pin: 2108

“I just want to leave some feed back for Nicki 2108. for the reading this morning. You are absolutely fabulous and so talented. Nicki could tell me what type of job I do without saying anything. Information just keep flowing so accurately. Many thank yous and massive hugs.”


pin: 2277

“I just wanted to let you know that I just had an amazing reading with Connie (2277). I gave her No information at all and she was non-stop with firing off so many positive bits of inspiration from spirit, very specifically to do with my work/project and then also on a future relationship. I feel uplifted and renewed in my belief of my Goals and I’m determined to keep focussed to make her predictions come to fruition. Please thank her and Michele for providing such an amazing service.”



pin: 2174

“I had a reading with Stella last night and want to commend her for accuracy, sensitivity and honesty. I had some very sensitive subjects to discuss. She helped me make some positive life decisions and could pick up on the most subtle but important aspects of my situations. I will certainly read with her again. You can feel her compassion through the phone and her insight is amazing.”


pin: 2295

“I first connected with Gina eight weeks ago. Without me providing any information she delved deeply into my circumstances giving an astonishingly accurate synopsis touching on information I hadn’t even shared with my closest friends. Gina then went on to outline the outcome over the coming months. From the minute I spoke with Gina I immediately picked up on her sincerity and integrity. Gina delivers her readings with empathy and without judgement. I have spoken to her several times since and although weeks have passed her messages remain consistent. She is an incredibly special person and I can’t thank her enough for the reassurance she has given me over a very difficult time.”

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pin: 2274

“I called because I was feeling upset about a situation that Louise is helping me with. She provided a compassionate ear and then reiterated what was important for me to remember. She also put my worries into perspective and helped me see why I felt the way I did.”


pin: 2190

“Elizabeth is an amazing reader and made me feel very at ease and very empowered by the end of the reading. She was intuitive and reassuring which was exactly what I needed at the time I made the call. I will defiantly be calling again.”


pin: 2200

“My reading with Sharie was amazing. She discussed facts (that she ‘picked up on’), told me of other people’s feelings, that I suspected. A complex situation that had caused confusion and upset was clarified so precisely that I was reassured. I love Sharie’s warm style of delivery. I respect her true gift and she is a natural counsellor.”


pin: 2257

“Thank you James. I got cut off before I could thank you for your lovely web chat reading. I felt you were very soothing and kind-hearted and you got all the details of my personal relationships spot on. I would definitely chat to you again. Have a lovely day – Rachel”

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Eve Pin 2320


pin: 2320

“I found my reading with Eve fascinating. I was trying to make sense of some current relationship situations and the insight given was very eye opening. She was able to pinpoint many of my perceptions with specifics, i.e., what evokes my feelings of comfort/serenity and she did the same regarding feelings of challenge/difficulty. I said “wow” quite a few times! If you have an interest in past lives and understanding present connections, she can most definitely enlighten you.”


pin: 2284

“India tuned into my situation very quickly and picked up on the person involved’s energy as well as mine’s very accurately. She was able to give me concrete advise to ease my mind and her assured tone is so empowering it gives me faith in my higher self at the end of every reading.”


pin: 2306

“She picked up personal information right from the start, for example that I have been married before and her predictions came true almost right after we hung up the phone.”


pin: 2291

“Just wanted to leave some feedback about a wonderful reading I had with Martha last night. My husband died a year ago and I’d been trying hard to get on with life, regain lost confidence and start my work again. Things were getting better, but I had a setback this week and felt totally lost & destroyed, really. Well, Martha was so good – she understood what had been happening, she really listened & seemed to understand all the underlying, deep-seated ramifications of my current situation. She brought my husband through & what she told me really seemed genuine & was very helpful. Martha was very intelligent & perceptive in her approach & was also respectful, which is not always the case with some psychic readers. She was also very constructive about the future for me. The upshot was that I had a very good night’s sleep and woke up feeling very positive and strengthened. I have also felt stronger all day and feel that Martha helped to heal me at quite a deep psychological level.”