Psychic reader Alicia

 Michele says

From the moment I spoke to Alicia she was very specific, she repeated something I was thinking about just 15 minutes before the call and continued to speak without interruption for 20 minutes. Alicia likes to give very clear validations. She is very new and has been thrown into the deep end but I have huge hopes for Alicia and am delighted we have found her.

What people say

  • “Had a reading recently with Alicia. She was spot on, gave lots of information. I gave her no information up front, she validated the people and the situation, picked up exactly on specific behaviours of a person surrounding me and identified areas for me to consider how to handle the … read more

    - Written by Ms B

  • “She was very compassionate and non judgemental and she was lovely to speak with. She gave my advice on how to deal with certain people and situations which was helpful.”

    - Written by Z