2016 Horoscope Special

It’s a new Soul Dawn for 2016


Do you have an idea whose time has come, Aries? 2016 asks you to venture forth and do something with them as established success could be your big pay off. What you’ve been hiding from the world – or perhaps even from yourself, needs to be showcased this year. 2016 could be the year of realising those gifts and dreams by taking that sure step towards them. But you may not have to do this alone. With Jupiter entering your partnership zone from September you’re looking at a year where love can be forged into something lasting – with you and your significant other perhaps deciding to take things to the next level or else singles seeing that love they had begun to doubt existed, appearing at last. Time to explore partnerships in all their various forms – be they the love kind or business or collaborative duos.  Above all, make this a year where going solo is a thing of the past. It takes two baby, and this year it’s time to team up.


You key word is resonance this year so ensure you are checking all connections for soul meaning now. It may be time to be philosophical and let those relationships that no longer have it, go with love. Do not worry if this occurs as the universe is trying to make room for something more in alignment with who you’ve become. Jupiter who has been boosting your attraction level off the scale in 2015, now turns his influence to your day job with the possibility of making that work for you rather than the other way around. If you’ve got an idea around working for yourself – especially if this is a spiritual, creative or anything that helps others, then this year offers you that launching pad and the opportunity to do what you love, with love. A new way of working could even lead to a new way of loving.


After looking at the big picture in 2015, 2016 launches you headlong into a period where the good times are gonna roll! You are shrugging off the seriousness and ready to play. Singles could see more than one potential romantic playmate appear. It’s time to get ready to be acknowledged for what you excel at, showcase your talents and ideas and to dive into pleasure in all its diverse forms. Yes, 2016 can turn into your sandbox of fun with no-one looking to kick over your castle either. Your social circle is also about to receive a big boost with unusual people crossing your path. However, just because you’re having fun woe betide others who write you off as a lightweight or refuse to take you seriously. Behind the party animals lurks some steely personal ambition when it comes to what you want for the long term – especially from love. Don’t compromise of that.


Big decisions around where you call home – or how you define ‘home’ await you this year. Many of you may upgrade your living space or else see your family expand – and perhaps both of these things are connected. Your extended family also features and family from afar so if you have relatives overseas they or you may be crossing the miles. Space and the need to fill it or require more of it gets your creativity flowing. Work and wellbeing decisions have a major impact on your future. 2016 offers peak experiences and relationships that could re-define you when it comes to love and romance. You have struck the jackpot this year as Venus will visit your relationship sector not once but twice! Add Mars paying a visit here two and it all adds up to a once-in-a-two year window of fabulous togetherness potential. Get ready to lock things down for the long term – and that includes love!


Indulgence could be your key word this year especially as your birthday season will see another visit from Venus so its time to act like the goddess or god of love! Your life is going to be reshaped in some way as your love, children and creativity zone gets its work-over by Saturn. You need to take your creativity seriously as well as your love life. Some of you could take that big step and become parents at this time. You’re going to have something to be proud of this year and it’s all of your own making. Your cycle of abundance continues up until September with Jupiter bringing you increased abundance. The trick is not to spend it as fast as it flows in but to see this money as something you can make work for you in the future. Time to pour it into that big project – that home, that trip of a lifetime or setting up that business. You have the resources and you have the means to bring it about. You’ll tell a success story before the year is done. Make it a big one.


Jupiter’s amazing cycle of luck and opportunity continues until September but the expansion is by no means over as he then turns his attention to your bank account. You have 12 golden months to improve your financial standing. It may be time to take a calculated risk or two when it comes to your talents or a way or earning extra income as luck is on your side now. Jupiter can act like a money magnet for you and even a small amount can grow if handled correctly. There is a sense however of outgrowing some things and people or of interests you have let go of in the past now having fresh significance for you. If you are single, the things you love to do are your key now to connecting with a new partner so join clubs, groups, organisations and take up that activity again as you could not only reconnect to the pleasure of a favourite pastime but connect to love at the same time! A turning point in an existing relationship will occur thanks to a powerful eclipse in this sector in March with you either committing or letting go. Single or coupled, this ushers in the future of love for 2016.


