August 2018 Monthly Astrology Forecast

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 2018


Work towards a future vision
Star in your own show
Does love have a sense of déjà vu?

August sees the retrograde weather peak and then slowly but surely begin to break up. You start the month with ruler Mars still retrograde in your 11th and by the 13th it has re-entered your 10th. By the end of the month both Mars and also Mercury in your 5th, will have moved direct once more. There’s this feeling of ‘going over old ground’ hanging over August. Especially when it comes to your career. Saturn which rules your 10th is also retrograde in here and will remain so until September. This is a time when you may have to put in a lot of hard work when it comes to your ambitions, and defer the rewards until later.

The universe is asking you if you have a long-term plan? What provisions have you made for your future? What have you built or established for yourself? This especially applies to your reputation and how others see you. Or how you want to be seen. Especially by people in a position to help you. August will allow you one final period of adjustment or refinement when it comes to this.

Your value system and your money will be your next major area of soul experience in 2019. You may have had a taste of what is to come around this thanks to Uranus’s arrival in your financial sector in May. The 7th sees Uranus turn backwards in here after a brief visit and head back towards your 1st. It will re-enter your sign for one final visit in November. Uranus imbues us with magical, radical thinking. Ideas that free us. Or else it brings about the unexpected developments that do just that. Be aware that it is up to initiate the changes necessary for our evolution. Uranus is not a planet that wants us to stand still. If we fail to do this, Uranus steps in and does this for us, but in ways we may not initially like. Look at what changes you can set in motion for yourself now. Especially when it comes to your money, how you earn it, how you spend it or use it, and the resources you have at your disposal. It begins with you defining what adds real worth to your life – and shedding what doesn’t.

This month is no time to be a recluse however. Ditch the Netflix marathon, and write, direct and star in your own production. The Sun in your fabulous 5th wants to put you in the spotlight. Plus when it comes to love, Venus enters her ruling 7th in your chart from the 7th. It’s time to look at your capacity to attract. This is your house of partnerships or your ‘opposite’ number. Who or what are you attracting this August? With the retrograde weather does this have a past flavour to it and if so, how familiar or how different does it feel this time around? If there is a sense of déjà vu around this, most importantly look to how different you may be this time around. In all our relationships there is one common denominator: Us. If we want a different outcome it is we who need to change, not the other party!

What you do end up attracting may have bigger implications for your future than what is immediately apparent. The partial solar eclipse in your 5th mid-month could deliver a surprise package or have bigger implications for change than you think. Remember, eclipses conceal and then reveal. If it is a total eclipse, then the ‘cover-up’ is complete. If it is a partial eclipse, then well – it’s only partially concealed. With all eclipses however, the truth eventually ‘comes to light’. What may be hidden within this one is your need to shine and for recognition. If so, an outlet or an opportunity will emerge once you acknowledge this. Children, step-children, creative projects or lovers are other areas this eclipse may impact on. To become a parent – or to admit this is not what you want.

Any creative project begun now may reveal hidden aspects – perhaps of its creator, or take on a life all its own.
The Sun’s entry into your 6th this month brings you a month-long focus on your work and routine but also on your debts and what you owe. Is your level of debt making you ill? The next month asks you to ‘get your act together’ on all kinds of levels but also wants you to look at where you are ‘acting out’ a role that may now be typecasting you in ways that are just not helpful.

Does that new lover have that spooky sense of déjà vu about them on any level for example? Take it slowly and remember what I said about you being the star of your own show. That means you call the shots and write the outcome. You’re the star so act like one. Express don’t repress, yourself. The spotlight is everywhere for you this month, Aries. Put in your best performance and whether you have an audience or not, dance like no-one is watching.

In a nutshell: Write, star and direct your own production this month, Aries. You’re stepping out of the retrograde shadows and back into the spotlight. Time to express yourself – and get the recognition you deserve.


Don’t shut down – open up!
Give love to get more
Show the world the real you

It’s time to be true to the real you, Taurus. To look at your soul essence and what makes you unique. Part of this process is – to quote the sign above the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi: Know Thyself. Or at least no more denying who you are and what you need. Uranus has been giving you a mere taste of this radical self-defining medicine since it arrived in your 1st in May. It’s about self and emotional honesty. With yourself and with others. Between now and March 2019 when Uranus will return to your 1st and this time for a seven-year stay, look deep and get to know yourself better than you ever have done in the past. The results will be a freedom you have never experienced before. It may be challenging, but it will be worth it, I promise you.

You already have insights into what needs to be done and an opportunity arising to begin to show that emotional honesty comes later in the month. There is a partial solar eclipse at the time of the new Moon in your 4th on the 11th. This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. You may not be feeling emotionally ready to be completely honest – and eclipses can conceal or in this case, see you holding something back. Perhaps from consideration of other’s feelings or just you not being ready to reveal all just yet. However, getting those close to you or family members on-site and also allowing them access to how you truly feel, will bring you closer now. And gain you support if changes are needed around your home, lifestyle or living arrangements.

This eclipse falls conjunct Mercury in here, facilitating communication but squares Jupiter in your partnership sector. You may not be ready to share the big picture – just part of it. And that’s fine because what this tells me is that this – and you, remain a work in progress. So please, share the broad strokes for now and refine the details as you go. But when it comes to what you need in the long term – try to craft a joint vision as it is working on this with those closest to you that will provide you with your biggest insights into the workings of your soul now.

Ruler Venus moves into your 6th of work and wellbeing this week. It’s another aspect of cooperation and also of working in harmony with those around you – and your body for that matter. Those emotional truths could extend to that work/life balance Taurus. Are you using work as a means of escape? Perhaps to avoid that process of self-reflection or tackling other issues. Or is this where that sense of déjà vu is actually occurring? That feeling of being on the treadmill and not being able to get off? The days stretching in front of you, all the same? Venus in here wants to improve things on a daily level.

