Your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope April 23rd 2024

Your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope April 23rd 2024 Be the still waters which run deep. The dark horse. The mystery others want to unlock with the full Pink Moon in resonant, empowered Scorpio. This is the first full Moon after the Spring (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere), Equinox. Due to the eclipse at the […]

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new moon in scorpio

Your New Moon in Scorpio Moonscope 13 November 2023

Your New Moon in Scorpio Moonscope 13 November 2023 Passionate. Powerful. Transformative. Surprising. Unpredictable. Just some of the adjectives which can be applied to one of the most intense new Moons of the year. It appears at 20o Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. This is the change we don’t see coming. The inventive, […]

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michele knight waite full moon in capricorn

New Moon in Scorpio video with Michele Knight-Waite

Hello Gorgeous Soul, A little update about the current shifting astrology. We have lovely Venus in Libra now, bringing us all some light relief. Venus in Libra wants us to find harmony, peace, and justice. Lovely Venus in Libra softens the heavy Mars in Scorpio and general Scorpio energy and seeks peace. Mercury is now […]

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Weekly Astrology July 22nd 2024 – Leo Season

ARIES Open doors to ideas What fires you up takes you further Make it a hot, sweet summer! Your sweet, sweltering summer of attraction picks up the pace this week as the Sun arrives in its ruling sign of Leo (22nd). Keep in mind that this is also the Sun’s ruling house – your 5th, […]

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venus in leo

Venus in Leo – Light my fire – July 11th 2024 Onwards

Bold, fierce, beautiful. There’s nothing shy about Venus when it moves into the sign of warm, confident, and dazzling Leo. Unlike the bashful, subtle energy of Venus in Cancer, this Venus is all show-stopping, heart-on-your-sleeve, unstoppable, and authentic expression. It doesn’t hold back. It has to express itself.  Venus in Leo is in love with […]

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New Moon in Cancer


YOUR NEW MOON IN CANCER MOONSCOPE JULY 5 2024 By our psychic Elena Radiant purity of intention shines out from the new Moon in its ruling sign of Cancer. And let’s not resort to stereotypes now. All that cup-cake baking, soothing cocooning and spoon-fed nurturing we’re force fed about Cancer. Out with the generalised astrology! […]

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Monthly Astrology July 2024 Forecast For All Signs

ARIES Expand your possibilities Allow answers to emerge The tide of attraction flows effortlessly your way! Introspection is always followed by expansion, Aries. So, spend some time in contemplation at the start of July. And use this to get very clear on what it is you want to go for next. Yes, you are on […]

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cancer season

Weekly Astrology June 24th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Gratitude and appreciation fuel progress Make the moment last Reality doesn’t bite – it’s a blessing! Enjoyment goes hand-in-hand with reality this week. We have free flowing trines and sextiles dancing across the summer sky between planets in Cancer, Taurus and Saturn in Pisces. The appreciation of what we have at our disposal should […]

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weekly astrology cancer

Weekly Astrology June 17th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Weave an irresistible story Weigh those options You’re the voice! Find your voice this week. Following through on that impulse or insight, that playful, impulsive idea that takes over, could not only boost your following, but hand you a win this week thanks to Mercury (in its ruling 3rd), and Venus (17th). Anything you’re […]

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june astrology

Your monthly Horoscopes June 2024

ARIES That idea takes you further than you thought possible The news is too big to miss Spin the wheel of fortune! Many astrologers are calling June 3 the luckiest or most game-changing day of the year. Daring and can-do courage fuels your focus, Aries. You’re walking the walk and talking the talk on the […]

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Jupiter in gemini

Jupiter in Water Signs Forecast

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Your Horoscope for Jupiter in Gemini 2024 – 2025 Jupiter – planet of opportunity, abundance, solutions and luck enters airy Gemini on May 25, 2024. And will remain there until June 9, 2025. Jupiter takes 12 years to do a complete circuit of our astrological charts. So it spends a […]

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Weekly Astrology May 27th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Surprise yourself Indulge in a little risky business How dare you! You’re in a risk-taking mood this week and if something presents itself that you feel is a ‘calculated’ risk, you’re going to take a chance. Bold, brazen moves on your part could leave others astounded as ruler Mars and Chiron meet (29th). This […]