Spiritual refinement and inner changes during the early part of 2016 are what set you off on a new and broaden path towards the end of the year as Jupiter arrives in your sing. Your intensely personal dreams and wishes are going to be your priority – whether these revolve around romance, your bucket list, or just what you need to achieve in the world. You are going to have fresh motivation when it comes to what you want to achieve – and also to go after the funding that will allow you to achieve it. Increased focus on finances gets you the result you are after. Singles with now see that they need a new strategy when it comes to love and change tactics accordingly. What emerges from this is something and someone very different and the arts and creativity could feature with this connection. Short and work-related trips are favoured now and even business trips could open the way to enjoyment and even so much more.


Dive into your talents in 2016 and share them with the world and reap the financial rewards while you are at it! Saturn in your money zone continues to teach you important lessons when it comes to your cash and also how you utilise your skills to get more of it. This is no time to live from pay cheque to pay cheque but to put a long term financial plan into place and this could begin with investing in yourself more. Travel, educations, writing, teaching, publishing and anything to do with communications should be open books (no pun intended!) for you this year. May is your most important month for romance and those business and creative opportunities as Venus pays her visit to this sector of your chart. If you are already coupled up you and your partner could be sharing in re-discovering something new about one another that revitalises your bond and rejuvenates the passion. It could feel like all the naughty passion of having an affair – without any of the guilt or karma attached. See your love life as having a ‘get out of jail free’ card in 2016.


Ruler Jupiter continues to energise your career and reputation sector up until September which is ‘Make Three Wishes’ time for you as he then moves into your house of friends, goals, wishes and dreams. I always tell people that when Jupiter is in their 11th to make three wishes and to prepare for at least one of them to come true over the 12 months he is in residence. Being your ruler he may be in a mood to grant more than just one. Extra effort in saving towards your financial goals may also pay off this year. Your 11th is the most active area of your chart for 2016 with new friends and contacts to me made, an increased social focus and also massive support from your network when it comes to attaining those goals. Short not long distance travel especially in the company of others offers enough diversion for you while  fabulous aspects in your partnership sector at the end of May and start of June make this a special time where you are now unafraid to ask for what you need in love – and receive positive responses in return.


A new improved you continues to be your main focus in 2016 as Pluto in your 1st impels you onwards towards spiritual and personal evolution. Change yourself and you change your world as you’re already discovering. Venus visits your money house (which she rules) twice in 2016 – a highly unusual event but which could well bring you more money to spend of those ‘sweet’ things of life – pleasure, art, music, orchids of the soul. Your most important relationship this year will ultimately prove to be the one you have with yourself. But the new Moon in your relationship sector in July plus the double-Venus visitation in your 2nd, could see what begins as a bit of verbal foreplay spiral into something so much more. All your relationships will now reflect your inner growth so expect some to fall by the wayside. Those which continue now are part of your soul destiny as ruler Saturn exerts the pull of fate from your 12th. You can become the person you were always meant to be in 2016 – and have everything that goes along with that – including a fresh future.


Jupiter’s journey through your joint resources, inheritances, debts, taxes and shared resources for most of 2016 is asking you to get your long term money matters in order. Once you have completed this, September sees him move off into his ruling house in your chart where expansion, luck, long distance travel, the mass media and learning all feature. You therefore are in a wonderful position to get those financial ducks in a row so you can be in a position to best enjoy the feeling that the world is your oyster. Time to save for and plan for that trip of a lifetime or embarking on that defining learning experience. August promises your best possible time for love and romance with either a new love interest or you making a decision around a relationship. Now you know what you deserve when it comes to love so don’t ‘settle’ for less as that insults and demeans both you and the other party. You are bigger than that – and better. It’s time to exit that comfort zone for good in 2016 and look at whether what you have ‘settled’ for in the past has in fact been good enough. You’ll know the answer this year, once and for all.


Chase down those dreams in 2016, Pisces. Your career sector shines with potential when it comes to those long term ambitions so don’t be afraid to pursue those goals with a new confidence that may have eluded you until now. Ancient ruler Jupiter moves from your partnership sector and into your area of personal power in September plus Saturn continues to aid you in making those long term choices. Second chances at love if something has gone wrong could be offered around about September but this is still a year to be exploring closeness and all the potential all kinds of one-to-one connections hold for you. When it comes to your money – advances can be made via your career and when they come you are advised to use and extra to shed yourself of debt – and not run up any more. It may be time to cut up

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