Mercury rules this house in your chart and will head direct in your 4th from the 18th while Mars will head direct in your 9th from the 27th. This will hand you back the ideas and the impetus to make changes with your work situation if necessary. Being the house of health, with Venus in here you do need to watch any tendency towards over-indulgence – especially on sugar and sweet stuff.

Venus does add something special to your ideas in here, however. This is a Mercury-ruled house, and Mercury rules your ideas. However, Venus adds that allure of creative attraction to them. Sharing your ideas – that emotional honesty again, with others could see those thoughts and dreams become real. Get talking and then be ready for the results. The Sun moves into your 5th from the 23rd and the focus shifts to fun, pleasure and also the love you have to give. This is an important factor when it comes to the attraction energy that’s contained in this house. The more we give, the more we get back.

Single Taureans can set this in motion by seeing every interaction as an opportunity to express love. Make a genuine compliment to a stranger. Send a friend a special message or a small gift out of the blue. Laugh, play and don’t take anything too seriously. Yes, this is the real you too! If you radiate you attract. It’s that simple. Usually, the 5th alone is not enough to bring through a serious lover as this house rules everything from one-night-stands to flings. But you have Jupiter in your 7th all the way through to November, don’t forget. It will not return to your partnership house for 12 years so use it!

The full Moon at the month’s end appears in your social 11th and makes a positive angle to Uranus from Uranus’s ruling house. You could find yourself someone completely different and new – with an important new connection to be made there. The real you is waiting to be discovered and shared this month, Taurus. Let others in on the secret now.

In a nutshell: Discover the secret to attracting love this month, Taurus. That secret self you’ve been hiding away has the key. Open up and let others get to know – and love, the real you.


Love has a past flavour
Wait for the big picture
Try a little tenderness

We begin the month with ruler Mercury retro and in its ruling house in your chart. There is an important meeting between Mercury and the Sun in here on the 9th with an eclipse on the 11th at the time of the new Moon in here. This also falls conjunct Mercury and makes a taut angle to Jupiter in your 6th. The news you are given around now doesn’t contain all the information you need. Bear this in mind whether this relates to your job or your wellbeing.

If you are involved in something which requires research, you need to keep digging. You’ve only part of the picture, and the rest is obscured – for now. Remember, what an eclipse hides is slowly revealed over time. There’s more to come and more than meets the eye. Watch for this emerging after the 18th when Mercury moves direct again.

Something may seem all too familiar around love, a young person or a creative project now. Have you been in this position before? Past love karma features due to Venus in your shining 5th house of romance, creative self-expression, children and your ability to attract. This is one of those houses that wants to deliver pleasure, good times and give you an opportunity to shine and impress people. It’s here we get to express ourselves and to reconnect to the joy we felt as a child when we did things well – for the sheer fun of it and free from worrying about what others would think. Have you lost that? Venus is about to link up to the North Node in your 3rd. It’s always about karma when the North Node is involved. Those checks and balances we bring with us into this lifetime. What others owe us, what we owe them.

What feels familiar now? Is it a new love that feels familiar? As if you have known the person before? Or are you stuck in the past on more than one level and this is causing you to miss what is available to you in the now? What is replaying for you? Or do you suddenly realise that this is a theme you are living out that someone close to you has also experienced? Holy destiny! Make the connection, and you can step free. Sometimes this is saying yes to something or someone or equally it can involve saying no.

Above all, it’s about what brings you joy and not about getting approval. This is your karma to work through, your lesson and also, your rewards if any are due so don’t compare yourself to others or worry about what they may think. Love it and love it whole-heartedly now.
Uranus entered your 12th house of secrets in May, opening a portal for you to other dimensions of thinking and being. Remarkable and unusual events, people and insights are set to show you there is more to your existence than you ever dreamed possible.

You’ve had a taste of what is to come, but from the 7th, Uranus will turn retrograde and head back for a time into its ruling 11th giving you one final opportunity to fine tune those goals and dreams. For now, however, get ready for some deep and intense thinking and sudden flashes of insight. Pay attention to the latter especially if they are linked to what surfaces around the eclipse. You’re on to something now, Gemini.

The Sun moves into your 4th from the 23rd plus you have a full Moon in your 10th of career and status on the 26th. This full Moon occurs the day before Mars, planet of confidence, action and self-determination, finally moves forward again in your 8th. It’s pointing to you bringing something to completion – this can be related to where you are living or your work and career. Something is coming to a close, and there will be a new beginning to follow. Some of you may change jobs now while others could be looking at moving house. Whatever is happening now, you need to understand two things. The first is that any changes are for your long term benefit. If change is occurring whether you have set it in motion or not, it is designed to free you from stagnation. The second? This is an invitation to show kindness, compassion and empathy towards yourself and others. Are you being judgemental without realising it? Often we are our own worst critics, and if we heard someone talking to a friend the way we do ourselves, we could instantly rush to their defence. What are you saying to yourself?

Because when we get too self-critical this tends to have a knock-on effect and we start to apply the same criticism towards those around us. You are doing your best. So are they. Try a little tenderness at the time of this full Moon and let it take you out of the August retrograde weather and on into September.

In a nutshell: August could just provide you with a soul revival, Gemini. What returns from the past or just feels familiar despite being new, is all part of your karma. Love it? Embrace it this month!


Practice appreciation and gratitude
Love grows when you feed it your focus
Work from the heart

You’ve had a taster experience of what Uranus is going to bring you in its ruling 11th since May. The focus is on the unexpected and unusual when it comes to friends and your social life. Exciting people and experiences want to free you and give you a whole new outlook on life. Your goals may undergo a radical shift in the next seven years. But first – Uranus heads backwards from the 7th and will shortly arrive back in your 10th of career, status and recognition.

