3 Card Tarot Reading – Is One Of These Tarot Card For You?


Hello Beloved,

Another little dose of psychic insight for you! Is one of the three Tarot cards meant for you? Use your intuition, focus on the Tarot card backs, and if you sense one is, scroll down for your answer.

Let me know what you think!

Love Michele


Tarot Card One – The Moon

The Moon

Are you currently experiencing moments of profound insight, vivid imagination, enchantment, and boldness? Or do you feel trapped in a cavern of uncertainty? The Moon is bringing you answers. It is time to tune into your powerful intuition. Expect dreams, strange synchronicities, and a message that you’ve been waiting for. If you have a gut feeling, it is essential that you pay attention. Sometimes we ignore the truth as we don’t want to deal with the consequences. The Moon is setting you free, the time has come to see what has been hidden.

Pay careful attention to the cosmic signs and symbols that the universe is sending your way, and don’t succumb to fear, as fear is merely an illusion. You possess the wisdom within you, so tune in now. The answers you seek have been within you all along.

Tarot Card Two –  The 3 of Cups

3 of cups

You’re trotting towards joy this week! Your creative juices are flowing and inspiration comes easily to you. Want to start that novel or plot your next website/youtube/instagram reinvention? The time is now.

Perhaps you have doubted yourself or got caught in routines and patterns that no longer serve you? You are worthy of love, deep intimacy and equal friendships, this week shows you who and how.

Your soul needs this uptime, you may have felt drained or left out recently but that’s about to shift. Perhaps a bust-up with friends or a lover drained and confused you? The 3 of Cups is bringing a reunion and much hilarity.

Mates inspire you and you might even start a joint venture. Important feminine energy/feminist comrades/femme fatales/warrior queens will feature and help support you, make you laugh, and cheer you on. Which friends would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with? Hang out with them!

Tarot Card Three – The Magician


Cosmic Newsflash! Make the change to love who you are NOW. We are all we’ve got. Our relationship to ourselves dictates all of our relationships. How we talk to ourselves, how we respect ourselves impacts our energetic vibration. When we get that, when we cherish our vulnerability and become our own cheerleaders, when we can be compassionate with ourselves whilst also taking responsibility when we f**k up, our reality transforms. I wish I knew that years ago! Love bomb yourself today! 

You are at a crucial point in your soul’s journey. Right now you have all the tools in front of you to manifest your reality. You have magic in your blood and witchery in your heart! Have faith that you can create your destiny and allow yourself the gift of trusting your own power

knight waite tarot

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