Your Horoscope 2-8 November – a time to dive deep and then soar

This week we have the last few days of an extreme time with lots of Scorpio energy. This has no doubt been a full on time with each of us examining our unconscious desires, addictions, obsessions and even our mortality. Scorpio is all about sex and death as well as intuition and perception. Scorpio energy is also the great survivor and knows how to evade capture or torment. Whatever you have gone through in the past few weeks, even if it was the best week of your life, you will no doubt have dragged up and shone a light into your or someone else’s shadow.

I found out yesterday that someone I had only met once but had a profound connection with died suddenly. He was someone who was so full of life force, character and creativity it is almost impossible to see him as gone and the world is a lesser place without him. He literally went to bed and never woke up. Scorpio time makes us aware of our own mortality and,  in a sense immortality. We are asked to examine what being here is all about and look at our very attitude to being alive. Do you love it here? Do you value each moment? Do you behave with integrity? All these questions Scorpio asks us and painful as it is the energy does this as it is a vital part of our evolution to understand that being alive is only one part of the journey.

The energy at the beginning of this week also gives one final push in throwing down temptations or making us see what our sensual side needs. If you block a desire or ignore your sexuality it can come out in a more extreme way unexpectedly. This week you are asked to be proud of your sensuality and your depth, to honour your intuition and celebrate being alive. Whatever you are frightened of or desire, look within your soul and examine it this week.

With the New Moon in Scorpio on the 6th we can feast on all the good qualities of Scorpio and release these intense feelings. We have danced with our shadow and it’s now time to embrace the light as Sagittarius energy comes in a gives us a big boost. Sagittarius is not frightened of adventure and is urging you to follow your dreams. Mars arrived in Sagittarius on October 28th, making us all brave enough to deal with whatever deep emotional journey we are going on. Clearing out and facing our fears and desires makes us stronger and able to evolve to a new way of being.  We can turn our fears into gold and be bold in embracing who we are. With so much water having been around it has been an emotional ride, but the fire is on the way to warm us up and give us the confidence for the next adventure.

With Venus still in Scorpio retrograde we may stumble into past love to find an answer. It doesn’t mean getting back with an ex (although you might!) it means looking at the way you handle relationships on a core level. Are you jealous, self protective, obsessive, aloof or secretive? Do you still love someone from your past and if so is this fear of letting new love in? All of this should be resolved very soon and if you are in a relationship you have the opportunity to explore your wild deep side. You have a chance to both get to know each other on a much deeper level. You are beautiful, you are alive and you have every opportunity to take yourself to the next level this week.

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