I had my own house, she knew I had been feeling … read more

    - Written by Asya

  • “Jan Lee made me laugh so very much from start to finish and the detail she gave me was amazing (especially the ‘fancy dress’ but we won’t go into that too much!). I have been to hell and back this past year, but now believe that I’ve found my “Prince … read more

    - Written by Wendy

  • “Had a reading with Jan Lee and absolutely loved her…. Very warm,inspiring, gifted and funny…. I have had so many readings in the past, but Jan just blew me away. I will be contacting her again and I highly recommend her. Amazing!!!!!!!! do yourself a favour and talk to Jan … read more

    - Written by Lorraine

  • “I would like to sat thank you to Jan Lee for my mind blowing telephone reading – it was amazing.”

    - Written by Teresa

  • “I would like to thank Jan Lee, Lynn, Jeanie, Genevieve, Julie and James – those wonderful readers helped me tremendously to get through a very difficult and challenging time – a time when lots of changes come around me – they helped me to understand my own psychic abilities and spiritual … read more

    - Written by Anna

  • “I have just had my 3rd reading with the lovely Jan-Lee, 2103 and over the last two years she has been a tremendous support and has helped me keep my faith in what I’ve been trying to achieve especially when the obstacles arise. She has helped me with perspectives and … read more

    - Written by Alan

  • “Jan Lee is such a delight to speak with, she is calming and understanding. I have had a couple of readings with Jan Lee in the past regarding the same issue and she has always been consistent, positive regarding my situation. Her detail and timescale to happenings in my life … read more

    - Written by Carol