pin: 2309

“I have just had a reading with Gaynor this evening and wanted to say I was blown away at how spot on she was and her insight. She connected within seconds. Really helpful and clearly has had her fair share of ups and downs in life and experiences. I was that amazed that I called again after the phone cut off the first time. A beautiful soul and an asset to MK. And big thanks to her for her empathy and insight and fab spot on reading about my situation.”


pin: 2177

“Just had a fantastic reading with strawberry. She connected with the person that I asked about straight away and her detail was amazing. She made me feel at ease and put my mind at rest. I felt so confident with the evidence she gave me, I can’t thank her enough.”



pin: 2216

“As soon as I spoke to Rosemary I knew I had chosen the right person to connect with. Her voice and manner is so friendly she felt like I’d known her for years. She picked straight up on the issue I was having with a relationship. She could tell me how the man in question was feeling, which I kind of new but she just confirmed it for me. She has given me hope & has made me feel far more relaxed about the situation. Rosemary is such a credit to this site. Thank you Rosemary for your truly amazing gift”


pin: 2200

“Lovely lady, great reading, everything you could ever wish for from a Michele Knight psychic!”

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pin: 2103

“I had a reading with Jan Lee and it was absolutely fantastic. So incredibly uplifting. She had me laughing in no time, at a time I didn’t particularly feel like laughing. The flow of information was surprising. She was spot on with descriptions and what was happening within my life at that time. She told me a surprise was coming. That night, I did in fact receive a surprise, not a particularly great surprise, but I have hope all will come to fruition when the time is right. Her predictions were breath taking.”


pin: 2284

“I had a reading with India and it was perfect. I feel she truly connected with me on an emotional level. She’s such a lovely person. I came away from the reading feeling very soothed and calm. She truly had a grasp on the situation in question. She seemed to know exactly what was happening and what had been happening as though she were there and had been there herself. As for her predictions, we shall soon see. I feel I have my peace of mind back, so thank you for that India.”


pin: 2256

Thank you, Theoni, for an amazing reading. The reading was informative and soothing. What a lovely lady.


pin: 2318

“I have to say my reading with Lynda was nothing short of fabulous! She was very quick to get to the point about my impending house move to a new area and gave me instant hope and illumination about my current situation. She came with very detailed information and also made comments about things that are about to happen in the future that she could not have known! A wonderful reading with Lynda whom I cannot thank enough for giving me the hope and reassurance I needed to go ahead with much needed anticipation.”

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pin: 2142

“I first rang Julie when I was in a very bad place, she was reassuring and said that someone new would be coming into my life, and described him to a T. Less than a week later, there he was! Julie also picked up that I wouldn’t be single for long, and would have more than one option, but would be more drawn to one guy. She was the first psychic to ever pick up that I have psychic abilities too. After a second reading, she gave me further insight into my other half, even picking up on how anxious I was because of my past. She managed to put my insecurities at rest, and gave me a time-frame for when he would get in contact to meet up, and that he would introduce me to someone close to him, and it happened! I can’t wait to see everything else Julie’s predicted to happen. Don’t be too hung up on time-frames, your desperation/anxiety will drive it away, let it flow to you, Julie knows her stuff. She’s genuinely caring and one of my favourite readers – an absolute dime!”


pin: 2269

“I have just had a reading with David. He is a natural intuitive and got straight to the point no questions needed. He knew exactly why I was on the phone and what I needed to discuss. He also had a very positive perspective on my life path. Thank you David.”


pin: 2142

“Wow there is no wonder Julie is busy on your phone line, Julie is fantastic! Julie went straight into what I was calling about, no prompts. Julie offered clarity, practical advice and reassurance around my health issue. Not only that, Julie then honed into a work situation I didn’t even mention and described my current boss to a tee – double wow! I genuinely look forward to speaking to Julie again. It’s like talking to a friend you’ve known for years.”


pin: 2200

“I just wanted to thank Sharie 2200 for the amazing reading she gave me this evening. I had a personal situation that I have found hard to deal with and she knew exactly who and what I was referring to without me saying. I felt instantly at ease talking to her, she has an immediately warm and friendly persona, and after speaking to her, I finally feel I know what I need to do. She also gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to make changes with my career. I could have talked to her all evening. I will definitely be phoning Sharie again in the future.”