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"I'm very impressed with the reading with Sharon P. When I started to talk to her about work area, she explained to me all the connections, what is happening. She gave me hope about the future progress in my career and hope for a better future! Definitely put a big smile on my face! She was very helpful, I'm very grateful."

Written by L.D after a reading with Sharon_P

"I had a lovely reading with Vuyiswa, who asked me to call her 'V' straight away! She has a lovely, clear style and is highly intuitive. Her psychic skills are honed, and she got immediately that I was on the verge of a 'big move'. I was surrounded by boxes at the time, moving to a new house within the month. I found her inspiring and will contact her again."

Written by Natalie after a reading with Vuyiswa

psychic david
"To say I was impressed is an understatement. More like mesmerised. David didn't ask me anything- not a thing. As soon as we connected the call, he began to talk to me giving absolutely laser accurate details. I was totally struck by his manner and his energy. He has an extremely rare, unique and genuine gift and I can honestly say that in all the readings I've had on and off through the last 20 or so years, I have NEVER had accuracy or connection like I experienced today with David. For the most part, I sat in silence taking in all the details. I could have listened for hours actually. David has the ability to immediately get to the right area and needs absolutely no steer. This is something I have never experienced before. He truly is in a different league to any psychic I have ever engaged with. He told me things that were extremely deep in my psyche and known only to me. It was extremely empowering and up-lifting to talk with David. A rare talent and deeply skilled psychic. I will definitely be talking to David on a regular basis."

Written by Sandra after a reading with David

"Genevieve is a very grounded, realistic spiritual lady with an incredible ability that tuned into the complete picture going on around me. Genevieve is such an incredibly gifted reader, who delivers a message with ease and confidence. She answered my questions quickly, getting to the point straight away. I received extremely sound guidance in great detail with compassion, consistency, humour, integrity and eloquence. Genevieve has given me a precious gift of perception that has opened my eyes to the availability of the situation. I can see a clearer path, this was just what I needed. Thank you Genevieve, you're an amazing lady."

Written by Alaska after a reading with Genevieve

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"She described exactly what is going on for me right now, right from the start - it did blow my mind, but in a good way! She was so insightful about past events, without labouring over them, and related them to my present experiences in a meaningful way. Her humour, warmth and gift left me feeling very much encouraged and hopeful about where I am now and the future."

Written by Yasmin after a reading with Sharie

"Wow. Direct, doesn't waste time and lots of information.  She quickly picked up that there was a special man in my life, described his personality, fears and profession.  She added that he would tell me about an important family decision in July. Yes, it came to pass. She also said that there was a female friend who will show jealousy towards me around same time. I was skeptical, however that one came true as well, much to my surprise. Also said I would be moving to a new home and described my new home perfectly. She has a lovely manner, gentle and a good sense of humour."

Written by Elisavet after a reading with Lydia

psychic reader karen
"I've just had a reading with Karen 2278, and felt immediately at ease. With only my name and date of birth given, Karen tuned into what was happening and gave me the answers that made so much sense and reassurance. Before I rang, I had the world on my shoulders and very stressed out. Upon Karen doing my chart and cards, it was the best news I could of wished for. Karen is totally amazing, and tells the truth as it happens. Thank you Karen, you have given me hope, where I had none."

Written by Ruth after a reading with Karen

"My reading  with Carol #2160 was seriously wow. Once I had watched her short film and read her profile I just knew I really wanted to speak to her. I found her while browsing the list of profiles for all the readers, earlier in the week. It was like having a chat with an old friend who knew me really well. She was totally in tune with the way I felt about situations and people she could not possibly know anything about. Its like they just came to her. She really helped me to understand and look at my self honestly. She has a very relaxed speaking tone and delivery. I really got see my situation from a more positive perspective. Which was not the case at all before our conversations. Its been about a half-hour since the end of the call and I can feel my empowerment growing. I will be having a reading with her again soon defo. Thumbs up all the way Carol."

Written by Deborah after a reading with Carol

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You can listen to readings that are booked online or by credit card.  Calls recorded, 18+ with bill payers permission. Entertainment SP . Terms and conditions.

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