Psychic reader James


 Michele says

James uses Tarot but is also a medium.  His mum and nan are also mediums and both spotted that he was gifted when he was a young boy and helped him develop his talents.  James actually began reading at around the age of ten but has been reading professionally for several years now.  He works at a very high vibration; the minute you connect with him he will start delivering information so fast it is hard to keep up!  He has got a huge heart and is very honest and uplifting.  I thought he was really special from the start, and then something he told me during his test reading came true the very next day and I realised he was amazing!

What people say

  • “Thank you James for your reading today. You gave lots of information about my POI without me telling you anything. You described the situation very well and have given me hope that things will work in the future. Definitely feeling a lot more positive now so thank you so much.”

    - Written by NW

  • “Huge thanks to James. He talks non-stop, very gifted.  I’ll speak with him again and again. Can’t thank enough.”

    - Written by A

  • “I have just had a reading with James. OMG he was brilliant. I didn’t have to speak – he just kept coming out with more and more information. There is no stopping this guy – he was very specific. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    - Written by Christine

  • “I’ve had two really good webchats with him recently. He tuned into my situation regarding a relationship very quickly, told me a lot about how my other half is feeling and cleared up the confusion I had about his recent behaviour. He was specific with detail including time frames and … read more

    - Written by Jenny

  • “WOW! Finally managed to get hold of James last night and believe me it was well worth the wait. He pours out information and gets right to the heart of the situation easily. A total joy to listen to and talk to.  He said I would have a psychic dream … read more

    - Written by C

  • “I would like to thank Jan Lee, Lynn, Jeanie, Genevieve, Julie and James – those wonderful readers helped me tremendously to get through a very difficult and challenging time – a time when lots of changes come around me – they helped me to understand my own psychic abilities and spiritual … read more

    - Written by Anna

  • “I just had a reading with James….James, I wanted to tell you that I never came across such a powerful, gifted person in my life and I know a lot of mediums, psychics etc. You are beyond a natural psychic…it’s almost surreal listening to all your ….and the only thing … read more

    - Written by Irene

  • “Just wanted to say to thank you so much James for a fantastic reading this evening.  You are so amazingly detailed and fast! Wish I could talk to you every day ! Just absolutely brilliant, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders…Will be back in touch. … read more

    - Written by CN