Psychic reader Sarah

 Michele says

Sarah is a detailed and direct clairvoyant. In her test reading the first sentence was exactly what was going on with me, she mentioned something that is not connected to the psychic world and was new in my life. She tumbled out facts and has a warm and compassionate manner. I loved her. In her other test reading our tester said – I am utterly blown away. She doesn’t use cards, just connects with spirits. I made lots of notes but seriously every single world spot on. I cannot find one thing that was remotely off. I can’t wait to speak to her again. Best reading I have ever had. I am sure she is going to be a firm favourite!

What people say

  • “Sarah is an earth Angel. As a human being, she is empathetic and kind. On a spiritual level, she is out of this world. I think she has changed the course of my life and I don’t say that lightly. I would speak to Sarah again without hesitation. Bless you.”

    - Written by Lottie

  • I had a reading with Sarah at the beginning of March, as I was concerned about yet another interview I was going to attend, and feeling anxious about another turn down. Sarah didn’t say much about that particular job, but stated that there were three jobs ahead of me and … read more

    - Written by E

  • “Would just like to thank Sarah for such a lovely reading today! It was like talking to a real life angel.”

    - Written by K

  • “Sarah is no nonsense and to the point. She does not waste time and delivers with honesty even if its not what you want to hear but her readings are always uplifting and empowering no matter what. My last reading was incredibly powerful and healing and she is a very … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • I had a reading with Sarah and she was absolutely spot on. I asked a very general question regarding career and she blew me away with her response, some of it had already happened and the rest is to come. Sarah got the reason why I was hesitant about applying … read more

    - Written by Mandy

  • “Oh wow! What an amazing reader! I cannot believe how accurate Sarah is. I’m totally blown away! And that’s saying something! Only had a 10 min reading but in that short time, Sarah dived straight in, was able to connect with my energies, tell me everything and I mean everything … read more

    - Written by P

  • She picked up things straight away explaining and telling me who my angels were she went through the next few months explaining what she was seeing. I found her very good and clear but did talk quite quickly but was telling me what she was getting. She was very friendly … read more

    - Written by Mel

  • “I had a reading today, 03/04/2020 and I think it was the most positive and uplifting reading I have ever had. Sarah mentioned a beach that I would return to that I went to as a child. Two days before my reading with Sarah, I was tidying up my room, … read more

    - Written by Lottie