Psychic reader Nicola_C

 Michele says

Nicola C has worked for us in our overflow service but when she decided to apply to work for us exclusively I was over the moon as during my test reading with her I found her incredible and knew she would be non-stop busy with us. She uses clairvoyance and mediumship and will also use Tarot, Angel cards and runes if asked. Let me know what you think.

What people say

  • “Nicola C “rocks”!!! I didn’t have to say a word, she picked up on my situation straight away and was very honest and straight talking. She picked up every detail about my situation which is quite complex and even predicted a wedding in May next year. She shone a light … read more

    - Written by Julie

  • “Had a reading with Nicola C on 8th September 2012. And this lady is truly special. She gave me lots of information and detail about the current situation. I did not have to say a word. She picked up on the energy around me and the person connected within reading. … read more

    - Written by Emma

  • “Having had several readings with her over the past few years, I know how fantastic she is, and I love her no nonsense approach. She is one of the most talented readers I have ever known. She linked in immediately to my energy and another persons, and gave me details … read more

    - Written by Marie

  • “What a gifted psychic! She said that a previous boyfriend would return and she described him to a tee without me saying a word, even how tall he was! He has made an appearance back in my life (even though it’s been years since I saw him) and I was … read more

    - Written by Samantha

  • “Hi. I telephoned Nicola C tonight with a heavy heart but now feel more hopeful about the future. She is very warm and friendly and instantly likeable. Nicola’s confidence in what she is saying has ensured that I have no reason to doubt her and I now feel happier about my … read more

    - Written by B

  • “Would just like to leave some feedback on Nicola C as had a reading with her a few days ago. She picked up on the problem I was experiencing. She described my husband and talked about the situation he was in which was correct. She also mentioned someone else whom … read more

    - Written by Suzanne

  • “Thank you dear Nicola for your wonderful reading…everything you’ve said makes perfect sense, and was perfectly timed. I truly  started to doubt my own intuition, and your warmth & amazing insight have helped me to restore my faith in myself.. Thank you again from the deepest corners of my heart … read more

    - Written by Silvia

  • “Hi just had my first reading with Nicola C and i have not felt as uplifted as i do now for along time. She got the situation and gave me great advice to what i need to do she completely put me at ease with her manner and honesty and … read more

    - Written by Louise