pin: 2318

“Lynda is amazing, my spirit guide as I like to call her. She’s so connected to source and her guides are amazing. Always lifts me up when I call and picks up so much information.”


pin: 2318

“An absolute joy. She told it to me straight and got right to the root of what was going on for me. Even brought my beloved Dad through and what I think was the child I lost today. Really touched my soul and made me feel safe and connected again. She’s really soothing and open and cheered me up after what was quite possibly the worst day of my life. She really gets it. I’ll definitely speak to her again.”


pin: 2103

“Lovely warm hearted lady, connected to four passed family members, thank-you.”


pin: 2315

“I am writing to say how much I appreciate Eileen. Love the fact that she immediately picks up on my concerns and gets right to it, answering my questions completely and directly leaving no room for doubt!”

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pin: 2140

“I’ve had 3 readings with Jo over the past few months. Jo is an amazing reader, giving clarity and using a friendly way to deliver the messages she’s receiving. Only last night when I asked about “him” she said I would hear imminently… 5hrs later with “him” saying EXACTLY what Jo said he would. She’s great and doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. I’ve used many readers over the past few months and it’s true… when they say ‘wait, don’t force it,it’ll happen’ it’s true.”


pin: 2160

“I had a reading tonight with Carol. We connected instantly, Carol is a fantastic reader, very friendly, felt as though I’d known her for years, she passed on messages from spirit, which was great, and without any prompting from me got straight to the reasons I was calling and gave me a timeline for the predictions she had given. Fabulous reading, really uplifting and I will certainly be speaking to Carol in the future.”


pin: 2293

“I have had two readings with Jonathan, both of them excellent. In the first reading he asked straight away if I had any contacts in the States. I was amazed as earlier in the day my son had called me from New York! He also encouraged my interest in writing and said it would lead to an offer of work. At the time I have to admit I was quite doubtful. However the offer came in, as he said, within the year. I was given guidance and insight from the past and lots of inspiration for the future.”


pin: 2108

“I just want to leave some feed back for Nicki 2108. for the reading this morning. You are absolutely fabulous and so talented. Nicki could tell me what type of job I do without saying anything. Information just keep flowing so accurately. Many thank yous and massive hugs.”

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pin: 2174

“I had a reading with Stella last night and want to commend her for accuracy, sensitivity and honesty. I had some very sensitive subjects to discuss. She helped me make some positive life decisions and could pick up on the most subtle but important aspects of my situations. I will certainly read with her again. You can feel her compassion through the phone and her insight is amazing.”


pin: 2295

“I first connected with Gina eight weeks ago. Without me providing any information she delved deeply into my circumstances giving an astonishingly accurate synopsis touching on information I hadn’t even shared with my closest friends. Gina then went on to outline the outcome over the coming months. From the minute I spoke with Gina I immediately picked up on her sincerity and integrity. Gina delivers her readings with empathy and without judgement. I have spoken to her several times since and although weeks have passed her messages remain consistent. She is an incredibly special person and I can’t thank her enough for the reassurance she has given me over a very difficult time.”


pin: 2105

“I just had the loveliest reading with Litz. She has such a strong clear reading style and I felt uplifted just hearing her voice. She is amazingly accurate and really came out with things I needed to hear. She is truly gifted and I felt such a safe and positive connection with her and am so glad I picked up the phone! She will definitely be my go-to person! Very special! Love and Light!”


pin: 2274

“I called because I was feeling upset about a situation that Louise is helping me with. She provided a compassionate ear and then reiterated what was important for me to remember. She also put my worries into perspective and helped me see why I felt the way I did.”