Psychic reader Loretta J

 Michele says

Loretta J is a healer and clairvoyant who channels for Spirit and Angels.  As a voice for Spirit, Loretta J gets an overview of your situation then receives clear,  practical guidance to help empower your decision making. We love her warm  and honest approach.

What people say

  • “I’ve just had a reading with Loretta – what a lovely lady! She picked up on so many things without prompting and gave some great advice. Her predictions made total sense and she has given me confidence that I am on the right path.”

    - Written by Kate

  • “I love Lorretta J’s readings as she has always been so honest and correct with the most enjoyable sense of humour. She always makes me smile and gives wonderful advice. She is a true star.”

    - Written by Angela

  • “I would like to leave a feedback message for Loretta.  She highlighted what i was thinking about my life and situation. I found her reading very insightful and felt really positive, uplifted and looking forward to what she has predicted for me. Loretta just keeps the information coming, and she … read more

    - Written by Hope

  • “Hi – I had a reading today with Loretta J, and WOW! At first I didn’t know what to expect while she went away and ‘tuned in’, but I was definately astonished when she came back with vast amounts of information for me – without me even having said a … read more

    - Written by Sanaa

  • “I would like to thank Loretta for a very uplifting, honest and truly amazing reading. The way she connects with her spirit guides is stunning – and everything Loretta told me was true in detail; I received very good predictions – I know because some of them have already started … read more

    - Written by Anna

  • “Thanks to Loretta for a very helpful reading. I had called about a specific issue, but Loretta picked up on things that were going on around me, which were actually the things I needed to focus on first. She was direct, warm, and didn’t prolong the call longer than she … read more

    - Written by Maria

  • “I had a reading today with Loretta J and it was excellent, I found her incredible.”

    - Written by GMS

  • “Had fantastic readings with Kim, Jeanie and especially Loretta. In particular Loretta was superb and I didn’t say a thing she was so positive and left me feeling very enthusiastic.”

    - Written by B