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full moon in sagittarius

Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope May 23rd 2024

Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope May 23rd 2024 One of the most important full Moons of the year, the full Moon in Sagittarius waxes at 2 degrees of Sagittarius. And what makes it so important is that it occurs on the day when Venus meets Jupiter – Sagittarius’ ruling planet, in Venus’ ruling sign […]

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venus in gemini

Your Horoscope for Venus in Gemini May 23rd 2024

Your Horoscope for Venus in Gemini May 23rd 2024 Mastery, magnetism and magic occurs as Venus enters Gemini, meets Jupiter and then trines Pluto as it arrives in duality-defining Gemini. Let’s talk love. What we say, share and send out has a touch of magical enchantment. It’s alluring, irresistible and opportunity creating if it comes […]

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Weekly Astrology May 20th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES When Jupiter changes signs which it does this week, it’s a very big deal. Expect opportunities, solutions, travel, expansion and your on-line activities to open up your world. You won’t miss the news or the signs of new beginnings, Aries. Check your Lucky Jupiter in Gemini Forecast and Full Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope for […]

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weekly horoscope

Weekly Astrology May 6th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES ‘all flesh is proud of its wounds, wears them as honours given out after battle, small triumphs pinned to the chest -’ Jane Hirshfield. For What Binds Us There’s something called ‘Proud Flesh’. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It refers to how the flesh grows back across a wound. To quote the American poet […]

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may 2024 astrology


ARIES Take the path of self-determination Get back on that wavelength Ideas are set to take you further Expect one final satisfying and even potentially surprising boost from Jupiter, before it exits your money zone and heads off into your house of communication, commerce and ideas at the end of this month. May is also […]

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Jupiter in Taurus

Weekly Astrology April 15th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

Weekly Astrology April 15th 2021 Forecast for All Signs By our astrologer Elena ARIES Escape that karma roundabout You decide your direction from here on in Use those new insights to your best advantage! In the aftermath of the eclipse last week, Aries, you are redefined as fierce. And after that little break, you have […]

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venus in aries

Your Horoscope for Venus in Aries April 2024

Your Horoscope for Venus in Aries April 2024 Bold and brazen, Venus in Aries knows how to assert itself. This is about pro-active not passive love. The passion and the pursuit. Venus switches from the spiritual in Pisces. To the all conquering love of the here and now physical. Attraction is paramount. This Venus wants […]

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Aries season

Weekly Astrology April 8th 2024 Forecasts – Opinions!

ARIES Escape the shadows of the past Embrace the unbelievable A turning point leads to a brand new you! This birthday cycle you arrive at a very definitive milestone. And once reached, you will always look back at it as the date where everything changed. Your personal story from this point onwards will be different […]

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Weekly Astrology April 1st 2024 For All Signs

ARIES Curb your enthusiasm! Release the old versions of you Wait for the big reveal Slow down now in the lead-up to next week’s Great North American Eclipse in your sign. This may not be easy as you may be more impatient than usual to make changes, Aries. I understand this is the start of […]

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Aries season

Weekly Astrology March 11th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Follow insight, creativity and love Explore the source Something new springs from the past The final week before the equinox and your birthday cycle sees Venus enhance intuition as it enters your sector of highest love and creativity (11th). Take a deep dive into your source. Let love rule the stars as they sang […]

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new moon in pisces

Your New Supermoon in Pisces Moonscope March 10th 2024

Your New Supermoon in Pisces Moonscope March 10th 2024 Sweet, sweet surrender, live, live without care Like a fish in the water, like a bird in the air Sweet Surrender. John Denver Just hours after the new Moon appears, it will meet Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Boosting our creativity, our psychic skills and awakening us […]

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pisces season

Monthly Astrology March 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Discover hidden possibilities Charge your fate and head in a new direction Happy Equinox, Aries! Own it this month, Aries. Because this is YOUR time! The start of your birthday month takes us into eclipse season which will continue into April. You’ll also notice the free-wheeling momentum which has powered all of us forward […]

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Your Full Moon in Virgo Moonscope 24th February 2024

Your Full Moon in Virgo Moonscope 24th February 2024 Yes, we all know full Moons bring peak experiences. The full stop and then release and emotional change of direction like the tide. But did you also know that full Moons are also a wonderful opportunity to embrace the energy of two signs? Full Moons appear […]

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