Psychic reader Maya

 Michele says

Maya is a detailed and specific reader who gave me some very precise information which I could relate to. She has a lovely positive manner and I loved the way she talked. She told one test client that she was seeing butterflies and this was associated with her craft and the client has just launched a business about transformational coaching and her symbol is the butterfly! Give her a focus and she flies. Let me know what you think.

What people say

  • “I recently had a reading with Maya 2290. I have had a few readings over the last couple of months having felt that I needed some guidance with something quite personal in my life that I did not know how to deal with. All the readings have been very helpful … read more

    - Written by D

  • I have had numerous readings with Maya on several different subjects. She picks up on the situation on your mind straight away and links back to previous readings. She is warm, kind and engaging and has very calming manner. She tells you what you need to hear in a compassionate … read more

    - Written by Sophie

  • “I have just had my second reading with Maya. The first was about 18 months ago and I cannot tell you how brilliant this lady is. I am so grateful to her, her honesty and integrity is amazing and she is the real-deal. I have had a lot of experience … read more

    - Written by Fiona

  • “Thank you Maya for your numerous readings which have illuminated many details and given me a sense of clarity, peace and understanding. Maya’s guidance is full of love and blessings. She has helped me see the bigger picture and also tune in to my own intuition.”

    - Written by Anon

  • “I had a fantastic reading with Maya today! She was down to earth, warm, humorous and insightful as she delivered an honest message that was good for my heart and soul. I’m looking forward to her predictions for the coming year.”

    - Written by Claudia

  • “What a lovely lady! Even her voice is reassuring and her calm manner reminded me of Jan Lee’s. She started seeing butterflies and said it was associated somehow with my craft. I just launched a business about transformational coaching and our symbol is a butterfly.  I thought it was a … read more

    - Written by R

  • “I have had a few readings with Maya pin 2290. I needed guidance with something in my life and I did not know how to deal with it. Maya always go straight to the subject that I was going to ask her about. She always gives me very clear details … read more

    - Written by Nora

  • “Maya is without a doubt, one of best readers I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been on a karmic merry-go-round for a very long time. The words she used showed me, how to gain control of my situation and move forward. I believe things will work in my favor and as predicted. … read more

    - Written by Felicia