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Career & Work, Passed Loved Ones, Love & Relationships, Pets & Animals
Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyancy, Mediumship, Spiritual Guidance
Angel Cards, Automatic Writing, Channelling, Dousing Rods, Dream Analysis, Numerology

About Pauline

Pauline is a hereditary psychic from both sides of her family. Like me, she has a modern approach and gives detailed psychic advice. She is brilliant at specifics and has a wonderful, clear style. She is fantastic so give her a go.

What people say

  • “I have recently had reading fro Jan Lee 2103, Lynn 2137, and Pauline 2122. they all predicted the same happenings and up to this date all has come true. they are unbelievably genuine in all they say, and are very sincere in all what is predicted. lovely people. Highly recommended. If you are not prepared to hear the truth then I express that you do not ring. This is truly an amazing website where I have found psychics who are genuine. Michele you have truly demonstrated and proved you only provide individuals with the most genuine and supportive heart felt readers who express sincerity and are very non judgemental. I will be visiting your website again and I have no hesitation on communicating with your readers. You do have a lovely family here. Blessings to u all.”


    - Written by S

  • “I found pauline very warm and friendly and I felt at ease as soon as I got through to her. I was having a bad day and she made it brighter. Thanks.”

    - Written by Naomi

  • “I’ve just had a reading form Pauline WOW! I will be speaking to her again and would recommend her!!”

    - Written by Marie

  • “Hello, I’ve just had a reading from Pauline. Things have been very hard and confusing lately, and she was exactly what I needed to help me see things a bit clearer. I would recommend her and your helpful team to all! Best wishes.”

    - Written by Lucy

  • “I adore your site and have had a lot of readings with your team, who have helped me through a lot of hard times. I don’t have a lot of money but your site is one thing I would not give up. Thanks.”

    - Written by Ellen