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About Katherine

Katherine is a psychic Tarot reader.  I just happened to call my tester after she had spoken to Katherine and she said that she thought Katherine was very special.  Not only did she immediately hit specifically on something that was weighing on the tester’s mind, but she delivered detail after detail without any fluff or padding and then went on to talk about it in deep soul terms.

As a result, I called Katherine immediately and she gave me one of the most satisfying test readings I have ever had.  Katherine was detailed about my emotional life, even telling me several things no one could possibly know.  As always, please let me know what you think.

What people say

  • “Wow, what an amazing reading I had with Katherine! She picked up on a situation I hadn’t planned on discussing but gave me so much information that I knew to be true. Katherine went beyond my initial questions and suggested what else we should look at in order to get the answers I needed (but didn’t even realise I needed until she brought them up!). She gave clear time frames and predictions. Most of all, she made me feel like I wasn’t crazy for feeling the way I did! She was also able to pick up situations relating to my mother’s love life and was extremely empathetic and honest. I couldn’t be more grateful and I will definitely be back in touch soon when things unfold.”

    - Written by Lauren

  • “I’d like to leave feedback for new reader Katherine, completely brilliant. She went right into the heart of my situation, with no prompt from my self. She explained it step by step and it was all correct. Katherine is very easy to talk to and a brilliant grounded psychic who wont tell you things you want to hear, she tells you the truth as she sees it, which we all need to hear to be able to move forward. She can look into the other persons feelings with such detail i knew she had the right person because only i know what this guy has been like or done. Katherine you are an amazing lady thank you for my reading today, I think finally i have spoken to the best psychic for me, connected with me and able to give me the right kind of reading i was looking for, which is an honest one.”

    - Written by Lesley

  • “I spoke with Katherine 2180 and I have to say her grasping of my current situation was perfect. The situation is complex and without discussing my situation it was only her skill that could have been so precise about everything.”

    - Written by Roger

  • “I had a reading with Katherine today and she was brilliant. She was able to tell me the truth about my ex and was able to tell me things about him which were true. I really enjoyed the reading. I feel much better when I called her I was confused as to why he contacted me out the blue. After speaking to her I feel soo much better.”

    - Written by Dee

  • “Katherine is amazing. She predicted my house move down to the week and said it would involve two men, an odd detail but that’s exactly what happened. She also predicted months ahead I would pass a course at work which no one had done before and I was struggling with.”

    - Written by Linda