pin: 2293

“I had been waiting a few weeks to have a reading with Jonathan and just by luck he was available! Jonathan picked up on the situation straight away and gave fantastic information including dates. He has a great sense of humour and delivers information in a gentle but honest manner. I could have chatted for ages!”


pin: 2274

“I have to say thank you to Louise for a reading I had on Saturday 5th August. What a woman! I have always been open to guidance but I have to say this was one of the best readings I have had. It felt like I was talking to a best friend (a very warm talented best friend, I could have blethered for ages!). I had given her very little detail about me bar my name, d.o.b and my query (about a man I had recently met and was conflicted as my instincts and insecurities were overlapping). Louise and her guides were 100% accurate and knew some of my thought processes that I had never even spoken out loud! She was clear, concise and refused to b/s me which I very much respected. Her kind, humorous approach and guidance were simply outstanding and there were times I wanted to laugh and cry as she was spot on. At one point she said “you have gone quiet on me”, that was because I was sitting there with a huge grin as she was so accurate I was speechless! Will most certainly be seeking her skills again, 10/10! She is a credit to your site.”



pin: 2315

“I was put through to Eileen on the recommendation of Charlotte (Line Manager) and what a GEM she has turned out to be! Eileen is a Medium, her velvet voice soothes your troubles away! She is very insightful and ethical and can cover any range of topic without judgement and with lots of humour! I am not an easy person to read for as I am an empath myself, but links with Eileen have given me the clarity I needed in my situation and the peace that has eluded me! She is a medium of high calibre. A lovely Lady!”


pin: 2277

“I just had a great reading with Connie, she got straight into it and not only picked up on the business situation that I was stressing over but also helped me to understand how I could best serve myself in overcoming the challenges that I’m facing. She was very caring and even though I was a little emotional, she helped fill me with confidence which will keep me moving forwards.”

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pin: 2284

“I feel compelled to write in to say that I was blown away by your reader India. She told me how an upcoming meeting was going to go and I didn’t believe her but it happened exactly as she said. She is caring, easy to talk to, very empowerment focused and I only hope her other predictions also come true!”


pin: 2306

“I would like to thank Cate for my incredible reading. She is amazing and was right on the ball from the start. Along with being insightful, she is also very warm and put me at ease from the moment she spoke. Michele, you have a real gem in Cate. I really cannot express strongly enough how brilliant she is as a reader and also the depth of my gratitude to her as she has really lifted me out of a pea-souper of a fog regarding my life, direction and some worries and issues as well. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to convey my gratitude, but anyway, a HUGE THANK YOU Cate. I was feeling very lost and you helped me immensely.”


pin: 2200

“I gave very little information and Sharie was able to pin point the area of my life I wanted to talk about and why it was so important to me at this time. Sharie was able to point me in the right direction and picked up the energy of my daughter and capture her character. It was a such a weight off my shoulders after the reading and I have practical steps that I can now take going forward.”


pin: 2315

“So pleased I spoke to her, she answered all my questions and gave me peace of mind that I was on the right track with my career and that my circumstances were going to change.”

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pin: 2313

“I was really taken back by Amma, very upfront. I mentioned I wanted to know about my youngest son, before I could start, she told me my son was born in March and she described him. Let’s just say, I was blown away. She gave me 3 predictions and within 3 weeks, 2 out of the 3 has happened. The third is due to happen in the Autumn. I cannot thank Amma enough.”


pin: 2309

“I have just had a reading with Gaynor this evening and wanted to say I was blown away at how spot on she was and her insight. She connected within seconds. Really helpful and clearly has had her fair share of ups and downs in life and experiences. I was that amazed that I called again after the phone cut off the first time. A beautiful soul and an asset to MK. And big thanks to her for her empathy and insight and fab spot on reading about my situation.”


pin: 2177

“Just had a fantastic reading with strawberry. She connected with the person that I asked about straight away and her detail was amazing. She made me feel at ease and put my mind at rest. I felt so confident with the evidence she gave me, I can’t thank her enough.”



pin: 2216

“As soon as I spoke to Rosemary I knew I had chosen the right person to connect with. Her voice and manner is so friendly she felt like I’d known her for years. She picked straight up on the issue I was having with a relationship. She could tell me how the man in question was feeling, which I kind of new but she just confirmed it for me. She has given me hope & has made me feel far more relaxed about the situation. Rosemary is such a credit to this site. Thank you Rosemary for your truly amazing gift”