“I’ve had a few readings lately and wow is she good. She gave me a visual of what she was seeing and it didn’t register with me at the time, but it was the art work I was going to use my new business. Totally amazing. Very genuine lady.”

“I was fortunate to have a reading with Belinda. Amazing Lady. Just been on the phone with my vets about an hour before, she picked up on the fact that my cat struggles with his joints and that I had lost a pet a few weeks before. She was so comforting. She was on point with a lot of things and she was definitely worth a call.”

“Absolutely happy with reading from Belinda. Very positive, funny and optimistic, after several weeks of being stressed out and lacking self-esteem. It was a real pleasure talking to her and will book again with her. Incredible service you have provided here to give clarity to confused or disillusioned people with positive encouragement to move forward. Excellent reading and service.”

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“Had a reading with one of your readers, Belinda, a few weeks ago and have been meaning to write a review for her for the longest time. She completely blew my mind. All she took was my name and told me the reason why I was calling and it was so absolutely spot on! She truly has a gift! I really felt her tune into the situation and her predictions were so clear. She is also extremely compassionate and it felt like I was speaking to a close friend. Her energy is also very uplifting and it was a pleasure to speak with her! She is one of your best readers on the site and truly exceptionally gifted!”

“Belinda was right again. This is my 2nd review. Her initial reading provided several time-frames. She was dead on. First she said he would contact me the next evening from our call but also said he would contact me within 4 days. He texted the next night like she said and then on the 4th day, he messaged through Facebook. Literally floored. The next time frame she said two weeks will begin a reconciliation process. Feeling positive.”

“I had a reading with Belinda. She was amazing. She asked me if there was anything specific I wanted to know and all I said was that my boyfriend and I broke up and wanted to know how he was feeling and if I would hear from him. From that I didn’t have to say anything else. She described him to a T and provided me with details of what he was feeling which was exactly what he had told me. She informed me that I would hear from him within 4 days but then said she thought it would actually be the next night. She also said that there would be a two week period that he would be processing and this meant something as I was leaving for a vacation a few days later for two weeks. Well I waited to write this to see if he would call that next evening and just like she said– he texted the next night.”

“I wish to commend and sincerely thank Belinda for repeatedly and consistently empowering, preparing, supporting and guiding me through a significant life challenge. My heart felt gratitude. Always. Your ability, including; being time and event specific, atunement to my emotional state and genuine kindness, gave me precious access to the bits of my own knowledge.  This I used to use to set myself/soul free.  Thank you.”

“I had a telephone reading with her and I found her to be extremely intuitive and helpful.”

“Belinda is one of the best psychics I have ever come across. If you are confused about your life and looking for answers look no further. My personal situation is not something I wish to discuss, but I want to highlight how well she knew exact details of it, even including names… without me offering any prompt at all!

“Wow, wow, wow. Belinda is an incredibly gifted and caring person. It is an extremely hard time for me at the moment and she has not only tapped into my relationship problems instantly but detailed my partners personality to a ‘T’. Almost like she had actually known him all her life. She has truly raised my hopes and view of myself. I feel totally lifted and more in control. I want to thank Belinda for all her guidance and kind words. This reading has truly inspired me.”

“I have had three readings with her within a few weeks and cannot stress how she has helped me on each occasion. Her natural empathy and warmth is instantly healing. She described my relationship with my husband and reassured me that the forthcoming year will have its challenges but that ultimately, I will be happy again. She says it as it is but in a very sensitive way which is particularly important when one is vulnerable.”

“I had a reading with Belinda this week, the connection was amazing! It was as if she was in my head and living my life! Can’t praise her enough! She knew what was going on and predicted what will happen, came out of the reading feeling so much more positive about my life.”

“I had a few readings with belinda and she was brilliant. I can now see things different and feel so much better. She had the picture correct without me saying anything. She made sense of everything and has helped me move on with my life.”

“I had a reading with her this week and the connection she had with me was amazing and very uplifting. She saw right to the heart of my situation after only taking my name. She read for me in a way that very few psychics have been able to. She is truly gifted and left me feeling very empowered and uplifted afterwards. I will definiely be calling Belinda again.”

“I had my first reading with Belinda reader 2191 today she was amazing to talk to, gave me a clear view of what’s to come and I was left very happy.”

“I had my first reading with Belinda and it was brilliant. I only booked a ten minute reading and yet Belinda answered all my questions without hesitation. I felt very stressed before I phoned and at the end of the reading I felt uplifted and reassured. Belinda is an exceptional psychic and she is also warm and positive. I will definitely be having a reading with her in the future. Belinda is a star: I know this because I have had readings with extremely gifted psychics and she is on par with them.”

“Belinda is a lovely person to speak to, she has great empathy. I felt very connected to her and she was able to pick up very specific feelings and actual situations that are around me. The information flowed and Belinda tells it as it is. I look forwards to the outcome as it was delivered with such positivity.”