pin: 2269

“Just had a reading with David. He delivered so much relevant information in a powerful, emotionally intelligent way. 20 minutes went by in an instant as he gave me a blow by blow account of what appeared to be going on in my life.”


pin: 2296

“This is a review for Alesso re info he gave me before Christmas which has now all come to pass. From what I remember, in the reading he told me he used cards and angel guides. I found him to be very soft spoken and precise with lots of bang on information about a new job and relationship which I didn’t believe, but I am now working full time and in a relationship. Looking back, he described people around me in great detail, and timings have come to pass in the last few weeks, it made me feel peaceful.”


pin: 2313

I don’t know where to start. She is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C Simple!

I said my date of birth and it was enough for her to pick up the two mains subjects in my mind.

For example, my mother is driving us insane because we need her to move houses and she is being extremely unreasonable.

Without me asking/saying ANYTHING about it she said: “An older woman, maybe gemini or virgo, is driving you crazy, because she has the key to your peace of mind and she is holding the cards. It is linked to inheritance and financial situation”

Well, it is spot on. We need to move my parents from where they live to a smaller place, because the house is massive and the expenditure is even bigger. They cannot even go upstairs anymore and she now decided she is going to a place even further from where they live. She is soooooo stubborn!

Then, she moved to my love life and again it was spot on to the T.

I can only praise her for her excellent work. Better of all in 16 minutes she had said everything. To say she will be a star on the site is an understatement.


pin: 2313

Very positive

She described my current relationship (didn’t pickup I was already married) But she said alot of people said we wouldn’t make it and it was 100% the right decision for me. At the time of my self and Andy dating, I heard this from a few people!

She said I went through a big change recently with work and I got a surprise, she sees it flowing nicely, didn’t pick up on actual job

She saw me photographing a rose (I do take alot of pictures) and being surrounded by photographs.

Alot of animals around me (true)

She mentioned my artwork being framed in a gallery (my spencer Tunick naked pic is being unveiled in April in the local art gallery)

She saw alot of green around me and that I like being outdoors and gardening, also my living room and dining room are green and I have a forest mural in my living room.

She knew I was going away at Easter and I would be surrounded by water…going to Ireland on the ferry!

All in all It was a good reading, she didn’t sound nervous at all.

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pin: 2295

“I’ve had a number of readings with Gina and she has helped me immensely to fathom, understand and navigate a very challenging situation in my life and if things work out as I hope they do, then I will be forever grateful for the assistance and guidance she has given along the way. I cannot praise Gina highly enough.”


pin: 2309

Gaynor uses numerology and cards for guidance during the reading with a strong emphasis on the numerology. It was a really interesting reading with a strong spiritual focus of angels that I liked. She passes on a lot of information that, at the beginning, was quite hard to understand as it was coming through so quickly. Once I had got to grips with how the information was presented and took time to ask questions, it became clearer to understand. The reading itself was general but deep in its focus. She was passing on information about my life focus, what I am here to learn as well as getting to a deep core understanding of some of my life’s issues. She was very different in her approach but passed the information on in a compassionate, calm and kind way.”


pin: 2310

“I really liked Helena, she had a lovely light and fun energy and was very uplifting. We started with a general reading and I then asked her specific questions. She took a little time to tune into me but once she was there, it was great. She completely got my character and was very natural and accurate in her assessment of my life and situation. She knew I had three kids and in terms of ‘knowing’ information, she was spot on including the characters of my children. She tuned into a new relationship for me that is on its way so time will tell but the type of person she was describing and how I am in relationships was totally right. We also discussed my career and future work and again, everything she said sounded right and made sense. It was very reassuring.”


pin: 2312

Thought she was great actually, Very nurturing and motherly feel. Trusted what she was saying and she picked up on a lot of detail which was relevant. She was definitely on the money with work area and things about myself and my abilities which I did not mention to her. She picked up on forthcoming information for myself and my husband so will be interesting to see if this pops up in the future.

She had a lovely confident manner and you felt she believed what she was saying there was conviction in her words which helped me trust her. Plus the information she gave me I related to. But she was not pushy and gentle in her approach.

So yes was happy with my reading thought she was really lovely and genuine.



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