Psychic reader Nicola_C

 Michele says

Nicola C has worked for us in our overflow service but when she decided to apply to work for us exclusively I was over the moon as during my test reading with her I found her incredible and knew she would be non-stop busy with us. She uses clairvoyance and mediumship and will also use Tarot, Angel cards and runes if asked. Let me know what you think.

What people say

  • “Reading with Nicola C was amazing. Asked about love she tuned in immediately to the situation I’m in. Made my choices clear and gave me such hope and clarity. Reassured me about the man I have feelings for and the current situation. Phoned feeling down, came away uplifted and confident. … read more

    - Written by Nicola

  • “Had another fantastic reading with Nicola c and she validated what she had said a few months back. No questions asked all the information just flowed from her. She is a truly gifted reader who tells it as it is, and it’s like catching up with a friend when talking … read more

    - Written by Emma

  • “was able to pick up immediately on my situation and gave me good details and insight. she was able to make me feel a whole lot better about things with her reassurance and positive predictions for a good outcome. Thank you to Nicola C and I look forward to her … read more

    - Written by Julie

  • “The reading began immediately and Nicola just kept coming with information that I was nothing short of stunned! I had finally let go of someone after what felt like forever. Nicola picked up on that immediately and told me so much stuff about that situation that I was aware my … read more

    - Written by Frances

  • “Just wanted to leave feedback for Nicola C after speaking to her today. Loved talking to her, found her smart, funny and insightful. Very to the point. She just instilled confidence in me. It felt very easy to be honest with her, and i found her comments  relavant and helpful. … read more

    - Written by Wendy

  • “I would like to leave feedback for Nicola C, 2106 about my relationship issue. She got straight to the heart of it, and I’d only booked a ten minute reading, so how happy was I that she spoke non-stop and gave it to me straight. I would definitely contact her … read more

    - Written by Carol

  • “Nicola C “rocks”!!! I didn’t have to say a word, she picked up on my situation straight away and was very honest and straight talking. She picked up every detail about my situation which is quite complex and even predicted a wedding in May next year. She shone a light … read more

    - Written by Julie

  • “What a gifted psychic! She said that a previous boyfriend would return and she described him to a tee without me saying a word, even how tall he was! He has made an appearance back in my life (even though it’s been years since I saw him) and I was … read more

    - Written by Samantha