See this as your opportunity to act as an agent for change when it comes to your career direction. The past seven years should have set the wheels in motion. Now, shift that engine into high gear and show the world – and superiors, bosses and people in positions of influence, just how far you’ve come. Act with individuality and authority between now and March 2019 to make use of this energy before it leaves this sector of your chart for good.
Venus enters your 4th of all things home, family and close to your Cancerian heart.

Time to enhance or beautify your home environment but above all, to achieve that balance and harmony between home and work. Until Mercury in your 2nd of money heads direct again from the 18th, try to put off any moves or real estate dealings as Mercury rules contracts. However, Venus in your 4th usually puts you in an advantageous position when it comes to any property dealings whether you are buying or renting. You can end up with more space for your money or a better neighbourhood than what you thought you could afford.

If you have been thinking of moving, set the wheels in motion but wait to sign any documents until after Mercury has gone forward again if you can and if you can wait until after the 23rd when the Sun enters your 3rd which is Mercury’s ruling house and its ruling sign, even better.
Venus in your 4th also enhances your relationships to family members and those you live with. You’ll feeling especially appreciative of what you have in your life this month. The people in your life, what you have and what you also have at your disposal. Which may be far more than you think. Hold on to that feeling of gratitude.

The eclipse which occurs in your 2nd on the 11th is the final one for 2018. This is a partial solar eclipse at the time of the new Moon in here. Which also falls conjunct that retrograde Mercury. Loving and appreciating what you already have and making what you’ve got work for you in new ways rather than just wanting to get ‘more’ is what this eclipse in your money house is all about. More money, more possessions, more ‘stuff’ – the secret to this eclipse (and there always is one) is going to involve uncovering a new and creative approach to the assets you have at your disposal.

This doesn’t just include your money but your talents and skills too. Yes, it may all sound very ‘glass half full’, but coming from a place of appreciation and gratitude sets up an abundance mindset. If you take care of what you already have, it will take care of you. Use what you’ve got in new ways with some yet to be discovered.

Relationships may have felt strained, or desire may have been absent lately as Mars, planet of passion, has been retrograde in its ancient ruling 8th. It now backs into your 7th from the 13th and will finally head direct in here from the 27th. As it moves forward, Mars will be going over ‘old’ ground when it comes to deep, intimate issues as it moves through its retrograde shadow. Because of this and despite the fact that Jupiter is direct again in your 5th of love affairs, this is not the best time to begin a new connection if you are seeking something lasting. Watch for impulsive decisions around relationships or feeling irritated. If this occurs, try to channel this energy into physical activity such as exercise.

Simmering resentments may boil over out of proportion if you don’t try working it off or working it out!
Insecurities can surface now, or you can feel smothered in your relationship and want more independence and freedom. This month’s full Moon in your 9th on the 26th pushes some buttons around these themes. Expect to be more sensitive and empathic than usual under this full Moon. But also expect to be more secretive too.

This Moon will impact on Saturn in your 7th and Uranus in your 11th. Your desire for emotional freedom may surface, but you may choose to keep this to yourself. Why? Well, there’s your usual sensitivity to the feelings of others for one thing. And also there’s your other tendency which is to put others first and your needs second. It’s no coincidence this Moon appears the day before Mars heads direct in your 7th. You may have felt you couldn’t or shouldn’t say what’s on your mind as Mars retro can have us putting things off or just not having the confidence to tackle something. But now, the full Moon delivers the promise that you can come up with a win/win solution if necessary. Or if this is not possible, at least connect you to the higher knowledge that living a lie does nobody any good. Act with passion – and honesty now even if you choose to keep those thoughts to yourself for a little while longer.

In a nutshell: It’s all about leveraging what you have this month, Cancer. Whether this is love, money, your talents or the people around you. The more you have to appreciate – the more you get to appreciate more!


Choose differently
Get ready for new beginnings

Your birthday season always promises new beginnings, Leo. It’s time to set your intentions for the coming year. To feel optimistic, adventurous and renewed. Our birthday always brings with it that feeling that anything is possible. We are given a fresh start and a second chance to begin again. Before the Sun leaves your sign and heads into your 2nd house which will happen on the 23rd, you’re going to be given a second—time-around opportunity.

Ask yourself if you could have it, what would it be? Where are your regrets? What do you feel slipped through your fingers? Or what choice would you make that’s different if you were faced with a similar situation today to one from your past? And what would be the outcome if you did? Go deep into these questions head up towards another eclipse in your 1st on the 11th. This occurs with the new Moon in your sign and also falls conjunct Mercury retro. Hence the big link to the past.

Remember with all eclipses they conceal, and it could take some time for what this one will return to you to make itself known. In the meantime, stay with going over what you might do differently today if faced with a past opportunity. Would you now recognise it for what it was? Although the new Moon in our 1st is always a time of renewal and new beginnings (eclipsed or not!), it is also a time of reflection and when it is eclipsed, preparation. Even when we are not facing an eclipse where something is not quite clear, what we are preparing for may not be either at this time. There is a trail of breadcrumbs you can follow, however. Follow what gives you pleasure. What emerges or that second chance may be linked to this.

Uranus in your 10th has handed you some fresh energy and a new approach to career matters since its arrival in your 10th in May. This month will see it begin to head back into your 9th. You’ll re-examine themes around learning, beliefs and freedom and again, this may be spookily linked to that second chance I keep mentioning. Again, wait for what this is to emerge and be patient as you may not see this until early 2019!

Venus moves into your 3rd enhancing all your connections now whether these are personal or professional and infusing your ideas with beauty and creativity. This is an excellent transit for all business and financial dealings, and as this is your house of communication, anything to do with writing, the internet, selling or even meetings is favoured. You will come across as someone people want to work with, listen to or do business with. Push forward with any work, study or business related plans but when it comes to doing a deal, try to schedule signing contracts or launches for after Mercury heads direct in your 1st which happens on the 18th. Mars still retrograde backs into your 6th mid-month before it too, heads direct once more from the 27th.

