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I found Eve to be very accurate and even describing a horse riding accident I had as a child.
Eve delved into my past lives which I found fascinating and very interesting. This really helped me understand the person I am today. She gave me great advice on a current situation and Im sure she will become a very popular reader.



pin: 2106

“Just had a reading with Nicola C, what an amazing lady! She got straight to the heart of a long term relationship with a family member, and confirmed everything I had been thinking and experiencing. Excited to see if what she predicted comes true and looking forward to a better few months.”



pin: 2106

“I first communicated with Nicola in May, looking for guidance surrounding a relationship and also work. Without offering any information Nicola delved straight to the heart of the situation of the relationship, providing information that left me in no doubt she had linked in to the man concerned. Nicola went on to describe his situation and provided clarity regarding the reason our circumstances were as they were. Importantly, Nicola advised me how to deal with the situation in an empowering fashion and I am beginning to see the situation coming to fruition just as she said it would. Nicola was also spot on with my situation at work and matters have progressed exactly as she told me. Every reading has made me stronger in mind and spirit and I am very grateful.”


pin: 2274

“I spoke with Louise on September 14th for first time, I am compelled to write this review because I am truly blown away by my experience with Louise on Michele Knight. I have spoken to many clairvoyant/mediums in my lifetime but none quite as exceptional as Louise. Her ability to foresee outcomes and tune into the heart of a situation with detail is unmatched. Louise is very genuine and will tell you the truth as it is. She uses her exceptional gift with integrity, honesty, grace and humour. I spoke to Louise at a time when I was feeling lost in my stress in a dark place. However her warmth, insights and honesty detailed about my past life, lifted my spirits completely. Louise told me details about things in my life that no-one could have possibly known , I was absolutely amazed by that, I’m awaiting so excited in her predictions about my current job. I had been contemplating leaving a job I am super unhappy at, which was draining me. Louise picked up on this without any problem, as well as the negative environment and the people who were making it difficult for me there. And I am so excited for what she has foreseen in my future.”

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pin: 2122

“My two readings with her were very detailed. I liked the fact that I did not have to say anything. I didn’t even ask a specific question, all I wanted was a general reading. Pauline described my current state very clearly then went on to give me few predictions. I was very impressed with that particularly because I had not given her any clarification or any details to use in her reading. Her first predictions came true. I am very curious (and hopeful) to see whether the last predictions will come true particularly because it’s around the time frame she has given me. Many thanks, Pauline!”


pin: 2292

“I am very impatient but Shalin is very quick and gets straight to the point. I prefer readers who channel, who are mediums and who take the assistance of spiritual guides, which she is and does and she is also an empath and shamanic healer. I have had many readings with her (and often! She has become my “guide”), she is honest, direct (funnily so) and does not sugar coat things. I am a difficult person to read for but she can easily.”


pin: 2293

“I had a few readings with him and he has always connected so well with me and the situation. He give me great insight into a situation with an ex and he has correctly described the situation. I am so excited for his predictions to unfold. Also, I was really struggling to find the right property for me and I asked for Jonathan’s guidance. He mentioned the significance of a triangle, which at first didn’t make any sense to me. Only to realise a few days later the company’s logo who advertised one of the properties (which I dismissed) was a triangle and they contacted a few days later to see if I am still interested. Needless to say I followed it up and I can happily say I found the perfect home for me. Thank you Jonathan. I love his uplifting charisma, positive energy, he is also ever so kind, always a joy to speak with him. I sometimes call just to give him feedback. Thank you Jonathan for your great help. I want you to know you how absolutely incredible you are. Your gift is a real asset to so many people’s lives. Much Love.”


pin: 2274

“Louise is a breath of fresh and gets right to the heart of what you are calling about. The first time I called her she blew me away with her direct approach, the details she was able to give, validations to back up what she was saying was correct. She picked up on something I had noticed in a relationship, that I had puzzled and puzzled over but not shared with anyone. Not only did she tell me about it and when it happened (months before), but also why it had started happening. Louise brings clarity, detail, timings, and validations to her readings and the information and messages come quickly. She’s a true superstar!”

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