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About Will

Will is a natural psychic clairvoyant with a no nonsense approach to reading. He flew through the test readings proving to be strong on work and relationship reading and testers found him both kind and positive and were fascinated with details he gave of recent events. I found him really refreshing and he talked easily with no prompting. It’s brilliant to find another young male reader who finds it so easy to tune in. Let me know your feedback x

What people say

  • “I have had several readings with Will and always left the conversation feeling very uplifted, encouraged, but also knowing where I have to work at myself and what my life lesson is to learn in my particular situation. He gives tons of information and I strongly recommend to take notes whilst you talk with him as there is simply so much. He got so many things right over the time including the company I would work for and where it would be, which car my partner drives, in what field he works, how he would behave and why. [Will] gave specific time frames on when things would improve, and that was right too incl the reason why. He told me many times what is currently bothering my partner and in his thoughts and this was always confirmed shortly afterwards. There are too many examples to mention, but this man is simply breathtakingly amazing. It is fact after fact, yet a lot of wisdom and humour as well. I strongly believe in psychic power and have tested quite a lot over the years, but something like him I have never ever experienced. I am always totally speechless afterwards. Thank you Will!”

    - Written by Evelyn

  • “I had a reading with Will a short while ago what an amazing reader! The predictions just flow there’s really no need for you to say a thing except listen! Will said he could see an open fire and I would be stood around it talking to a specific person, It happened the very same day! He said he could see a ginger cat in my garden there is one that keeps coming on my back garden. He said that my house a connection with water, it has my back garden led onto water lane. He gave names and described people to a T he is amazing u will not be disappointed with him. He is also a very warm person to talk to although his predictions maybe blunt and to the point that is just because he’s honest and won’t give you any rubbish!”

    - Written by Jo

  • “Will is an outstanding psychic. I’ve had readings from him since last October I’ve just read through some of them and the predictions are amazing. I was told that my two brothers would have a fall out in may this has happened. I was told I would be de cluttering my life and let go of some friends who served me no purpose in may/June this year this has happened… That someone would be very jealous of a picture taken in July with a male this has happened…me having a lump sum in June this also happened…I’d go to a wedding in may and my partner would throw his toys out the pram.. This happened…June would be plain sailing  with the said person and it was and yes he expressed himself…. And that in July I may get bored and the ball would be in my court and yes, Will, this has also happened.”

    - Written by Jo

  • “Amazing! I absolutely love having readings with him. I find he is completely on my wavelength and the details he gives out is quite outstanding as are many of his timings.  A significant amount of his predictions come true and he has such a fun manner about it it is always an awesome reading.”

    - Written by Helene

  • “I just have to leave a testimonial for Will. I have waited a while to do this because I just have not been able to find words that comes even close to describing the awesomeness of his unique nature. He is complete in all aspects, crystal clear vision, always extremely relevant, kind and polite without ever being afraid to tell it as it is, comforting and very empathic with LOADS of humour. I simply love this guy. For me he is an earth angel with genuine caring who has helped me get through some tough moments. I feel very fortunate for this pure and trustworthy channel for communication.”

    - Written by Anne

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You can listen to readings that are booked online or by credit card.  Calls recorded, 18+ with bill payers permission. Entertainment SP . Terms and conditions.

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