Watch out for recurring frustrations especially around work which could see you at loggerheads with someone in a position of authority and also take care not to rush as accidents can occur if you do. But once Mercury and Mars are heading forward, it is your green light to push forward with work plans, and this includes looking for a new job to go along with those new beginnings.

Your ruler exits your 1st and arrives in your 2nd from the 23rd. This is about your money as opposed to other people’s money, your values and also how you relate to and care for the assets you have. It’s time to look at whether you control your money – or money issues are controlling you. Extra cash could be coming your way and if it does, be aware that it has arrived in order for you to explore which one this is. So, when it arrives, please don’t just rush out and spend it. If you don’t take this opportunity to go deeper into your relationship with your money, then you’ll find you stem the flow of it – quite literally until you ‘get’ the lesson.

The Sun always wants to illuminate, remember that. Your self-worth is tied to the flow of abundance in your life, so time to look at that too. Are you receiving the right reward for your skills or the work you do? Do others treat you as if you are a valued part of their lives – whether this is in your personal life or your work one? While you may have to wait for one opportunity or path to become clear, this is one area where what you need to do right now is fully illuminated. So commit to a clear course of action as we head into September, Leo.

In a nutshell: Second time around chances, revivals and opportunities feature. If you could turn back time what would you do differently, Leo? You may just get the chance to find out this August.


Ditch what binds you or ties you to the past
Start those engines when it comes to romance
Happy birthday, Virgo!

You head towards your birthday in a deep, introspective mood. Even if you are maintaining a good front, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes with you as August begins, Virgo. Delve into any blocks that may exist especially between you and others – and also you and your dreams. Getting closer, intimacy and the freedom to go for your goals are all going to be themes for you for the coming year. But there’s some digging around in the deep recesses of your psyche to be done first. However, it will be worth it, I promise you.

Watch your energy levels as you may find this fluctuates between extreme highs and lows – as may your mood and your feelings. One minute you may feel ‘at one’ with everyone and the universe in general. Next – unexpectedly cranky and frustrated. As well as ruler Mercury retro, we have exceptionally heavy retrograde weather happening right now. And once Uranus turns retrograde in your 9th from the 7th, this peaks this cycle with a total of six planets retrograde. Retrograde Mars is one of these. The planet of passion and action will move back into your 5th of lovers, children and pleasure from the 13th before it heads direct again on the 27th. Needless to say, this is not a good time to begin a new romance as it may feel as if the chemistry is just not there!

All this retrograde weather has us focused on the past and with ruler Mercury retrograde in your 12th which rules the past, expect the past to feature on more than one level. The inner journey you are on will involve confronting or re-framing elements of your past and your present. This includes your connections. You are in a cycle of preparedness. Your sensitivity and intuitive abilities are enhanced now. You can bring these to bear on your relationships and any dealings you have with others, and also your own life too. This will allow you to identify those clocks between you and your dreams, to intimacy and to them remove them. It will also allow you to see connections for what they truly are. Be prepared to remove those which are toxic or unhealthy. Ditch any negativity in your life, and this also includes any baggage you have been dragging around with you from the past.

Who or what this may be may take a little while to emerge clearly. The period immediately before your birthday brings us a partial solar eclipse in your 12th which falls conjunct that retro ruler. By now you should know that eclipses conceal something. As your 12th is all about secrets and hidden truths this applies double for you. Take it there’s a cover-up going on. Looking back, going over something are retrograde themes so you may end up dealing with something you thought was done and dusted a second time or else you realise you only have part of the picture. Your intuition is your best guide here. It may even give you hints as to what is missing or where you can find it. Pay attention.

But this is all part of a grand design which will allow you to see what supports you and what doesn’t. You’ll emerge from this more open and able to relate better to those who love and support you. And to weed out those connections which don’t. And when it comes to setting your direction for the coming year, all this is designed to put you on the right path.

You’ve had the benefit of Uranus in your sexy self-empowerment sector for seven years. May saw it head into your expansive 9th bringing with it as desire for more freedom. Thinking big and outside the box opens your mind to new possibilities. Being Mercury-ruled, you feel out-of-step with the normal flow of life whenever it is retrograde. Mercury heads direct again just prior to your birthday on the 18th handing you back your optimism. Just remember that while Mercury remains in retrograde shadow, you still don’t have all the facts when it comes to what that eclipse may be hiding.

The 23rd sees the Sun arrive in your 1st. You’re entering a year where you will break free of anything that holds you back or confines you. Get ready for opportunities which will allow you to achieve your dreams! It’s time to set yourself a vision of what you want to experience, do or attract during the next 12 months. And to move confidently in the direction that passion wants to take you. All this is echoed by the inspiring yet grounding Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in your 1st, Saturn in your 5th and Uranus in your 9th. Unshackle yourself from the past and give yourself permission to have what you want! Your Virgo talent for planning will take you far with this aspect.

Does your dream involve you and someone else? The full Moon in your 7th opens you up to relating in a new way. If you are settled, you are more attuned than usual to your partner’s feelings, and when it comes to what you want to do in the coming year, you’ll weave a dream around the two of you that will bring you closer together. Singles – start your engines. It’s no mere coincidence that Mars heads forward again in your romance sector the day after this full Moon. Also, Venus who rules your love life is in her ruling 2nd in your chart which as well as your money, rules people who are quite literally ‘assets’ to you. It’s not just a time to celebrate your birthday. As we head into September, it’s a time to jump-start those dreams.

In a nutshell: What’s the big secret you or someone else is keeping, Virgo? In the run up to your birthday its all about uncovering those truths and setting yourself free. Get ready to fly!


