“Nicola C “rocks”!!! I didn’t have to say a word, she picked up on my situation straight away and was very honest and straight talking. She picked up every detail about my situation which is quite complex and even predicted a wedding in May next year. She shone a light on a very dark place that I was in and has made me feel much more positive about the future. Don’t hesitate to have a reading with this lady, she is genuinely gifted and uses her gift wisely with much kindness and understanding.”

“I have just had a reading with Nicola C and she was totally amazing! I have always been very sceptical about telephone readings but not anymore. Nicola went straight into the reading only having to ask me what subject I wanted guidance on. I would definitely refer friends to her. What a gifted lady!”

“Nicola C is a wonderful person. I can’t thank her enough for all her support. I’ve had a number of readings with her over the months and she is always honest and understands where I’m coming from in my concerns. I’ve been in a really bad place generally but especially in regards to a relationship. Nicola’s always there reasuring me that things will get better and how it will move forward. Its like she knows my ex personally the way she describes him. She gives me so much strength when I feel i’m exhausted and I trust her. She is an amazing psychic and has the most wonderful energy. I cant believe I’ve been lucky enough to find someone like her.”

“I spoke to Nicola C yesterday for the first time and she was amazing. No beating around the bush but straight to the point. She is direct but so very kind and friendly. She has an amazing energy in her voice. Talking to Nicola was like talking to a very dear and close friend. And Nicola if you read this i want to thank you again for giving me the belief that i can move forward with confidence”

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“I would just like to say what a fabulous reading i had with Nicola C. She was very insightful and straight to the point. She picked up on my desire to develop my spiritual side, and gave me advice on what path I could follow. it was a very positive reading and has given me the confidence to follow my instincts.
I look forward to having a further reading with her in the future as she connected with me straight away.”

“was able to pick up immediately on my situation and gave me good details and insight. she was able to make me feel a whole lot better about things with her reassurance and positive predictions for a good outcome. Thank you to Nicola C and I look forward to her positive predictions happening for me.”

“I’d just like to say that Nicola C was simply breathtaking tonight, she quickly tapped into me, my energy and my spirituality etc, and basically gave me a high degree of clarity into every thing that is currently going on in my world at this time. Her generous and forthright deliver in combination with her innate ability to connect quickly to her clients at the highest level etc, certainly was an empowering and rewarding experience for me and know also that she enjoyed that connection too.”

“I have just had a reading with Nicola C , this is the second reading.   I have a business and she has told me some very detailed information about a position I have found myself in recently, She also knew that I had the opportunity to do business abroad in Europe. She also picked up on my partner and the fact that he was much much younger than I and she described him very well. Looking forward to phoning her back in a few months time.”

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“I can not explain in words how amazing this angel is. Warm compassionate, funny, empowering, real to list a few. She has made me feel empowered to go on and see how my current situation could not carry on and how I had got to this position. She helped me understand everything and gave me a reading about ME and how i could help ME and made me feel amazing about myself. Going to be a huge effort and struggle but boy am I determined. I am never going to forget that people must step up to me and my standards, I dont need to step down, best thing any one has ever said to me. From one northern lass to another, huge amount of love to Nicola C and all the other amazing readers.”

“I had a reading with Nicola C today and having gone through a rough period in my life Nicola was to the point, honest with where I am and what the next few months are going to bring.
Nicola will tell you what she sees and not what she thinks you want to hear.
Thank you so much I feel very positive about my path going forwards.”

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Nicola C. Where would I be without her clear understanding of my situation. I have spoken to some of the other Michele Knight psychics, all who are fab, but feel I have found someone who I have a great connection with and who I trust. She doesnt mess about but also understands my lack of confidence and I know I can ring her and she doesnt make me feel silly. A lovely lovely person.”

“I got through to Nicola by accident after ringing for a different lady but im so glad I got through to Nicola now.
I wanted a general reading as I have had a wierd start to the year. Nicola didnt read from cards or ask me for any other info other then my name. She immediately picked up my previous relationship and gave such detailed info.
Everything down to the tiniest detail and believe me that is a hell of a lot.
She also knew about my job interview I had earlier today and knew everything about me even my nickname. Nicola is incredable and has such a powerful gift she is a definate credit to your team.
If you want a reading and cant decide what about or who from if your in a bit of a rut this lady will get to the heart of everything.
i cannot rave enough about how good she is. she was particulary good at the relationship aspect of the reading picking up strongly on what had happened and what will happen in the future. I have never  had a reading like this before, it was like she had watched a video of my life a million times.
Thank you, Nicola, for sharing your gift with people like me. Truly, utterly brilliant.”