Lucy U

pin: 2330

I’ve used the site for some time now and have to say she’s definitely one of my favourite readers. Her readings are always really in-depth and the detail she gives is amazing. It’s always easy to pinpoint what the information relates to as there’s never any vagueness with anything. I don’t know why I’ve been surprised when her predictions have come to pass!


pin: 2295

Some 18/20 months ago I had a reading with Gina. At the time I was in a very different place to where I am today, this of course is part of her prediction. Although when I revisited what had transpired on the call she clearly predicted a friendship, or more a transcendence of a relationship with a person in my life to a friendship today that wouldn’t be recognisable. At the time of the reading it was impossible for me to see this at all and nor did I want it to, Gina offered it to me as gentle, honest and yet direct manner possible. In that moment it was refuted by me as being not only something I wasn’t interested in, but more so that the person involved would not want that either given the issues and the fall out from that situation. Here I am today having been able to transend the issues and hold a space of friendship with that person in a very different way than was available previously. All the additional detail was reviewed as well, and most of this detail has shown to be bang on. Proving to me, Gina has immense integrity to say what’s been seen and what’s true for her and is conveyed even if you aren’t in a place to hear it yet! Having had several readings of fantastic quality across the years Gina is a reader of significance, she has also been consistent as I had subsequent readings, although had not recalled this one at all.


pin: 2337

Violet was very caring and was able to support me today with the areas of my life I was struggling with. Violet listened and gave me wonderful guidance.

Lucy U

pin: 2330

I find Lucy very good. She is accurate and did some predictions that came true. I find her one of the best readers.

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pin: 2197

I would like to give my thanks to Lydia. She is a star. In 2 years she has consistently picked up the feelings and background events of the man I care about. She’s even picked up key dates. With my son she has picked up what’s really going on with him inside which has enabled me to understand him more deeply and be there for him in the right way. Lydia is no time waster. Gets to the heart of the matter. She has a special gift and a very down to earth and kind woman. Thanks for your clear insights. Priceless.xx


pin: 2269

David 2269 was my reader I don’t know where to begin he freestyled I didn’t tell him anything about myself but he told me all about my relationship with my partner so much amazing information for myself and family also he told me that I have gift of mediumship if I wanted to follow that path or a healing path WOW 😮 I never told him anything as I’ve had an awakening going on for about 18 months now tried to shut it off for the past year but been meditating every day for the past year think it’s now time to embrace it all so thankyou David much ❤️and gratitude Also David also brought through my Auntie who crossed over a couple of months ago and again brilliant I knew it was her by the energies that come through from her so again 🙏thankyou🙏.


pin: 2334

I had a reading with Sarah and she was absolutely spot on. I asked a very general question regarding career and she blew me away with her response, some of it had already happened and the rest is to come. Sarah got the reason why I was hesitant about applying for the job straight away. Sarah won’t tell you something unless she is absolutely sure, she won’t make it fit. She spoke to me about my psychic abilities & that I should do readings, I have done them on & off for a few years. She picked up things regarding my personal & family life, never asks you any questions and no hesitations at all. I felt a really good connection & it was like talking to a very close friend, Sarah has massive compassion and is a lovely gentle lady. I would highly recommend you give her a call, I will be calling again. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift.


pin: 2103

Jan-Lee is incredible! I have called her a few times now for the same issue and she has been supportive and full of positive information for me. She has given lots of details and times to look forward to and I’m sure everything will come to pass. I’m not a big review person but felt it was important to let people know how wonderful she is. I will write another one soon when everything that she says has happened and I’ll be calling her with continued updates as she has helped me tremendously! She is truly gifted….

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pin: 2334

I am utterly blown away. She doesn’t use cards, just connects with spirits. I made lots of notes but seriously every single world spot on. I cannot find one thing that was remotely off. I can’t wait to speak to her again. Best reading I have ever had.


pin: 2334

Really good, very professional. Liked she didn’t use cards. Felt confident with her as a reader, good energy and a positive reading. Felt really good after it.


pin: 2334

She picked up things straight away explaining and telling me who my angels were she went through the next few months explaining what she was seeing.
I found her very good and clear but did talk quite quickly but was telling me what she was getting. She was very friendly and a lovely lady and no gaps or hesitations and went straight into the reading all she asked was there anything I wanted her to look at. I said just general and whatever comes out. Mel emailed yesterday to say her predictions have happened as she was told.


pin: 2190

I have spoken to Elizabeth 2190 several times about my relationship and she is very soothing and kind. She has helped to calm my mind and have me see that I do need to really believe in myself and him. That my self doubt is what is holding me back. Elizabeth makes me realize that I don’t need hope that I need to know and believe in my future. I always feel so much better after speaking to her.