Get ready for renewal
Turn limitations into strengths
Time to bring back pleasure, glamour and soul-worth

The pleasure party starts here, Libra! August sees ruler Venus arrive in your sign on the 7th. It’s like a pre-birthday party party is happening that could just take you all the way to the real thing. Yes, you’re entering a new cycle of attraction. So are you feeling it, Libra? Do you look and more importantly, feel like you can attract what you’re worth? Venus is all about creativity, beauty and enchantment. Bring these to bear on YOU now. It’s time for renewal. For a new look or image that reflects that inner soul worth.

Pamper and indulge yourself but don’t allow this to tip into extravagance or spending more than you can afford. Venus in your 1st allows you to plan for the year ahead. As Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life, it’s time to get relating to your cash – and your ability to manage it as well as attract it. Your 1st is the house of YOU, and therefore you are the magnet here! This is all linked to your self-worth which is turn is reflected in how you look and feel. So, make an appropriate level of investment in yourself. After all, if we truly value ourselves then getting into debt is not something we do. Because yes, you’re worth more than that.

Uranus in your 8th turns retrograde on the same day as Venus lights up your sign. This brings the total number of retrograde planets to six. Normally when we have Venus in your 1st making a highly charged angle to passionate Mars in your romance zone, it would mark the start of something hot! But this Mars is retrograde, and Uranus has just headed backwards in your house of sex. If a new romance does begin now, it may feel as if the chemistry is missing. Or it feels strangely familiar to the point where you know what’s coming next. Where’s the heat? You have both the Sun and Mercury retrograde in your 11th. Both are conjunct the day of the new Moon in here (11th) along with a partial solar eclipse. New friendships, entrée to an excitingly different social scene and a revived social life is usually what we associate with the new Moon in here. But all this has a past flavour to it and eclipses conceal. People you meet may not be all they appear to be. You may think you know them – but you don’t. This is your house of surprises – the exciting, thrilling kind and the other variety. Take your time getting to know new acquaintances and if old ones reappear, see if that connection has evolved along with you.

The retrograde weather now begins to lift as Mercury heads direct again from the 18th. Set goal plans in motion now. Mercury is still in retrograde shadow until September however and when it comes to contracts, home affairs, your career, buying, selling or leasing property, try to wait until Mars, now in your 4th of home and long term security matters, heads direct again from the 27th.

The Sun arrives in your 12th on the 23rd. This may also show you where some of those missing pieces of the eclipse puzzle are hiding although others may take longer to appear. Having focused on your outer image, your inner self now demands attention. Take some ‘me’ time if necessary. Ask yourself where you may have held yourself back during the past 12 months. Confront any lingering limitations, and in doing so, you’ll uncover hidden strengths you did not know you possessed.

A Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in here, Saturn in your 4th and Uranus in your 8th on the 25th allows you to look closely at who you really are and what you need. If something comes to an end now – please leave it at that. Next month you will see that this was in fact for the best, no matter what you may feel about it initially.

The full Moon of the 26th falls in your 6th and wants to pull you into a tide of positive change designed to enhance all aspects of your wellbeing. Are you resisting? Time to make changes to your health, diet, fitness, your work or your daily routine. Embrace wellbeing on every level. Not sure where to begin? Your intuition will provide the answer. Remember, change is both a process and a progression. You may not be able to accomplish as big a change as you might like all at once, but you have the entire month leading up to your birthday to do this. Begin with you and create the change you want to see in your life, in yourself.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus is in your sign adding some much needed sparkle and allure this August. Ask yourself if you’ve been feeling those things or just dull? Time to become a glamour magnet and come out and play!


Love is an evolution
Career opportunities spring from the past
Wait for answers

Strange and charmed and decidedly different attractions are one possible effect of Uranus, planet of all things revolutionary, in your 7th of partnerships and close personal connections, Scorpio. People who you might not have even given a second look now radiate an exotic and compelling fascination. The more different they are, the more likely you are to find them attractive.

You’re craving more freedom or a different approach when it comes to love now. Your needs may be changing, and if so, you’ll draw to you the kind of person who will evolve this further. One connection you make during the next seven years could totally redefine your ideas around what love is forever.

This month, however, Uranus joins the retrograde rave in the sky and heads backwards in here from the 7th. This brings the total number of retrograde planets to an incredible six – including both your rulers Mars and Pluto. You also have Venus, planet of love and ruler of your 7th house, enter your 12th on the same day as Uranus heads backwards. Although Venus is not retrograde until later this year, this is your house of the past, so this is not the best time to begin a new love affair – especially with Mars retrograde which rules passion! Focus instead on the love you have – be it friends, family or even close working relationships. It’s about spiritual, big picture love rather than the one-to-one kind.

Mercury is also retrograde at present in your sector of career, rewards and reputation. With all this ‘looking backwards’ theme happening across the sky, it could be that a past employer, company you have had dealings with or business opportunity, resurfaces for you, especially given that Mercury falls conjunct the partial solar eclipse in here at the time of the new Moon on the 11th. You could go back to work for a company you worked for in the past, get re-hired again, or a path, project or plan gets revived with new significance for you. Be prepared to act and also to have a realistic plan when it comes to career goal – your personal ‘business plan’ if you like. Just remember that eclipses hide things. Something is literally ‘covered up’. With a total eclipse, we are completely in the dark as to what this is. With a partial one, we may think we see it, but we don’t. By all means, accept the offer, sign the contract, shake on the deal. Don’t hesitate and act with assurance and authority. And then wait. More will emerge.

On the 13th, ancient ruler Mars retrogrades into your 3rd joining modern ruler Pluto and Saturn in here. You may be impatient for answers which you may not get as quickly as you would like. You’ll have little or no patience for those who waffle or beat around the bush. You want to cut to the chase. However strong the urge may be to interrupt or say exactly what’s on your mind, Mars wants you to stop and listen and above all, think before speaking. Mercury which rules this house in your chart, heads direct from the 18th, easing communications and facilitating career moves.

