Psychic reader Arya

 Michele says

Arya is a tremendous talent. When she applied to work for us Charlotte fast tracked her to me. I loved her honestly and integrity, she is warm and tunes in to give specific details. She’s a natural psychic who gives messages directly from source and she’s fond of Tarot too. I’m sure you will love her!

If she is not online and you would like to speak with her, please contact our main reception between 9am and 10pm GMT, and if she is able to she will log in for you.

What people say

  • “I have had three amazing readings with Arya. Few days ago I thought I would ring Arya for a general reading, but I honestly wanted to know about a man who I love. Arya gave me a general reading and picked up on my career and said you have rang … read more

    - Written by Stacey

  • “I wanted to tell you how wonderful Arya is. She dives into your energy and situation straight away and comes back with super sharp and absolutely unique insight. I felt likes she reads my thoughts and feelings. I was in touch with her several times from November 2021 up until … read more

    - Written by Elzbieta

  • “Every time I call Arya she is there; bright, positive, and ready to listen. The most amazing thing is that before I have even finished my sentence, she has already picked up the whole story, and then it’s my turn to listen to her, as she comes with wave after … read more

    - Written by Margaret

  • “Arya is an absolute pleasure to speak with. What comes through is spot on- The information just flows through her so and she is direct and straight to the point, yet sharing that information sensitively too. Thank you so much Arya for the giggles and a really helpful reading!”

    - Written by Linda

  • “Without a doubt Arya is the best psychic I have ever had the pleasure to speak with – not only did she pinpoint exactly what was happening in my life – she also gave accurate time frames to events she could see occurring – having done psychic work myself for … read more

    - Written by Sharron

  • “Love her! She makes me feel better, giving me advice about his situation waiting for my ex to come back. She has always said the same thing, he needs to get his mess dealt with, which is giving me lots of hope. She knows a lot of what is going … read more

    - Written by Tracey

  • “Thank you Arya for your uplifting and inspiring reading! Arya gave precise details about my current situation that she could not have known and which made great sense. She helped to clarify what has been going on in my life and I’m looking forward to seeing what the end results … read more

    - Written by Helen

  • “I felt compelled to write in to let you know I had a fantastic reading with Arya. Without prompting Arya was able to pick up on my situation and that of my POI and also pinpointed dates which had been important in the connection. My reading was accurate, uplifting and … read more

    - Written by Michelle