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"Our first contact was like a powerful wave of energy. I felt it straight away. She is very intuitive, funny and uplifting in such an amazing way as if she can simply take you by the hand and lift you up then breathe that energy into you and you suddenly remember who and what you are and where you need to go in life. She is also very visual and I am very pleased to have spoken with her. A big thank you!"

Written by Alina after a reading with Vuyiswa

"I have known her for approximately 3 months and she has been a true inspiration for me. I have definitely experienced personal growth faster than ever. She was the platform and the guidance until I began to discover my true self. I wish I had met her sooner. Not only is she a very compassionate, intelligent and determined woman but also a very wise character like no one else. She is unique in her understanding of matters and ways of expressing herself. A huge thank you for all the guidance and precious knowledge and wisdom which I couldn't have got from anywhere else in such an efficient manner."

Written by Alina after a reading with Theoni

psychic jonathon
"I was just so impressed with him, very accurate and detailed around me as a person and my journey so far, even down to my personal insecurities and dreams. Jonathan also described my home in perfect detail and a work issue I am facing. But What really took my breath away in my reading was Jonathan as a person, such a strong and vibrant energy but yet so calming, articulate, sensitive and sincere. Jonathan made the reading enjoyable and made me feel part of it instead of just talking at me. I also loved how emotionally intelligent and sharp he is whilst providing truly astute life guidance and healing in just his voice. Jonathan is a rare if not unique reader in my opinion of the highest calibre. He will prove invaluable to anyone who has the pleasure of a having a reading with him, more Jonathan's in this world would make it a such better place".

Written by Helen after a reading with Jonathan

psychic jonathon
"I can't say enough good things about Jonathan. What a gifted and lovely soul he is! Jonathan is an exceptional reader, so intuitive and specific but also very interpersonal in a way that I haven't had in a reading before. I felt so comfortable speaking to him and he offered me not only sharp intuitive ability but also invaluable guidance and support with a grounded and charming energy thrown in too. Simply wonderful!"

Written by Mary after a reading with Jonathan

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"My reading with Sharie 2200 was a joy,  she was accurate to the point it was like she was in my life, she read me like a book! She was honest, straight to the point and information flowed out of her. She went into great detail and has a warm and lovely energy that made me feel right at ease. She had amazing insight into what I asked about and picked up on things so easily. She has a very natural clear gift and I look forward to my next reading with her. Absolutely fantastic reading, very reliable."

Written by Laura after a reading with Sharie

"My reading with Elizabeth 2190 was lovely. She gave me much needed information into a situation and helped me see things in a way that was very much needed and helped me through a hard time. She has a caring and gentle energy that put me right at ease. She gave me a time period that something would happen in and it happened, so i am very happy with my reading. Hope to speak again."

Written by Laura after a reading with Elizabeth

"I just had a reading with Sara 2218 she was very informative, had great insight into situations that were spoke about and has put my mind at ease with current situations due to her great ability to read into things and give a lot of detail about everything that was brought up, she read me like a book! She gave me information that has helped me greatly. She has a lovely energy and hope to speak with her again for another great, honest and reliable reading."

Written by Laura after a reading with Sara

"I remember my first reading with Louise, she said my ex would be in touch and he was. She mentioned so many other things in regards to my past relationship, which of course she could have had no idea of, unless I had told her, but she knew. It was astonishing to me, because she secured my trust. I could open up to her and she really helped me get to the root of certain blocks and problems. I was in a very dark place and she helped me work through this and heal for the better. Everything she had mentioned has come true. So many little things I did not think anything of at the time of my reading have happened! It's been an amazing journey! She has such a lovely and caring manner. She will guide you and give you the right answers that will help you to move forward. I am really excited about the journey ahead and she has been such a positive and inspiring force behind it. Get ready for your henna Louise!"

Written by Prabs after a reading with Louise

Fantastic free readings

Loads of free readings available online and on my free iphone app

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