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Your Horoscope Sign Secret Superpowers

Why were you born the star sign you were born? What if each sign has a secret super power that can be used help transform your life? Michele gives you hints and tips on how to make the most of your sign. Check your other planets as well to see your Moon your emotional superpower, Venus your love superpower etc

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2016 horoscope video’s with Michele

Your yearly astrology horoscope video with Michele. This year some stunning astrology allows us to make powerful changes. Check out your video to see what is in store for your sign and don’t forget to watch your Rising and Moon sign for more detail

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Weekly Astrology Forecast 16th January 2017

This week’s astrology Saturn is asking us to pay attention to our responsibility, and then we get a reward. A very intense Pluto/Venus sextile is creating some surprising events in all aspects of love and sensuality.. If you loved this why not have a reading with my award winning astrologers and psychics to give you […]

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