“Had another fantastic reading with Nicola c and she validated what she had said a few months back. No questions asked all the information just flowed from her. She is a truly gifted reader who tells it as it is, and it’s like catching up with a friend when talking to her.”

“Thanks to Nicola for a wonderful reading- reassuring, surprising and also including the nicest possible kick up the rear- because I really need to do something to get where I want to go. And also the most brilliant idea of a way forward. She is kind and fun and gives a whirlwind of information.”

“Had a reading with Nicola C on 8th September 2012. And this lady is truly special. She gave me lots of information and detail about the current situation. I did not have to say a word. She picked up on the energy around me and the person connected within reading. Gave me honest, caring guidance on how to overcome obstacles. And also predictions for future.”

“Amazing Nicola_C you are truly that, you have seen so much for me with all that was going on in my life. You set my mind at ease and have given me the hope that all will turn out well in a difficult situation I have spoken to you twice now and both times it’s like you can see my life and the outcome of each situation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart you are an inspiration and I will keep coming back for guidance.”

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“Just had a reading with Nicola_C, I don’t normally leave feedback but she was amazing, aside from her beautiful bubbly spirit, she required no prompting and just gave and gave and it all made sense and was relevant.”

“I wasn’t really sure what I wanted; reassurance, mainly, so I asked for a general reading and was impressed with Nicola’s assessment of my circumstances and my love life; it echoed the action I’d already taken two days earlier!
Nicola picked up on my writing (which is part of what I do for a living). She was very clear on this subject and it really made me sit up. I’m getting goosebumps just writing this note (as I did talking to her!) because that’s my dream: to communicate my ideas and to make a difference. As well as describing my activist streak, she also picked up on my depth and psychic abilities, confirming what other gifted people have told me all my life. It was so exciting and encouraging to listen to her. I felt so glad I’d made the call as the past few weeks have been really tough. My only regret is that I didn’t get to thank her as the call ended so suddenly.”

“I had a reading with Nicola C on Friday and was blown away. There was so much information, it was amazing. Nicola did the majority of the talking as there was so much to pass on. The time flew by and if anyone wants a straight talking and compassionate psychic, I’d definitely recommend Nicola. She was truly amazing and really helped to consolidate my thinking and the reading really has helped me to get stuff straight in my head, as well as reinforcing all the fab things to come.”

“Just thought I’d let you know that several things have happened to me very recently, just how Nicola C predicted in my reading over a month ago.
Out of the blue I was given more responsibility and hours at work which she mentioned.
She also mentioned someone new in my life, she described him and incredibly, also mentioned the vehicle that he drove. She is very gifted and also incredibly confident, justifiably so. Will be contacting her again in the future.”

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“Would just like to leave some feedback on Nicola C as had a reading with her a few days ago. She picked up on the problem I was experiencing. She described my husband and talked about the situation he was in which was correct. She also mentioned someone else whom I did not know at the time but something has recently developed and she gave me information on this person too.
She is a very confident uplifting person and I would recommend her to others.”

“Fabulous reading! Nicola gave wonderful insight in everything she had for me. The opportunities coming forward and romance looming! I felt I had chatted to her many times before. I will definitely be looking for her again.”

“NICOLA C – 2106  Is such an amazing person and describes your situation without asking any questions. It wasn’t just a reading, but the next step forward. Nicola’s charismatic voice not only warms your heart but your soul.”

“I had a reading with Nicola C yesterday and it has taken me 24 hours to be able to write this as i was totally blown away. I have had several readings now and whilst Nicola confirmed what i had been told before, Nicola’s reading gave me clarity, timing and explained the “why” about certain things. She picked up instantly on me as a person and how i felt about things. She described the last 12 months especially in relation to a relationship issue perfectly.
I am so lucky to have had my reading with Nicola.”