Ensure you know what it is you want to achieve as the Sun enters your house of friends, contacts, networks and goals. The 25th sees a Grand Earth Trine of achievement arc between the Sun in here, Saturn in your 3rd and Uranus in your 7th. This may involve you, and at least one other person or could even be a team or a collaborative effort in which you had a major role to play. There’s now a touch of magic in the air and a distinct crackle that heralds the return of positivity, optimism and passion! The energy moves from universal love to a more romantic, personal kind. Jupiter in your 1st until November makes an alluring angle to Neptune in your 5th. While the full Moon of the 26th lights up possibilities around love now the retrograde weather is dispersing.

It’s time to start looking to the future and not back at the past. Look forward now to a return of creativity, confidence and desire at the end of the month as Mars finally heads forward again in your 3rd from the 27th. You’ve the energy and the passion you need to go after what (or who) you want now. So channel it into anything from that work project to that flirtation! You’ll also have the right words to say what needs to be said and to follow through with action and to push forward with your ideas. News you may have been waiting on could now arrive. Pick a goal now and infuse it with your creative vision, your surging self-confidence and your desire to make it real. The results could simply astound not just you, but others too.

In a nutshell: Welcome back passion, energy and self-confidence, Scorpio. Love takes on a decidedly different look while success could spring from something you’ve done in the past.


Assemble your crew – and suit up!
No more going it alone
You can get there from here

Ruler Jupiter in your secretive 12th has been taking you on a journey to the deep side of life. Jupiter always wants to expand, and in this instance, the benefits you receive may be a lot like hidden superpowers No-one, but you knows you have them until you suit-up! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? If you’re like most Sagittarians, you’ll be hoping it is the latter as all this deep, intense learning process may have started to feel somewhat restrictive. Something may even have been cut-back or clipped both your wings and your Sag optimism of late. What’s more, it’s not as if you don’t know what the solution is to that present feeling of being confined. It’s just that you haven’t got a clue on how to escape – yet.

If you’re a stuck-in-place-Sag, then help is on its way this August. The heavy retrograde weather has us all looking back instead of ahead – and again, quite possibly wondering how we move forward from here. But this impasse too shall pass. The retrograde cycle will peak between the 7th and the 18th when we have a total of six planets apparently moving backwards. Uranus in your 6th, shaking up that work and daily routine, turns retrograde on the 7th. While Mercury in your 9th, moves forward from the 18th and Mars, retro in your money house, also goes direct on the 27th. I use the term ‘apparently’ because while the planets appear to travel backwards, of course, they can’t and don’t. It’s all an illusion brought about by our Earth-bound perspective. Just as you appear to be stuck or uncertain of what to do next – this too will be revealed to be an illusion which will be exposed later. Stand by for revelations of the ‘Now you see it’ variety.

The good news – and yes, there is some, is that Jupiter is no longer part of this retrograde pattern. In your 12th, you have access to universal wisdom and inner guidance broadcasting loud and clear above the retrograde static, if you care to listen. Hence, you knowing which direction you want to head in, but still not seeing how you’ll get there. The next piece of good news is – you don’t have to travel or figure this out on your own! Whatever your goal now is – and obviously this will vary, Venus in your 11th from the 7th, wants to deliver at least one pair of helping hands.

This is your house of goals but also friends, groups, teams and organisations. Venus will make a wonderful angle to retro Mars in your 3rd the day after arriving in here. Talk about what it is you need or want to achieve now. Share with others your innermost thoughts including that stuck feeling or questions you have about where to go or what to do next. Help or assistance may come in surprising ways and from equally unexpected quarters. Just remember, Venus, inhere is about the love of friends and the benefits that have to offer, rather than romantic love or friends with ‘benefits’.

No matter what your destination is, there is another way of getting there. You just can’t see it – yet. How you think you can right now or what resources you believe you have – expect your take on this to be challenged. New ideas are set to awaken you and reveal fresh possibilities. You’ll also be drawing on past experience and hidden talents and truths (yes, those superpowers!), that Jupiter has brought you. Suit up for the new Moon in your 9th on the 11th.

The new Moon in here always marks a point of release into something bigger for you. It usually marks the start of a real or metaphorical journey. With Mercury about to head direct again, travel is most certainly back on the agenda. But this new Moon falls conjunct retro Mercury and also brings us a partial solar eclipse. By now you know eclipses conceal so with a partial eclipse in here, you have your destination but not the map. Time to start to think about a map or a ‘game plan’, and also to think about who can help you with this. Because what this eclipse is saying it you can’t go it alone from this point on. Decide who may be good at charting a course with you – and then prepare for someone totally unexpected to join your expedition.

Watch who you encounter after the 18th when Mercury moves forward – sending an invitation to Venus as it does.

The Sun in your 10th from the 23rd pulls your focus back to business. Here’s one simple maxim for the Sun in here: Take care of business, and you’ll then be free to do whatever you want. You’re able to accomplish a great deal now and also impress people in positions of influence as you do. Project a certain gravitas when it comes to your skills, and ensure you come across as someone who knows what they are talking about. Above all, if you want to be taken seriously, deliver. Whether it’s on a deadline or a promise. There’s a work opportunity hanging over all this, but you will have to make the effort to bring it down to earth. The result could just be the kind of rewards that act as a Gofundme for that escape plan.

This month’s fulll Moon could just bring those career endeavours to a climax around the 26th. It appears in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. This is one of those Moons which asks you to plan to create something for your future. You may feel like spending time at home with family, friends or even just alone with some ‘me’ time. Recharge and look back at how far you’ve come this month. Turns out you weren’t lost or stuck after all, but now you have people on that journey with you.

In a nutshell: Assemble your crew, Sag! August sees you embark on a bold, brave new journey. Feel stuck? You’re not. Wherever you’re headed, you can get there from here.


