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"Had a reading recently with Alicia. She was spot on, gave lots of information. I gave her no information up front, she validated the people and the situation, picked up exactly on specific behaviours of a person surrounding me and identified areas for me to consider how to handle the situation. She was very compassionate and has a lovely sense of humor. I hope she sticks around as she was very much on the money. I felt validated and she asked relevant questions for clarity, yet she was right on with her sense of the situation. She is not airy fairy and prone to tell you her personal thoughts. She offers guidance to consider and questions, to ask yourself about the situation as opposed to blunt directive views.Alicia is most certainly gifted and is able to pick up really detailed, explicit information that she could not know, nor was it based in information I volunteered. She spoke of work and the difficulties i have experienced. Alicia is a great asset!"

Written by Ms B after a reading with Alicia

psychic jonathon
"I absolutely adored Jonathan. As a reader I found him to be amazingly accurate as he told me about myself with no information other than my name! And used no tools! He even told me my career choice! Jonathan also described multiple people from my life both past and present in detail and my current interactions with them and gave me sound advice of how to move forward, Jonathan then described an opportunity offer being made to me that happened one day before! - quite incredible. What I really liked the most about Jonathan though was his energy and refreshing style, so engaging, and innovative but also incredibly empathetic and real. Jonathan you are a breath of fresh air young man and a credit to both yourself and Michele Knight."

Written by Hilz after a reading with Jonathan

"I found Gina to be a good solid reader with nice energy. With little information from me she was able to pick up on a current situation and gave me accurate details around this in addition to a prediction fitting with my own thoughts and plans. I found Gina's style to be open and articulate."

Written by Jon after a reading with Gina

psychic jonathon
"I had my first reading with Jonathon and cannot speak highly enough of him. Jonathon, with no prompting or tools, was able to pick up on me as a person and my circumstances in about two minutes. His specific details and strong intuition in the reading amazed me! What I really loved about Jonathon was his direct but empathic style as he was able to make me feel comfortable, able to vent, and inspired me all at once. Jonathon is a rarity."

Written by Kathy after a reading with Jonathan

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"She was very compassionate and non judgemental and she was lovely to speak with. She gave my advice on how to deal with certain people and situations which was helpful."

Written by Z after a reading with Alicia

"I'm very impressed with the reading with Sharon P. When I started to talk to her about work area, she explained to me all the connections, what is happening. She gave me hope about the future progress in my career and hope for a better future! Definitely put a big smile on my face! She was very helpful, I'm very grateful."

Written by L.D after a reading with Sharon_P

"I had a lovely reading with Vuyiswa, who asked me to call her 'V' straight away! She has a lovely, clear style and is highly intuitive. Her psychic skills are honed, and she got immediately that I was on the verge of a 'big move'. I was surrounded by boxes at the time, moving to a new house within the month. I found her inspiring and will contact her again."

Written by Natalie after a reading with Vuyiswa

psychic david
"To say I was impressed is an understatement. More like mesmerised. David didn't ask me anything- not a thing. As soon as we connected the call, he began to talk to me giving absolutely laser accurate details. I was totally struck by his manner and his energy. He has an extremely rare, unique and genuine gift and I can honestly say that in all the readings I've had on and off through the last 20 or so years, I have NEVER had accuracy or connection like I experienced today with David. For the most part, I sat in silence taking in all the details. I could have listened for hours actually. David has the ability to immediately get to the right area and needs absolutely no steer. This is something I have never experienced before. He truly is in a different league to any psychic I have ever engaged with. He told me things that were extremely deep in my psyche and known only to me. It was extremely empowering and up-lifting to talk with David. A rare talent and deeply skilled psychic. I will definitely be talking to David on a regular basis."

Written by Sandra after a reading with David

Fantastic free readings

Loads of free readings available online and on my free iphone app

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