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"Having had several readings with her over the past few years, I know how fantastic she is, and I love her no nonsense approach. She is one of the most talented readers I have ever known. She linked in immediately to my energy and another persons, and gave me details about recent history. It had been a year since my previous reading with her, and a lot had changed, but she gave me clarity of recent events, future events and the pathway needed in order to get there. No guessing or speculating, just straight in with the facts. I'm excited to see what the next few months bring, and feel happier knowing that the final outcome is there, in the near future."

Written by Marie after a reading with Nicola_C


pin: 2107

"Dear Serena, first of all a huge thank you. Certain things are truly priceless so speaking to someone which is on your same wavelength is just wonderful, rare and precious. Sometimes I wonder whether I knew you from somewhere but the truth is that our paths had to cross and you have been providing me with so much support, validation and appreciation at the worst time of my life and I will not forget anything you said to me. I feel I am ready to face whatever life might throw at me now cause I know you are on my side. You are a very gifted, sensitive and I literally had to sail the seas to find someone just like you."

Written by Monica after a reading with Serena


pin: 2278

"I never usually take the time to write reviews, but I wanted to on this occasion as I have been both amazed and enchanted by Karen. Karen is like going into a heavenly foaming bath, absolutely serine energy where you automatically feel looked after. I myself am able to tune into peoples auras and can see her the white, blue, gold energy she holds. Karen hit the mark on everything that has been going on in my life and then gave me the insights on how to move forward and what to expect, using tarot, her psychic ability and astrology which all comes into this amazing trine of information all validating each other - just awesome. She truly is a gem and most certainly a master here to help those who are ready to accept guidance at a high degree."

Written by Sarah after a reading with Karen


"I rang her as I was facing a very big and intense situation the following day. Even though I was very stressed, she connected in an intimate and profound way, held a space for me and this complex intense situation with her healing energy and beautiful wise words. She also offered long term predictions that were consistent with the last time I rang her a year ago. I just feel very grateful that I got to talk to Gemma before facing into my daunting situation. It was a special reading for me that I will never forget."

Written by Rachel after a reading with

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