Evolve beyond your present circumstances
Don’t delay what needs to be done
Deep down, you know the answer to that love question

Loves me, loves me not. Your insecurity may be showing this month, Capricorn. If you have questions around love this August, please try to wait until the month’s end to seek answers. The cosmos may be clouded by the heavy retrograde weather plus some of your own perceptions which may or may not, prove to be accurate. What I can say is – time will tell.
You’ll need to cultivate patience and tolerance this month. People may appear to be going out of their way to test your limits. Again, this isn’t anything lasting.

However, if there have been issues simmering between you and someone else for some time, then this month may well bring things to a head. What’s to blame? The retro storm in the sky which involves six planets including ruler Saturn in your 1st once unconventional and surprising Uranus in your 5th joins in from the 7th. This extreme backwards weather has us all looking at the past, but also presents us with all the stuff we’ve been putting off. Retrograde Mars is responsible for your impatience and general crankiness as well as any self-doubt or lack of confidence you’ve been experiencing.

Mars backs into your sign on the 13th which may simply intensify this. This also occurs two days after the partial solar eclipse and new Moon in your 8th. Which also falls conjunct retrograde Mercury in here. If you have been putting off saying or doing something you know you really should, this is the point where the change becomes inevitable, and you confront it. Remember, eclipses cover-up, hide, obscure, conceal. We think we know what’s going on, but over time, we come to realise we didn’t. We were ‘in the dark’. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. They just are. It’s very much a question of us being put in a position where we say: If I’d known then what I know now . . .

This eclipse in your 8th marks a transformation, ending or change. Again, change itself is neither good nor bad. Change can be positive and extremely freeing. This is your house of changes that are necessary for your evolution and growth. If you are facing any challenges around about the time of the eclipse – and please keep in mind what I said about eclipses being neither good nor bad, I want you to take a moment to think back to a similar time.

Maybe you had money problems or relationship issues? Look back at what worried you then. Now, how do you feel about that situation today? Chances are completely different. Why? Because you outgrew the problem. And that’s the kind of evolutionary change that can occur with an eclipse in this house. The problem ceases to be one simply because you evolve and outgrow it.

Changes around your work and career, your salary, benefits, payouts and anything shared, as well as your sex life or sexual partner, are also likely under this eclipse. Please be aware if starting a new relationship, that the heavy retrograde weather and that retrograde Mars about to appear in your 1st is more about second time around chances or flings. If an old lover does reappear now, it’s likely they will do so for one final go-around. You either make it work for keeps – or they disappear again and this time for good.

The 18th sees Mercury head direct once more, and this marks a clearing of this extreme retrograde period. We can all now start to look forward again rather than peering into our past. The Sun in your 9th from the 23rd dispels any remaining residue of self-doubt or even depression that may be left over. If you can take a holiday now – do so as this transit favours travel. You’ll benefit from anything you do that expands your knowledge, worldview or changes your perspective. It’s a time to begin to dream big again.

This is one of the houses in your chart which contains the potential for renewal and starting over if you need to. And for you especially, those big plans and dreams are more than wishful thinking or escapism. The 25th sees a Grand Earth Trine form between ruler Saturn in your 1st, Uranus in your 5th and the Sun. An opportunity that is very much grounded in reality for you opens up. Are you ready to accept it?

The 26th welcomes the full Moon in your 3rd which will activate both Saturn and Uranus. There’s a hidden message just for you with this Moon. It’s whispering to you to be aware at all times of the impression you create. How you come across or get your ideas over. How you communicate. What you say and how you say it. Take care if you have an important appointment or meeting to arrive in plenty of time. Craft your image and presentation and know what you are going to say. Have the facts to hand and if you don’t know the answer – don’t fudge it. Admit it but say you will find out.

Someone wants to say ‘Yes’ to you or give you a green light under this Moon. Especially as Mars heads direct in your 1st the following day. But their answer will be determined by how you present yourself and come across. This full Mon offers the perfect time to show the world how far you’ve evolved, Capricorn. You’re back on top, no question about that, and have your answers too by the time August comes to an end.

In a nutshell: If you start the month with uncertainty, you’ll end it with your confidence soaring, Capricorn. Don’t put off the inevitable this August. Commit to evolutionary change instead!


New opportunities spring from old
What is revealed around love?
Walk through a door to discovery.

August gives us a sky full of crazy moonwalking planets. Once ruler Uranus joins them on the 7th, until Mercury heads direct in your 7th on the 18th, we will experience a grand total of six planets appearing to move backwards across the sky. Uranus will now remain retrograde until 2019. You’ve had a taste since May of the kind of home and lifestyle changes Uranus in your 4th is likely to bring you. Remember, your ruler unshackles and frees you from whatever chains you or holds you back. If you are static you are not evolving. And often to move forward into freedom, we first need to re-examine our past. After all, it is what got us to the place we are in today. Which is the purposes behind all this intense retrograde weather right now.

Venus arrives in your learning, expansion and travel sector on the same day as Uranus retrogrades. Being the planet of love and in your house of travel, adventure, luck and good fortune, if it were not the retrograde cycle, this transit could just offer you the opportunity to escape the mundane via the adventure of romance. Benefits could be coming your way via travel or doing business with people from overseas. This is one of the houses in your chart where seeds are planted for the future. Where you embark on a journey towards a major goal or undertaking. One that stirs your soul and also involves expanding your horizons and learning more about what you are capable of.

Now, I’, not saying some or even all of this is not possible now. But instead of a new adventure, due to the extreme retro weather, you’re likely to be embarking on an old one. Or one that seems strangle familiar on some level or has its roots in the past. Second-time around chances may also feature – especially in love or in resurrecting something you were once passionate about.

Let’s look closely at what role the past may play this month – and why. Mars, planets of passion, confidence, fire and action, is retrograde in your 1st at the start of the month. The 8th sees Venus make a beautiful angle to Mars which again, normally would beam you a big opportunity. But Mars is going backwards. So therefore are you – or at least looking back at your past. Which is exactly where Mars is now headed. Into your 12th from the 13th, which is of course your house of the past as well as all things hidden.

Adding to the past flavour, the new Moon of the 11th in your house of partnerships, marriage, collaboration, cooperation and long-term love, is eclipsed and falls conjunct retrograde Mercury in here. Eclipses conceal and later reveal. Something will ‘come to light’ involving someone close to you, a close personal tie or even that ‘opponent’ at this is your house of open enemies. Here are just as few of the ways you may find yourself dealing with the past and something secret this retrrograde eclipse cycle:

An issue you thought you had dealt with concerning someone close, resurfaces to show you it was merely dormant and hasn’t been dealt with at all
A past work or collaborative project gets resurrected – with fresh relevance
An opportunity you missed out on re-presents itself
A past love returns
You meet someone new but they feel familiar. You later discover you have almost crossed paths many times before
Something comes to light which permanently changes your connection with someone – one way or another

You may have to wait to discover just what secrets this eclipse may be hiding. See it as neither good nor bad but again, just another evolutionary stage in how you relate to others. The Sun enters your deep, transformational 8th from the 23rd. This is another house that holds our secrets – and also our fears and desires. This is an excellent transit under which to investigate, probe in the shadows and delve deeper into what you truly want. There’s a door to discovery opening if you have the courage to walk through it on the 25th. The Sun forms a trine between Uranus and Saturn – perhaps showing you what you need to know at this time. Hints from that eclipse could emerge along with the potential to carve yourself out a niche for your future.

The following day sees the full Moon in your money zone also making positive angles to Saturn and Uranus. As Mars finally heads direct again in your 12th the following day, you’ve now the courage and the confidence to pursue opportunities and know you’re making the right decision around anything to do with your personal life. There’s more yet to be revealed, but as we head into September – keep moving forward.

In a nutshell: Old loves reappear. Fresh opportunities spring from the past. New people seem familiar. Everything old could be new again or you get a fresh angle on relationships this August, Aquarius.


What shape is your life in?
Get your message across
Emotion rocks your ocean

Blend the physical with the spiritual and the mind with the mystical this month, Pisces. Above all, think different. Your entire communication and work zones are in focus for the first three weeks of August. Also how you come across to the ‘wider world’ via the internet, social media, blogging, writing, presenting or even your ‘public’ persona will feature. Getting your message across – whether it’s a personal one or professional, if going to be your focus during this time. As is ensuring you are understood.

This may be easier said than one now. All due to extreme retrograde weather and Mercury, planet of communication which rules your 6th, retrograde in there. Your other Mercury-ruled house, your 3rd, has Uranus, planet of innovation, revolutions, social connections and evolutions, also retrograde from the 7th. New ways to say what you have to say or new means of saying it will emerge from this. But for now, it’s going to be all about being very clear and repeating yourself if necessary. Organising, planning and scheduling – all come under the rulership of your 6th house. Keep your eye on the details and don’t allow yourself to get sloppy at the start of the month as the Sun in your 6th makes a tight angle to Jupiter in its ruling 9th. There’s a danger your mind is elsewhere or you get so carried away by your ‘big picture’ thinking, you rush things. Check, double check and triple check if necessary.

Venus enters your 8th from the 7th and it’s time to go deep into your desire for love and intimacy. Are you getting what you need, Pisces? Secrets around a relationship, a lover or just your own needs could emerge as Venus angles to Mars in your deeply mysterious 12th. This is also one of those times when you can harness primal creative energy and use it to great effect. Due to the number of retrograde planets in the sky right now – an incredible six, it is not the best time to begin something new. However, the energy you have available to you can be just the wildly alchemical element you need to resurrect a project from your past. You can inject it with a force that allows it to take on a life of its own – and to great effect. Finish what you have started now.

The new Moon in your 6th asks you to look at what shape your life is in. It falls conjunct that retrograde Mercury in here and also marks a partial solar eclipse. Are you covering up your body because you are not happy with it? Are you self-medicating to ‘cover up’ unhappiness? Do you spend too much time at work in order to avoid dealing with problems in your personal life? What are you ‘weighed down’ by? Worries? Work? Bills? Do you feel your life is ‘stuck’ but you are surrounded by clutter? Or you cling to that out-worn routine? Look around you because it’s likely that everything from the way you look and feel, to your immediate environment, to your routine and your diet, is a reflection of the state your life is in right now. Remember – eclipses conceal something. Now, in this instance, what can be concealed can be something you are hiding from yourself. Or it can be the solution you’re seeking. This eclipse offers a mind-altering experience in the best possible way. Change your mind and the way you think about something – you change your world.

Ditch any negative habits now. The ones that are obvious that is. Be prepared for more adjustments further down the track. Shifts in your social life may also occur as Mars heads back into your 11th on the 13th. Along with you realising what your body is saying about you, you may also realise that certain activities or people may be having a negative effect on your overall wellbeing. Also, watch out for problems concerning your phone or other electronic equipment when out and about – at least until Mercury heads forward again from the 18th. The following day brings you that mystical, mind-expanding opportunity or encounter you have been waiting for as Jupiter trines ruler Neptune in your 1st. The Sun is about to enter your 7th house from the 23rd, and with the retrograde weather easing, it’s now time to look to the future – especially when it comes to love.

A full Moon in your 1st asks you to share yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your emotions and above all, your love with others. You’re more open than usual and the third week of the month offers you opportunities to socialise, to be out and about and to connect. This is a fabulous full Moon under which to meet someone, schedule that date or take your relationship to the next level. Mars is about to move forward and with it, expect a resurgence of passion and desire which may have been missing lately. Emotion rocks your ocean. You can now blend the physical with the spiritual when it comes to connecting with someone. And when the month ends you’ll have no problem getting your message across – especially when it comes to love.

In a nutshell: What shape is your life in, Pisces? From your work to your love life, August offers you an opportunity to reshape your future. And change your world simply by changing your mind.


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